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Alerting a Campus to Civic and Social Justice Issues

            Our final profiles of Slippery Rock alumni will feature two graduates of the literature program.  The first was, at the time of the interview, working towards a graduate degree in education.  He was also very much interested in writing on various civic and social justice issues, and didn’t just limit this activity to his assistantship.

The subject is a graduate student who has an assistantship with the university’s Institute for Community, Service-Learning, and Nonprofit Leadership.  In that capacity he helps write, edit, and produce the institute’s newsletter, which focused on social justice concerns in their Fall, 2008 issues.  The subject also mentioned a blog entry he posted on a Los Angeles news site, opposing Proposition 8 (meant to prohibit same-sex marriage in California), and a letter to the editor he wrote to a Pittsburgh television station regarding tensions on that city’s school board.    We had some discussion of the intent and audience for the blog and letter, but spent more time on the same questions connected to the newsletter.  He spoke of trying to educate both students and faculty, who form a “happy little microcosm of the world when they’re here,” about such issues as the prevalence of homelessness, and mentioned coordination of one newsletter with the setting up of a “cardboard village on the quad” to dramatize the problem.

            Stylistically, the subject mentioned the preservation of the same format from issue to issue of the newsletter, and the reliance on brief bits of factual information placed in bulleted lists.  “We think about how the students would actually read it.  If you have a quick glance, if you’re walking past and you look at the bulletin board and see a bulleted list, usually you stop and glance at it longer than a paragraph.”  He spoke of motivating readers to take action by making such pathetic appeals as focusing on the impact of homelessness on children.  Readers  are encouraged to attend institute-sponsored events, to visit web-sites for further information, to volunteer and donate,  and to initiate programs or activities themselves.

            Except for information placed on post-it notes, all of the subject’s writing occurs on a computer.  He’ll gather information at meetings with a voice recorder.  When creating the newsletter, “usually we start out in Word and then, for statistics and information like that, we …go to web sites, copy and paste what information we need, or just type out a list.  And then from there we’ll copy and paste it into Publisher …”  Prior to composition of the newsletter, the subject writes in a digital journal, typing “out everything either in a bulleted list or just a big long paragraph of what I know about the subject and kind of do like a free write on what I know.”  Journaling was an alternative to outlining, which “really didn’t work for me; it would take forever.”  The use of free-writing was developed during his first-year composition sequence, whereas material from his literature classes, like Roland Barthes on the American dust bowl, created a context for the social justice writing.  Journaling on his own, rather than just for class assignments, began, he says, in the Practicum and Creative Non-Fiction courses he took from the same professor.  Even before his current assistantship he used the voice recorder, while commuting between Slippery Rock and Pittsburgh, to get down thoughts when writing was physically impossible. 

            While the subject saw the connections between, for example, Dickens and “the five homeless cars that are in the New Castle Wal-Mart,” he expressed pleasure at now writing about contemporary concerns in a more immediate way.  He also spoke of a graduate education class which created a “semi-public web site,” using Blackboard “so that other people could see it but it wasn’t public domain so couldn’t get in trouble for copyright infringement.”

            Since the subject was in graduate school, he still used certain library research techniques learned as an undergraduate.  The subject rejected the use of note cards for research-based writing, preferring to print-out and highlight source material, prior to spreading it out in front of him.  Another technique he had developed was to use an Excel spread sheet for creating a bibliography or works cited page.  “Make a bunch of blocks, have the author, the citation, and then you can just copy and paste it down, and then put a block for your page numbers and then have your citation, and then I’ve actually printed that out before, and cut and paste, cut the other part and them in order.”  For the newsletter, he leans heavily on organizational and government web-sites, while recognizing the lesser reliability of organizational sites advocating for particular policy approaches.  Giving undergraduates practice in making such judgments was something we ought to do in our courses, as well as training them to find articles in the library’s databases.  He ignored web-sites after awhile because of the greater credibility of the vetted articles but knew he could have used material from those sites if he was better able to sort their content.



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<p>Taylor Erik Abell, Christopher Jaime Acevedo, Imani Aliyah Adams, Ayushi Aggarwal, Julian Maurice Aldred, Matthew Thomas Aloi, Jorge Emilio Altamirano III, Emily Ann Alvarez,Yasquel Alvarez, Achal Himanshu Amin, Jack Martin Angelo, Sohha Ariannejad, Brian Edward Arthur, Brianna Lynn Ashman, Hibah Mahwish Askari</p><p>Sagal Mohamed Badeh, Zachary Michael Bader, Joelle Joy Tiffany Baer, Daniel , Ashley Nicole BaliffEmily Rachel Bandier, Ayeka Aimee Bangudi, Joseph Dewey Batchik, Simon Charles Bedorin, Rachael Leigh Bell, Nicholas Alexander Bellamy, Electro Timothy Belton, Lauren Jaime Berman, Taylor Nicole Bevan, Daniel John Bezold, John Michael Bialick, Alexander Steven Bishop, Abagail Laia Bleakney, Kyle Phillip Blucher, Desiree Lea Bodziony, Nicholas Michael Bogdash, Thomas Reece Bottomley, Steven Richard Brandow Brackett, Taylor Lauren Bright, Hayley Ann Brittingham, Courtnae Aryn Brown, Vashti Rebekah Burke, Jesse Michael Daniel Burns, William Andrew Bushong</p><p>McKenna Kathyrn Cahill, Jared Louis Caplan, Devin Samuel Carey, Donovan Jovanni Carpio-Smalls, Kayla Ann Carter, Dennis Chochoma Kemoh Caulker, Louis Edward Celano, Derek Sokkeakto Chan, Anjali Chander, Brent Bobby Austin Chase, Emily Chen, Yi-Ting Chen, Victoria Irene Cheng, Zachary Kip Ciambor, Jennifer Lynn Clements, Elizabeth Carr Clinch, Rachel Michelle Cohen, Caroline Lauren Coles, Savannah Grey Colligon, Katelyn Rae Connelly, Holly Alana Conroy, London James Cooper-Troendle, Jacob Ernest Crone, Chaniya Janeise Cross</p> <p>Anthony Kennedy D'Agrosa, Eric Matthew D'Amico, Anthony Thomas D'Asto, Alexander Joseph Darnall, Matthew Charles David, Christopher Ryan Davidson, Laura Katherine Davidson, Mary Kathryn Davis, Margaret Lacey DeBlasis, Jill Marie DeJames, Kevin Walter Deboissiere, Atish Bhargav Desai, Kyle Halver Deutschmann, Taylor Leigh Dickinson, Joseph Hongzhou Dong, Andrew Martin Drain, Isaiah Alan Du Pree, Jessica Marian Dukes, Chelsea Dana Dunkle, Sabrina Jolie Dupuis, Ciara Loren Durham, Jeffrey William Dwyer</p> <br> <p>Emily Anne Egert, Ahmed Ashraf Ali Eissa, DeQuan Jamal Ellison, Christina Julia Eshelman, Larixa Espinal, Bron Demittrius Deshawn Estrada, Yasaman Etemadi, Christopher Anthony Etrata</p><p>Sarah Katharine Fedele, Paul Louis Federinko, Lauren Watkins Feighner, Lienna Feleke-Eshete, William Alexander Ferrara, McKenzie Rae Fields, Darren Dean Fitzpatrick, Morgan Lewis Fleming, Andrew Joseph Flores, Latisha Keisha Floyd, Alexandra Somers Fodel, Shawn Cameron Fogle, Kyle Alexander Forbes, Lindsey Nicole Fultz</p><p>Annmarie Patricia Gaither, Philip Morgan Garrison, Katherine Elizabeth George, Rachel Helen George, Meaza Getachew, Matthew David Gold, Amanda Katherine Goodspeed, Laura Michelle Gordon, Daniel Tafari Graham, William Daniel Graham III, Madeline Pauline Granahan, Sarah Anne Grieser, Brian Daniel Guerinot, Chas Hendren Gulley</p><p>Brett William Haas, Meagan Christina Hairston, Shantia Inez Hairston, Sean Patrick Harrigan, Michele Wilson Hart, Derek Giles Harwerth, Matthew Ray Heron, Kenneth Christopher Hersey, Margaret Anne Hines, Nicholas Bruce Hinkle, Nicholas James Hogg, Jessica Lindsey Holt, Matthew Soong-Ang Hsieh, Ricki Michael Haley Huff, John Matthew Hughes, Bria Monique Hunter, Carolyn Teresa Hupfeld, Kathleen Elizabeth Hupfeld, Mahum Yasin Hussain</p><p>Christine Louise Iglehart, Naureen Suhrat Islam</p><p>Sydney Alexandra Jackson, Emily Marie Janczur, Jonathan Asher Janis, Elizabeth Jaramillo Hurtado, Diona Shanice Jerman, Bryce Oren Johnson, Evan Scott Johnson, Kayla Elizabeth Johnson, Shelby Lyn Johnson, Blake Marie Jones,</p><p>Julian Otha Jones, Scott Hunter Jones, Gabrielle , Brian Edward Joseph Jr., Vivian Sue Jung, Yoon Chan Jung</p><p>Srihari Kankanahalli, Ean Zacary Katz, Brett Michael Kaufman, Navneet Kaur, Rachel Elizabeth Keating, Raheed Nasif Khan, Tahsin Murshed Khan, Matthew David Kim, Won Yeob Kim, Zachary KwongJo Kim, Caitlin Marie Kimball, Jenna Grace Kingsbury, Julie Eunbee Ko, Samuel Alvin Kobren, William Edmund Kohl III</p><p>Danielle Nicole Laboskie, Jordan Louis Lagana, Nicole Brittany Lake, Brianna Nicole Lambert, Rosalind Kathleen Landeros, Richard Thomas Larity Jr., Benjamin Levi Lasher, Eric Marshall Lasser, Wade Mitchelle Lee, Young-In Lee,</p><p>Rachel Echelle Fireman Livengood, Eric Lu</p><p>Brian Theodore Ghar-Yee Ma, Melanie Anne MacDonald, Joseph Vincent Major, Charles Mao, Angelo Christopher Marano, Kyle Thomas Marano, Megan Rebecca Marano, Thomas Layton Markwood, Joshua Michael Martin, Jorry Marquise Matherson, Luke Randolph Mbongo, Abel Micah Brunson McCort, Kyle Kent McDaniel, Andrew Louis McLellan, Brian Creighton McMahon, Samuel Jacob McMichael, Kara Renee McNaney, Connor Robert Meehan, Kaylin Meradith Meier, William Alec Mekelburg, Jessy Manuel Mendoza, Alec Benjamin Mercilliott, Susan Marie Michels, Zachary James Michels, Carley Joy Milligan, Stefanni Antoinette Mills, Danishia Yeamusu Moijueh, Maureen Holly Monk, Benjamin Jack Morgan, Charidan JuRae Morris, Dylan Patrick Moss, Maria Yanella Muchaypi&ntilde;a Bendezu, Hannaa Maarya Mustapha</p><p>Jamie Shannon Nagel, Albert Jeesung Nam, Erum Naz Nasir, Alexandra Rosseter Naylor, Leah Kristina Ndenecho, Kendall Allen Newsome, Brigitte Nicole Newton, Grace Ann Carlson Nicholson, Shannon Marie Nolte, Gabriella Grace Nowicki, Enobong Mfon Nta, Melissa Taylor Nunn</p><p>Colleen Marie Ochs, Simyon Yevgenievich Ostapenko</p><p>Jacqueline Arlene Palmer, Asmi Panigrahi, Alexis Emeline Pappadeas, Anna Marisa Parsons, Chirag Hemant Patel, Erin Nicole Patterson, Emily Sarah Pattillo, Matthew Jonathan Peart, Alyssa Marie Peddicord, Joshua Dixon Perdue, Zachary Joseph Peretti, Thomas Henry Peters, Donovan Zell-Eugene Peterson, Daniel Hoang-Vu Pham, Zachary Curtis Pierce, Juan Jared Pinargote, Clara Coleen , Jeffrey Mitchell Pomeroy, Brandon Eric Potter, Morgan Douglas Powell, Gregory Tilghman Prahl, Michael Joseph Prusz</p><p>Brian James Qualls, Amanda Taylor Quinn</p><p>Matthew Blair Rados, Sumit Kishor Rajpara, Redington, Sarah Marie Renehan, Valerie Susan Resch, Gabriella Alejandra Rey, Jacob Andrew Rhody, Jonathan Lee Riseberg, Emma Hannah Robbins, Jessica Rodriguez,</p><p>Caitlin Nicole Rogers, Matthew Dominick Romeo, Brett Esteban Rossiter, Rachel Lindsey Rowe, Kyle Montemayor Royalty, Ryan</p><p>Hamza Saeed, Tanveer Kaur Saini, Margaret Kayhan Saki, Carlos Joseph Sanchez-Lopresti, Abimbola Benedicta Sanusi, Danica Hope Scheckelhoff, Timothy Michael Schroeder, Javi&eacute;r Lamar Scott, Maranda , Karter David Seamonson, Dillon Katherine Shearer, Shane Avery Shepherd, Duk Yong Shin, Ahmed Nayab Siddiqui, Stacy Cheryl Siegel, Deborah Jessica Silver, Ethan Isaac Simon, Anmol Singh, Gursahib Singh, Nupur Singh, Michael Benjamin Sklar, Brooke Alexandra Smith, Jacob Benjamin Watson Smith, Payam Gerald Sojdehei, Jason Robert Song, Staggers, Kevin Lowell Stanley, Ashton Arkele' Stennett, Gavin Ernest Kennedy Stephenson, Sara Catherine-Loraine Strutz, Eva Su, Michael Brandon White Suber, Arjun Terence Sutha</p><p>HoJung Tae, Frances Fumi Takemoto, Eliot Michael Tarash, James Edward Tatum III, Austin Nicholas Taylor, Keith Austin Scott Tennessee, Kenneth Larry Thomas Jr., Jacob Randall Thompson, Brianna Rae Tinkle, Julia Rose Tolson, Catarina Clare Neto Torres, Janaye Elise Tunstel, Shawn Clyde Turpin Jr.</p><p>Viktor Blaise Villanueva, Morgan Hilary Viscarra, Adriana Thais Vitagliano</p><p>Robert Ian Waddell, Sara Waheed, Jordan Errin Walker, Hao Wang, Jayson Zhongyi Wang, Allen Magel Warthen, Amy Elaine Weinberg, Damon Antar Wells Jr., Branden Philip White, Steven Paul Whiting, Kevin Frederick Wiechelt II, Monica Wessam William-Henein, Xanthe Janae Williams, Amber Victoria Williamson, Edward Alexander Wollack, Noah Daniel Wood, Bailey Elizabeth Woodfolk</p><p>Thomas Junmo Yang, Andrew Yu, Young Ji Yu</p><p>Qingcong Zeng, Courtney Ann Zernick, Fan Zhang, Eric Zhou, Iowis Zhu</p><p>All information in this section appears as provided by the schools indicated. Because of publication deadlines, in some instances students' names might have been provided prior to final review of requirements. Some students listed might not have completed all requirements to graduate.</p><p>Alexa Courtney Abee, Erin Elizabeth Adams, Ethan Mikhail Adams, Frederik William-Baden Agvald, Taha Etezaz Ahmed, Eray Kadir Akbas, Sandia Yun Akhtar, Edidiong Nathan Akpan, Giancarlo Michael Albano, Nadah A. Ali, Jason , Guru Ram Ambalavanar, Rebekah Grace Anderson, Kara Louise Arnold, Joseph Jean Ayoub</p><p>In (Bryan) Hyuk Baek, Caroline Michelle Baker, Poulomi Banerjee, Arjun Janardhanan Baradwaj, Daniel Valderrama Barnard, Jared Samuel Beck, Preston Halbach Bencivenga, Milena Valencia Benitez, Rachel Lauren Benzing, Adip G. Bhargav, Alexandra Blyukher, Rebecca Lynn Boettcher, Victoria Grace Bogdan, Kenneth Mutsuo Bohr, Jeremy Ryan Brown, John Hynes Brown, Andrei Budimirovich, Jerome Michael Burgo, Satirah Tinia Byrd, John Luke Byrne</p><p>Taylor Danielle Caldwell, Sarah Anne Calvert, Hayley Deborah Campbell, Francis Trevor Cangialosi, Tia Elizabeth Carroll, Haneet Singh Chadha, Grace Lian Chao, Hua-Ren Ryan Cherng, Sarah Chiang, Patrick Peir-Ji Chin, Jae Woo Choi, John Kun Choi, Benjamin Michael Ciraolo, Caitlin Cole Cleveland, Jordan Abigail Coburn, Harrison Scott Colby, Melissa Kaye Collins, Anna Noel Cooke, Laura Nicole Couch</p> <p>Henry Graeme Danchi, Elvin Brooks Danos, Dominic Cole Davis, Eryn Caitlin Davis, Caitlin Marie DeLatte, Ryan Michael Decker, Natalie Terese Del Rosso, McKenzie Blair Delaney, Ozgun Caglar Deniz, Emma Alice Derro, Diogenes Andrew Dichoso, Arlynnell Ann Dickson, Kathleen Mary Donegan, Ellese Victoria DuClos, Zachary Allen Dubbs, Benjamin Michael Dugan, Katherine Ann Dugan, Rachel Lauren Dvornicky</p> <br> <p>Christopher Ryan Ek, Khaled Saad ElGendy, Omar Khaled Eloseily, Erdene-Ochir Enkhbat, James Michael Etheridge</p><p>Jaimie Joy Fabling, Amy Lauren Farb, Jacqueline Marie Fasulo, Jeremy Michael Fedors, Mary Frances Fleming, Claudia Petra Fochios, Lucy Maria Font, Andrew James Francis, Alexander Derek Franklin, Megan Dorothy Fullarton</p><p>Lemea Gabralla, Christina Han Ning Gai, Haley Nicole Gallina, Daksh Garg, Todd Emanuel Givens Jr., Benjamin Demaree Goldsmith, Christopher Ricky Gonzales, Jacob William Gordon, Brandon Marcus Grooms, Jinzhen Gu</p><p>Laura Michelle Haines, Zarif Hakim, Emily Kara Hall, Shawna Taylor Hammers, Ian Charles Harrison, Kevin Patrick Hartka, Marcus James Hawks, Nicholas Eric Hawthorne, Erica Ashley Heaphy, Rachel Lindsay Hein, Amanda Morgan Hendrix, Andrianna Laurel Henneberg, Mikhail David Hershfeld, Matthew Reuben Hilbert, Brian Russell Hillsley, John Jeahyun Ho, Russell Baugher Hobson, Sarah Kendall Horstkamp, Elizabeth Mary Horti, Yibing Hu, Kevin Christopher Hulvey, Joseph William Hunter</p><p>Sowa Yimaseni Imoisili, Jamie Guinevieve Imperial</p><p>Joshua , Simone Lynelle Jackson, Joseph Paul Jenkins, Rikke Dystrup Jepsen, Connor Morgan Jett, Ian Jordan Jett, Sung Koo (Brian) Ji, Robert Andrew Jones</p><p>Srikar Venkata Kalvakolanu, Kaminsky, Clara Kang, Veronica Kapoor, Robert Keith Kartak, Kavi Katyal, Yaten Katyal, Anna Siobhan Kearns, Anna Margaret Kelly, Christopher , Bhumibhat Kerdsuwan, Usama Khalid, Courtney Christie Kim, Eugene Hyunwoo Kim, Gina Kim, Hee Lag Kim, Ja On Kim, Lindsey Yailin Kim, So Jung Kim, Sue Jin Kim, Yeieun (Grace) Kim, Jennifer Robin Kimberl, Steven Patrick Klima, Hyun Myung Ko, Okan Koc, Chun Beom Koh, Michelle Elizabeth , Nathan Joseph Kraisser, Michelle Kuan, Garrett Evan Kurtz, Se Yun Kwon</p><p>Jared Lee Lacey, Ryan Matthew Lafferty, Pok Doo Lai, Anshika Vidya Lal, Brandon , Ha-Neul Lee, Jae Won Lee, Jiyun Li, Mariana Lins De Matos Medeiros, Joseph Thomas Lisi, Alice Ziyue Liu, Chengwang Liu, Sierra Marie Longerbeam, Katya Cassandra Lopez, Weiyue Lu, Eleni Alexandra Lukaszczyk, Emily June Luking</p><p>Rachael Patricia Mady, Sharish Saeed Malik, Sidra Zia Malik, Sundiata Keita Mansell, Sam Saju Markose, Charles Raymond McClellan, Patrick Ryan McManus, Alexandra Madison McShane, Daniel Eliseo , Julian Eliseo Medina, Nicholas Lee Mercer, Emily Taylor Merkel, Ron Alexander Merkel, Mark Timothy Millhollon, Laura Kelly Mincey, Jacqueline Anne Minehart, Alissa Jeannine Mitchell, Nicole Lauren Mize, Alyssa Kaitlie Molina, Ji Y. Moon, Kanami Mori, Ammar Mushtaq, Lemella Annette Myles</p><p>James Anthony Nardei, Kerrie Leigh Neal, Harsha Kashiuiswanath Neerchal, Weronika Nepali, Dylan Scott Neuworth</p><p>Devin William O'Hanlon, Nicholas Clay Obrigewitch, Jin Ho Oh, Mary Christine Ortman, Nelle Hannah Ouellette</p><p>Sarah Rose Painter, Hayla Pakala, Tyler Hardy Palm, Jay Bhavin Patel, Pranay Vishrut Patel, Andrey Dimitriy Pavlov, Eric Jordan Payne, Stephanie Erin Pekala, Yuqing Peng, Christopher Boyd Peterson II, Grace Alexandra Peterson, Keonte Damon Potts, Bradley Parker Poulin, Trevor Martin Pozoulakis, Naomi Katharine Prechtl, Alexandra Louise Press, Sarah Jane Przybyla</p><p>Dhrisya K. Raman, Xin Ren, Robert Warren Richardson, Vincent Douglas Rider, Bethany Danielle Roberts, Sadie Joy Rockefeller, Ildiko Michelle Rogers, Dohyun Roh, Lauren Cook Rosenberg, Hannah Michelle Roth, Clarissa Jun-Ying Rous, Karon Gilbert Rouse-Hickman, Bidisha Roy</p><p>Sarallah David Salehi, Alison Michelle Santori, Austin Michael Savage, Amberlie Lynn Scheufele, Michael Benjamin Schwartz, Karly Anne Schwarz, Erik Alexander Schwarzenberg, Katelyn Nazaneen Seale, Tessa Samira Seale, Micah Reuven Segal, Selin Senveli, Siwon Seo, Himja V. Shah, Ali Pasha Shahegh, Bo Young Shim, Ho Seok Shin, Jae Chul Shin, YeWon Shin, Ian M. Shure, Sadjo Sidikou, Stephen Edward Sieron, Ryan Edward Simpkins, Mary Marcella Simpson, Taylor Madison Simpson, Singh, Linnea Siperko, Daivamani Venkatesh Sivasailam, Michael Flint Smith, Chandler Michael Snyder, Hee Seung Song, Jin Hyung Song, Michael William Stein, Aaron , Collin Austin Stone, Alexandra Lauren Stroud, Ryan Joseph Suess, Kavya Gnana Sundar, Reecha Suri, Jennifer Leigh Swiger, Adele Rosalie Switzer</p><p>Pingfan Tang, Sunnan Ahmed Tariq, David Patrick Tessier, Anna Elizabeth Thomas, Daniel William , Patrick Neill Thoreson, Margaret Anne Todorovich, Peter Daniel Traunfeld, Maryssa Anne-Marie Trent, Ann Nguyen Quy Truong, Benjamin Owen Tucker</p><p>Andrew Joseph Vall, Michael John Vallerie Jr., Ajith Varghese, Areian Parviz Vedadi, Elmer Saul Villatoro Amaya, Marie Elizabeth Visconage, Leila Von Blon, Valerie Teresa Vook, Dharav Mayankkumar Vyas</p><p>Matthew Vincent Walker, Rose Rhiannon Wallace, Megan Alyce Wallenhorst, Cheri Lee Wang, Derek Yi Wang, Julius Rufus Warren, Stephen McKay Watson, Anastasia Candida White-Torruellas, Caroline Claire Whittenberger, Hannah Catherine Wikner, Amy Nicole Williamson, Jae Whan Woo, Jiening Wu, Joseph John Wysocki</p><p>Zifan Xiao</p><p>William Wu Yang, Anton Matthew Yanker, Vyomahardath Yarlagadda, Dawit Mulugeta Yilma, Meskerm Mulugeta Yilma, Samuel Seung Hyuk Yim, Hye Seung Yoo, Yeji Yoon, Miles Martin Young, Isabel Yu</p><p>Laura Thompson Zabriskie, Devin Joseph Zahor, Patrick Nolan Zarek, Colleen Lynn Zentz, Jennifer Y. Zhang, Yuqun Zhang, Elizabeth Marie Zorn</p><p>All information in this section appears as provided by the schools indicated. Because of publication deadlines, in some instances students' names might have been provided prior to final review of requirements. Some students listed might not have completed all requirements to graduate.</p><p>Dulaney High School held its 2012 commencement on May 31 at the Towson Center at . The following are members of the Class of 2012:</p><p>Rami Abdulrahman Abou-Seif, Oluwamayowa Oluwabunmi Adetula, Chloe Radcliffe Adler, Nima Aghdami-Karkan, Amekka Emanuel Akudinobi, Nagella Yahya Ramadan Al-Balushi, Dana Kathleen Albornoz, Euji An, Jessica , Namratha Reddy Annapareddy, Nicholas Alexander Anthony, David Paul Appel, Devin Marie Arrington</p><p>Austen Connor Babcock, Edward Louis Bafford, Ryan Wayne Baldock, Prabhani Sulochana Bandara, Ernest John Baracco, Karina Rose Barbosa, Andreanna Jo Barone, Nicolas Barragan Pabon, Ashley Renee Barrett, Ryan Garrett Bartenfelder, Sumedh Basani, Jimar Bazemore, Katherine Elizabeth Beard, Chelsea Beverly Beasley, Danielle , Nicholas Mark Benhoff, Lauren Michel Bernstein, Bhoomika Bhatia, Shanna Bhola, McKenna Lynn Bolonda, Paul Vincent Louis Bonolis, Parmida Borhani, Amy Gayle Bowden, Joseph Merrill Bowers, Leah Nicole Brave, Lauren Michele Breidigam, Briana Mona&egrave; Broaddus, Erin Taylor Brock, Sean Patrick Brookhart, Dominique Caprice Lester Brooks, Sean Matthew Brower, Grace Mackenzie Brown, Sean Alexander Brown, Nicole Anne Bruneau, Christina Marie Buchanan, Emily Marie Buonsignore, Alexandra Christine Burleson</p> <p>Kristen Alexandra Cabrera, Alexandra Corey Calder, James Corey Calder, Desmond Donnell Campbell, Kayla Nadyne Campbell, Gabriel Campoverde, Michael Lyle Carpenter, Seamus McGuire Cashen, Ivy Amanda Caudle, Rebecca Anne Cavanaugh, Andrew Richard Centolella, Brandon David Chambers, William Chen, Devin Bryan Cherry, Kevin Ryan Cherry, Amanda Elizabeth Chesser, Elizabeth Sui-Tung Cheung, Nathan Dongill Cheung, Sylvia Ndirika Chigbo Jungbin Choi, Caroline Anne Christofferson, Kun-Ho James Chu, Jihae Chun, Christiana Marina Ciociola, Eladji Modou Cisse, Jeremiah Aaron Clements, Charaybian Champayne Coles, Grace Kenneth Collins, Andrew Joseph Compton, Christopher Steven Aaron Conway, Cydney Elizabeth Cook, Eleanor Rae Cook, Carus Lee Cookman, Cameron Joseph Cooper, Avery Brandon Corbin, Anjali Shauna Cornish, Klarenz Malabanan Cortez, Ethan Zachary Cote-Rumsey, Allison Rebecca Coulson, Natalie Rose Crawford, Hallie Madell Criste Michael Edward Cummings, Keirah Mona Curry</p> <br> <p>John Anthony Daniello, William Francis Darley, Lauren Nicole Daugherty, Alysha Danniel Davila, Caroline Westcott Davis, Rhianna Katherine Davis, Mary Hannah Elaine Cos De Leon, Sergio Andres Del Barco, Sarah Elizabeth Del Bene, Christian Bradley Del Bianco, Nicole Catherine Demetrides, Nicholas Panayotis Demetrios, Jean Demitri Abelle Denis, Jenna Lynn DePasquale, Danielle Erica Deros, Jacqueline Anne Devine, Gregory Digalbo, Daniela Theresa Di Giacomo, Nicholas Dallin DiNucci, Sheridan McLeary Doan, Brianna Leigh Donadio, Shannen Nicole Driscoll, Emily Rose Dufrane, Carleigh Marie Duncan, Heather Lynn Dundas, Kelly Parsons Dutton</p><p>Anice Marie Edwards, Youssef Mohamed Elalamy, Kevin Lamont Ellsworth, Juliann Barthel Elmer, Kaveh John Emdad, Rashad Jamal Epps, Tyler Rose Erickson, Tina Esnaashari, Katharine Diana Evans</p><p>Hiba Faridi, Caitlin Patricia Farrell, Nicole Marie Feglar, Samuel Bennett Fishman, Allyson Rae Fitzpatrick, Angelica Lyn Fleming, Jacob Zackri Fleming, Christopher James Flower, Wendell Elbert Foster, Alexandra Elizabeth Freas, Amanda Elizabeth Lynn Friedel</p><p>Diamond Anjanique Gaines, Emiley Marie Gallagher, Christopher Brandon Garrett, Lacie Gwendolyn Garrett, Kevin Thomas Gay, Chase Adam Geddis, Ben Uri Gelman, Maria Elizabeth German, Gibson, Andrew Gillen, Jazmin Simone Givens, Eboni Qiana Glenn, Sydney Michele Glenn, Daniel Stuart Golden, Xiomara Del Carmen Gonzalez Sisterra, Gwendolyn CeCelia Goodman, Abigail Marie Gorman, Simona Grozdanova Gospodinova, Hannah Leslie Grauel, Rebecca Ann Greene, Rahul Grover, Alyson Rose Grygiel, Zachary William Gude, Brittany Nicole Guillott, Taylor Ashley Guntner, Gino William Gussio, Michael Benjamin Gussio</p><p>Mackenzie Lynn Haass, Thomas Brien Haigley, Amanda Maude Hall, Millicent Grace Hambor, Sarah Ashley Hammond, Haewon Han, Christian Hurst Hanson, Michael Boyd Harman, Cole Aubrey Housten, Harris, Kevin Pickett Harris, Abbey Gilmore Harriss, Shuichiro Hayashi, Mckenzie Alton Hearn, Anastasia Renee Hedrick, Patrick Neil Heinecke, Marshay Henderson, Cara Melissa Henning, Keishia Nicole Hill, Nicholas Alexander Hogan, Yasmine Zhane Hopkins, Simin Hossain, Sherard Saidi Donyasha Houston, Andrew Thomas Huber, Amy Hung, Heather Ann Hurd, Samantha Leslie Hyde, Robert Jermaine Hylton</p><p>Daniel Royer Iachan, Amali Alicia Ifill-Knobloch, Micaela Renee Itter</p><p>Andre Dilshawn Jackson, Tyler Robert James, Jun Seong Jang, Miree Jang, Courtney Anne Jantzen, Douglas Da Jiang, Tarsha Kocina Johnson, Brandon DeSean Jones, Emily Catherine Jones, Jazmin JaCoya Jones, Nia Elyse Jones, Shard&aacute; Kashera Joyner</p><p>Kevin Daniel Kahn, Melissa Chloe Karayinopulos, Ammanuel Leiykun Kassahun, Oren Benjamin Katz, Elizabeth Ashley Kauffman, Fallon Eileen Keavney, Julia Aileen Kern, George Edward Kerr, Kristen Marie Kilburn, Bryan Dea Hee Kim, Han Kyul Kim, Ju Won Kim, Lisa Yery Kim, Min Kyun Kim, Peter Jun Kim, Yon Je Kim, Jennifer Ann Kinnear, Victoria Katherine Knapick, Tomohiro Michael Ko, Brent Austin Koenig, Vernon Lawrence Koger, Alyssa Mei Kornick, Megan Grace Kraus, Dana Margaret Kresslein, Sanil Kumar, Phyo Razar Kyaw</p><p>Katelyn Rose Lapenna, Briana Jordan Larrabee, Audrey Claire Lastner, Kayla Lynne Latshaw, Emily Maria Laubach, Samantha Anne Laubach, Shawn Christopher Laughinghouse, Eamilia Winn Laughton, Christopher Geun Lee, Diana Ives Lee, Josephine Ki Yeon Lee, Jung Hyub Lee, Jung Min Lee, Ethan Sanford Levy, Larissa Li, Vel Lian, Cheyenne Michelle Lide, Lei Lin, Roger Mark Lin, Alexandra Allyse Little, He Liu, Harrison Ross Lockhart, Derek Alexander LoGrande, Anea Michelle Lomax, Alexandra Lombardini, Jonathan Noel Lovo, Alexandra Lauren Lowry, Britney Kiara Lunn, Courtney Ellen Luzarraga, Fiona Zel Lyons</p><p>Kenneth Parsons MacDonald, Mary Caroline Quigg Mades, Gage Robert Magersupp, D'asia Ramone Magginson, Sara Mariam Mahmood, Huda Binte Majid, Nicole Elizabeth Malstrom, Sarah Catherine Mardiney, Nina Elizabeth Marks, Quinn McCabe Marvel, Tyler Mathew Marvel, Mohammad Marzooghian, Daycheara Diamond Matthews, Dewey McKinley Matthews, Jessica Ryan Mattson, Hunter Samuel Mazza, Allison Nicole McClelland, Margaret Carey McCormick, Madeleine Michele McDonald, Shannon Lynne McKew, Bridget Marie McManus, Erin Kathryn McNally, Alejandra Carolina Mejia, Allie Elizabeth Menzel, Chelcie Leigh Miller, Jonathan Joseph Miller, Nia Denise Miller, Keaton Mock Myers, Oneall Isaac Mogliazzi, Peter Dennis Guy Morey, Hannah Alexandra Mueller, Shoutik Mukherjee, Matthew Webster Murray, Madeline Celeste Muth</p><p>Adnan Haider Naqvi, Cooper Jack Burfield Nash, Ahmed Mohamed Nassar, Shannon Marie Newcomer, Stefany Sommer Nicholls, Michael William Nolan, Parker Alan Norwood, Virginia Rose Nuckols</p><p>Erin Delaney O'Brien, Oladele Temitope O jo, Christopher Warren Oler, Emily Kathryn Oliver, Clinton Omesa Ondieki, Glenisha Rene Owens</p><p>Jacob Ryan Pahl, Esther Park, Jenny , Samantha Marie Parker, Keval Patel, Morganne Christina Corin Payne, Malcolm Marcus Peacock, Cheng Peng, Angel Perez, Christopher Vaughn Phillips, Nicholas Michael Piampi, Corey James Polston, William Michael Porter, Holly Claire Potis, Shelia Shanice Potts, Matthew Shea Powderly, Aleysha Marie Powell, Zachary David Prugh, Douglas Achilles Puryear</p><p>Siyu Qian, Jessica Ofelia Quispe</p><p>Israel Ramirez, Faghia Telat Rana, Arjun Mahendra Rao, Simon-Pierre Rawlins, Logan August Reed, Shirley Marilyn Reyes, Jacob Alexander Reynolds, Kayla Serene Riley, William Alexander Rivas, Taylor Nicole Roberts, Nasi Robinson, Rayna Chavonne Robinson, Megan Katherine Robson, Chloe Emilie Rock, Marcellus James Rodgers, Ryan Scott Ronnenburg, Hannah Stine Rothschild, Michael David Roy, Tevin Shawdis Rucker, Stefan Hart Russell, Katlyn Elizabeth Russo</p><p>Jon Shelby Sachs, Colleen Ann Sack, Renee Danielle Sander, Lalitto Sanjibon Sarker, Jordan Delaney Sarnovsky, Samantha Aristan Sauter, Elizabeth Anne Schaeffler, Alex Michael Schech, Joshua Alan Lee Scheffsky, Joshua Philip Schindler, Jennifer Schmalzer, Jessica Mon&eacute; Scott, Jordan Amber Seibert, Sai Khun Merng Seng, Jade Alexandra Shapiro, Abigail Elora Sharpe, Leroy Derek Sharpe, Saif Bahu Sheikh, Vladislav Yuriyevich Shevchenko, Cynthia Ming Shi, Kathryn Macgill Shipley, Pavli Franz Shkurti, Jesse Edward Siegel, William Connor Simke, Lorrie Frances Sinibaldi, Kendrick J Smith, Russell Rueben Solt, You Lim Son, Russell Louis Souder, Mercedes Ann Stahl, Alexander Haviland Stansbury, Starling, Nikhil Stephen, Michelle Christine Stewart, Taylor Ashmore Still, Daniel Suh, Lulu Sun, Marc-Thomas Woodward Sundstrom</p><p>Andrew Tajfar, Jamie Elizabeth Tambor, Liangcheng Tao, Stephen Mark Tasselmyer, Lindsay Paige Taylor, Heidi L. Telles-Sorto, Samantha Marie Thibeault, Tearra Lindsay Thomas, Jeanine Anne Thommen, Destiny Linda Thompson, Weylan Rennolds Thompson, David M Tian, Luke Tomas Tignall, Megan Kotryna Tolson, Erin Michelle Tracey Natalie Jane Tsottles, Jonathan Adam Tucker, Kortney Patrice Tunstall, Kevin Thomas Turner</p><p>Raven Ona&eacute; Vaughn, Gaetano Raul Vinas, Cole Daniel Vogelberger, Ariana Kai Li Vong</p><p>Grace Ledyard Walker, Logan Matthew Walker, Natalie Nicole Walker, Summer Lee Wall, Akeem Charon Wallace, Caitlin Eileen Ying Walther, Alexander Thomas Walz, Lucy Li Wang, Summer Michele Wassel, Brendan Robert Watson, Melissa Hamersly Webster, Ryan Patrick Weinberger, Wesley Alan Weitzel, Shaquille Malik Welch, Jillian Paige Wengler, Madison Paige Whalen, White, Kevin Richard White, Tyrese Tr&eacute;von Williams, Samantha Lee Wills, Kenneth Diquan Wilson, Kristen Emily Wolfe, Andrew Arthur Woodard, Lillian Taylor Woodward, David Chen Wu, Abigail Wunderlich</p><p>Yujia Xie</p><p>Brandon Michael Yeung, Natalie Kei Yoshioka, Erik Joseph Yuill</p><p>Ellis John Zapas, Bahareh Zareei, Amna Zehra, Lareb Zehra and Alexandra Nicole Zera</p><p>All information in this section appears as provided by the schools indicated. Because of publication deadlines, in some instances students' names might have been provided prior to final review of requirements. Some students listed might not have completed all requirements to graduate.</p><p>The fifth annual Whipps Daffodil Day takes place March 31 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 's only public historic garden-park at 3651 St. John's Lane. Sponsored by the nonprofit group The Friends of Whipps Cemetery and Memorial Gardens, the event will feature horticultural presentations by Master Gardeners in the Park's Woodland Theatre, a native plant raffle and a potted daffodils, hyacinths and tulips sale. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.</p><p>According to Aleta Gravelle, The Friends of Whipps Cemetery and Memorial Gardens director, the one-acre site garden-park began as a family burial ground in 1855 for the Whipps family &mdash; early settlers of the Howard County whose family were farmers and merchants.</p><p>No longer an active cemetery &mdash; the last burial was in 1915 &mdash; the park is today maintained by the Howard County's Master Gardeners and is open to the public daily. Proceeds from the potted plant sale will help to keep up the park that is solely reliant on volunteers and donations to operate.</p> <p>For more information, call Gravelle at 410-274-7795 or email her at .</p> <br> <p>Centennial High School Band Backers invites the community to attend their Bingo Night March 30 from 7to 9:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria. It's a great night of family fun that costs only $8 which includes bingo, a slice of pizza and a drink. Proceeds support the high school band programs.</p><p>Three James Madison University students from Ellicott City &mdash; Jami Limon, Lauren Tessier and James Caffes &mdash; have just returned from the University's Alternative , a program that sends student teams to locations in the United States and abroad to experience different cultures and to perform needed community service.</p><p>According to the school, Jami traveled to Phoenix, Ariz., to participate in The Lost Boys of Sudan, a class-based trip focusing on refuges and genocide. While Lauren immersed herself in Louisville, Ky., culture by participating in the Refugee Resettlement trip and mentored young refugees on their school campus.</p><p>James, an Ellicott City resident, traveled to Natchez, Miss., to volunteer at the Sunshine Children's Center, a safe haven for abused and neglected children recently taken into protective custody.</p><p>For more information on James Madison University's Alternative Break Program go to</p><p>Congratulations to the following Centennial Lane Elementary School Concert Band students for being accepted into the Howard County Gifted and Talented Elementary Band and the Howard County Elementary Honors Band:</p><p>GT Band &mdash; Carolyn Frommer (flute), Valerie Hsieh and Fjiordia Akhtar (clarinets), Thomas Arbaugh (alto saxophone), Robert Gao (bassoon), Eric Ko and Jordan Carton (trumpets), Noah Katz (French horn), Robert Silverstein and Nikhil Santhanam (trombones), David Riina (euphonium), Alexander Wu and Alang Wang (tubas);</p><p>Honors Band &mdash; Malika Shah (percussion).</p><p>The Howard County Arts Council's 15th annual Celebration of the Arts Gala will be held Saturday, March 24 at 's Visual and Performing Arts Center. The Gala will begin with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. featuring a silent auction of local artists, culinary delights from area restaurants and caterers, and a variety of live performances. At 8 p.m., guests will be treated to a presentation that includes the Rising Star Competition and the 2011 Howie Awards.</p><p>There are two ticket categories to choose from &mdash; $100 tickets include the reception, silent auction and reserved seats in the Smith Theatre; $50 tickets include the reception, silent auction and general seating in the Studio Theatre for the simulcast. To purchase tickets, go to the Council's website at or by phone at 410-313-ARTS (2787) or visit their offices at 8510 High Ridge Road.</p><p>Howard County Drug Free is sponsoring "Senior Week: Staying Safe in Ocean City," Wednesday, March 28 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Mt. Hebron High School auditorium. Guest speaker Howard Caplan, Ocean City Police Officer, will offer advice about keeping your child safe during this annual teen beach trip. Parents are encouraged to bring their high school seniors to the program. The event is co-hosted by the Mt. Hebron School PTSA.</p>As the fashion industry looks for an alternate universe -- one that has consumers flocking to stores -- it seems intrigued by the ideas of exploration and space.<br><br> The designer collections and all the trickle-down clothes that come after them are heavy on a tough look, with strong , stiff fabrics and tarnished metallic details. Sculpted, monochromatic outfits of black, gray and copper provide the night-sky backdrop to the flashes of neon that are the equivalent of shooting stars.<br><br> There were even a few Stormtrooper helmets on the runways for fall collections. Clearly, the intention was to send a focused, futuristic warrior to do battle with the economy.<br><br> "This isn't the naive kind of '60s futuristic stuff you might think of," said Susan Cernek, senior fashion editor of "This is more robotic. It's tougher. It's an android crossed with a biker."<br><br> Francisco Costa, creative director for Calvin Klein's womenswear collection, prefers to call the vibe "modernist," but he says he sees the space-age connection. "The house gives a sense of strength from structure, and that is actually nature-driven, and space is definitely a part of nature."<br><br> For the fall collection, Costa used an asymmetrical crescent hemline to soften aggressive laser cuts, and he played with fashion's equivalent of puzzle pieces that had the effect of mimicking the plates of Earth.<br><br> Cernek noted a toggling between the vast galaxy and the core of this planet as inspiration in many collections. They're opposite in some ways, she says, but similar in others: "We're looking for the light at the end of the tunnel."<br><br> The notion of exploration started a few seasons ago when designers found themselves interested in adventure travel, and fashioned that into garments made of indigenous fabrics from Asia and African kangas, says Jamie Thomas, women's editor for trend analysis firm StyleSight. Space just pushes that a little farther, she says.<br><br> "We're looking for a fresh start. Spending patterns have changed with the economy and this is a fresh start of an uncharted territory," Thomas says.<br><br> And retailers do need to turn the page: A monthly compilation of more than 50 retailers' results by The International Council of Shopping Centers and indicated same-store sales fell 5.0 percent last month compared to a year ago.<br><br> Pop culture fans those flames with the countless tributes this year to the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's moonwalk, and the alien flick is tops at the box office.<br><br> Technology also has caught up with some of the vision. Italo Zucchelli, the menswear designer at Calvin Klein, says that much of the modernity of his fall collection came from a new stiff, repellent fabric that bonded foam with traditional textiles. It probably wasn't possible to do five years ago, and, even if it was, it wouldn't have been right for the times, he says.<br><br> "We're at a point in the collective mindset -- for men, women -- all human beings -- that we're moving on, that we're at the beginning of a new era in fashion, health, spirituality -- everything," Zucchelli says.<br><br> For Los Angeles-based designer Rory Beca, space represents practically a rainbow of colors. Lately, she has been interested in the work of artist Jacques Monory, who incorporates galactic hues into his work. "I have always been infatuated with space, even as a kid, because it is beyond anything we really know and understand," Beca says.<br><br> That's not to say fashion's future can't borrow from the past. Designer Rachel Roy infused her sleek collection with hints of the 1940s -- a time that she says represents "a world where women were making their own decisions and being independent."<br><br> Still, the clothes she presented at Fashion Week -- such as a gray flannel coat with a stiff collar and a black bustier dress adorned with a necklace made of square-cut mirrors -- had some space-age trimmings. And, yes, she acknowledges with a giggle, the shoulder pads are a little " Star Trek."<br><br> Don't laugh too hard. Some fashion insiders say the exaggerated shoulder will be among the most wearable trends of the season.<br><br> A bold shoulder, with or without actual shoulder pads, is a distinctive silhouette that whittles the waist and balances the hips, explains Cernek. "It's very stable."<br><br> Cernek said her readers also loved a slightly robotic Rodarte frock that wore for a red carpet appearance.<br><br> Other wearable interpretations of the galactic look are the liquidlike metallic leggings shown by BCBG Max Azria and Alexander Wang's crystal-studded leggings. "This becomes an easy way to tap into a trend without revamping your entire wardrobe and without putting on a helmet," Cernek says.<br><br> StyleSight's Thomas, though, wouldn't be surprised if some fashion-forward types snapped up 's helmets that had attachments and matching fingerless gloves with a spot for a phone. It would give them something to wear on their Vespas.<br><br> "He really thought about how this trend will translate into real life," she says.<br><br> Moderation is Cernek's mantra here. "You don't want tinfoil from head to toe."<br><br> Calvin Klein's Costa says he's already looking farther into the future, not just at the next big trend but also at the relevancy of today's fashion for the next generations. "Children are going to experience things we can't imagine. The clothes we're offering is a little bit of that dream."<p>A lot has been made of organic cotton and other eco-friendly fabrics made from Tencel, hemp and bamboo as fashion rides the mega-trend of environmentalism. But recycled clothes purchased at thrift and consignment stores, as well as upcycled items reworked from out-of-date castoffs, may be an even greener choice. Almost half of the climate impact of clothing occurs before it reaches consumers.</p><p>It was this idea I embraced when I hired a wardrobe consultant for a desperately needed eco fashion makeover.</p><p>For years, I spent most mornings dreading getting dressed. My closet was stuffed, yet I found myself pulling the same five outfits every week, most of which looked exactly as I felt: dumpy. I'm not one of these women who intrinsically understands how to put together an outfit. In fact, since becoming a mother, one of the biggest factors in my wardrobe selection has involved the answer to this question: Is it clean?</p> <p>I was so far down the rabbit hole of middle-aged frump that I needed a fashion overhaul, so, with on my mind, I called Meg Gallagher, a personal stylist who, in 2009, started a bicoastal fashion consulting business and runs a blog called Madison to Melrose.</p><p>I heard about Gallagher from a friend of a friend who'd dropped $1,000 and had a transformative experience. I was hoping for similar results at about the same price point. I just wanted to do it in a way that was less wasteful than buying clothes new since manufacturing is so resource-intensive.</p><p>Gallagher, 40, is a fashion industry veteran who worked as a design director for a New York knitwear company for several years before moving to the L.A. area. Part of a growing legion of personal stylists, Gallagher does not specialize in eco fashion, though she does have some clients who prefer vintage. She thought my idea was "a super fun challenge," she said, and took it on because, at 5 feet 8 and 135 pounds, I'm an "easy fit."</p><p>A few days after an email exchange and a phone call, she was standing in my living room in a fetching peplum jacket, white skinny jeans and strappy black stilettos &mdash; a notepad in one hand and an empty clothing rack in the other &mdash; ready to take notes about my coloring, body type, color preferences, personality and lifestyle before tackling my closet for a thorough edit.</p><p>"For most people, the biggest frustration is that their closet doesn't represent their lifestyle," said Gallagher, who noted an abundance of jackets and an absence of pants, skirts, dresses and feminine shoes in a wardrobe that was a mishmash of motorcycling and mothering. For two hours I tried everything on while she assessed the condition and workability of each piece, created a pile of giveaways and came up with a shopping list.</p><p>The shopping list is critical, Gallagher said. Most people buy clothes impulsively: "They keep buying and buying and they wind up with all these clothes they don't know how to put together."</p><p>Part of my makeover goal was to dress with more femininity while maintaining some edge. Gallagher suggested several types of shoes to complement my half-dozen pairs of motorcycle boots and a few skirts that could sub in for the denim I wear almost daily.</p><p>My appearance already shouted it loud and clear &mdash; I've been thrifting most of my clothes for a couple of years now, my usual go-tos being Trading Co. and my local Goodwill. But Gallagher had some additional ideas that incorporated the many fashion-forward thrift and consignment shops that have opened in L.A. recently, including Ampersand on Larchmont and Buttons and Bows downtown, along with the better-known, curated-thrift venues Wasteland and Crossroads, both with branches on Melrose Avenue.</p><p>Thrift often takes longer to shop than first-run because everything is one of a kind, so for our first shopping excursion, Gallagher went to Wasteland 90 minutes ahead of me to pull items. The next two hours included the usual series of dressing room hits and misses. In the end I walked out with nine items totaling $411, including a pair of black skinny jeans, a lace-trimmed Ella Moss sweater, a pair of fringe-y flats and two feminine leather jackets &mdash; all of them in excellent condition. We picked up a pair of Camilla Skovgaard slip-on heels across the street for $71 more.</p><p>Still, I was missing certain things, according to the shopping list Gallagher had created, including some neutral sandals and a taupe handbag. Because I don't trust my eye and was so pleased with what Gallagher was able to find, I hired her for a second round of shopping, which she bills at $75 per hour. (The cost for my first four hours was $300.) We hit up Reformation on Melrose, which deconstructs and reworks used clothes and over-runs of textiles into chic pieces such as leather shorts and slouchy sweaters. I purchased two drapey tank tops made from fabric overruns for $75 apiece from the shop I consider my new favorite.</p><p>Finally, we were off to Ampersand, where I made my biggest splurges, including two pairs of heels, a Chlo&eacute; handbag and an leather vest that represented, to me at least, a shift in my thinking toward quality and longevity rather than easy and cheap.</p><p>I ended up giving 57 clothing items, or about two-thirds of what was in my closet (most of which I didn't wear anyway) to my local Goodwill. I spent $710 purchasing six tops, four pairs of shoes, three leather jackets, two fabric jackets, two sweaters, one skirt and one dress, which are now in heavy rotation. I spent an additional $1,240 on two of the most expensive clothing items I've ever purchased in my life &mdash; the designer handbag and leather vest &mdash; and $40 more on a pair of white skinny jeans from Zara since I couldn't find them used.</p><p>In total, Gallagher's services cost me $875, including the last hour she spent with me at my house, assembling 30 outfits from the items she'd found for me, so I'd understand how to put them together, and taking pictures of them so I could use them for future reference. Gallagher warned that I might be tempted to go back to my old ways of doing things and counseled me to resist that temptation and "own" my new look.</p><p>I spent far more than I anticipated, but I justify it as "pent-up demand." I'm feeling a lot more attractive and confident than I have in years. And it's enormously satisfying to accomplish so much in a way that didn't compromise my environmental values. As a whole, that's priceless.</p><p></p><p>In Baltimore, the best way to capture the vibe spotted at is with a quick trip to a department store or high-end boutique. Both are generally stocked with a slew of garments from designers whose creations regularly appear on the runway and in the glossy magazines.</p><p>This week, expect to see plenty of bold colors, feminine details such as playful necklines, and lighter pieces that are perfect for the warmer months as the annual fashion extravaganza, which runs through Thursday in , showcases designers' spring 2012 collections. You can see live streams of some of the designers' work on the Fashion Week website (, and if you like their aesthetic, head to these local boutiques and major department stores for their current offerings.</p><p> (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 9): The inspiration for the Australian designer's line is "contemporary, fresh, and ethereal," she says. "The collection emphasizes cut and color with unexpected cutouts in silhouettes. Shades of oyster are highlighted by bold citrus colors of lemon, lime and tangerine. Cropped slouchy embellished sweaters, long skirts and voluminous outerwear in technical fabrics add edge while apron-back dresses mixed with bone-colored snake leather bibs inject a pared-down cool attitude which sets the tone for the Spring 2012 collection."</p> <p>Find Rebecca Taylor at Urban Chic, 801 Aliceanna St. (410-685-1601) and at Essentials by Panache, 10751 Falls Road No. 103, Lutherville (410-321-5818). Rebecca Taylor is also sold at , Saks Fifth Avenue and .</p><p> (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 9): With , and Gabrielle Union regularly rocking her looks, Nicole Miller is a favorite of the famous and fashion critics. Miller's designs are available at Green Spring Station's Essentials by Panache, which has one of the largest collections of Miller's designs in the state. Cupcake in also has a number of pieces, including a killer stretch metallic taffeta cocktail dress for $430. "Her dresses are flattering on people's bodies," says Cupcake owner Lisa Schatz. "She knows how to cut a dress so that it looks good on your body." (Cupcake also carries , Yoana Baraschi and Black Halo; all are New York Fashion Week regulars.)</p><p>Find Nicole Miller at Essentials by Panache, 10751 Falls Road, No. 103, Lutherville (410-321-5818) and Cupcake, 813 S. Broadway (410-522-0941). You can also find Nicole Miller at Nordstrom.</p><p> (showcasing Sept. 10): After a successful showing in the spring, "Project Runway" wunderkind Christian Siriano will be showcasing a collection of shoes and handbags for Payless ShoeSource during Fashion Week. (His couture, however, is not sold in his home state of Maryland.) In addition to his collaboration with Payless, he has projects with and and showcases his work on his website, For local customers, Siriano will present his spring 2012 collection Oct. 21 at Pink Rocks The Runway, a Washington charity fashion show that benefits research. (Find out more at</p><p> (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 11): Tracy Reese says her collection is inspired by a land of pure delight. "A feminine yet relaxed mood is achieved through the juxtaposition of romance and sport, comfort and flattery," Reese says. "Subtle hues of khaki and blush mixed with pastel shades of waterfall, misty blue and aqua tears gradually intensify to deep saturated tones and neon brights, making a bold splash for the transition into summer. A drapey culotte jumpsuit in waterfall, complemented with drawstring waist and seductive neckline details, pairs with a lemon zest hat and printed platform sandals to embody the relaxed mood of the season."</p><p>Find Tracy Reese at Jones &amp; Jones, 84 Village Square in the Village of Cross Keys (410-532-9645) and at Nordstrom.</p><p> (showcasing and live streaming Sept 13): From high-end wedding dresses to her fashion and home collection at , Wang offers fashions in a variety of prices. Check out Saks Jandel in Chevy Chase for Vera Wang Ready to Wear and Vera Wang Bridal. White by Vera Wang is being sold at David's Bridal locations throughout the country.</p><p>Find Vera Wang Ready to Wear and Vera Wang Bridal at Saks Jandel, 5510 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase. Call 301-652-2250. Find Simply Vera Vera Wang at Kohl's and Find White by Vera Wang at David's Bridal.</p><p>Tibi (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 13): Designer Amy Smilovic has made Tibi one of America's premiere contemporary fashion lines. Celebs such as Shenae Grimes, and give the brand star power. "It's a very strong line," says Nancy Lattmann, owner of L'Apparenza. "The fit is excellent. You can go from daytime to evening. I also love Tibi coats."</p><p>Find Tibi at L'Apparenza, 6080 Falls Road (410-372-0350), Essentials by Panache, 10751 Falls Road, No. 103, Lutherville (410-321-5818), Urban Chic, 8180 Maple Lawn Blvd., Fulton (301-490-9952) and Horse Boutique, 158 Main St., (410-626-9726).</p><p> (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 13): , and are all loyal wearers of Tory Burch. "She has such a following," says Lattmann. "It's almost like a cult-like following. People love to be seen in Tory Burch. I really like her fit, and she's classic."</p><p>Find Tory Burch at L'Apparenza, 6080 Falls Road (410-372-0350), Tory Burch shoes at Sassanova, 805 Aliceanna St. (410-244-1114). Also at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.</p><p> (showcasing Sept. 14): In addition to Micahel Kors' store in the Luxury Wing of Towson Town Mall, designs from the "Project Runway" judge can be found at a variety of stores, including TJ Maxx, Macy's, the Queenstown Premium Outlets and Couture Closet in . (Couture Closet also features , and .)</p><p>Find Michael Kors in the Luxury Wing of Towson Town Mall, and at Couture Closet, 1003 Light St. Call 410-528-2999 or go to</p><p> (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 14): Michelle Smith, designer and creative director of Milly, says her collection is "modern and geometric in cut and print, softened by earthy materials like wood and tortoise resin." She adds: "Colors are vibrant and exciting- vermilion, tangerine, jade and azure are grounded by chocolate brown and indigo."</p><p>Find Milly at Jones &amp; Jones, 84 Village Square in the Village of Cross Keys (410-532-9645) and at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.</p><p>Department stores will offer the largest offering of household-name designers and labels.</p><p>Nordstrom has one of the most extensive collection of popular designers, with shoes from Tory Burch, Vera Wang and ; handbags from (showcasing Sept. 11) and (showcasing and live streaming Sept 12); and garments by Tracy Reese, , (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 11), , BCBGMAXAZRIA, , Rebecca Taylor, , Calvin Klein, Monique Lhuillier (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 10), Tadashi Shoji (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 8), Nicole Miller, (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 11) and Michael Kors.</p><p>Macy's carries (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 10), Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Lauren by (showcasing Sept. 15), (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 11), BCBGMAXAZRIA (showcasing Sept. 8) and . launched a limited edition women's line "Impulse" for Macy's, which launched Aug. 31 at 235 Macy's stores nationwide and at</p><p>Kohl's offers the Simply Vera Vera Wang line, and TJ Maxx regularly carries items from DKNY, Michael Kors and BCBGMAXAZRIA.</p><p>Ruth Shaw Inc., one of the area's premier women's boutiques, also features a number of top designers: Narcisco Rodriguez (showcasing and live streaming Sept. 13), DKNY, , , Jason Wu, Rag and Bone, , and Philip Lim.</p><p></p>GENERAL FIELD<br><br>Record of the Year<br><br>"Rolling In The Deep" - Adele<br>"Holocene" - Bon Iver<br>"Grenade" - Bruno Mars<br>"The Cave" - Mumford & Sons<br>"Firework" - Katy Perry<br><br>Album of the Year<br><br>"21" - Adele<br>"Wasting Light" - Foo Fighters<br>"Born This Way" - Lady Gaga<br>"Doo-Wops &amp; Hooligans" - Bruno Mars<br>"Loud" - Rihanna<br><br>Song of the Year<br><br>"All Of The Lights" - Jeff Bhasker, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter &amp; Kanye West, songwriters (Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi &amp; Fergie)<br>"The Cave" - Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford &amp; Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford &amp; Sons)<br>"Grenade" - Brody Brown, Claude Kelly, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Bruno Mars &amp; Andrew Wyatt, songwriters (Bruno Mars)<br>"Holocene" - Justin Vernon, songwriter (Bon Iver)<br>"Rolling In The Deep" - Adele Adkins &amp; Paul Epworth, songwriters (Adele)<br><br>Best New Artist<br><br>The Band Perry<br>Bon Iver<br>J. Cole<br>Nicki Minaj<br>Skrillex<br><br>POP FIELD<br><br>Best Pop Solo Performance<br><br>"Someone Like You" - Adele<br>"Yoü And I" - Lady Gaga<br>"Grenade" - Bruno Bars<br>"Firework" - Katy Perry<br>"... Perfect" - Pink<br><br>Best Pop Duo/Group Performance<br><br>"Body And Soul" - Tony Bennett &amp; Amy Winehouse<br>"Dearest" - The Black Keys<br>"Paradise" - Coldplay<br>"Pumped Up Kicks" - Foster the People<br>"Moves Like Jagger" - Maroon 5 &amp; Christina Aguilera<br><br>Best Pop Instrumental Album<br><br>"Wish Upon A Star" - Jenny Oaks Baker<br>"E Kahe Malie" - Daniel Ho<br>"The Road From Memphis" - Booker T. Jones<br>"Hello Tomorrow" - Dave Koz<br>"Setzer Goes Instru-Mental!" - Brian Setzer<br><br>Best Pop Vocal Album<br><br>"21" - Adele<br>"The Lady Killer" - Cee Lo Green<br>"Born This Way" - Lady Gaga<br>"Doo-Wops &amp; Hooligans" - Bruno Mars<br>"Loud" - Rihanna<br><br>DANCE/ELECTRONICA FIELD<br><br>Best Dance Recording<br><br>"Raise Your Weapon" - Deadmau5 &amp; Greta Svabo Bech<br>"Barbra Streisand" - Duck Sauce<br>"Sunshine" - David Guetta &amp; Avicii<br>"Call Your Girlfriend" - Robyn<br>"Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" - Skrillex<br>"Save The World" - Swedish House Mafia<br><br>Best Dance/Electronica Album<br><br>"Zonoscope" - Cut/Copy<br>"4x4=12" - Deadmau5<br>"Nothing But The Beat" - David Guetta<br>"Body Talk, Pt. 3" - Robyn<br>"Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" - Skrillex<br><br>TRADITIONAL POP FIELD<br><br>Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album<br><br>"Duets II" - Tony Bennett &amp; Various Artists<br>"The Gift" - Susan Boyle<br>"In Concert On Broadway" - Harry Connick Jr.<br>"Music Is Better Than Words" - Seth MacFarlane<br>"What Matters Most - Barbra Streisand Sings The Lyrics Of Alan And Marilyn Bergman" - Barbra Streisand<br><br>ROCK FIELD<br><br>Best Rock Performance<br><br>"Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" - Coldplay<br>"Down By The Water" - The Decemberists<br>"Walk" - Foo Fighters<br>"The Cave" - Mumford &amp; Sons<br>"Lotus Flower" - Radiohead<br><br>Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance<br>"On The Backs Of Angels" - Dream Theater<br>"White Limo" - Foo Fighters<br>"Curl Of The Burl" - Mastodon<br>"Public Enemy No. 1" - Megadeth<br>"Blood In My Eyes" - Sum 41<br><br>Best Rock Song<br><br>"The Cave" - Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford &amp; Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford &amp; Sons)<br>"Down By The Water" - Colin Meloy, songwriter (The Decemberists)<br>"Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" - Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion &amp; Chris Martin, songwriters (Coldplay)<br>"Lotus Flower" - Colin Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway &amp; Thom Yorke, songwriters (Radiohead)<br>"Walk" - Foo Fighters, songwriters (Foo Fighters)<br>Best Rock Album<br><br>"Rock 'N' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul" - Jeff Beck<br>"Wasting Light" - Foo Fighters<br>"Come Around Sundown" - Kings of Leon<br>"I'm With You" - Red Hot Chili Peppers<br>"The Whole Love" - Wilco<br><br>ALTERNATIVE FIELD<br><br>Best Alternative Music Album<br><br>"Bon Iver" - Bon Iver<br>"Codes And Keys" - Death Cab For Cutie<br>"Torches" - Foster The People<br>"Circuital" - My Morning Jacket<br>"The King of Limbs" - Radiohead<br><br>R&amp;B FIELD<br><br>Best R&amp;B Performance<br><br>"Far Away" - Marsha Ambrosius<br>"Pieces Of Me" - Ledisi<br>"Not My Daddy" - Kelly Price &amp; Stokley<br>"Is This Love" - Corinne Bailey Rae<br>"You Are" - Charlie Wilson<br><br>Best Traditional R&amp;B Performance<br><br>"Sometimes I Cry" - Eric Benét<br>"Fool For You" - Cee Lo Green &amp; Melanie Fiona<br>"Radio Message" - R. Kelly<br>"Good Man" - Raphael Saadiq<br>"Surrender" - Betty Wright &amp; The Roots<br><br>Best R&amp;B Song<br><br>"Far Away" - Marsha Ambrosius, Sterling Simms &amp; Justin Smith, songwriters (Marsha Ambrosius)<br>"Fool For You" - Cee Lo Green &amp; Jack Splash, songwriters (Cee Lo Green &amp; Melanie Fiona)<br>"Not My Daddy" - Kelly Price, songwriter (Kelly Price &amp; Stokley)<br>"Pieces Of Me" - Charles Harmon, Claude Kelly &amp; Ledisi Young, songwriters (Ledisi)<br>"You Are" - Dennis Bettis, Carl M. Days, Jr., Wirlie Morris, Charlie Wilson &amp; Mahin Wilson, songwriters (Charlie Wilson)<br><br>Best R&amp;B Album<br>"F.A.M.E." - Chris Brown<br>"Second Chance" - El DeBarge<br>"Love Letter" - R. Kelly<br>"Pieces Of Me" - Ledisi<br>"Kelly" - Kelly Price<br><br>RAP FIELD<br><br>Best Rap Performance<br><br>"Look At Me Now" - Chris Brown, Lil Wayne &amp; Busta Rhymes<br>"Otis" - Jay-Z &amp; Kanye West<br>"The Show Goes On" - Lupe Fiasco<br>"Moment 4 Life" - Nicki Minaj &amp; Drake<br>"Black And Yellow" - Wiz Khalifa<br><br>Best Rap/Sung Collaboration<br><br>"Party" - Beyoncé & André 3000<br>"I'm On One" - DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross &amp; Lil Wayne<br>"I Need A Doctor" - Dr. Dre, Eminem &amp; Skylar Grey<br>"What's My Name?" - Rihanna &amp; Drake<br>"Motivation" - Kelly Rowland &amp; Lil Wayne<br>"All Of The Lights" - Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi &amp; Fergie<br><br>Best Rap Song<br><br>"All Of The Lights" - Jeff Bhasker, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter &amp; Kanye West, songwriters (Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi &amp; Fergie)<br>"Black And Yellow" - Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen &amp; Cameron Thomaz, songwriters (Wiz Khalifa)<br>"I Need A Doctor" - Andre Young, Marshall Mathers III, Alexander Grant &amp; Skylar Grey, songwriters (Dr. Dre, Eminem &amp; Skylar Grey)<br>"Look At Me Now" - Jean Baptiste, Chris Brown, Ryan Buendia, Trevor Smith, Dwayne Carter, Jr. &amp; Wesley Pentz, songwriters (Chris Brown, Lil Wayne &amp; Busta Rhymes)<br>"Otis" - Shawn Carter &amp; Kanye West, songwriters (James Brown, Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly, Roy Hammond, J. Roach, Kirk Robinson &amp; Harry Woods, songwriters) (Jay-Z &amp; Kanye West)<br>"The Show Goes On" - Dustin William Brower, Jonathon Keith Brown, Daniel Johnson, Kane &amp; Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, songwriters (Isaac Brock, Dann Gallucci &amp; Eric Judy, songwriters) (Lupe Fiasco) <br><br>Best Rap Album<br>"Watch The Throne" - Jay-Z &amp; Kanye West<br>"Tha Carter IV" - Lil Wayne<br>"Lasers" - Lupe Fiasco<br>"Pink Friday" - Nicki Minaj<br>"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" - Kanye West<br><br>COUNTRY FIELD<br><br>Best Country Solo Performance<br><br>"Dirt Road Anthem" - Jason Aldean<br>"I'm Gonna Love You Through It" - Martina McBride<br>"Honey Bee" - Blake Shelton<br>"Mean" - Taylor Swift<br>"Mama's Song" - Carrie Underwood<br><br>Best Country Duo/Group Performance<br><br>"Don't You Wanna Stay" - Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson<br>"You And Tequila" - Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter<br>"Barton Hollow" - The Civil Wars<br>"Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" - Thompson Square<br><br>Best Country Song<br><br>"Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" - Jim Collins &amp; David Lee Murphy, songwriters (Thompson Square)<br>"God Gave Me You" - Dave Barnes, songwriter (Blake Shelton)<br>"Just Fishin'" - Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell &amp; Ed Hill, songwriters (Trace Adkins)<br>"Mean" - Taylor Swift, songwriter (Taylor Swift)<br>"Threaten Me With Heaven" - Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Will Owsley &amp; Dillon O'Brian, songwriters (Vince Gill)<br>"You And Tequila" - Matraca Berg &amp; Deana Carter, songwriters (Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter)<br><br>Best Country Album<br>"My Kinda Party" - Jason Aldean<br>"Chief" - Eric Church<br>"Own The Night" - Lady Antebellum<br>"Red River Blue" - Blake Shelton<br>"Here For A Good Time" - George Strait<br>"Speak Now" - Taylor Swift<br><br>NEW AGE FIELD<br><br>Best New Age Album<br><br>"Northern Seas" - Al Conti<br>"Gaia" - Michael Brant DeMaria<br>"Wind, Rock, Sea &amp; Flame" - Peter Kater<br>"What's It All About" - Pat Metheny<br>"Instrumental Oasis, Vol. 6" - Zamora<br><br>JAZZ FIELD<br><br>Best Improvised Jazz Solo<br><br>"All Or Nothing At All" - Randy Brecker, soloist<br>"You Are My Sunshine" - Ron Carter, soloist<br>"500 Miles High" - Chick Corea, soloist<br>"Work" - Fred Hersch, soloist<br>"Sonnymoon For Two" - Sonny Rollins, soloist<br><br>Best Jazz Vocal Album<br><br>"'Round Midnight" - Karrin Allyson<br>"The Mosaic Project" - Terry Lyne Carrington &amp; Various Artists<br>"The Gate" - Kurt Elling<br>"American Road" - Tierney Sutton (Band)<br>"The Music of Randy Newman" - Roseanna Vitro<br><br>Best Jazz Instrumental Album<br><br>"Bond: The Paris Sessions" - Gerald Clayton<br>"Forever" - Corea, Clarke &amp; White<br>"Alone At The Vanguard" - Fred Hersch<br>"Bird Songs" - Joe Lovano/Us Five<br>"Road Shows Vol. 2" - Sonny Rollins<br>"Timeline" - Yellowjackets<br><br>Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album<br><br>"The Jazz Ballad Song Book" - Randy Brecker With DR Big Band<br>"The Good Feeling" - Christian McBride Big Band<br>"40 Acres And A Burro" - Arturo O'Farrill &amp; The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra<br>"Legacy" - Gerald Wilson Orchestra<br>"Alma Adentro: The Puerto Rican Songbook" - Miguel Zenón<br><br>GOSPEL FIELD<br><br>Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance<br><br>"Do Everything" - Steven Curtis Chapman<br>"Alive (Mary Magdalene)" - Natalie Grant<br>"Your Love" - Brandon Heath<br>"Jesus" - Le'Andria Johnson<br>"I Lift My Hands" - Chris Tomlin<br><br>Best Gospel Song<br>"Hello Fear" - Kirk Franklin, songwriter (Kirk Franklin)<br>"Sitting With Me" - Erica Campbell, Tina Campbell, Gerald Haddon &amp; Tammi Haddon, songwriters (Mary Mary)<br>"Spiritual" - Donald Lawrence, songwriter (Donald Lawrence &amp; Co. Featuring Blanche McAllister-Dykes)<br>"Trust Me" - Richard Smallwood, songwriter (Richard Smallwood &amp; Vision)<br>"Window" - Canton Jones, songwriter (Canton Jones)<br><br>Best Contemporary Christian Music Song<br>"Blessings" - Laura Story, songwriter (Laura Story)<br>"Hold Me" - Jamie Grace Harper, Toby McKeehan &amp; Christopher Stevens, songwriters (Jamie Grace Featuring Tobymac)<br>"I Lift My Hands" - Louie Giglio, Matt Maher &amp; Chris Tomlin, songwriters (Chris Tomlin)<br>"Strong Enough" - Matthew West, songwriter (Matthew West)<br>"Your Love" - Brandon Heath &amp; Jason Ingram, songwriters (Brandon Heath)<br><br>Best Gospel Album<br><br>"The Love Album" - Kim Burrell<br>"The Journey" - Andraé Crouch<br>"Hello Fear" - Kirk Franklin<br>"Something Big" - Mary Mary<br>"Angel &amp; Chanelle Deluxe Edition" - Trin-I-Tee 5:7<br><br>Best Contemporary Christian Music Album<br><br>"Ghosts Upon The Earth" - Gungor<br>"Leaving Eden" - Brandon Heath<br>"The Great Awakening" - Leeland<br>"What If We Were Real" - Mandisa<br>"Black &amp; White" - Royal Tailor<br>"And If Our God Is For Us..." - Chris Tomlin<br><br>LATIN FIELD<br><br>Best Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album<br><br>"Entren Los Que Quieran" - Calle 13<br>"Entre La Ciudad Y El Mar" - Gustavo Galindo<br>"Nuestra" - La Vida Bohème<br>"Not So Commercial" - Los Amigos Invisibles<br>"Drama Y Luz" - Maná<br><br>Best Regional Mexican or Tejano Album<br><br>"Bicentenario" - Pepe Aguilar<br>"Orale" - Mariachi Divas De Cindy Shea<br>"Amor A La Musica" - Mariachi Los Arrieros Del Valle<br>"Eres Un Farsante" - Paquita La Del Barrio<br>"Huevos Rancheros" - Joan Sebastian<br><br>Best Banda or Norteño Album<br><br>"Estare Mejor" - El Güero Y Su Banda Centenario<br>"Intocable 2011" - Intocable<br>"Los Tigres Del Norte And Friends" - Los Tigres Del Norte<br>"El Árbol" - Los Tucanes De Tijuana<br>"No Vengo A Ver Si Puedo... Si Por Que Puedo Vengo" - Michael Salgado<br><br>Best Tropical Latin Album<br><br>"Homenaje A Los Rumberos" - Edwin Bonilla<br>"The Last Mambo" - Cachao<br>"Mongorama" - José Rizo's Mongorama<br><br>AMERICAN ROOTS FIELD<br><br>Best Americana Album<br><br>"Emotional Jukebox" - Linda Chorney<br>"Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down" - Ry Cooder<br>"Hard Bargain" - Emmylou Harris<br>"Ramble At The Ryman" - Levon Helm<br>"Blessed" - Lucinda Williams<br><br>Best Bluegrass Album<br><br>"Paper Airplane" - Alison Krauss &amp; Union Station<br>"Reason And Rhyme: Bluegrass Songs By Robert Hunter &amp; Jim Lauderdale" - Jim Lauderdale<br>"Rare Bird Alert" - Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers<br>"Old Memories: The Songs Of Bill Monroe" - The Del McCoury Band<br>"A Mother's Prayer" - Ralph Stanley<br>"Sleep With One Eye Open" - Chris Thile &amp; Michael Daves<br><br>Best Blues Album<br><br>"Low Country Blues" - Gregg Allman<br>"Roadside Attractions" - Marcia Ball<br>"Man In Motion" - Warren Haynes<br>"The Reflection" - Keb Mo<br>"Revelator" - Tedeschi Trucks Band<br>Best Folk Album<br><br>"Barton Hollow" - The Civil Wars<br>"I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive" - Steve Earle<br>"Helplessness Blues" - Fleet Foxes<br>"Ukulele Songs" - Eddie Vedder<br>"The Harrow &amp; The Harvest" - Gillian Welch<br><br>Best Regional Roots Music Album<br><br>"Can't Sit Down" - C.J. Chenier<br>"Wao Akua" - The Forest Of The Gods<br>"Rebirth Of New Orleans" - Rebirth Brass Band<br>"Grand Isle" - Steve Riley &amp; The Mamou Playboys<br>"Not Just Another Polka" - Jimmy Sturr &amp; His Orchestra<br><br>REGGAE FIELD<br><br>Best Reggae Album<br><br>"Harlem-Kingston Express Live!" - Monty Alexander<br>"Reggae Knights" - Israel Vibration<br>"Revelation Pt 1: The Root Of Life" - Stephen Marley<br>"Wild And Free" - Ziggy Marley<br>"Summer In Kingston" - Shaggy<br><br>WORLD MUSIC FIELD<br><br>Best World Music Album<br><br>"AfroCubism" - AfroCubism<br>"Africa For Africa" - Femi Kuti<br>"Songs From A Zulu Farm" - Ladysmith Black Mambazo<br>"Tassili" - Tinariwen<br><br>CHILDREN'S FIELD<br><br>Best Children's Album<br><br>"All About Bullies... Big And Small" - (Various Artists) James Cravero, Gloria Domina, Kevin Mackie, Steve Pullara &amp; Patrick Robinson, producers<br>"Are We There Yet?" - The Papa Hugs Band<br>"Fitness Rock &amp; Roll" - Miss Amy<br>"GulfAlive" - The Banana Plant<br>"I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs Of Fox Hollow" - (Various Artists) Eric Brace &amp; Peter Cooper, producers<br><br>SPOKEN WORD FIELD<br><br>Best Spoken Word Album<br><br>"Bossypants" - Tina Fey<br>"Fab Fan Memories - The Beatles Bond" - (Various Artists) - Nathan Burbank, Bryan Cumming, Dennis Scott &amp; David Toledo, producers<br>"Hamlet (William Shakespeare)" - Dan Donohue &amp; Various Artists - Orgeon Shakespeare Festival<br>"If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won't)" - Betty White<br>"The Mark Of Zorro" - Val Kilmer &amp; Cast<br><br>COMEDY FIELD<br><br>Best Comedy Album<br><br>"Alpocalypse" - "Weird Al" Yankovic<br>"Finest Hour" - Patton Oswalt<br>"Hilarious" - Louis C.K.<br>"Kathy Griffin: 50 &amp; Not Pregnant" - Kathy Griffin<br>"Turtleneck &amp; Chain" - The Lonely Island<br><br>MUSICAL THEATER FIELD<br><br>Best Musical Theater Album<br><br>"Anything Goes" - Sutton Foster &amp; Joel Grey, principal soloists; Rob Fisher, James Lowe &amp; Joel Moss, producers (Cole Porter, composer/lyricist) (New Broadway Cast Recording)<br>"The Book Of Mormon" - Josh Gad &amp; Andrew Rannells, principal soloists; Anne Garefino, Robert Lopez, Stephen Oremus, Trey Parker, Scott Rudin &amp; Matt Stone, producers; Robert Lopez, Trey Parker &amp; Matt Stone, composers/lyricists (Original Broadway Cast)<br>"How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" - John Larroquette &amp; Daniel Radcliffe, principal soloists; Robert Sher, producer (Frank Loesser, composer/lyricist) (The 2011 Broadway Cast Recording)<br><br>MUSIC FOR VISUAL MEDIA FIELD<br><br>Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media<br><br>"Boardwalk Empire: Volume 1" - (Various Artists)<br>"Burlesque" - Christina Aguilera<br>"Glee: The Music, Volume 4" - (Glee Cast)<br>"Tangled" - (Various Artists)<br>"True Blood: Volume 3" - (Various Artists)<br><br>Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media<br><br>"Black Swan" - Clint Mansell, composer<br>"Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2" - Alexandre Desplat, composer<br>"The King's Speech" - Alexandre Desplat, composer<br>"The Shrine" - Ryan Shore, composer<br>"Tron Legacy" - Daft Punk, composers<br><br>Best Song Written For Visual Media<br><br>"Born To Be Somebody" (From "Never Say Never") - Diane Warren, songwriter (Justin Bieber)<br>"Christmastime Is Killing Us" (From "Family Guy") - Ron Jones, Seth MacFarlane &amp; Danny Smith, songwriters (Danny Smith, Ron Jones &amp; Seth MacFarlane)<br>"I See The Light" (From "Tangled") - Alan Menken &amp; Glenn Slater, songwriters (Mandy Moore &amp; Zachary Levi)<br>"So Long" (From "Winnie The Pooh") - Zooey Deschanel, songwriter (Zooey Deschanel &amp; M. Ward)<br>"Where The River Goes" (From "Footloose") - Zac Brown, Wyatt Durrette, Drew Pearson &amp; Anne Preven, songwriters (Zac Brown)<br>"You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" (From "Burlesque") - Diane Warren, songwriter (Cher)<br><br>COMPOSING/ARRANGING FIELD<br><br>Best Instrumental Composition<br><br>"Falling Men" - John Hollenbeck, composer (John Hollenbeck, Daniel Yvinec &amp; Orchestre National de Jazz (ONJ))<br>"Hunting Wabbits 3 (Get Off My Lawn)" - Gordon Goodwin, composer (Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band)<br>"I Talk To The Trees" - Randy Brecker, composer (Randy Brecker With DR Big Band)<br>"Life In Eleven" - Béla Fleck &amp; Howard Levy, composers (Béla Fleck &amp; The Flecktones)<br>"Timeline" - Russell Ferrante, composer (Yellowjackets)<br><br>Best Instrumental Arrangement<br><br>"All Or Nothing At All" - Peter Jensen, arranger (Randy Brecker With DR Big Band)<br>"In The Beginning" - Clare Fischer, arranger (The Clare Fischer Big Band)<br>"Nasty Dance" - Bob Brookmeyer, arranger (The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra)<br>"Rhapsody In Blue" - Gordon Goodwin, arranger (Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band)<br>"Song Without Words" - Carlos Franzetti, arranger (Carlos Franzetti &amp; Allison Brewster Franzetti)<br><br>Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)<br><br>"Ao Mar" - Vince Mendoza, arranger (Vince Mendoza)<br>"Moon Over Bourbon Street" - Rob Mathes, arranger (Sting &amp; The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra)<br>"On Broadway" - Kevin Axt, Ray Brinker, Trey Henry, Christian Jacob &amp; Tierney Sutton, arrangers (The Tierney Sutton Band)<br>"Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)" - Jorge Calandrelli, arranger (Tony Bennett & Queen Latifah)<br>"The Windmills Of Your Mind" - William A. Ross, arranger (Barbra Streisand)<br><br>PACKAGE FIELD<br><br>Best Recording Package<br><br>"Chickenfoot III" - Todd Gallopo, art director (Chickenfoot)<br>"Good Luck &amp; True Love" - Sarah Dodds &amp; Shauna Dodds, art directors (Reckless Kelly)<br>"Rivers And Homes" - Jonathan Dagan, art director (J.Viewz)<br>"Scenes From The Suburbs" - Vincent Morisset, art director (Arcade Fire)<br>"Watch The Throne" - Virgil Abloh, art director (Jay-Z & Kanye West)<br><br>Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package<br><br>"The King Of Limbs" - Donald Twain &amp; Zachariah Wildwood, art directors (Radiohead)<br>"The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story" - Dave Bett &amp; Michelle Holme, art directors (Bruce Springsteen)<br>"25th Anniversary Music Box" - Matt Taylor &amp; Ellen Wakayama, art directors (Danny Elfman &amp; Tim Burton)<br>"25 Years" - James Spindler, art director (Sting)<br>"Wingless Angels - Deluxe Edition" - David Gorman, art director (Wingless Angels)<br><br>ALBUM NOTES<br><br>Best Album Notes<br><br>"The Bang Years 1966-1968" - Neil Diamond, album notes writer (Neil Diamond)<br>"The Bristol Sessions, 1927-1928: The Big Bang Of Country Music" - Ted Olson &amp; Tony Russell, album notes writers (Various Artists)<br>"Complete Mythology" - Ken Shipley, album notes writer (Syl Johnson)<br>"Hear Me Howling!: Blues, Ballads &amp; Beyond As Recorded By The San Francisco Bay By Chris Strachwitz In The 1960s" - Adam Machado, album notes writer (Various Artists)<br>"The Music City Story: Street Corner Doo Wop, Raw R&B And Soulful Sounds From Berkeley, California 1950-75" - Alec Palao, album notes writer (Various Artists)<br><br>HISTORICAL FIELD<br><br>Best Historical Album<br><br>"Band On The Run (Paul McCartney Archive Collection - Deluxe Edition)" - Paul McCartney, compilation producer; Sam Okell &amp; Steve Rooke, mastering engineers (Paul McCartney &amp; Wings)<br>"The Bristol Sessions, 1927-1928: The Big Bang Of Country Music" - Christopher C. King &amp; Ted Olson, compilation producers; Christopher C. King &amp; Chris Zwarg, mastering engineers (Various Artists)<br>"Complete Mythology" - Tom Lunt, Rob Sevier &amp; Ken Shipley, compilation producers; Jeff Lipton, mastering engineer (Syl Johnson)<br>"Hear Me Howling!: Blues, Ballads &amp; Beyond As Recorded By The San Francisco Bay By Chris Strachwitz In The 1960s" - Chris Strachwitz, compilation producer; Mike Cogan, mastering engineer (Various Artists)<br>"Young Man With The Big Beat: The Complete '56 Elvis Presley Masters" - Ernst Mikael Jorgensen, compilation producer; Vic Anesini, mastering engineer (Elvis Presley)<br><br>PRODUCTION, NON CLASSICAL FIELD<br><br>Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical<br><br>"Follow Me Down" - Brandon Bell &amp; Gary Paczosa, engineers; Sangwook "Sunny" Nam &amp; Doug Sax, mastering engineers (Sarah Jarosz)<br>"The Harrow &amp; The Harvest" - Matt Andrews, engineer; Stephen Marcussen, mastering engineer (Gillian Welch)<br>"Music Is Better Than Words" - Rich Breen &amp; Frank Filipetti, engineers; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer (Seth MacFarlane)<br>"The Next Right Thing" - Kevin Killen, Brendan Muldowney &amp; John Shyloski, engineers; John Shyloski, mastering engineer (Seth Glier)<br>"Paper Airplane" - Mike Shipley, engineer; Brad Blackwood, mastering engineer (Alison Krauss &amp; Union Station)<br><br>Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical<br>Danger Mouse - "Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi Present Rome" (Gilda Buttá, Luciano Ciccaglioni, Gegé Munari, Dario Rosciglione, Antonello Vannucchi et al) (A); "Meyrin Fields EP" (Broken Bells) (S)<br><br>Paul Epworth - "Call It What You Want" (Foster The People) (T); "I Would Do Anything For You" (Foster The People) (T); "I'll Be Waiting" (Adele) (T); "Life On The Nickel" (Foster The People) (T); "No One's Gonna Love You" (Cee-Lo Green) (S); "Rolling In The Deep" (Adele) (T)<br><br>The Smeezingtons - "Doo-Wops &amp; Hooligans" (Bruno Mars) (A); "If I Was You (OMG)" (Far East Movement Featuring Snoop Dogg) (T); "Lighters" (Bad Meets Evil Featuring Bruno Mars) (T); "Mirror" (Lil Wayne Featuring Bruno Mars) (T); "Rocketeer" (Far East Movement Featuring Ryan Tedder of One Republic) (T)<br><br>Ryan Tedder - "Brighter Than The Sun" (Colbie Caillat) (T); "Favorite Song" (Colbie Caillat Featuring Common) (T); "I Remember Me" (Jennifer Hudson) (T); "I Was Here" (Beyoncé) (T); "Not Over You" (Gavin DeGraw) (S); "#1Nite" (One Night) (Cobra Starship) (S); "Rumour Has It" (Adele) (T); "Sweeter" (Gavin DeGraw) (T); "Who's That Boy" (Demi Lovato Featuring Dev) (T)<br><br>Butch Vig - "Wasting Light" (Foo Fighters) (A)<br><br>Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical<br><br>"Cinema" (Skrillex Remix) - Sonny Moore, remixer (Benny Benassi)<br>"Collide" (Afrojack Remix) - Afrojack, remixer (Leona Lewis)<br>"End Of Line" (Photek Remix) - Photek, remixer (Daft Punk)<br>"Only Girl (In The World)" (Rosabel Club Mix) - Abel Aguilera & Ralphi Rosario, remixers (Rihanna)<br>"Rope" (Deadmau5 Mix) - Deadmau5, remixer (Foo Fighters)<br><br>SURROUND SOUND FIELD<br><br>Best Surround Sound Album<br><br>"An Evening With Dave Grusin" - Frank Filipetti &amp; Eric Schilling, surround mix engineers; Frank Filipetti, surround mastering engineer; Phil Ramone, surround producer (Various Artists)<br>"Grace For Drowning" - Steven Wilson, surround mix engineer; Paschal Byrne, surround mastering engineer; Steven Wilson, surround producer (Steven Wilson)<br>"Kind" - Morten Lindberg, surround mix engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround mastering engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround producer (Kjetil Almenning, Ensemble 96 &amp; Nidaros String Quartet)<br>"Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (Super Deluxe Edition)" - Elliot Scheiner, surround mix engineer; Bob Ludwig, surround mastering engineer; Bill Levenson &amp; Elliot Scheiner, surround producers (Derek &amp; The Dominos)<br>"Spohr: String Sextet In C Major, Op. 140 & Nonet In F Major, Op. 31" - Andreas Spreer, surround mix engineer; Andreas Spreer, surround mastering engineer; Andreas Spreer, surround producer (Camerata Freden)<br><br>PRODUCTION, CLASSICAL FIELD<br><br>Best Engineered Album, Classical<br><br>"Aldridge: Elmer Gantry" - Byeong-Joon Hwang &amp; John Newton, engineers; Jesse Lewis, mastering engineer (William Boggs, Keith Phares, Patricia Risley, Vale Rideout, Frank Kelley, Heather Buck, Florentine Opera Chorus &amp; Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra)<br>"Glazunov: Complete Concertos" - Richard King, engineer (José Serebrier, Alexey Serov, Wen-Sinn Yang, Alexander Romanovsky, Rachel Barton Pine, Marc Chisson & Russian National Orchestra)<br>"Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide" - Tom Lazarus &amp; Bill Maylone, engineers; Joe Lambert, mastering engineer (Rinde Eckert, Steven Mackey &amp; Eighth Blackbird)<br>"Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos Nos. 3 &amp; 4" - Arne Akselberg, engineer (Leif Ove Andsnes, Antonio Pappano &amp; London Symphony Orchestra)<br>"Weinberg: Symphony No. 3 &amp; Suite No. 4 From 'The Golden Key'" - Torbjörn Samuelsson, engineer (Thord Svedlund & Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra)<br><br>Producer Of The Year, Classical<br><br>Blanton Alspaugh - "Aldridge: Elmer Gantry" (William Boggs, Keith Phares, Patricia Risley, Vale Rideout, Frank Kelley, Heather Buck, Florentine Opera Chorus &amp; Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra); "Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas" (Peter Takács); "Osterfield: Rocky Streams" (Paul Osterfield, Todd Waldecker &amp; Various Artists)<br><br>Manfred Eicher - "Bach: Concertos &amp; Sinfonias For Oboe; Ich Hatte Viel Bekümmernis" (Heinz Holliger, Eric Höbarth & Camerata Bern); "Hymns &amp; Prayers" (Gidon Kremer &amp; Kremerata Baltica); "Manto &amp; Madrigals" (Thomas Zehetmair &amp; Ruth Killius); "Songs Of Ascension" (Meredith Monk &amp; Vocal Ensemble, Todd Reynolds Quartet, The M6 & Montclair State University Singers); "Tchaikovsky/Kissine: Piano Trios" (Gidon Kremer, Giedre Dirvanauskaite &amp; Khatia Buniatishvili); "A Worcester Ladymass" (Trio Mediaeval)<br><br>David Frost - "Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass Live" (Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass); "Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide" (Rinde Eckert, Steven Mackey &amp; Eighth Blackbird); "Prayers &amp; Alleluias" (Kenneth Dake); "Sharon Isbin &amp; Friends" - Guitar Passions (Sharon Isbin &amp; Various Artists)<br><br>Peter Rutenberg - "Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem, Op. 45" (Patrick Dupré Quigley, James K. Bass, Seraphic Fire &amp; Professional Choral Institute); "The Vanishing Nordic Chorale" (Philip Spray & Musik Ekklesia)<br><br>Judith Sherman - "Adams: Son Of Chamber Symphony; String Quartet" (John Adams, St. Lawrence String Quartet & International Contemporary Ensemble); "Capricho Latino" (Rachel Barton Pine); "85th Birthday Celebration" (Claude Frank); "Insects &amp; Paper Airplanes - Chamber Music Of Lawrence Dillon" (Daedalus Quartet &amp; Benjamin Hochman); "Midnight Frolic - The Broadway Theater Music Of Louis A. Hirsch" (Rick Benjamin &amp; Paragon Ragtime Orchestra); "Notable Women - Trios By Today's Female Composers" (Lincoln Trio); "The Soviet Experience, Vol. 1 - String Quartets By Dmitri Shostakovich &amp; His Contemporaries" (Pacifica Quartet); "Speak!" (Anthony De Mare); "State Of The Art" - The American Brass Quintet At 50 (The American Brass Quintet); "Steve Reich: WTC 9/11; Mallet Quartet; Dance Patterns (Kronos Quartet, Steve Reich Musicians &amp; So Percussion); "Winging It - Piano Music Of John Corigliano" (Ursula Oppens)<br><br>CLASSICAL FIELD<br><br>Best Orchestral Performance<br><br>"Bowen: Symphonies Nos. 1 &amp; 2" - Andrew Davis, conductor (BBC Philharmonic)<br>"Brahms: Symphony No. 4" - Gustavo Dudamel, conductor (Los Angeles Philharmonic)<br>"Haydn: Symphonies 104, 88 &amp; 101" - Nicholas McGegan, conductor (Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra)<br>"Henze: Symphonies Nos. 3-5" - Marek Janowski, conductor (Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin)<br>"Martinu: The 6 Symphonies" - Jirí Belohlávek, conductor (BBC Symphony Orchestra)<br><br>Best Opera Recording<br><br>"Adams: Doctor Atomic" - Alan Gilbert, conductor; Meredith Arwady, Sasha Cooke, Richard Paul Fink, Gerald Finley, Thomas Glenn &amp; Eric Owens; Jay David Saks, producer (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; Metropolitan Opera Chorus)<br><br>"Britten: Billy Budd" - Mark Elder, conductor; John Mark Ainsley, Phillip Ens, Jacques Imbrailo, Darren Jeffery, Iain Paterson &amp; Matthew Rose; James Whitbourn, producer (London Philharmonic Orchestra; Glyndebourne Chorus)<br><br>"Rautavaara: Kaivos" - Hannu Lintu, conductor; Jaakko Kortekangas, Hannu Niemelä, Johanna Rusanen-Kartano &amp; Mati Turi; Seppo Siirala, producer (Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra; Kaivos Chorus)<br><br>"Verdi: La Traviata" - Antonio Pappano, conductor; Joseph Calleja, Renée Fleming &amp; Thomas Hampson; James Whitbourn, producer (Orchestra of the Royal Opera House; Royal Opera Chorus)<br>"Vivaldi: Ercole Sul Termodonte" - Fabio Biondi, conductor; Romina Basso, Patrizia Ciofi, Diana Damrau, Joyce DiDonato, Vivica Genaux, Philippe Jaroussky, Topi Lehtipuu &amp; Rolando Villazón; Daniel Zalay, producer (Europa Galante; Coro Da Camera Santa Cecilia Di Borgo San Lorenzo)<br><br>Best Choral Performance<br><br>"Beyond All Mortal Dreams - American A Cappella" - Stephen Layton, conductor (Choir Of Trinity College Cambridge)<br>"Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem, Op. 45" - Patrick Dupré Quigley, conductor; James K. Bass, chorus master (Justin Blackwell, Scott Allen Jarrett, Paul Max Tipton &amp; Teresa Wakim; Professional Choral Institute &amp; Seraphic Fire)<br>"Kind" - Kjetil Almenning, conductor (Nidaros String Quartet; Ensemble 96)<br>"Light &amp; Gold" - Eric Whitacre, conductor (Christopher Glynn &amp; Hila Plitmann; The King's Singers, Laudibus, Pavão Quartet &amp; The Eric Whitacre Singers)<br>"The Natural World Of Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen" - Paul Hillier, conductor (Ars Nova Copenhagen)<br><br>Best Small Ensemble Performance<br><br>"Frank: Hilos" - Gabriela Lena Frank; ALIAS Chamber Ensemble<br>"The Kingdoms Of Castille" - Richard Savino, conductor; El Mundo<br>"Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide" - Rinde Eckert &amp; Steven Mackey; Eighth Blackbird<br>"A Seraphic Fire Christmas" - Patrick Dupré Quigley, conductor; Seraphic Fire<br>"Sound The Bells!" - The Bay Brass<br><br>Best Classical Instrumental Solo<br><br>"Chinese Recorder Concertos - East Meets West" - Lan Shui, conductor; Michala Petri (Copenhagen Philharmonic)<br>"Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2 In C Minor, Op. 18; Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini" - Yuja Wang (Claudio Abbado; Mahler Chamber Orchestra)<br>"Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos Nos. 3 &amp; 4" - Leif Ove Andsnes (Antonio Pappano; London Symphony Orchestra)<br>"Schwantner: Concerto For Percussion &amp; Orchestra" - Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor; Christopher Lamb (Nashville Symphony); Track from: "Schwantner: Chasing Light..."<br>"Winging It - Piano Music Of John Corigliano" - Ursula Oppens<br><br>Best Classical Vocal Solo<br><br>"Diva Divo" - Joyce DiDonato (Kazushi Ono; Orchestre De L'Opéra National De Lyon; Choeur De L'Opéra National De Lyon)<br>"Grieg/Thommessen: Veslemøy Synsk" - Marianne Beate Kielland (Nils Anders Mortensen)<br>"Handel: Cleopatra" - Natalie Dessay (Emmanuelle Haïm; Le Concert D'Astrée)<br>"Purcell: O Solitude" - Andreas Scholl (Stefano Montanari; Christophe Dumaux; Accademia Bizantina)<br>"Three Baroque Tenors" - Ian Bostridge (Bernard Labadie; Mark Bennett, Andrew Clarke, Sophie Daneman, Alberto Grazzi, Jonathan Gunthorpe, Benjamin Hulett & Madeline Shaw; The English Concert)<br><br>Best Contemporary Classical Composition<br><br>"Aldridge, Robert: Elmer Gantry" - Robert Aldridge &amp; Herschel Garfein<br>"Crumb, George: The Ghosts Of Alhambra" - George Crumb; Track from: "Complete Crumb Edition, Vol. 15"<br>"Friedman, Jefferson: String Quartet No. 3" - Jefferson Friedman; Track from: "Jefferson Friedman: Quartets"<br>"Mackey, Steven: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide" - Steven Mackey<br>"Ruders, Poul: Piano Concerto No. 2" - Poul Ruders; Track from: "Music Of Poul Ruders, Vol. 6"<br><br>MUSIC VIDEO FIELD<br><br>Best Short Form Music Video<br><br>"Rolling In The Deep" - Adele; Sam Brown, video director; Hannah Chandler, video producer<br>"Yes I Know" - Memory Tapes; Eric Epstein, video director; Eric Epstein, video producer<br>"All Is Not Lost" - OK Go; Itamar Kubovy, Damian Kulash Jr &amp; Trish Sie, video directors; Shirley Moyers, video producer<br>"Lotus Flower" - Radiohead; Garth Jennings, video director; Garth Jennings, video producer<br>"First Of The Year (Equinox)" - Skrillex; Tony Truand, video director; Noah Klein, video producer<br>"Perform This Way" - "Weird Al" Yankovic; "Weird Al" Yankovic, video director; Cisco Newman, video producer<br><br>Best Long Form Music Video<br><br>"I Am...World Tour" - Beyoncé; Ed Burke, Frank Gatson Jr. & Beyoncé Knowles, video directors; Beyoncé Knowles &amp; Camille Yorrick, video producers<br>"Foo Fighters: Back And Forth" - Foo Fighters; James Moll, video director; James Moll &amp; Nigel Sinclair, video producers<br>"Talihina Sky: The Story Of Kings Of Leon" - Kings Of Leon; Stephen C. Mitchell, video director; Casey McGrath, video producer<br>"Beats, Rhymes &amp; Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest" - A Tribe Called Quest; Michael Rapaport, video director; Robert Benavides, Debra Koffler, Eric Matthies, Frank Mele, Edward Parks & A Tribe Called Quest, video producers<br>"Nine Types Of Light" - TV On The Radio; Tunde Adebimpe, video director; Michelle An &amp; Braj, video producers<br><br><p>Caroline A. G. Pierson, of , recently received faculty honors for academic achievement at in , Conn.</p><p>The following students were recently named to the dean's list at Johns Hopkins University.</p><p>Azam Qureshi, of , son of Bilal and Parveen Qureshi, and a graduate of the McDonogh School.</p> <p>Elizabeth Aucott, of Lutherville, daughter of John and Susan Aucott, and a graduate of Notre Dame Preparatory School.</p> <br> <p>Hannah Bergman, of Lutherville, daughter of and Maura McGuire, and a graduate of Dulaney High School.</p><p>Melinda Chen, of Lutherville, daughter of Zhibing Chen and Jianhua Feng, and a graduate of Towson High School.</p><p>Alison Ignatowski, of Lutherville, daughter of Gary and Deborah Ignatowski, and a graduate of Notre Dame Preparatory School.</p><p>Abigail Sussman, of Lutherville, daughter of Marc and Michele Sussman, and a graduate of Park School.</p><p>Stephanie Yoshioka, of Lutherville, daughter of Takashi and Julie Yoshioka, and a graduate of Loch Raven High School.</p><p>Bo Tao, of , son of Yuanxiang Tao and Fengying Wang, and a graduate of Dulaney High School</p><p>Caitlin Choi, of Timonium, daughter of Steven and Hyung Choi, and a graduate of Dulaney High School.</p><p>Nicholas Flower, of Timonium, son of Kenneth and Karen Flower, and a graduate of Dulaney High School.</p><p>Vasilios Mavrophilipos, of Timonium, son of Dimitrios and Stella Mavrophilipos, and a graduate of Dulaney High School.</p><p>The following students from Towson were recently named to the dean's list at their respective schools:</p><p>James Toshio Whedbee, Washington University in St. Louis.</p><p>Michele Mary Myers, , Pa.</p><p>Jonathon Paterakis, Connecticut College.</p><p>Alexander Evans, University of the Sciences, in Philadelphia.</p><p>Caroline Conover, Mount St. Mary's University.</p><p>Lauren Schumacher, Delaware Valley College.</p>The days when taking home a souvenir from your favorite hotel meant a bad logo T-shirt or golf visor are long gone.<br><br>How about a Rebecca Minkoff bag? The W Hotel's stores have one in an exclusive shade of turquoise. A pair of Band of Outsiders pajamas? They were made specially for the Ace Hotel in New York. A pink Stephen Jones trilby hat? You have to hit the gift shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel to buy one.Luxury hotel chains are upping the ante on their retail offerings by bringing in exclusive items and, in some cases, designing their own. In an era of global sameness, they have opted to offer unique, localized experiences. FOR THE RECORD:<br> Hotel gift shops: An article in Sunday's Image section about hotel gift shops going glam referred to Ace Hotel founder Alex Calderwood as Calderwell. Also, a retailer that opened a branch at the Ace in New York was referred to as No. 8. The correct name is Project No. 8. &#8212;<br> <br><br>The Standard hotels (including the property in downtown Los Angeles) are collaborating for the second year with surf lifestyle brand , selling board shorts ($75), bikinis and sunglasses (both $88) in poolside vending machines. The Morgans Hotel Group has hosted a series of curated retail stores, the newest in at the Mondrian, where Los Angeles-based retailer Ron Robinson has opened a pop-up shop with handpicked merchandise such as exclusive Pamela Love T-shirts ($25), as well as Stephen Webster jewelry and Apothia beauty products.<br><br>"As we get more design-oriented hotels, the idea will continue to percolate," said Bruce Baltin, a hotel industry analyst and senior vice president of Colliers PKF Consulting USA, a management consulting firm in Los Angeles that covers the hospitality industry. "It's a point of differentiation. And now that you have designers like and getting into the hotel business [see accompanying story], they will pair that with retail opportunities as well."For the record: An article in Sunday's Image section about hotel gift shops going glam incorrectly referred to ACE Hotel founder Alex Calderwood as Calderwell. Also, the edgy store in downtown Manhattan that opened a branch at the ACE in New York was referred to as No. 8. The correct name is Project No. 8.<br>Historically, W Hotels have been innovators in hotel gift shops, with the first W store opening at the W in 2001. "From the beginning, the concept was designed to go beyond the basic idea of providing the same 400-thread-count sheets that are in the rooms," said Eva Ziegler, W's global brand leader (yes, that's her title; she's in charge of the chain's growth strategy).<br><br>In the past, the resort chain has targeted Diane von Furstenberg to create a Fashion Emergency Kit (a black wrap dress and thong underwear) for its stores, and to design staff uniforms. But in February, Ziegler hired an expert, naming Amanda Ross, a stylist and designer consultant, to the newly created post of fashion director.<br><br>So far, Ross has attended fashion weeks on the hotel's behalf, consulted on uniforms for new properties and helped select designers for the Global Glam collection of apparel created especially for the chain and sold in all 17 W Hotel stores.<br><br>The store at the W Times Square feels like a trendy Robertson Boulevard boutique, with $80 Melissa brand jelly shoes, $275 jeweled caftans and gift books with such cheeky titles as "Is Your Dog Gay?" If there were exclusive products, they weren't obvious, but the merchandise is a far cry from garish costume jewelry and packages of dried fruit and nuts that one might associate with a hotel gift shop.<br><br>(Ross' appointment comes on the heels of another resident expert hired by the W &#8212; music director Michaelangelo L'Acqua, a former music producer for and a fashion show director who has been charged with elevating the hotel's presence in the music community by coordinating special performances and producing compilation W Hotels CDs.)<br><br>The quirky Ace Hotel chain (including properties in Palm Springs, Portland, Ore. and Seattle) was looking for a curator of a different sort for its newest property in the gritty NoMad neighborhood of , just north of .<br><br>"Before we opened, there weren't a lot of [retailers] who wanted to be on 29th and Broadway," said Ace Hotel founder Alex Calderwell. "So we approached retailers who we thought would fit with our brand and would consider a location that was not an A location." They chose No. 8 and Opening Ceremony, which operate edgy stores in downtown Manhattan.<br><br>No. 8a, as the store at the Ace is called, is a showcase for hipster ephemera, from $169 bags made out of soccer balls to $6 Wooly Willy magnetic faces.<br><br>Opening Ceremony is dedicated to apparel (and accessories), featuring the Rodarte sweaters and $365 Alexander Wang zipper-edged sunglasses you find at all Opening Ceremony stores, along with a few necessities for travelers, such as brightly colored $55 Tumi outlet adaptors exclusive to the Ace store and British snack food Walkers Prawn Cocktail flavored crisps. Both No. 8a and Opening Ceremony are open to the street and the Ace Hotel lobby.<br><br>"We could have done a store ourselves, but they are so much better at what they do. And part of the philosophy of our brand is not only to appeal to travelers but to locals too," Calderwell said.<br><br>"Designers want to be positioned in the Ace Hotel because they want to get their things in front of the consumer who stays and hangs out there &#8212; photographers and fashion directors. They want to be in that environment," said Zach Augustine, chief creative officer of Winston Retail, a retail consulting firm based in and New York.<br><br>Generating revenue<br><br>The Dorchester Collection, which operates the Beverly Hills Hotel and Paris' Le Meurice among others, tapped milliner Stephen Jones and handbag designer Louise Hempleman to create summer hats and travel bags for all seven of its stores. The hotel chain is also sponsoring a fashion prize for up-and-coming designers. The contest is being judged by a team of fashion insiders, including designers Manolo Blahnik and Giles Deacon and style icon Daphne Guinness.<br><br>"Fashion is playing an increasingly prevalent part in the luxury hotel industry as hotels become an essential lifestyle component and design becomes more integrated into everyday life," Helen Smith, Dorchester Collection's vice president of sales and marketing, wrote in an e-mail.<br><br>For high-end resorts seeking a total fashion overhaul, Seaside Luxe, based in Santa Monica, is a new retail consulting firm that develops, builds, merchandises and manages luxury boutiques from the ground up, in such far-flung places as Bermuda and Maui. Each boutique is unique in design and product assortment.<br><br>Many people in the resort industry "push retail aside. The gift shops actually lose money," said Lee Ann Sauter, who founded Seaside Luxe last year after more than 20 years of retail experience at Gap, Guess and . "There is an opportunity to totally transform the landscape."<br><br>At the Four Seasons Hualalai resort in Hawaii, she turned administrative offices into 7,000 square feet of Seaside Luxe retail space (selling items including beachwear, casual sportswear and kids clothing) that generated $6 million in revenue in 2009, its first year, $750,000 of that in its first month. (The resort's retail stores generated $4 million in revenue in 2008.)<br><br>Guests snapped up one-of-a-kind Prova necklaces for $550, decorative bottles with shell stoppers for $55 to $115, colorful Dezso woven bracelets decorated with shark teeth and shells, and Gregory Parkinson swim cover-ups.<br><br>"When you do research on what guests want to do on their vacations, it's amazing how over the last 10 years, it has gone from visiting the spa or playing golf to shopping," said Patrick Fitzgerald, chief executive of Hualalai resort. "We saw we were missing a real opportunity." Seaside Luxe buyers travel the globe, visiting places such as the Gem Palace in Jaipur, India, and the Paris runways to find exclusive jewelry designs, beach bags, bikinis, surfboards and more.<br><br>This refashioning of resort retail mirrors what happened in the resort food and beverage industry, Fitzgerald said. "Several years ago, we started seeing hotels bringing in chefs such as Michael Mina, and Thomas Keller to develop restaurants not only for hotel guests, but for locals. Now we're starting to see the same targeted approach in resort retail."<br><br>Plus, when someone asks, "Where did you get that?" you don't have to say Nordstrom. You can say you got it on vacation in Hawaii. The story is so much better.<br><br><p>The deadline for submitting sports copy is 9 a.m. on Mondays. We prefer email ( We do not accept results by phone. When two Howard County teams play, players from both teams (first and last names) must be mentioned in the write-up. Questions? Call 410-332-6578.</p><p>Gymnastics</p><p>Docksiders Gymnastics</p> <p>Docksiders Level 8 gymnast Maria Ramsey, of Columbia, competed at the 2012 Parkettes Invitational Junior 12-13 meet Jan. 29, in Allentown, Pa., with the following results:</p> <br> <p>1. all-around (35.5); 2. floor (9.15); 5. vault (8.9); 5. uneven bars (8.95); beam (8.5).</p><p>Soccer</p><p>Columbia Soccer Club</p><p>The CSC Storm Runners (U-16 girls) avenged an early season defeat by shutting out the Misfits Gold, 2-0, in a tightly played futsal match Jan. 29. Goalkeeper Carley Noppinger notched the shutout by making several key saves in the second half.</p><p>Maddie Jones scored first on a free kick in the first half as forward Christina Kochanski shielded the Misfits' goalkeeper. In the second half, defensive pressure caused a Misfits' turnover that landed at the feet of Harkleroad who turned and hit a high curving shot into the upper left corner for the game's other goal.</p><p>Strong play by Lauren Marshall, Katherine MacKie, Erica Noppinger and Mackenzie Rynn stifled the Misfits throughout the match.</p><p>Swimming</p><p>Columbia Clippers</p><p>The Columbia Clippers participated in the CBAC's Winter Wakeup meet in at St. Mary's College of Maryland, Jan. 20-22.</p><p>Clipper girls placing in the top 8:</p><p>9-10G: Makena Trout: 3. 50 backstroke. Bridgette Kim: 8. 100 breaststroke.</p><p>11-12G: Taylor Spillman: 5. 200 IM; 6. 50 free; 7. 50 breaststroke.</p><p>13-14G: Isabella Lennon: 6. 200 butterfly. Lydia Angel: 7. 500 free.</p><p>15+G: Ila Jackson: 6. 200 backstroke. Marlee Thorogood: 8. 200 backstroke.</p><p>Clipper boys placing in the top 10:</p><p>9-10B: Cameron Adams: 5. 200 IM; 7. 100 IM; 3. 100 backstroke. Jackson Wang: 7. 100 backstroke; 8. 100 butterfly; 6. 50 butterfly; 6. 200 free. Adam Loudin: 6. 100 breaststroke; 8. 200 free.</p><p>11-12B: Adam Elshafei: 2. 200 IM; 1. 50 free; 1. 500 free; 3. 100 free; 2. 100 breaststroke. Tony Li: 8. 200 free; 3. 100 backstroke; 1. 50 breaststroke.</p><p>13-14 boys: Alexander Gliese: 6. 200 IM; 1. 200 backstroke. Cole May: 8. 100 butterfly.</p><p>Loch Raven High School held its 2012 commencement on June 5 at 's Towson Center. The following are members of the Class of 2012:</p><p>Davon Eric Agnew, A'lesia Marie Anderson, A'lise Maria Anderson, Tori E. Arbaugh Bettina Luciana Arrunategui, Damien David Atwood</p><p>Ji Han Bae, Roderick Darryl Barber, Babak Barfar, Andre' Derrell Battle, Terez Cordell Beauford, Nicholas Stephen Belkoff, Acira Lachelle Belle, Samuel Sean Bentz, Megan Elizabeth Berk, Shannon Joanna Bien, Kelly Amelia Bilz, Cassandra Nichole Bosley, Ashley Boteler, Shaquera Latonia Brown, Devon Tyrell Burnett, Rachel Dawn Butcher</p> <p>Timothy Patrick Callanan, William Leon Callow, Rachel Autumn Cameron, Carly Nichole Cannon, Krizian Dean Valdez Carino, Jasmine Sierra Carr, Barrington Carrington, Jessica Hannah Christian, Cherise Stephenee Church, Michael Alan Cofiell, Nathaniel Jude Cohen, William Comotto III, Michael Darrell Conner, Tiffani Lynn Creutzer, Olivia Anne Cypull</p> <br> <p>Cara Christine D'Amico, Savannah Brooke Davidson, Destiny Davis, Kenneth Ryan Davis, Monet Anita Davis, Daniel Brooks Del Gavio, Davon Terrell Dezurn, Brea Tishel Dupye</p><p>Abigail Lee Edmunds, Amber Lynn Epps</p><p>Kathleen Ann Ferguson, Kent C. Ferree, Jillian Elizabeth Fiedler, Kaitlyn Anne Fields, Ryan Howland Flanigan, Brittany Lynn Flint, Jesse James Foley, Bradley Sanders Franke, Nicole Nadine Franklin, Kevin Matthew Friant, Kenneth Michael Andrew Friedel, Laron Fitzgerald Fryar, Gregory Xavier Fuchsluger</p><p>Lynette Monet Garner, Melissa Jayne Gibbins, Taylor Breona Gibson, India Brianna Gillis, Margaret Mckenna Glassman, David Clay Gottlieb, Aisha Grandison, Jada Danielle Grant, Jawan Xavier Lee Gray, Daniel Brandon Gregory, Alex John Grueninger</p><p>Gregory Allen Harper, Breyawna Francis Harris, Oriell Tiffany LaShay Harris, Khirhy Marcus Hayes, Kwanta' Dupree Hayes, Tessa Charlotte Haynes, Yicheng He, Courtney D. Henry, Devin D. Herlihy, Jacob Wayne Hess Jr., Sarah Jane Worthington Hewitt, Zani Nghishi-A Holiday, Emma Hom, Andrew John Howell, Salih Hutchins, G. Hutchinson, Lamont Pierre Hyman</p><p>Boma Caroline Jack, Kara Denise Jackson, Joshua N. James, Hannah Maria Jenkins, Joseph Daniel Johnson, Tyrron Terrell Johnson, Bailyn-Marie Jones, Benjamin Taylor Jones, Terry Lee Jones III</p><p>Hashem Kanfash, Katherine Rose Keefe, Ivey Stacie Kelley, Kimberly Nicole Kern, Dong Hwi Kim, Dongsun Jason Kim, Jim Kim, Yong Chul Kim, Thomson Kirsch, Timofey Klubov, Nicholas A. Konialian</p><p>Peter Joseph Lang, Evan Paul Lehman, Sumer L. Lessner, Aaron Maurice Lewis, Zuyin Li , Caitlyn Marie Little, Nichelle Monae Little, Laura Nicole Livengood, Shaylyn Erin Lucy, Joseph James Lunczynski Jr., Taylor May Lurz , Hailey Ilene Lynch</p><p>Daniel B. MacIver, Mark Alexander Magtanong, Shaour Majid, Dashawn Nathaniel Marshall, Troy Nathaniel Marshall Jr., James Michael Mast, Martha Alice May, Rachel Sydney Mayhew, Milton Mbichoo, David Edward McDavid, Amber Nicole McFarland, Rachel McGraw, Mathew Williams McLaren, Eric Antoine McMickens Jr., Trisha Christine Menefee, Byeong Min, Andrew Byrd Mitchell, Visharad Moktan, Destiny Dayshawn Maleek Morning, Thomas F. Mostyn III, Mark Ryan Moxey, Christie Nicole Moyer, Gloria Wangechi Muchina, Abigail Elizabeth Mudd, Gabriella Teresa Mundy, Tanner Richard Muonio, Tyler Joseph Murphy, Colin Alexander Mussman</p><p>Natasha Najmi, Mark Kent Navarro, Michel Antony Navarro-Bonifaz, Philip Michael Neary, John Ngo, Tomas Salvador Norman, Jaoko Nyambok</p><p>Conor Vincent O'Donnell, Michael Patrick O'Mailey, Nkemakonam Afamefuna Christian Obineme</p><p>Michael Bryan Pasion, Benjamin Edward Patrick, Adam Michael Peer, Austin Charles Perry, Christopher William Pfeifer, Alex Tyler Pukl</p><p>Usman Qasim</p><p>Ashen Rana, Jacob Clayton Ranniger, Kahrl Leslie Retti Jr., Victoria Ann Rezac, Macy Brooke Rhodes, Janice Sabrina Richards, Brittany Nicole Roberts, Marquise Sade' Roberts-Gunn, LaShae Lynette Robinson, Nefertiti Marie Robinson, Austin Bradley Roden, Sarah Marie Rohrs, Shawnna Elizabeth Rosemeier, Eric Ryan Rosenfeld , Colin Joseph Ruby, Abigail Louise Ruppel, Emily Kathryn Ruppel, Bridget Colleen Ryan</p><p>Maria Abigael M. Salazar, Taylor Sartor, Caitlin Marie Sas, Abigail Marie Schaaf, Ryne Taylor Stevens Schanberger, Daniel Edward Schofield, Brooke Ashley Schulze, Christine Elizabeth Serra, Hye-Geum Heather Shin, Hye-Rin Shin, Nasif Farhan Sikder , Branden Lamar Smith, David Charles Smith, Deontae L. Smith, Rachel , Shannon Genelle Spence, Kyle Vale Stadler, Caroline Stanka, Kiara Michelle Stanton, Eric Robert Stevens, Caroline Hope Stith, Antoine Kwante Stokes, Eric Vaughn Streckfus II, Abigail Victoria Street</p><p>Aisha Paprice Taylor, Scott Daniel Thompson, Megan Christina Timchula, Kayla Kennedy Toole, Anna Elizabeth Trageser, Bria Lashay Tyson</p><p>Michael James Valerino</p><p>Margaret McKenzie Wagner, Michelle Lynn Wallis, Meng Ting Wang, Jessica Lynn Waugh, Kelly Nichole Weaver, Benjamin Paul Webster, Emily Margaret Westervelt, Charles Bernard Whitaker Jr., Alexandra Lynn White, Monica Lynn White, Reagin C. Wiklund, Shayona Aleta Ann Williams, Alexandra Elizabeth Wilmot, Curtis Brian Gabriel Wilson Jr., Richard Miles Woodhouse</p><p>Cory Benjamin Yeboah, Savannah Lee Yost</p><p>Jimmy Zheng</p><p>All information in this section appears as provided by the schools indicated. Because of publication deadlines, in some instances students' names might have been provided prior to final review of requirements. Some students listed might not have completed all requirements to graduate.</p>LONDON &mdash; You rarely ever see it, but you did on Saturday, the first full day of competition at the Olympics. But there atop the swimming medal stand, was no . In the first shocking result of the Games, Phelps finished fourth in the 400 individual medley. It was the first time since 2000 that he hasn't medaled in an Olympic race.<br><br>Not surprising was the winner, , who crushed the field to win the U.S.'s first swimming medal . His time of 4:05.18 was more than three second faster than Brazil's Thiago Pereira. Kosuke Hagino finished third.<br><br> Phelps will be part of Sunday 4 x 100 freestyle relay team to try to win his 17th overall medal.<br><br>In other finals, American had to settle for silver as Ye Shiwen of China won the women's 400 IM. Li Xuanxu, also from China, finished third. Caitlin Leverenz of the U.S. was tied for sixth.<br><br>The men's 400 freestyle was won by Sun Yang of China, followed by Park Tae-hwan of South Korea and of the U.S. The other American, Loyola Academy graduate Conor Dwyer, was fifth.<br><br>Australia won the women's 400 free relay with Netherlands second and the U.S. third.<br><br>Archery: The first U.S. medal of the Games belonged to the men's team, which after shocking world champion South Korea in the semifinals, lost to Italy in the gold medal match 219-218. The U.S. team was made up of No. 1 ranked individual player Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski and Jacob Wukie. South Korea, the defnding world champion, picked up the bronze.<br><br>Badminton: A rough start for the U.S. badminton doubles team of Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan, who lost to the South Korean team of Jae Sung Chung and Yong Dae Lee 21-14, 21-19. Next up they play the tough Malaysain team of Kien Keat Koo and Boon Heong Tan on Sunday. What likely will be their final match will come Monday against a Japanese team. The tournament is in pool play.<br><br>Basketball: The U.S. women's team looked a little rusty but used a 14-0 run in the fourth quarter to get an 81-56 win over Croatia. The U.S. must next play Angola on Monday. The U.S. had four players in double figures: (14), (13), (11) and (10). In other games, it was Turkey over Angola 72-50; France over Brazil 73-58 and Australia over Britain 74-58.<br><br>Beach Volleyball: In the last match of the night, and Karri Walsh Jennings had to battle a tough Australian team of Tasmin Hinchley and Natalie Cook but took a 21-18, 21-19 victory at perhaps the best venue, a sand pit built at Buckingham Palace. The U.S. No. 2 men's team of Sean Rosenthal and Jake Gibb won fast and decisvely over Freedom Chiya and Grant Goldschmit of South Africa 21-10, 21-11.<br><br>Boxing: The revitalized U.S. team went 2-for-2 on the first day. , got an easy 19-9 win over Pavlo Ischchenko of Ukraine in the bantamweight division. His next fight is Wednesday against Alvarez Estrada of Cuba. was even more devastating in his fight when the referee stopped it against Andranik Hakobyan of Armenia with seconds left in the match. His next bout will be Thursday against Danabek Suzhanov of Kazahstan.<br><br>Cycling: It was supposed to be Britain's first medal of the Games but instead turned into a disaster for the home country as no one hit the medal stand. Instead, Alexandr Vinokurov of Kazakhstan won the gold, followed by Rigoberto Uran of Columbia and Norway's Alexander Kristoff. The British were pinning their hopes on Mark Cavendish, who finished 29th.<br><br>The U.S. almost made the medal stand with Taylor Phinney, who finished fourth. Other U.S. finishers were (33), (88), (93) and (104).<br><br>Equestrian: Halfway through the dressage portion of the eventing competition, Australia, Germany and the U.S. were at the top of the leaderboard. However, two medal favorites, Britain and New Zealand had yet to compete. The U.S. team is made up of , Otis Barbotiere, and Tiana Coudray.<br><br>In individual part of the competition, Ingrid Klimke of Germany was leading followed by Dirk Schrade, also from Germany and Britain's Mary King.<br><br>Fencing: The women's foil gold went to Elisa Di Francisca of Italy, who needed extra time to beat teammate Arianna Errigo 12-11. Italian Valentina Vezzali got the bronze, beating Nam Hyun-Hee of South Korea. American Lee Kiefer was able to make it to the quarterfinals before losing to Errigo 15-10. Other U.S. competitors Nzingha Prescod and Nicole Ross were eliminated in the round of 32.<br><br>Gymnastics: The U.S. men's team had a good day earning the top score in the qualifying round over Russia and Britain. They will be ranked first in the final round but none of the scores carry over, so it really doesn't mean a lot. In individual apparatus, and qualified in the all-around; in the floor exercise; Sam Mikulak in the vault and Leyva and in the horizontal bar.<br><br>Team Handball: The winners on the men's side were South Korea over Spain, Denmark over Sweden and France over Norway. On the women's side it was Russia over Angola, Brazil beating Croatia and Momntenegro over Britain.<br><br>Judo: In a bit of an upset, Russian Arsen Galstyan won the gold beating Hiroaki Hiroaka of Japan in the 132-pound class. Galstyan beat top-ranked Rishod Sobirov of Uzbekistan in the semifinal. Sobirov and Felipe Kitadai of Brazil were awarded bronze medals. There is no bronze medal match for the semifinal losers. In the women's 106-pound classification, Sarah Menezes of Brazil beat the defending Olympic champion Alina Dumitru of Romania to get the gold. The bronze medals went to Eva Csernoviczki of Hungary and Charline van Snick of Belgium. No Americans were in either competition.<br><br>Rowing: The U.S. pushed two crews into the finals on the first day of heats. The men's eight moved forward to Wednesday's final by winning its heat. And Sara Hendershot and Sarah Zelenka advanced to the A final in pairs. They finished second in their heat.<br><br>Shooting: The first medal of the Games went to Yi Siling of China in the women's 10-meter air rifle. She had to rally to beat Sylwia Bogacka of Poland for the gold. Yu Dan, also of China, finished third. But the U.S. advanced two shooters to the final for the first time since 2000. Jamie Gray finished fith and Sarah Scherer was seventh.<br><br>In the men's 10-meter air rifle, Jin Jongoh of South Kora picked up the gold, followed on the medal stand by Luca Tesconi of Italy and Andrija Zlatic of Serbia. U.S. shooters Daryl Szarenski and Jason Turner finished 23rd and 34th.<br><br>Table Tennis: Any time the U.S. wins a match, it's a time to celebrate. So, get at it. Ariel Hsing dominated with a four game victory over Yadira Silva of Mexico. She plays Xia Lian Ni of Luxembourg on Sunday. The other Americans, Lily Zhang lost in straight games to Cornelia Molnar of Croatia and lost in straight games to Song Nam King of North Korea.<br><br>Soccer: The U.S. women qualified for the quarterfinals with a 3-0 win over Colombia. scored the first goal 33 minutes into the game. After the Colombians appeared tired late in the game the U.S scored followup goals by and . The U.S. next plays Tuesday against North Korea, a 5-0 loser to France on Saturday. In other play, Japan and Sweden played to a 0-0 tie; Brazil beat New Zealand 1-0; Canada topped South Africa 3-0 and Britain beat Cameroon 3-0.<br><br>Tennis: Serena Weilliams, in her first return to since winning two weeks ago, easily beat of Serbia in the first round 6-3, 6-1. advanced on the men's side 7-6 (7-1), 6-4 over Belgium's Olivier Rochus, while was eliminated by of Itlaly. Ryan Harrisonof the U.S. lost to of Colombia. did not play on the first day of competition. In a bit of a surprise, men's Wimbledon champion needed three sets to beat Colombia's Alejamdro Falla.<br><br>Volleyball: The U.S. women's team got off to a decent start with a four-set victory over South Korea 25-19, 25-17, 20-25, 25-21. The next game for the U.S. is against Brazil on Monday. In other matches, Japan beat Algeria 3 games to 0, Russia over Britain, 3-0, Italy over the Dominican Republic, 3-1 and China beat Serbia, 3-1.<br><br>Weightlifting: Wang Mingjuan of China won the gold in the women's 105-pound class with a total weight lift of 451 pounds. She is the four-time world champion. Hiromi Miyake of Japan got the silver and Ryang Chun Hwa of North Korea took home th bronze. There were no Americans in the competition.<br><br>LONDON -- After the final dive, smiled a perfunctory smile for the cameras and then, a few steps later along the pool deck, dropped her arms and buried her head into her coach's shoulder.<br><br>On Sunday morning, Kenny Armstrong fortified his pupil with perspective: We've come a long way just to get here, he told Loukas. She'd gone from high school and college star to the Olympics to a mental wreck who couldn't manage the simplest dive to quitting the sport. And she returned to it, and it took her here.<br><br> The eighth place finish in the women's 3-meter springboard event was a disappointment. But only when Loukas began talking about how much she battled did she remember where she was going, and then a bubble of emotion choked the words and triggered the tears.<br><br>"The plan was to be done after this, which is where the tears are coming from, to know it's all over," a red-eyed Loukas said, with one droplet of saline lingering on her cheek. "Diving has been my life. So we'll see."<br><br>Winning the competition was Wu Minxia of China with countryman He Zi finishing second. Laura Sanchez Soto of Mexico was third.<br><br>Badminton: China went five for five in gold medals in this sport that found itself a flashpoint for controversy. Earlier, four teams were excluded from the tournament because they intentionally tried to lose a game for better positioning in later rounds. The men&rsquo;s title was won by Lin Dan, who beat Lee Chong Wei of , 15-21, 21-10, 21-19. Chen Long of China won the bronze when he beat Lee Hyun-il of South Korea.<br><br>Cycling: Lasse Norman Hansen of Denmark won the gold in the men&rsquo;s omnium, which is a combination of six events. Bryan Coquard of France won the silver and Edward Clancy got the bronze. of the U.S. did not make the final round and finished 12th.<br><br>Equestrian: A lot of teams are still in medal contention after the first day of show jumping. The U.S. sits in seventh, tied with Brazil. The leader is Saudi Arabia followed by Netherlands, Britain and Sweden. After the first day the field is cut to 15. The next round is Monday.<br><br>Fencing: The U.S. men&rsquo;s foil team of Race Imboden, Alexander Massialas and Gerek Meinhardt made it to the bronze medal match but was crushed by Germany, 45-27. The gold was won by Italy, which defeated Japan, 45-39.<br><br>Field hockey: In men&rsquo;s play, beat South Africa, 5-4, South Korea easily handled India, 4-1, Netherlands over German, 3-1 and Spain beat Argentina, 3-1. There were two ties, Britain-Australia (3-3) and New Zealand-Belgium (1-1).<br><br>Sailing: The first two sets of medals were awarded in this sport. In the men&rsquo;s Star, the gold went to Sweden followed by Britain and Brazil. The U.S. team of Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih finished seventh. This class will be eliminated for 2016 in Brazil. Zach Railey was well out of medal contention in the men&rsquo;s Finn finishing 12th. The gold went to Ben Ainslie of Britain while Jonas Hogh-Christensen of Denmark got the silver and Jonathan Lobert of France the bronze. Bob Willis finished his 10 races in men&rsquo;s windsurfing in 22nd position eliminating him from compettion. Only the top 10 boats continue. In the women&rsquo;s windsurfing, Farrah Hall finished 20th overall and also did not advance to the medal race. In the 49ers class, Erik Storck and Trevor Moore are in 15th place with two races to go before the medal race. Only the top 10 advance. In the women&rsquo;s 470, the U.S. team of Sarah Lihan and Amanda Clark are in eighth after six races.<br><br>Shooting: South Korea went 1-2 in the men&rsquo;s 50-meter pistol competition. Jin Jongoh collected the gold with teammate Choi Young Rae got the silver. Wang Zhiwei was awarded the bronze. Nick Mowrer of the U.S. finished 15th and Daryl Szarenski was 28th.<br><br>Synchronized swimming: After the first of three days of duet competition, the U.S. team of Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva are 10th of 24 teams. It will be difficult for them to move into medal contention as they are almost 10 points behind first place Russia. China and Spain round out the top three.<br><br>Table tennis: Japan&rsquo;s women&rsquo;s team moves to the gold medal match after beating Singapore, 3-0. It will play the winner of Monday&rsquo;s match between China and South Korea. Regardless of the outcome it will be Japan&rsquo;s first ever medal in this sport.<br><br>Team handball: In women&rsquo;s play it was Brazil over Angola, Croatia beat Britain, South Korea topping Sweden, Spain over Norway, France beat Denmark and Montenegro and Russia playedto a tie.<br><br>Wrestling: As expected, the U.S. didn&rsquo;t make much of an impact in the 121- and 163-pound Greco-Roman competition. Spenser Mango lost in the first round of the repechage of the 121-pound class to finish eighth. Ben Provisor didn&rsquo;t make the repechage and finished 11th in the 163-pound class. Hamid Soryan of Iran was the gold medalist at 121 pounds. He beat Rovshan Bayramov of Azerbaijan in the final. Bronzes were awarded to Peter Modos of Hungary and Mingiyan Semenov of Russia. The 163 class was won by Roman Vlasov of Russia, who beat Arsen Julfalakyan of Armenia. Aleksandr Kazakevic of Lithuania and Emin Ahmadov of Azerbaijan won the bronze medals.COMMENTING POLICY: Readers are encouraged to post comments that are germane to the article. We reserve the right to remove any user, and to delete comments that contain abusive language or personal threats, as well as those that are racist or demeaning. Readers may report comments by clicking "Report Abuse." Once a comment has been flagged, a Baltimore Sun staffer will investigate. for more information on commenting.You've seen them at the mall, on the red carpet and maybe even in your own closet: booties and boots that hug the foot, are snug against the ankle, maybe encase the leg to the knee or above &#8212; but leave the toes peeking out from a small opening, exposed to the elements. What was once a demure peek-a-boo detail on pumps worn by boundary-pushing 1940s pinup girls has evolved into what often looks like the foot and ankle have been mummified, with the toes forgotten.<br><br>What gives?<br><br> It's partly sex, partly status and partly runway style pushing into the mass market.<br><br>Like the bust area, toes are generally seen as an erotic zone (toe cleavage anyone?), and the peep toe on a shoe is like a low-cut blouse that exposes cleavage. "There seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence that people think of feet as a smaller version of the body," says Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. "The term 'toe cleavage' is related to breasts, and peep toe, as its name indicates, is like a type of peep show &#8212; a way of exposing part of yourself."<br><br>But the exposed toe had less risqu&#233; beginnings in modern Western civilization, according to Elizabeth Semmelhack, senior curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. The first time modern European women dared to show their toes was after the French Revolution, when the Neoclassical style influenced women to wear sandals to look like Grecian goddesses, she says.<br><br>Open-toe shoes made their way back into style after the Depression with a rise in the influence of beach culture. Sandals evolved into peep-toe evening shoes, a style that stayed strong through the 1940s. They resurfaced in fashion during the 1970s and more recently as tough, Frankenstein-goes-on-holiday, platform booties on the Alexander Wang spring 2009 runway. Since then, the style has been ubiquitous on runways and in shoe aisles alike.<br><br>Now it's fall and the footwear sitting in stores should be more suede and shearling than stiletto and open toe. But peep-toe boots still dominate sales floors, and toes will still be out in full force regardless of wind, rain or cooler weather.<br><br>The Kardashians could be partly to blame for perpetuating this peep-toe boot trend in a season when it doesn't seem to make sense. The reality-star sisters are seen in paparazzi pictures and on magazine covers wearing chunky peep-toe booties with second-skin skirts and ruffled blouses or strong-shouldered blazers. Sure, the juxtaposition of a shoe-boot against a thin ankle elongates and slims the whole leg, but such extravagant and impractical footwear also indicates that the wearer doesn't walk much farther than from her chauffeured car to dinner.<br><br>"We're seeing a lot of winter boots with an open toe and towering high heels," Steele says. "This has status implications, implying the message that you get out of the car and get onto the red carpet. You're not trudging through mud and snow. There is a definite combination of sex and status. These boots have a look of power."<br><br>For some, there is a simpler explanation for the peep toe's appeal. "It's a sandal and pump wrapped into one. That's what makes it so popular," says Steve Madden, whose footwear company is quick to jump on and reinterpret the shoe style du jour. The "two-fer" shoe gives a customer a little more bang for her buck in addition to the sex appeal of exposed toes.<br><br>A peep toe can be hard to wear. Sometimes the foot slides down and the toes stick out of the shoe, creating an unsightly "eagle talon" effect. A foot pad insert under the ball of the foot or a foam insert installed by a cobbler can help. Of course, attractive, pedicured toes are a must too.<br><br>Whether or not their feet were made for a peep toe, women are continuing to buy and wear these shoes even as they become an almost cartoonish form of footwear with over-the-knee lengths, Timberland-style uppers and combat boot details. Online retailer has seen a large bump in sales of peep-toe boots over the last four years. This season a big seller for them is an olive green suede, military-inspired lace-up boot by Giuseppe Zanotti that can go "Jenny From the Block" as easily as it can be sleek and sophisticated.<br><br>"Boots are the part of clothing that we seem to be playing with the most," Steele says. "Most clothes now are quite bourgeois, but shoes can be quite out there. Just think of all those photographers at fashion week scrambling on the ground for shoe shots!" The toes are clearly the current erotic zone in fashion, even if that means that there will be a lot of cold feet out there this fall.<br><br>Each week in Readers Recommend, the Travel section shares tips on hidden gems in the U.S. and abroad. Here is a roundup of the recommendations published in the last year. Although the information here was correct when it was published, some details may have changed, especially room rates abroad because of the dollar's fluctuations. Please contact the source to confirm prices and other information.<br><br>United States<br><br> <br><br> Alaska<br><br>Timberline Bed &amp; Breakfast, P.O. Box 126, Girdwood AK 99587; (907) 783-2404, . "In August, my husband and I spent a week at this wonderful B&amp;B. Unlike the B&amp;Bs we have in California, you have the 'apartment' to yourself. It has a full kitchen, bath and upstairs bedroom. The hosts, Gail and John, stock it with breakfast foods and beverages, so you fix it yourself when you are hungry. The scenery is beautiful, and the hot tub and balcony are the best." Double rooms from $125.<br><br> Carol and Al Coppock Downey<br><br>Grace and Bill's Freedom Hills B&amp;B, P.O. Box 502, Freedom Hills, Talkeetna AK 99676; (907) 733-2455, . "This bed and breakfast in the hills overlooking the Alaska Range, including Mt. McKinley, is absolutely wonderful. The rooms are spotless and newly constructed. Bill Germain, one of the owners, is a fantastic cook and a knowledgeable and charming host. On a clear day, there is no better view of the mountains. This stop was the highlight of staying in inns and other properties for two weeks throughout Alaska." Doubles from $99.<br><br> Karen Share<br><br>Los Angeles<br><br>A Memorable Experience B&amp;B, Rosewood Court, Homer AK 99603; (800) 720-9275, Ext. 7374, . "We stayed at this wonderful bed and breakfast on the Kenai Peninsula. It overlooks Homer, with spectacular views of Kachemak Bay and the mountains and glaciers beyond. The two bedrooms are spacious, and there is a shared living area with cable TV and kitchen. Hosts Donna and Kevin Maltz made us feel right at home. Not only did they share their expertise on all the activities in Homer, but they also served an exceptional continental breakfast." Doubles from $125 per night (two-night minimum).<br><br> Linda and Bob Fleischman<br><br>Los Angeles<br><br>Chena Ridge Rental, 2872 Rangifer Road, Fairbanks AK 99709; (907) 455-6687, . "This vacation rental house is like a home away from home, without the traffic, noise and police helicopters. This secluded, serene and comfortable cabin-style house is only a few minutes from the University of Alaska and downtown Fairbanks. The hosts, Duncan and Kristin, are friendly, charming and live close enough to be helpful when needed but far enough away to respect guests' privacy." House rental $99 a night with a two-night minimum, $600 per week.<br><br> Don Mankin<br><br>Venice<br><br><br><br> California<br><br>, 2301 5th Ave., Suite 401, Seattle, WA 98121; (888) 851-8133, . "Just wanted to recommend a cruise to the wine country. We sailed around San Francisco Bay, and when we woke up in the morning, we were docked on the Napa River. Tour buses picked us up, and we were off to the wine country. Three wineries and a lovely lunch in a cavern of one of the wineries, then back to the ship. We awoke at Mare Island and did three more wineries in Sonoma. This was one of the most relaxing cruises because it was small and intimate." Prices from $1,149.<br><br> Carmen Price<br><br><p>Arjun Rohit Adapa, Zachary Ryan Allentuck, Schuyler Olivia Ames, Kathryn Marie Andersen, Jenelle Flora Anderson, Kurtis LeRoy Anderson, Anthony Hagop Andonian, Austin Benjamin Arnold, Caitlin Brooke Asher</p><p>Marissa Leah Babazadeh, Danielle Ilana Lynn Bacharach, Rachel Sierra Bade, Soheil Bagheri, Zachary Alan Bailey, Brandon Ashkan Bakhshai, Elizabeth Anne Bamber, Rachel Elizabeth Beck, Jacob Douglas Benedict, Auctavius Devalle' Bennett, Julian James Berry, Kinjal Anand Bhatt, Anna-Teresia Ngobae Bibum, Ferdinand Junior Bikoi, Natalie Lynn Bird, Michael Scott Bishoff, Lauren Elyse Black, Kayla Michelle Blasher, Kara Nicole Boering, Sarah Marie Boies, Ryan Reise Brainard, Emmett Alan Brew, Carly Jacqueline Brunett, Nicholas John Bucci, Haley Elisabeth Butrum, Matthew Richard Bylis</p><p>Camille Lynnae' Calvin, Edward Charles Case, Sabrina Chakrabarti, Anupama Padmavathi Challa, Taylor Ann Chamberlain, Alissa Heidi Chapman, Connie Sarah-Zhang Chen, Stacie Jerxi Chiang, Elizabeth Yeaji Cho, MinHo Soo Cho, Nathan Heewon Choe, Luke McKay Chopper, Tayler Jillian Cinotti, Hailey Lynne Cirovski, Alexandra Grace Citara Manis, Bradley Robert Clark, Alexa Leigh Cohen, Morgan Taylor Cohen, Nina Marie Collins, Lucy Carol Connelly, Colleen Anne Connors, Kasenia Leigh Coulson, Allie Marie Coyle, Jordan Crawford, Hailey Rae Crouse, Paris Desirae Cummings, Michael Joseph Cusack</p> <p>Deena Jan Damschroder, Anthony Vincent Dancel, Nicholas Bijan Darvish, Shashwati Das, Brigid Ann Dass, Caitlin Aileen Davis, Conor Paul Davis, Kelly Michelle Davis, Madison Elizabeth Davis, Riley Frederick Davis, Brandon Michael DeLauney, Morgan Kendall DePauw, Paul Owen Del Riego, Devon Daniel Delbrugge, Lauren Rose Delmont, Ariana Estelle Hughes Dial, Eric Daniel Dietrich, Kelsey Lyn Dillman, Aryo Donboli, Kelsey Elizabeth Dunbar</p> <br> <p>Troy Andrew Edleman, Yasmine Mohamed Eshera, Jennifer Elizabeth Evans</p><p>Cecilia Ann Farley, Kirsten Renee Farley, Stephanie Renee Feldblum, Jackson Royce Feroe, Timothy Scott Fisher, Kristi Alyssa Fiste, William Jack Fitzpatrick, Tamra Louise Flowers, Christopher Jeremy Fox, Thomas Robert Fox, Tara Siobhan Frankhauser, Gary Alvin Franks, Constance Betsy Fu</p><p>Kendal Lorraine Naomi Virginia Galloway, Tess Patricia Gavagan, Christopher Dale Geaney, Daniel Louis Geldof, Jonathan Ari Geldof, Denise Elizabeth George, Emily Dell Glass, Elise Marie Gluck, Matthew Orion Gray, Matthew Patrick Greben, Kelly Ann Gregory, Hamraj Singh Grewal, Caroline Stabler Griffith, Jacob Matthew Grimes, Davis Michael Grove, Nikhil Aryaman Gulati, Dominique Bridgette Gunter</p><p>Sana Haider, Victoria Lea Handler, Sarah Grace Hansen, Molly Ellen Harding, Michael John Harrington, Delaney Amara Hartson, Kathleen Adelle Hawkins, Megan Nicole Healey, Shane Thomas Henderson, Ryan Michael Higgins, Higgs, Logan Thomas Melton Hill, Tatiana Yasmeen Hill, Juliane Sherman Hlibok, Julian Amil Hoffman-Mateya, Kelly Michelle Hogenson, Jonathan Spencer Hogue, Matthew John Hoshko, Crisanta Elena Hovet, Terrance Ronald Howell, Morgan Walter Hrab, Hashem Hraky, Lu-Hua Hung</p><p>Nathan James Ingley, Varsha Grama Iyengar</p><p>Alauna Kale Jackson, Allyson Elise Jayne, Samantha Courtney Jeffers, Sarah Pai-Shian Jin, Christina Nicole Johnson, Johnson, Karrs Devin Johnson, Seung Yun Jung</p><p>David Michael Kaiser, Samuel Louis Kane, Alicia Asol Kang, Yoo-Mi Kang, Pavaris Kaotira, Gregory Robert Karas, Saiprashanth Naidu Karri, Joshua Dakota Kashkett, Sophie Marguerite Keane, Morgayne Adriana Keyser, Sarah Alexandra Khademi, Anthony Robert Kiatta, Joshua M. 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Reddi, Marisa Esther Renehan, Matthew Glen Renehan, Brian Patrick Reynolds, Leila Elliott Rezvani, Taylor Lynne Rhodes, Evan Daniel Richardson, James Andrew Riffle, Julia Selby Ripple, Nicholas Mark Riso, Jared James Robinson, Jason Tyler Rodriguez, Austin Richard Roe, Marta Maria Roman, Christina Lauren Romano, Juliette Corinne Rose, Justin Lee Rosenstein, Seth Ryan Rosenstein, Corinne Michelle Roth, Corey Ian Ruben</p><p>Anna Lauren Sachs, Ryan Travis Sale, Joel Yong-En Samelson, April Sabine Sanco, Holly Gagnon Sandler, Andrew John Schmit, Jodie Marissa Schumacher, Ashley Marie Selby, Alicia Marie Settle, Michelle Younghwa Seu, Omar Ahmed Shahab, Pauline Allyson Shih, Kyeong Taek (Justin) Shin, Daniel Jinsup Shinn, Lyle , Michael Abraham Silber, Jesse Russell Simpson, Aseem Veer Singh, Cierra Tianna Smith, Toby Keith Smith, Maxwell Jacob Sollod, Aaron Jesus Spain Bey, Nicholas Masaru , Reed Paul Stadler, Isabelle Susanne Staines, Sylvienne Della Staines, Jacob Aaron Stidham, Stuppard, Andrew Linwood Stutz, Harriyson Yilun Suh, Hwakyung Suh, Aline Danielle-Kim Swiec</p><p>Layla Yazmine Tajalli, Cody Austin Taylor, Thomas Tyler Testoff, Zain Imtiaz Thaver, Brian Gordon Tyrrell</p><p>Anne Marie Patricia Vaillancourt, Raamah Cinque Vaughn, Isabel Carmen Vera, Alexander Patrick Verschoore, Nicholas Mark Voyton, Nicholas Sydney Vukmer</p><p>Graham David Walters, Alexander Lee Wang, Yu-Dean Daniel Wang, Jennifer Kate Warner, Katie Lynn Warren, Tyler Patrick Watzin, Aaron Luther Wells, Anna Lynn Whipple, Matthew Stephen White, Nickolaus Brandon Whittaker, Nostalgia Cherokee Autumn Whittaker, Claire Elizabeth Williams, Jamie Annette Williams, Oluwatomi Oluwadurotimi Akinwande Williams, Amber Nicole Wiswell, Emily Anne Wong, Allison Elizabeth Woodhouse, Katherine Margaret Woolls</p><p>Benjamin Xu</p><p>Amanda Belle Yard, Jasmine Jeesook Yom, Jason Seungnoh Yoon, LeAnne Hannah Young, Aleshba Anwar Yousuf</p><p>James Jie Zhan, Vivian Mei Zhang, Oliver Kai Zhao, Joseph Kai Zia</p><p>All information in this section appears as provided by the schools indicated. Because of publication deadlines, in some instances students' names might have been provided prior to final review of requirements. Some students listed might not have completed all requirements to graduate.</p>The Weinstein Co.'s music-based dramedy &quot;A Song for Marion&quot; will world preem in the Film Festival's closing night Gala slot, it was announced Tuesday along with 146 titles, including 35 world preems, in the Gala, Special Presentations, Contemporary World Cinema and Wavelengths program. Helmed by Paul and produced by Ken Marshall and Cutting Edge Group CEO Philip Moross, U.K.-lensed &quot;Song&quot; stars as a curmudgeon whose wife persuades him to join an unconventional local choir. World preeming as Galas are Peter Webber's -set, aftermath , &quot;Emperor,&quot; starring and plus &quot;What Maisie Knew,&quot; and 's modern take on a Henry James novella starring and . ' &quot;Yellow,&quot; a hallucinatory ensemble spin on modern society starring , and , will world preem in Special Presentations, as will Dante Ariola's offbeat romance &quot;Arthur Newman,&quot; with as a retired golf pro and co-starring; and Dan Algrant's &quot;Greetings from Tim Buckley&quot; (dramatizing the late singer 's brief career). 's sex-fueled buddy comedy &quot;Do Not Disturb&quot; (starring and Francois Cluzet) and 's &quot;Rhino Season&quot; (a Kurdish-Iranian poet seeks his wife after 20 years in prison) also world preem in the program. U.S. pics receiving their North American preem in Special Presentations include 's &quot;Bad 25,&quot; ' &quot;On The Road,&quot; 's &quot;Passion,&quot; 's &quot;The Master,&quot; ' &quot;The Paperboy,&quot; 's &quot;Spring Breakers&quot; and Henry Alex Rubin's &quot;Disconnect.&quot; 's romance &quot;Love is All You Need,&quot; starring , receives its North American preem in Special Presentations. Contemporary World Cinema (CWC) includes the world preem of ' fractured family ensemble piece &quot;The Fitzgerald Family Christmas&quot; in its 62-pic slate. U.S. pics in CWC include international preems of -winning director Ava DuVernay's &quot;Middle of Nowhere&quot; and James Ponsoldt's &quot;Smashed,&quot; and the North American preem of Jem Cohen's &quot;Museum Hours.&quot; World-preeming titles in CWC include Robert Connolly's take on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's early years &quot;Underground,&quot; Sara Johnsen's haunting romance &quot;All That Matters Is Past,&quot; Kasia Roslaniec's teen pregnancy story &quot;Baby Blues,&quot; Dror Sabo's vigilante odyssey &quot;Eagles,&quot; Jorge Torregrossa's mountain-set intrigue &quot;Fin (The End),&quot; Iannis Smaragdis' 18th-century pirate epic &quot;God Loves Caviar,&quot; Carols Sorin's recovery journey &quot;Gone Fishing,&quot; Zeze Gamboa's historical drama &quot;The Great Kilapy&quot; and Jan Hrebejk's middle-aged pot-boiler &quot;The Holy Quarternity.&quot; Andrzej Jakimowski's teacher tale &quot;Imagine,&quot; Marcelo Gomes' modern life meditation &quot;Once Upon A Time, I Was,&quot; Atiq Rahimi's bedside vigil &quot;The Patience Stone,&quot; John Akomfrah's Durer-inspired &quot;Peripeteia,&quot; Jonas d'Adesky's Haiti-set crime drama &quot;Three Kids,&quot; Licinio Azevedo's elegy to women who endured re-education camps &quot;Virgin Margarida,&quot; Perlin Esmer's wilderness-set &quot;Watchtower,&quot; Lenny Abrahamson's tragedy-fuelled coming-of-ager &quot;What Richard Did&quot; and Annemarie Jacir's mother-son refugee camp story &quot;When I Saw You&quot; also world preem in CWC. Asian titles world-preeming in CWC include Jo Sung-hee's village chiller &quot;A Werewolf Boy,&quot; co-helmers Anja Daelemans, Nicholas Bonner and Gwang Hun Kim's &quot;Comrade Kim Goes Flying&quot; about a coalminer's trapeze dreams, Yuki Tanada's erotic drama &quot;The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky,&quot; Peng Tao's lovelorn drama &quot;The Cremator,&quot; Luu Huynh's jealousy-fuelled &quot;In the Name of Love,&quot; Yikwan Kang's family drama &quot;Juvenile Offender&quot; and Sion Sono's aftermath tale &quot;The Land of Hope.&quot; This year Wavelengths, a curated program of 47 avant-garde film and video titles of various lengths, widens its scope to include narrative and docu features that would have been seen in the now defunct Visions. Feature highlights include the world preem of docu &quot;The Lebanese Rocket Society,&quot; about the nation's 1960s flirtation with space travel, the North American preem of Miguel Gomes' &quot;Tabu&quot; and Ying Liang's Locarno-winning &quot;When Night Falls&quot; and new work from Joao Pedro Rodrigues, Carlos Reygadas, Denis Cote and Heinz Emigholz. Future Projections, the fest's showcase of moving-image art installed in various downtown venues also announced Tuesday, include new works from Callum Cooper, Jeroen Eisinga, Sook-Yin Lee, Peaches, Luther Price, Kelly Richardson, Ming Wong and Liang Yue. Highlights of the fest's extensive industry programming include a master class with Olivier Assayas, Mogul sessions with Film4's Tessa Ross, FilmNation's Glen Basner and producer Jeremy Thomas, and a keynote on digital cinema from film scholar David Bordwell. Dialogue topics include green filmmaking, transmedia storytelling, indie filmmaking in and Africa, advances in exhibition technology and growth areas in distribution and marketing. The Toronto Film Festival runs Sept. 6 to 16.<br><br>GALAS &quot;Song for Marion,&quot; Paul Andrew Williams, UK (World Premiere) (closing night film) &quot;Emperor,&quot; Peter Webber, Japan/USA (World Premiere) &quot;What Maisie Knew,&quot; Scott McGehee, David Siegel, USA (World Premiere)<br><br> SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS &quot;Arthur Newman,&quot; Dante Ariola, USA (World Premiere) &quot;Bad 25,&quot; Spike Lee, USA (North American Premiere) &quot;Disconnect,&quot; Henry Alex Rubin, USA (North American Premiere) &quot;Do Not Disturb,&quot; Yvan Attal, (World Premiere) &quot;Greetings from Tim Buckley,&quot; Dan Algrant, USA (World Premiere) &quot;Love is All You Need,&quot; Susanne Bier, (North American Premiere) &quot;On The Road,&quot; Walter Salles, France/Brazil (North American Premiere) &quot;Passion,&quot; Brian De Palma, France/Germany (North American Premiere) &quot;Rhino Season,&quot; Bahman Ghobadi, Iraqi Kurdistan/Turkey (World Premiere) &quot;Spring Breakers,&quot; Harmony Korine, USA (North American Premiere) &quot;The Master,&quot; Paul Thomas Anderson, USA (North American Premiere) &quot;The Paperboy,&quot; Lee Daniels, USA (North American Premiere) &quot;The Son Did It,&quot; Daniele Cipr&#236;, Italy/France (North American Premiere) &quot;The Suicide Shop,&quot; , France/Belgium/Canada (International Premiere) &quot;Th&#233;r&#232;se Desqueyroux,&quot; Claude Miller, France (International Premiere) &quot;White Elephant,&quot; Pablo Trapero, Argentina/Spain (North American Premiere) &quot;Yellow,&quot; Nick Cassavetes, USA (World Premiere)<br><br>CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA &quot;3,&quot; Pablo Stoll Ward, Uruguay/Germany/Argentina (North American Premiere) &quot;A Hijacking,&quot; Tobias Lindholm, Denmark (North American Premiere) &quot;A Werewolf Boy,&quot; Jo Sung-hee, (World Premiere) &quot;After the Battle,&quot; Yousry Nasrallah, Egypt/France (North American Premiere) &quot;All That Matters is Past,&quot; Sara Johnsen, Norway (World Premiere) &quot;Baby Blues,&quot; Kasia Roslaniec, Poland (World Premiere) &quot;Barbara,&quot; Christian Petzold, (North American Premiere) &quot;Bwakaw,&quot; Jun Robles Lana, (International Premiere) &quot;Children of Sarajevo,&quot; Aida Begic, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Germany/France/Turkey (North American Premiere) &quot;Clandestine Childhood,&quot; Benjam&#237;n &#193;vila, Argentina/Spain/Brazil (North American Premiere) &quot;Comrade Kim Goes Flying,&quot; Anja Daelemans, Nicholas Bonner and Gwang Hun Kim, Belgium/North Korea/UK (World Premiere) &quot;The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky,&quot; Yuki Tanada, Japan (World Premiere) &quot;The Cremator,&quot; Peng Tao, (World Premiere) &quot;Dead Europe,&quot; Tony Krawitz, (International Premiere) &quot;Dust,&quot; Julio Hern&#225;ndez Cord&#243;n, Guatemala/Spain/Chile/Germany (North American Premiere) &quot;Eagles,&quot; Dror Sabo, Israel (World Premiere) &quot;Fin&quot; (The End), Jorge Torregrossa, Spain (World Premiere) &quot;The Fitzgerald Family,&quot; Christmas Edward Burns, USA (World Premiere) &quot;Fly With the Crane,&quot; Li Ruijun, China (North American Premiere) &quot;Ghost Graduation,&quot; Javier Ruiz Caldera, Spain (International Premiere) &quot;God Loves Caviar,&quot; Iannis Smaragdis, Greece/Russia (World Premiere) &quot;Gone Fishing,&quot; Carlos Sorin, Argentina (World Premiere) &quot;The Great Kilapy,&quot; Z&#233;z&#233; Gamboa, Angola/ Brazil/Portugal (World Premiere) &quot;Him, Here, After,&quot; Asoka Handagama, Sri Lanka (North American Premiere) &quot;Imagine,&quot; Andrzej Jakimowski, Poland/France/Portugal (World Premiere) &quot;In The Fog,&quot; Sergei Loznitsa, Germany/Russia/Belarus/The Netherlands/Latvia (North American Premiere) &quot;In the Name of Love,&quot; Luu Huynh, Vietnam (World Premiere) &quot;Jackie,&quot; Antoinette Beumer, The Netherlands (International Premiere) &quot;Jump,&quot; Kieron J. Walsh, Ireland/United Kingdom (International Premiere) &quot;Just the Wind,&quot; Bence Fliegauf, Hungary/Germany/France (North American Premiere) &quot;Juvenile Offender,&quot; Yikwan Kang, South Korea (World Premiere) &quot;Key of Life,&quot; Kenji Uchida, Japan (North American Premiere) &quot;Kinshasa Kids,&quot; Marc-Henri Wajnberg, (North American Premiere) &quot;The Land of Hope,&quot; Sion Sono, Japan (World Premiere) &quot;Middle of Nowhere,&quot; Ava DuVernay, USA (International Premiere) &quot;Museum Hours,&quot; Jem Cohen, Austria/USA (North American Premiere) &quot;Once Upon a Time Was I,&quot; Ver&#244;nica Marcelo Gomes, Brazil/France (World Premiere) &quot;Paradise: Love,&quot; Ulrich Seidl, Austria/Germany/France (North American Premiere) &quot;The Patience Stone,&quot; Atiq Rahimi Afghanistan/France (World Premiere) &quot;Penance,&quot; Kioshi Kurosawa, Japan (North American Premiere) &quot;Peripeteia,&quot; John Akomfrah, United Kingdom/Holland (World Premiere) &quot;Road North,&quot; Mika Kaurism&#228;ki, Finland (International Premiere) &quot;Shores of Hope,&quot; Toke Constantin Hebbeln, Germany (International Premiere) &quot;Sleeper's Wake,&quot; Barry Berk, South Africa (International Premiere) &quot;Smashed,&quot; James Ponsoldt, USA (International Premiere) &quot;The Thieves,&quot; Choi Dong-hoon, South Korea (North American Premiere) &quot;The , An Incarnation,&quot; Girish Kasaravalli, India (International Premiere) &quot;Three Kids,&quot; Jonas d'Adesky, Belgium (World Premiere) &quot;Three Worlds,&quot; Catherine Corsini, France (North American Premiere) &quot;Thy Womb,&quot; Brillante Mendoza, The Philippines (North American Premiere) &quot;Underground,&quot; Robert Connolly, Australia (World Premiere) &quot;Virgin,&quot; Margarida Licinio Azevedo, Mozambique (World Premiere) &quot;Watchtower,&quot; Pelin Esmer, Turkey/Germany/France (World Premiere) &quot;What Richard Did,&quot; Lenny Abrahamson, Ireland (World Premiere) &quot;When I Saw You,&quot; Annemarie Jacir, Palestine/Jordan/Greece (World Premiere) &quot;Zabana!,&quot; Sa&#239;d Ould-Khelifa, (World Premiere)<br><br>WAVELENGTHS - Features &quot;The Last Time I Saw &quot; (A &#218;ltima Vez Que Vi Macau), (North American Premiere) &quot;Jo&#227;o,&quot; Pedro Rodrigues, Jo&#227;o Rul Guerra da Mata, Portugal/France, 85' &quot;differently, Molussia&quot; (autrement, la Molussie), Nicolas Rey, France, 81' (Canadian Premiere) &quot;Bestiaire,&quot; Denis C&#244;t&#233;, Canada/France, 72' (Canadian Premiere) &quot;Far From Afghanistan,&quot; John Gianvito, Jon Jost, Minda Martin, Soon-Mi Yoo, Travis Wilkerson, USA, 129' (North American Premiere) &quot;The Fifth Season,&quot; Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth, Belgium/The Netherlands/France, 94' (North American Premiere) &quot;The Lebanese Rocket Society,&quot; Joana Hadjithomas,&quot; Khalil Joreige, Qatar, 93' (World Premiere) &quot;Leviathan Lucien Castaing-Taylor,&quot; V&#233;r&#233;na Paravel, France/United Kingdom/USA, 87' (North American Premiere) &quot;Perret in France and Algeria,&quot; Heinz Emigholz, Germany, 110' (North American Premiere) &quot;Post Tenebras Lux,&quot; Carlos Reygadas, Mexico/France/The Netherlands/Germany, 120' (North American Premiere) &quot;Tabu,&quot; Miguel Gomes, Portugal/Germany/Brazil/France, 110' (North American Premiere) &quot;Three Sisters,&quot; Wang Bing, China, 153' (North American Premiere) &quot;When Night Falls&quot; (Wo hai you hua yao shuo), Ying Liang, South Korea/China, 70' (North American Premiere)<br><br>Click for more international news on<br><br>On a mission from their leader, five young men arrived in Chicago to open a little fish shop on Elston Avenue. Back then, in 1980, people of their faith were castigated as "Moonies" and called cult members. Yet the Japanese and American friends worked grueling hours and slept in a communal apartment as they slowly built the foundation of a commercial empire.<br><br>They were led by the vision of Rev. , the self-proclaimed messiah who sustained their spirits as they played their part in fulfilling the global business plan he had devised.<br><br> Moon founded his controversial Unification Church six decades ago with the proclamation that he was asked by Jesus to save humanity. But he also built the empire blending his conservative politics, savvy capitalism and flair for spectacles such as mass weddings in .<br><br>In a remarkable story that has gone largely untold, Moon and his followers created an enterprise that reaped millions of dollars by dominating one of America's trendiest indulgences: sushi.<br><br>Today, one of those five Elston Avenue pioneers, Takeshi Yashiro, serves as a top executive of a sprawling conglomerate that supplies much of the raw fish Americans eat.<br><br>Adhering to a plan Moon spelled out more than three decades ago in a series of sermons, members of his movement managed to integrate virtually every facet of the highly competitive seafood industry. The Moon followers' seafood operation is driven by a commercial powerhouse, known as True World Group. It builds fleets of boats, runs dozens of distribution centers and, each day, supplies most of the nation's estimated 9,000 sushi restaurants.<br><br>Although few seafood lovers may consider they're indirectly supporting Moon's religious movement, they do just that when they eat a buttery slice of tuna or munch on a morsel of eel in many restaurants. True World is so ubiquitous that 14 of 17 prominent Chicago sushi restaurants surveyed by the Tribune said they were supplied by the company.<br><br>Over the last three decades, as Moon has faced down accusations of brainwashing followers and personally profiting from the church, he and sushi have made similar if unlikely journeys from the fringes of American society to the mainstream.<br><br>These parallel paths are not coincidence. They reflect Moon's dream of revitalizing and dominating the American fishing industry while helping to fund his church's activities.<br><br>"I have the entire system worked out, starting with boat building," Moon said in "The Way of Tuna," a speech given in 1980. "After we build the boats, we catch the fish and process them for the market, and then have a distribution network. This is not just on the drawing board; I have already done it."<br><br>In the same speech, he called himself "king of the ocean." It proved not to be an idle boast. The businesses now employ hundreds, including non-church members, from the frigid waters of the Alaskan coast to the iconic American fishing town of , Mass.<br><br>Records and interviews with church insiders and competitors trace how Moon and members of his movement carried out his vision.<br><br>In a recent interview Rev. Phillip Schanker, a Unification Church spokesman, said the seafood businesses were "not organizationally or legally connected" to Moon's church, but were simply "businesses founded by members of the Unification Church."<br><br>Schanker compared the relationship to successful business owners-such as J. Willard "Bill" Marriott, a prominent Mormon who founded the hotel chain that bears his name-who donate money to their church.<br><br>"Marriott supports the Mormon Church but no one who checks into a Marriott Hotel thinks they are dealing with Mormonism," he said. "In the same way I would hope that every business founded by a member based on inspiration from Rev. Moon's vision also would be in a position to support the church."<br><br><br>LEADER'S SEAFOOD STRATEGY<br><br>But links between Moon's religious organization and the fish businesses are spelled out in court and government records as well as in statements by Moon and his top church officials. For one thing, Moon personally devised the seafood strategy, helped fund it at its outset and served as a director of one of its earliest companies.<br><br>Moon's Unification Church is organized under a tax-exempt non-profit entity called The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. The businesses are controlled by a separate non-profit company called Unification Church International Inc., or UCI.<br><br><p>Howard held off defending champion Centennial at the 35th annual Howard County Championship meet, April 22 at the pool.</p><p>Because swimming is not a sport that is sanctioned by the county's high school athletic program, the event is sponsored by the Columbia Clippers club team.</p><p>Each school had a captain that recruited his or her classmates to form a team.</p> <p>Although Howard County public school swimmers get only one chance a year to represent their high school in the pool, many local swimmers will be continuing in college next year. They include Centennial's Jennifer Zhang (Cornell) and William Yang (Yale), Howard's Catherine Frediani (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) and Kelly Yang (Richmond), Long Reach's Stephanie Foster (Washington and Lee), Marriotts Ridge's Taylor Hollingsworth (College of Charleston), Reservoir's Diane Brown (Vermont) and Wilde Lake's Alicia Frey (Bloomsburg).</p> <br> <p>Combined team scores: 1. Howard, 794.5; 2. Centennial, 772; 3. Mt. Hebron, 622; 4. Reservoir, 604; 5. River Hill, 484; 6. Wilde Lake, 426; 7. Atholton, 396.5; 8. Long Reach, 233; 9. Marriotts Ridge, 231; 10. Oakland Mills, 69; 11. Hammond, 28; 12. Glenelg, 17.</p><p>Top 10 individuals (events are in yards):</p><p>Boys 50 freestyle: 1. William Yang, C, 23.11; 2. Drew Wolter, A, 23.69; 3. Kevin Hu, C, 24.01; 4. Jake Lamparella, MH, 24.40; 5. Kyle Courtney, A, 25.09; 5. Zachary Grissom, Ho, 25.09; 7. Mat Grinnell, RH, 25.11; 8. Lance Taweel, Re, 25.20; 9. Michael Shaham, WL, 25.38; 10. Carl Vanasse, RH, 25.55.</p><p>Girls 50 freestyle: 1. Porshe Brown, OM, 25.27; 2. Diane Brown, Re, 25.32; 3. Casey West, Ho, 25.57; 4. Melanie Watt, LR, 26.33; 5. Rachel Latzko, RH, 27.34; 6. Rachel Banilower, RH, 28.22; 7. Kayla Hess, A, 28.41; 8. Audrey Zohorsky, MH, 28.72; 9. Sam Solomotis, A, 29.99; 10. Hannah Green, MH, 30.01.</p><p>Boys 100 butterfly: 1. Noah Pritchard, WL, 54.28; 2. Philip Adejumo, Ho, 54.67; 3. Alex Ewart, C, 55.97; 4. Andrew Coe, C, 56.61; 5. Jack Saunderson, Re, 56.71; 6. Ryan Webb, Re, 58.27; 7. Yacine Manseur, RH, 1:02.09; 8. Wynne Kirchner, Ho, 1:03.86; 9. Zach Burnett, WL, 1:04.36; 10. John Parsons, OM, 1:13.24.</p><p>Girls 100 butterfly: 1. Kelley Yang, Ho, 58.91; 2. Alicia Frey, WL, 1:02.02; 3. Bizu Baldinazzo, WL, 1:04.18; 4. Anne Warren, MH, 1:05.37; 5. Audrey Zohorsky, MH, 1:05.54; 6. Melanie Watt, LR, 1:06.32; 7. Eileen Zohorsky, MH, 1:08.82; 8. Taylor Hollingsworth, MR, 1:08.92; 9. Neha Amin, RH, 1:10.57; 10. Monica Koh, OM, 1:21.41.</p><p>Boys 50 breaststroke: 1. Austin Taylor, A, 29.79; 2. Joe Kogan, A, 30.07; 3. Jeffrey Tse, C, 30.62; 4. Ivan Lee, MH, 31.98; 5. Lance Taweel, Re, 32.40; 6. Jeffrey Sham, C, 34.68; 7. Tim Virostek, WL, 35.11; 8. Mat Grinnell, RH, 35.26; 9. Tajuddin Ingram, Re, 35.78; 10. Deep Sinha, C, 36.51.</p><p>Girls 50 breakstroke: 1. Victoria Radcliffe, Ho, 33.80; 2. Maddie Weinberg, MH, 34.11; 3. Rachel Latzko, RH, 34.17; 4. Sarah Hurly, MR, 35.96; 5. Amanda Tun, Re, 37.29; 6. Natasha Lobo, MR, 37.45; 7. Sydnee Shannon, Ho, 37.59; 8. Jena Rutten, Re, 39.75; 9. Juliana Kaiser, WL, 40.06; 10. Kayla Hess, A, 41.15.</p><p>Boys 100 backstroke: 1. Austin Gabel, RH, 55.63; 2. David Lazris, WL, 56.66; 3. Alexander Gliese, LR, 57.85; 4. Alex Ewart, C, 58.74; 5. Adam Sachs, C, 1:04.23; 6. Michael Smith, MH, 1:04.57; 7. Kyle Courtney, A, 1:09.18; 8. John Parsons, OM, 1:09.68; 9. Connor Lineberry, Re, 1:10.42; 10. Ben Ailinger, Re, 1:14.23.</p><p>Girls 100 backstroke: 1. Catherine Frediani, Ho, 1:02.17; 2. Stephanie Foster, LR, 1:03.51; 3. Paige Lorton, RH, 1:05.79; 4. Meghan Lanchart, C, 1:07.38; 5. Anita Amin, RH, 1:07.82; 6. Tasha Powers, A, 1:07.88; 7. Victoria Radcliffe, Ho, 1:08.02; 8. Anastasiya Volkova, Ho, 1:08.69; 9. Kaitlyn Warner, MH, 1:11.12; 10. Hollie Adejumo, Ho, 1:16.90.</p><p>Boys 200 medley relay: 1. Centennial A (Chin, Tse, Arbaugh, Hu), 1:46.87; 2. Atholton A, 1:49.77; 3. Reservoir A, 1:53.32; 4. Howard A, 1:54.71; 5. Mt. Hebron A, 1:55.04; 6. Centennial B, 2:03.75; 7. Howard B, 2:05.49; 8. Reservoir B, 2:15.01.</p><p>Girls 200 medley relay: 1. Howard A (Frediani, Radcliffe, West, Yang), 1:56.38; 2. Howard B, 2:03.43; 3. Centennial A, 2:04.74; 4. Mt. Hebron A, 2:07.22; 5. Mt. Hebron B, 2:07.76; 6. Long Reach A, 2:10.16; 7. Reservoir A, 2:10.51; 8. River Hill A, 2:16.17; 9. Wilde Lake A, 2:17.12.</p><p>Mixed 250 free relay: 1. Wilde Lake A (Allera, Baldinazzo, Lazris, Pritchard), 2:13.21; 2. Centennial A, 2:13.70; 3. Howard A, 2:25.36; 4. Reservoir A, 2:28.23; 5. River Hill A, 2:31.26; 6. Long Reach A, 2:31.29; 7. Atholton A, 2:31.43; 8. Reservoir B, 2:34.59; 9. Mt. Hebron A, 2:44.42.</p><p>Boys 50 butterfly: 1. Philip Adejumo, Ho, 25.30; 2. Jon Arbaugh, C, 25:39; 3. Yacine Manseur, RH, 26.98; 4. Jordan Lee, MR, 28.75; 5. TJ Mallo, WL, 28.84; 6. Carl Vanasse, RH, 29.11; 7. Bobby Mitchell, Ha, 30.74; 8. Zachary Miller, A, 30.80; 9. Alexander Kozlowski, Ho, 31.51; 10. Jonathan Haoo, Ho, 31.52.</p><p>Girls 50 butterfly: 1. Kelley Yang, Ho, 26.27; 2. Casey West, Ho, 26.66; 3. Diane Brown, Re, 29.19; 4. Meghan Patton, Ho, 29.53; 5. Tasha Powers, A, 30.88; 6. Sam Solomotis, A, 31.91; 7. Maria Allera, WL, 33.16; 8. Cassidy Delaney, MR, 34.05; 9. Jena Rutten, Re, 36.51; 10. Kelsey Roher, Ha, 36.78.</p><p>Boys 100 freestyle: 1. Drew Wolter, A, 52.03; 2. Patrick Chin, C, 52.44; 3. Andrew Coe, C, 52.65; 4. Kevin Hu, C, 53.38; 5. Ryan Webb, Re, 54.22; 6. Alex Symmes, G, 55.27; 7. Parker Meek, Ho, 56.89; 8. Adam Sachs, C, 57.28; 9. Ryan Smith, MH, 57.78; 10. Tim Johnson, MH, 57.93.</p>Say "so long" to short skirts and hello (again) to the 1970s. Get ready to banish black from your wardrobe and get creative with color.<br><br>Now that the spring runway shows are over in New York, Milan and Paris, it's up to department store fashion directors and boutique owners to package the big ideas. Chanel's garden party, Balenciaga's punk brigade and Marc Jacobs' 1970s show were all memorable on the runways, but will they make it to store racks?<br><br> Here, retailers offer their takeaways from the season, and ideas about how the trends might trickle down to you.<br><br>Ken Downing, senior vice president and fashion director, <br><br>Big idea: The vintage effect, fueled by the major YSL retrospective exhibition that just closed in August in Paris. On the runway, designers nodded to Saint Laurent's rich peasant look, Orientalism and "le smoking" [his signature tuxedo].<br><br>Must haves: Fluid, sheer fabrics and longer hemlines (just above the ankle or to the floor) as we saw at Lanvin, and wide-leg trousers and a white pantsuit with Bianca Jagger swagger. The tuxedo jacket, it's not just evening wear anymore. For accessories, it's all about flat sandals because as a woman begins to add longer hemlines to her wardrobe, flat sandals work best with the new proportion.<br><br>I'm also loving what I'm calling the "Helmut language" [a reference to Helmut Lang's utilitarian designs from the early 1990s], and the idea of adding a sporty attitude to dressed-up clothing using color-blocking, buckles, straps or parachute fabrics.<br><br>Will punk take to the streets? Not now. We just cycled through a moment when the 1980s were really influential, along with strong shoulders, so punk doesn't look new to me. But where it ends up, we'll have to watch the runways to find out.<br><br>Colleen Sherin, fashion market director, Saks Fifth Avenue<br><br>Big idea: The color story. Bold, bright, vibrant color worked into color-blocked effects and combining colors in unexpected ways.<br><br>Must haves: A longer-length skirt or dress as seen at and Proenza Schouler in New York, D&amp;G and Fendi in Milan and Chanel in Paris. Open-weave knitwear in natural white, ivory or beige crochet, macram&#233;, mesh or fishnet, as seen at Rag &amp; Bone, Alexander Wang, for Tse, Alberta Ferretti and Celine. And a crisp poplin shirt. We saw it with slouchy wide-leg trousers and skirts for a pared-down look. We also saw it as a play on masculine and feminine at Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Celine. A trench coat looks great with a longer hemline peeking out. I love the sheer organza ones at Phillip Lim and Christian Cota, and the matte python trench at Emilio Pucci.<br><br>In terms of accessories, fringe is everywhere &#8212; on handbags, jewelry and scarves. A shoulder or flap bag is key because it fits into the 1970s trend, as does a pair of platform wedges.<br><br>Will punk take to the streets? Not in a big way. We've done that trend recently with leathers and studs and grommets, and not enough time has passed to go back. But it may be something we will touch on in our contemporary department.<br><br>Stephanie Solomon, fashion director, <br><br>Big idea: Color and print. And this is a serious shift because we've been in love with black for so long.<br><br>Must haves: A dress or skirt with a hemline hovering around the knees or below. In New York, Alexander Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, and Rebecca Taylor all had great longer lengths. In Milan, we saw it at Versace, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Jil Sander and Roberto Cavalli. Sometimes these longer skirts have asymmetrical hems or slits, which we saw at Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Stella McCartney.<br><br>It sounds like a myth that hemlines matter, but they do because when you go longer, you have to change your shoes and you have to change your coat. You need flat, wedge or platform sandals. And the long trench coat is chicest with this length. I'm also liking boyfriend jackets over longer skirts.<br><br>Will punk take to the streets? In a way. You have to have the rock 'n' roll element, otherwise it would get too boring. I would take a studded leather jacket, something that looks worn and torn and ragged from Burberry Prorsum or Givenchy, and put it over a really frothy feminine dress like we saw at Dior. That dichotomy looks right. Or you can be a punk one day and a virgin the next!<br><br><p> Alexandra Plant of Wyoming Valley West won the girls Cross Country Invitational on Saturday, crossing the finish line in 19:29 at McDade Park.</p><p>Catherine Lombardo placed second overall (19:37) and led her Pittston Area squad to the girls team championship by 34 points over Pleasant Valley.</p><p>Tara Johnson (19:46) placed second for Pittston Area and third overall. Emily Seaman was 13th in 21:36.</p> <p>The Spartans finished fourth as a team with 123 points and Dallas was seventh with 215.</p><p>Julia Mericle of Wyoming Valley West was 12th overall in a time of 21:28.</p><p>Top Teams</p><p>1. Pittston Area 74; 2. Pleasant Valley 108; 3. North Pocono 120; 4. Wyoming Valley West 123; 5. Holy Cross 133; 6. Prep 156; 7. Dallas 215; 8. Sullivan West 220; 9. Mid Valley 236; 9. Susquehanna 236</p><p>Local Teams</p><p>Pittston Area</p><p>2. Catherine Lombardo 19:37; 3. Tara Johnson 19:46; 13. Emily Seaman 21:36; 22. Abby Sheerer 21:56; 34. Kaitlynn Kuchta 22:58; 40. Olivia Lanza 23:17; 50. Kristen Lombardo 23:47</p><p>Wyoming Valley West</p><p>1. Alexandra Plant 19:29; 12. Julia Mericle 21:28; 27. Amy Paddock 22:26; 36. Onyoo Park, 22:59; 47. Elizabeth Wood 23:29; 54. Sophie Rittenhouse 24:07; 60. Lydia Ellsworth 24:38</p><p>Dallas</p><p>21. Katie Gross 21:51; 31. Megan Ostrum 22:50; 42. Allison Amos 23:18; 55. Madison Gilhooley 24:17; 66. Christina Valenti 25:14; 74. Krista Vivian 25:56; 84. Kaylin Augustine 27:17</p><p>Wyoming Seminary</p><p>30. Alannah Trombetta 22:48; 73. Drishti Maniar 25:54; 81. Katherine Maximov 26:34; 85. Kat Rogers 27:53; 92. Ava Alexander 29:55; 93. Emily Gabriel 31:41</p><p>Other Top Finishers</p><p>4. Kait Lewis, North Pocono, 20:09; 5. Ivy Christensen, Susquehanna Comm., 21:03; 6. Samantha Young, Pleasant Valley, 21:06; 7. Nicole Kobylanski, Mid Valley, 21:17; 8. Erin Feeney, Scranton Prep, 21:21; 9. Mackenzie Greenfield, Holy Cross, 21:22; 10. Tess Kearns, Holy Cross, 21:24</p><p>Boys</p><p>Dominic Hockenbury placed second overall in 16:45 and Kieran Sutton (16:53) took third overall for Lake-Lehman.</p><p>World Trade Center:</p><p>Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr.<br>Edelmiro Abad<br>Maria Rose Abad<br>Andrew Anthony Abate<br>Vincent Abate<br>Laurence Christopher Abel<br>William F. Abrahamson<br>Richard Anthony Aceto<br>Jesus Acevedo Rescand<br>Heinrich Bernhard Ackermann<br>Paul Acquaviva<br>Donald LaRoy Adams<br>Patrick Adams<br>Shannon Lewis Adams<br>Stephen George Adams<br>Ignatius Udo Adanga<br>Christy A. Addamo<br>Terence E. Adderley, Jr.<br>Sophia Buruwad Addo<br>Lee Allan Adler<br>Daniel Thomas Afflitto<br>Emmanuel Akwasi Afuakwah<br>Alok Agarwal<br>Mukul Kumar Agarwala<br>Joseph Agnello<br>David Scott Agnes<br>Brian G. Ahearn<br>Jeremiah Joseph Ahern<br>Joanne Marie Ahladiotis<br>Shabbir Ahmed<br>Terrance Andre Aiken<br>Godwin Ajala<br>Gertrude M. Alagero<br>Andrew Alameno <br>Margaret Ann Alario<br>Gary M. Albero<br>Jon Leslie Albert<br>Peter Alderman<br>Jacquelyn Delaine Aldridge<br>David D. Alger<br>Sarah Ali-Escarcega<br>Ernest Alikakos<br>Edward L. Allegretto<br>Eric Allen<br>Joseph Ryan Allen<br>Richard Dennis Allen<br>Richard Lanard Allen<br>Christopher E. Allingham<br>Janet M. Alonso<br>Arturo Alva-Moreno<br>Anthony Alvarado<br>Antonio Javier Alvarez<br>Victoria Alvarez-Brito<br>Telmo E. Alvear<br>Cesar Amoranto Alviar<br>Tariq Amanullah<br>Angelo Amaranto<br>James M. Amato Joseph Amatuccio<br>Christopher Charles Amoroso<br>Kazuhiro Anai<br>Calixto Anaya, Jr.<br>Joseph Anchundia<br>Kermit Charles Anderson<br>Yvette Constance Anderson<br>John Andreacchio<br>Michael Rourke Andrews<br>Jean Ann Andrucki<br>Siew-Nya Ang<br>Joseph Angelini, Jr.<br>Joseph Angelini, Sr.<br>Laura Angilletta<br>Doreen J. Angrisani<br>Lorraine Antigua<br>Peter Paul Apollo<br>Faustino Apostol, Jr.<br>Frank Thomas Aquilino<br>Patrick Michael Aranyos<br>David Arce<br>Michael George Arczynski <br>Louis Arena<br>Adam P. Arias<br>Michael Armstrong<br>Jack Charles Aron<br>Joshua Aron<br>Richard Avery Aronow<br>Japhet Jesse Aryee<br>Patrick Asante<br>Carl Asaro<br>Michael Asciak<br>Michael Edward Asher<br>Janice Marie Ashley<br>Thomas J. Ashton<br>Manuel O. Asitimbay<br>Gregg Arthur Atlas<br>Gerald T. Atwood<br>James Audiffred<br>Louis Frank Aversano, Jr.<br>Ezra Aviles<br>Sandy Ayala<br>Arlene T. Babakitis<br>Eustace P. Bacchus<br>John J. Badagliacca<br>Jane Ellen Baeszler<br>Robert J. Baierwalter<br>Andrew J. Bailey<br>Brett T. Bailey<br>Tatyana Bakalinskaya<br>Michael S. Baksh<br>Sharon M. Balkcom<br>Michael Andrew Bane<br>Katherine Bantis<br>Gerard Baptiste<br>Walter Baran<br>Gerard A. Barbara<br>Paul Vincent Barbaro<br>James William Barbella<br>Ivan Kyrillos F. Barbosa<br>Victor Daniel Barbosa<br>Colleen Ann Barkow<br>David Michael Barkway<br>Matthew Barnes<br>Sheila Patricia Barnes<br>Evan J. Baron<br>Renee Barrett-Arjune<br>Nathaly Barrios La Cruz<br>Arthur Thaddeus Barry<br>Diane G. Barry<br>Maurice Vincent Barry<br>Scott D. Bart<br>Carlton W. Bartels<br>Guy Barzvi<br>Inna B. Basina<br>Alysia Basmajian <br>Kenneth William Basnicki<br>Steven Bates<br>Paul James Battaglia<br>Walter David Bauer, Jr.<br>Marlyn Capito Bautista<br>Jasper Baxter<br>Michele Beale<br>Paul Frederick Beatini<br>Jane S. Beatty<br>Lawrence Ira Beck<br>Manette Marie Beckles<br>Carl John Bedigian<br>Michael Earnest Beekman<br>Maria A. Behr<br>Yelena Belilovsky <br>Nina Patrice Bell<br>Debbie Bellows<br>Stephen Elliot Belson<br>Paul M. Benedetti<br>Denise Lenore Benedetto <br>Maria Bengochea<br>Bryan Craig Bennett<br>Eric L. Bennett<br>Oliver Duncan Bennett<br>Margaret L. Benson<br>Dominick J. Berardi<br>James Patrick Berger<br>Steven Howard Berger<br>John P. Bergin<br>Alvin Bergsohn<br>Daniel Bergstein<br>Michael J. Berkeley<br>Donna M. Bernaerts<br>David W. Bernard<br>William Bernstein<br>David M. Berray<br>David S. Berry<br>Joseph J. Berry<br>William Reed Bethke<br>Timothy Betterly<br>Edward Frank Beyea<br>Paul Beyer<br>Anil Tahilram Bharvaney<br>Bella J. Bhukhan<br>Shimmy D. Biegeleisen<br>Peter Alexander Bielfeld<br>William G. Biggart<br>Brian Bilcher<br>Carl Vincent Bini<br>Gary Eugene Bird<br>Joshua David Birnbaum<br>George John Bishop<br>Jeffrey Donald Bittner<br>Albert Balewa Blackman, Jr.<br>Christopher Joseph Blackwell<br>Susan Leigh Blair<br>Harry Blanding, Jr.<br>Janice Lee Blaney<br>Craig Michael Blass<br>Rita Blau<br>Richard Middleton Blood, Jr.<br>Michael Andrew Boccardi <br>John P. Bocchi<br>Michael Leopoldo Bocchino<br>Susan M. Bochino<br>Bruce D. Boehm<br>Mary Catherine Boffa<br>Nicholas Andrew Bogdan<br>Darren Christopher Bohan<br>Lawrence Francis Boisseau<br>Vincent M. Boland, Jr.<br>Alan Bondarenko <br>Andre Bonheur, Jr.<br>Colin Arthur Bonnett<br>Frank Bonomo<br>Yvonne Lucia Bonomo<br>Genieve Bonsignore, 3 <br>Seaon Booker<br>Sherry Ann Bordeaux<br>Krystine Bordenabe<br>Martin Boryczewski<br>Richard Edward Bosco<br>John H. Boulton<br>Francisco Eligio Bourdier<br>Thomas Harold Bowden, Jr.<br>Kimberly S. Bowers<br>Veronique Nicole Bowers<br>Larry Bowman<br>Shawn Edward Bowman, Jr.<br>Kevin L. Bowser<br>Gary R. Box<br>Gennady Boyarsky<br>Pamela Boyce<br>Michael Boyle<br>Alfred Braca<br>Kevin Bracken<br>David Brian Brady<br>Alexander Braginsky<br>Nicholas W. Brandemarti<br>Michelle Renee Bratton<br>Patrice Braut<br>Lydia E. Bravo<br>Ronald Michael Breitweiser<br>Edward A. Brennan III<br>Francis Henry Brennan<br>Michael E. Brennan<br>Peter Brennan<br>Thomas M. Brennan<br>Daniel J. Brethel<br>Gary Lee Bright<br>Jonathan Briley<br>Mark A. Brisman<br>Paul Gary Bristow<br>Mark Francis Broderick<br>Herman Charles Broghammer<br>Keith A. Broomfield<br>Ethel Brown Janice <br>Juloise Brown<br>Lloyd Stanford Brown<br>Patrick J. Brown<br>Bettina Browne<br>Mark Bruce<br>Richard George Bruehert<br>Andrew Brunn<br>Vincent Brunton<br>Ronald Paul Bucca<br>Brandon J. Buchanan<br>Gregory Joseph Buck<br>Dennis Buckley<br>Nancy Clare Bueche<br>Patrick Joseph Buhse<br>John Edwards Bulaga, Jr.<br>Stephen Bunin<br>Matthew J. Burke <br>Thomas Daniel Burke<br>William Francis Burke, Jr.<br>Donald J. Burns<br>Kathleen Anne Burns<br>Keith James Burns<br>John Patrick Burnside<br>Irina Buslo<br>Milton G. Bustillo<br>Thomas M. Butler<br>Patrick Byrne<br>Timothy G. Byrne <br>Jesus Neptali Cabezas<br>Lillian Caceres<br>Brian Joseph Cachia<br>Steven Dennis Cafiero, Jr.<br>Richard M. Caggiano<br>Cecile Marella Caguicla<br>Michael John Cahill<br>Scott Walter Cahill<br>Thomas Joseph Cahill<br>George Cain<br>Salvatore B. Calabro<br>Joseph Calandrillo<br>Philip V. Calcagno<br>Edward Calderon<br>Kenneth Marcus Caldwell<br>Dominick Enrico Calia<br>Felix Calixte<br>Frank Callahan<br>Liam Callahan<br>Luigi Calvi<br>Roko Camaj<br>Michael F. Cammarata<br>David Otey Campbell<br>Geoffrey Thomas Campbell<br>Jill Marie Campbell<br>Robert Arthur Campbell<br>Sandra Patricia Campbell <br>Sean Thomas Canavan<br>John A. Candela<br>Vincent Cangelosi<br>Stephen J. Cangialosi<br>Lisa Bella Cannava<br>Brian Cannizzaro <br>Michael Canty<br>Louis Anthony Caporicci<br>Jonathan Neff Cappello<br>James Christopher Cappers<br>Richard Michael Caproni<br>Jose Manuel Cardona<br>Dennis M. Carey<br>Steve Carey<br>Edward Carlino<br>Michael Scott Carlo<br>David G. Carlone <br>Rosemarie C. Carlson<br>Mark Stephen Carney<br>Joyce Ann Carpeneto<br>Ivhan Luis Carpio Bautista <br>Jeremy M. Carrington<br>Michael Carroll<br>Peter Carroll<br>James Joseph Carson, Jr.<br>Marcia Cecil Carter<br>James Marcel Cartier<br>Vivian Casalduc<br>John Francis Casazza<br>Paul R. Cascio<br>Margarito Casillas<br>Thomas Anthony Casoria<br>William Otto Caspar<br>Alejandro Castano<br>Arcelia Castillo<br>Germaan Castillo Garcia<br>Leonard M. Castrianno<br>Jose Ramon Castro<br>Richard G. Catarelli<br>Christopher Sean Caton<br>Robert John Caufield<br>Mary Teresa Caulfield<br>Judson Cavalier<br>Michael Joseph Cawley<br>Jason David Cayne<br>Juan Armando Ceballos<br>Jason Michael Cefalu<br>Thomas Joseph Celic<br>Ana Mercedes Centeno<br>Joni Cesta<br>Jeffrey Marc Chairnoff<br>Swarna Chalasani <br>William Chalcoff<br>Eli Chalouh<br>Charles Lawrence Chan<br>Mandy Chang<br>Mark Lawrence Charette<br>Gregorio Manuel Chavez<br>Delrose E. Cheatham<br>Pedro Francisco Checo<br>Douglas MacMillan Cherry<br>Stephen Patrick Cherry<br>Vernon Paul Cherry<br>Nester Julio Chevalier<br>Swede Chevalier <br>Alexander H. Chiang<br>Dorothy J. Chiarchiaro<br>Luis Alfonso Chimbo<br>Robert Chin<br>Wing Wai Ching<br>Nicholas Paul Chiofalo<br>John Chipura<br>Peter A. Chirchirillo<br>Catherine Chirls<br>Kyung Hee Cho<br>Abul K. Chowdhury<br>Mohammad Salahuddin Chowdhury<br>Kirsten L. Christophe<br>Pamela Chu<br>Steven Chucknick<br>Wai Chung<br>Christopher Ciafardini<br>Alex F. Ciccone<br>Frances Ann Cilente<br>Elaine Cillo<br>Edna Cintron<br>Nestor Andre Cintron III<br>Robert Dominick Cirri<br>Juan Pablo Cisneros-Alvarez<br>Benjamin Keefe Clark<br>Eugene Clark<br>Gregory Alan Clark<br>Mannie Leroy Clark<br>Thomas R. Clark<br>Christopher Robert Clarke<br>Donna Marie Clarke<br>Michael J. Clarke <br>Suria Rachel Emma Clarke<br>Kevin Francis Cleary<br>James D. Cleere <br>Geoffrey W. Cloud<br>Susan Marie Clyne<br>Steven Coakley<br>Jeffrey Alan Coale<br>Patricia A. Cody<br>Daniel Michael Coffey<br>Jason M. Coffey<br>Florence G. Cohen<br>Kevin Sanford Cohen<br>Anthony Joseph Coladonato<br>Mark Joseph Colaio<br>Stephen Colaio<br>Christopher M. Colasanti<br>Kevin Nathaniel Colbert<br>Michel P. Colbert <br>Keith E. Coleman<br>Scott Thomas Coleman<br>Tarel Coleman<br>Liam Joseph Colhoun<br>Robert D. Colin<br>Robert J. Coll<br>Jean Collin<br>John Michael Collins<br>Michael L. Collins<br>Thomas J. Collins<br>Joseph Collison<br>Patricia Malia Colodner<br>Linda M. Colon<br>Sol E. Colon<br>Ronald Edward Comer<br>Sandra Jolane Conaty Brace<br>Jaime Concepcion<br>Albert Conde<br>Denease Conley<br>Susan P. Conlon<br>Margaret Mary Conner<br>Cynthia Marie Lise Connolly<br>John E. Connolly, Jr.<br>James Lee Connor<br>Jonathan M. Connors<br>Kevin Patrick Connors<br>Kevin F. Conroy<br>Jose Manuel Contreras-Fernandez <br>Brenda E. Conway<br>Dennis Michael Cook<br>Helen D. Cook<br>John A. Cooper<br>Joseph John Coppo, Jr.<br>Gerard J. Coppola<br>Joseph Albert Corbett<br>Alejandro Cordero<br>Robert Cordice<br>Ruben D. Correa <br>Danny A. Correa-Gutierrez<br>James J. Corrigan<br>Carlos Cortes<br>Kevin Cosgrove<br>Dolores Marie Costa<br>Digna Alexandra Costanza<br>Charles Gregory Costello, Jr.<br>Michael S. Costello<br>Conrod K. Cottoy <br>Martin John Coughlan<br>John Gerard Coughlin<br>Timothy J. Coughlin<br>James E. Cove<br>Andre Cox<br>Frederick John Cox<br>James Raymond Coyle<br>Michele Coyle-Eulau<br>Anne Marie Cramer<br>Christopher S. Cramer<br>Denise Elizabeth Crant<br>James Leslie Crawford, Jr.<br>Robert James Crawford<br>Joanne Mary Cregan<br>Lucy Crifasi<br>John A. Crisci<br>Daniel Hal Crisman<br>Dennis Cross<br>Kevin Raymond Crotty<br>Thomas G. Crotty<br>John Crowe<br>Welles Remy Crowther<br>Robert L. Cruikshank<br>John Robert Cruz <br>Grace Yu Cua<br>Kenneth John Cubas<br>Francisco Cruz Cubero<br>Richard J. Cudina<br>Neil James Cudmore<br>Thomas Patrick Cullen lll<br>Joyce Cummings <br>Brian Thomas Cummins<br>Michael Cunningham<br>Robert Curatolo<br>Laurence Damian Curia<br>Paul Dario Curioli<br>Beverly Curry<br>Michael S. Curtin <br>Gavin Cushny<br>John D'Allara<br>Vincent Gerard D'Amadeo<br>Jack D'Ambrosi<br>Mary D'Antonio<br>Edward A. D'Atri<br>Michael D. D'Auria<br>Michael Jude D'Esposito<br>Manuel John Da Mota<br>Caleb Arron Dack<br>Carlos S. DaCosta<br>Joao Alberto DaFonseca Aguiar, Jr.<br>Thomas A. Damaskinos<br>Jeannine Marie Damiani-Jones<br>Patrick W. Danahy<br>Nana Danso<br>Vincent Danz<br>Dwight Donald Darcy<br>Elizabeth Ann Darling<br>Annette Andrea Dataram<br>Lawrence Davidson<br>Michael Allen Davidson<br>Scott Matthew Davidson<br>Titus Davidson<br>Niurka Davila<br>Clinton Davis<br>Wayne Terrial Davis<br>Anthony Richard Dawson<br>Calvin Dawson<br>Edward James Day<br>Jayceryll de Chavez<br>Jennifer De Jesus<br>Monique E. De Jesus<br>Nereida De Jesus<br>Emerita De La Pena<br>Azucena Maria de la Torre<br>David Paul De Rubbio<br>Jemal Legesse De Santis <br>Christian Louis De Simone<br>Melanie Louise De Vere<br>William Thomas Dean<br>Robert J. DeAngelis, Jr.<br>Thomas Patrick DeAngelis<br>Tara E. Debek<br>Anna Marjia DeBin<br>James V. Deblase<br>Paul DeCola<br>Simon Marash Dedvukaj<br>Jason Defazio<br>David A. DeFeo<br>Manuel Del Valle, Jr.<br>Donald Arthur Delapenha<br>Vito Joseph DeLeo<br>Danielle Anne Delie<br>Joseph A. Della Pietra<br>Andrea DellaBella<br>Palmina DelliGatti<br>Colleen Ann Deloughery<br>Francis Albert DeMartini<br>Anthony Demas<br>Martin N. DeMeo <br>Francis Deming<br>Carol K. Demitz<br>Kevin Dennis<br>Thomas F. Dennis<br>Jean DePalma<br>Jose Depena<br>Robert John Deraney<br>Michael DeRienzo<br>Edward DeSimone III<br>Andrew Desperito<br>Cindy Ann Deuel<br>Jerry DeVito<br>Robert P. Devitt, Jr.<br>Dennis Lawrence Devlin<br>Gerard Dewan<br>Sulemanali Kassamali Dhanani<br>Patricia Florence Di Chiaro<br>Debra Ann Di Martino<br>Michael Louis Diagostino<br>Matthew Diaz<br>Nancy Diaz<br>Rafael Arturo Diaz<br>Michael A. Diaz-Piedra III<br>Judith Berquis Diaz-Sierra<br>Joseph Dermot Dickey, Jr.<br>Lawrence Patrick Dickinson<br>Michael D. Diehl<br>John Difato<br>Vincent Difazio<br>Carl Anthony DiFranco<br>Donald Difranco<br>Stephen Patrick Dimino<br>William John Dimmling<br>Marisa DiNardo Schorpp<br>Christopher M. Dincuff<br>Jeffrey Mark Dingle<br>Anthony Dionisio <br>George DiPasquale<br>Joseph Dipilato<br>Douglas Frank DiStefano<br>Ramzi A. Doany<br>John Joseph Doherty<br>Melissa C. Doi<br>Brendan Dolan<br>Neil Matthew Dollard<br>James Joseph Domanico <br>Benilda Pascua Domingo <br>Carlos Dominguez<br>Jerome Mark Patrick Dominguez<br>Kevin W. Donnelly<br>Jacqueline Donovan<br>Stephen Scott Dorf<br>Thomas Dowd<br>Kevin Dowdell<br>Mary Yolanda Dowling<br>Raymond Mathew Downey<br>Frank Joseph Doyle<br>Joseph Michael Doyle<br>Stephen Patrick Driscoll<br>Mirna A. Duarte<br>Michelle Beale Duberry <br>Luke A. Dudek<br>Christopher Michael Duffy <br>Gerard Duffy<br>Michael Joseph Duffy<br>Thomas W. Duffy <br>Antoinette Duger <br>Sareve Dukat<br>Christopher Joseph Dunne<br>Richard Anthony Dunstan<br>Patrick Thomas Dwyer<br>Joseph Anthony Eacobacci<br>John Bruce Eagleson<br>Robert Douglas Eaton<br>Dean Phillip Eberling<br>Margaret Ruth Echtermann<br>Paul Robert Eckna<br>Constantine Economos<br>Dennis Michael Edwards<br>Michael Hardy Edwards<br>Christine Egan<br>Lisa Egan<br>Martin J. Egan, Jr.<br>Michael Egan<br>Samantha Martin Egan<br>Carole Eggert<br>Lisa Caren Ehrlich<br>John Ernst Eichler<br>Eric Adam Eisenberg<br>Daphne Ferlinda Elder<br>Michael J. Elferis <br>Mark Joseph Ellis<br>Valerie Silver Ellis<br>Albert Alfy William Elmarry<br>Edgar Hendricks Emery, Jr.<br>Doris Suk-Yuen Eng<br>Christopher Epps<br>Ulf Ramm Ericson<br>Erwin L. Erker<br>William John Erwin<br>Jose Espinal<br>Fanny Espinoza<br>Bridget Ann Esposito<br>Francis Esposito <br>Michael Esposito <br>William Esposito <br>Ruben Esquilin, Jr.<br>Sadie Ette<br>Barbara G. Etzold<br>Eric Brian Evans<br>Robert Evans<br>Meredith Emily June Ewart<br>Catherine K. Fagan<br>Patricia Mary Fagan<br>Keith George Fairben<br>Sandra Fajardo-Smith<br>William F. Fallon<br>William Lawrence Fallon, Jr.<br>Anthony J. Fallone, Jr.<br>Dolores Brigitte Fanelli<br>John Joseph Fanning<br>Kathleen Anne Faragher<br>Thomas Farino<br>Nancy Carole Farley<br>Elizabeth Ann Farmer<br>Douglas Jon Farnum<br>John G. Farrell<br>John W. Farrell<br>Terrence Patrick Farrell<br>Joseph D. Farrelly<br>Thomas Patrick Farrelly<br>Syed Abdul Fatha<br>Christopher Edward Faughnan<br>Wendy R. Faulkner<br>Shannon Marie Fava<br>Bernard D. Favuzza<br>Robert Fazio, Jr.<br>Ronald Carl Fazio<br>William Feehan<br>Francis Jude Feely<br>Garth Erin Feeney<br>Sean B. Fegan<br>Lee S. Fehling<br>Peter Adam Feidelberg<br>Alan D. Feinberg <br>Rosa Maria Feliciano<br>Edward Thomas Fergus, Jr.<br>George Ferguson<br>Henry Fernandez <br>Judy Hazel Fernandez<br>Julio Fernandez<br>Elisa Giselle Ferraina<br>Anne Marie Sallerin Ferreira<br>Robert John Ferris<br>David Francis Ferrugio<br>Louis V. Fersini<br>Michael David Ferugio<br>Bradley James Fetchet<br>Jennifer Louise Fialko<br>Kristen Nicole Fiedel<br>Samuel Fields<br>Michael Bradley Finnegan <br>Timothy J. Finnerty<br>Michael Curtis Fiore<br>Stephen S R Fiorelli, Sr.<br>Paul M. Fiori<br>John B. Fiorito<br>John R. Fischer<br>Andrew Fisher<br>Bennett Lawson Fisher<br>John Roger Fisher<br>Thomas J. Fisher <br>Lucy A. Fishman<br>Ryan D. Fitzgerald<br>Thomas James Fitzpatrick<br>Richard P. Fitzsimons<br>Salvatore Fiumefreddo<br>Christina Donovan Flannery<br>Eileen Flecha<br>Andre G. Fletcher<br>Carl M. Flickinger <br>John Joseph Florio<br>Joseph Walken Flounders <br>David Fodor<br>Michael N. Fodor <br>Stephen Mark Fogel<br>Thomas Foley<br>David J. Fontana <br>Chih Min Foo<br>Godwin Forde<br>Donald A. Foreman<br>Christopher Hugh Forsythe<br>Claudia Alicia Foster<br>Noel John Foster <br>Ana Fosteris<br>Robert Joseph Foti<br>Jeffrey Fox<br>Virginia Fox<br>Pauline Francis<br>Virgin Francis<br>Gary Jay Frank<br>Morton H. Frank<br>Peter Christopher Frank<br>Richard K. Fraser<br>Kevin J. Frawley<br>Clyde Frazier, Jr. <br>Lillian Inez Frederick<br>Andrew Fredricks<br>Tamitha Freeman<br>Brett Owen Freiman<br>Peter L. Freund<br>Arlene Eva Fried <br>Alan Wayne Friedlander<br>Andrew Keith Friedman<br>Gregg J. Froehner<br>Peter Christian Fry<br>Clement A. Fumando<br>Steven Elliot Furman<br>Paul Furmato<br>Fredric Neal Gabler<br>Richard Samuel Federick Gabrielle<br>James Andrew Gadiel<br>Pamela Lee Gaff <br>Ervin Vincent Gailliard<br>Deanna Lynn Galante<br>Grace Catherine Galante<br>Anthony Edward Gallagher<br>Daniel James Gallagher<br>John Patrick Gallagher<br>Lourdes Galletti<br>Cono E. Gallo<br>Vincenzo Gallucci<br>Thomas E. Galvin<br>Giovanna Galletta Gambale<br>Thomas Gambino, Jr.<br>Giann Franco Gamboa<br>Peter Ganci<br>Ladkat K. Ganesh<br>Claude Michael Gann<br>Osseni Garba<br>Charles William Garbarini <br>Ceasar Garcia<br>David Garcia<br>Juan Garcia<br>Marlyn Del Carmen Garcia<br>Christopher S. Gardner<br>Douglas Benjamin Gardner<br>Harvey J. Gardner III<br>Jeffrey Brian Gardner<br>Thomas Gardner <br>William Arthur Gardner<br>Francesco Garfi<br>Rocco Nino Gargano<br>James M. Gartenberg<br>Matthew David Garvey<br>Bruce Gary<br>Boyd Alan Gatton<br>Donald Richard Gavagan, Jr.<br>Terence D. Gazzani<br>Gary Geidel<br>Paul Hamilton Geier<br>Julie M. Geis<br>Peter G. Gelinas<br>Steven Paul Geller<br>Howard G. Gelling<br>Peter Victor Genco, Jr.<br>Steven Gregory Genovese<br>Alayne Gentul<br>Edward F. Geraghty<br>Suzanne Geraty<br>Ralph Gerhardt<br>Robert Gerlich<br>Denis P. Germain<br>Marina Romanovna Gertsberg<br>Susan M. Getzendanner<br>James G. Geyer<br>Joseph M. Giaccone<br>Vincent Francis Giammona<br>Debra Lynn Gibbon<br>James Andrew Giberson<br>Craig Neil Gibson<br>Ronnie E. Gies<br>Laura A. Giglio<br>Andrew Clive Gilbert<br>Timothy Paul Gilbert<br>Paul Stuart Gilbey<br>Paul John Gill<br>Mark Y. Gilles<br>Evan Gillette<br>Ronald Lawrence Gilligan<br>Rodney C. Gillis<br>Laura Gilly<br>John F. Ginley<br>Donna Marie Giordano<br>Jeffrey John Giordano<br>John Giordano<br>Steven A. Giorgetti<br>Martin Giovinazzo<br>Kum-Kum Girolamo<br>Salvatore Gitto<br>Cynthia Giugliano<br>Mon Gjonbalaj<br>Dianne Gladstone<br>Keith Glascoe<br>Thomas Irwin Glasser<br>Harry Glenn<br>Barry H. Glick<br>Steven Glick<br>John T. Gnazzo<br>William Robert Godshalk<br>Michael Gogliormella<br>Brian Fredric Goldberg<br>Jeffrey Grant Goldflam<br>Michelle Goldstein<br>Monica Goldstein<br>Steven Goldstein <br>Andrew H. Golkin <br>Dennis James Gomes<br>Enrique Antonio Gomez<br>Jose Bienvenido Gomez<br>Manuel Gomez, Jr.<br>Wilder Alfredo Gomez<br>Jenine Nicole Gonzalez<br>Mauricio Gonzalez<br>Rosa Gonzalez<br>Calvin J. Gooding<br>Harry Goody<br>Kiran Reddy Gopu<br>Catherine C. Gorayeb<br>Kerene Gordon<br>Sebastian Gorki<br>Kieran Joseph Gorman<br>Thomas Edward Gorman<br>Michael Edward Gould<br>Yuji Goya<br>Jon Richard Grabowski<br>Christopher Michael Grady<br>Edwin J. Graf III<br>David Martin Graifman<br>Gilbert Franco Granados<br>Elvira Granitto<br>Winston Arthur Grant<br>Christopher S. Gray<br>James Michael Gray<br>Tara McCloud Gray<br>Linda Catherine Grayling<br>John M. Grazioso<br>Timothy George Grazioso <br>Derrick Auther Green<br>Wade B. Green<br>Elaine Myra Greenberg<br>Gayle R. Greene<br>James Arthur Greenleaf, Jr.<br>Eileen Marsha Greenstein <br>Elizabeth Martin Gregg<br>Denise Gregory<br>Donald H. Gregory<br>Florence Moran Gregory<br>Pedro Grehan <br>John Michael Griffin<br>Tawanna Sherry Griffin<br>Joan Donna Griffith<br>Warren Grifka<br>Ramon Grijalvo<br>Joseph F. Grillo<br>David Joseph Grimner<br>Kenneth George Grouzalis<br>Joseph Grzelak<br>Matthew James Grzymalski<br>Robert Joseph Gschaar<br>Liming Gu<br>Jose Guadalupe<br>Cindy Yan Zhu Guan<br>Joel Guevara Gonzalez<br>Geoffrey E. Guja<br>Joseph Gullickson<br>Babita Girjamatie Guman<br>Douglas Brian Gurian<br>Janet Ruth Gustafson<br>Philip T. Guza<br>Barbara Guzzardo<br>Peter M. Gyulavary<br>Gary Robert Haag<br>Andrea Lyn Haberman<br>Barbara Mary Habib<br>Philip Haentzler<br>Nezam A. Hafiz<br>Karen Elizabeth Hagerty<br>Steven Michael Hagis<br>Mary Lou Hague<br>David Halderman<br>Maile Rachel Hale <br>Richard B. Hall<br>Vaswald George Hall<br>Robert J. Halligan<br>Vincent Gerard Halloran<br>James Douglas Halvorson<br>Mohammad Salman Hamdani<br>Felicia Hamilton<br>Robert Hamilton<br>Frederic K. Han<br>Christopher J. Hanley<br>Sean S. Hanley<br>Valerie Joan Hanna<br>Thomas Hannafin<br>Kevin James Hannaford<br>Michael Lawrence Hannan<br>Dana R Hannon<br>Vassilios G. Haramis<br>James A. Haran<br>Jeffrey Pike Hardy<br>Timothy John Hargrave<br>Daniel Edward Harlin<br>Frances Haros<br>Harvey Harrell<br>Stephen G. Harrell<br>Melissa Marie Harrington<br>Aisha Anne Harris<br>Stewart Dennis Harris<br>John Patrick Hart <br>John Clinton Hartz<br>Emeric Harvey<br>Thomas Theodore Haskell, Jr.<br>Timothy Haskell<br>Joseph John Hasson III<br>Leonard W. Hatton<br>Terence S. Hatton<br>Michael Haub<br>Timothy Aaron Haviland<br>Donald G. Havlish, Jr.<br>Anthony Hawkins <br>Nobuhiro Hayatsu<br>Philip Hayes<br>William Ward Haynes<br>Scott Jordan Hazelcorn<br>Michael K. Healey<br>Roberta B. Heber<br>Charles Francis Xavier Heeran<br>John F. Heffernan<br>H. Joseph Heller, Jr.<br>Joann L. Heltibridle<br>Mark F. Hemschoot<br>Ronnie Lee Henderson<br>Brian Hennessey <br>Michelle Marie Henrique<br>Joseph Henry<br>William Henry<br>John Christopher Henwood<br>Robert Allan Hepburn<br>Mary Herencia<br>Lindsay C. Herkness III<br>Harvey Robert Hermer<br>Claribel Hernandez<br>Eduardo Hernandez<br>Nuberto Hernandez<br>Raul Hernandez<br>Gary Herold<br>Jeffrey A. Hersch <br>Thomas Hetzel<br>Brian Hickey<br>Ysidro Hidalgo<br>Timothy Higgins<br>Robert D. W. Higley II<br>Todd Russell Hill<br>Clara Victorine Hinds<br>Neal O. Hinds<br>Mark D. Hindy<br>Katsuyuki Hirai<br>Heather Malia Ho<br>Tara Yvette Hobbs<br>Thomas Anderson Hobbs<br>James J. Hobin<br>Robert Wayne Hobson<br>DaJuan Hodges<br>Ronald George Hoerner<br>Patrick A. Hoey<br>Marcia Hoffman<br>Stephen G. Hoffman<br>Frederick Joseph Hoffmann<br>Michele L. Hoffmann<br>Judith Florence Hofmiller<br>Thomas Warren Hohlweck, Jr.<br>Jonathan R. Hohmann<br>John Holland<br>Joseph F. Holland<br>Elizabeth Holmes<br>Thomas Holohan <br>Bradley Hoorn<br>James P. Hopper<br>Montgomery McCullough Hord<br>Michael Horn<br>Matthew Douglas Horning <br>Robert L. Horohoe, Jr.<br>Aaron Horwitz<br>Charles Houston<br>Uhuru G. Houston<br>George Howard<br>Michael C. Howell<br>Steven Leon Howell<br>Jennifer L. Howley<br>Milagros Hromada<br>Marian R. Hrycak <br>Stephen Huczko, Jr.<br>Kris Robert Hughes<br>Paul Rexford Hughes<br>Robert Thomas Hughes<br>Thomas Hughes<br>Timothy Robert Hughes<br>Susan Huie<br>Lamar Hulse<br>William Christopher Hunt<br>Kathleen Anne Hunt-Casey<br>Joseph Hunter<br>Robert R. Hussa<br>Abid Hussain<br>Thomas Edward Hynes<br>Walter G. Hynes<br>Joseph Anthony Ianelli<br>Zuhtu Ibis<br>Jonathan Lee Ielpi<br>Michael Iken<br>Daniel Ilkanayev<br>Frederick Ill, Jr.<br>Abraham Nethanel Ilowitz<br>Anthony P. Infante, Jr.<br>Louis S. Inghilterra, Jr.<br>Christopher Noble Ingrassia<br>Paul Innella<br>Stephanie Veronica Irby<br>Douglas Irgang<br>Kristin A. Irvine Ryan<br>Todd Antione Isaac<br>Erik Isbrandtsen<br>Taizo Ishikawa<br>Aram Iskenderian, Jr.<br>John F. Iskyan<br>Kazushige Ito<br>Aleksandr Valeryevich Ivantsov<br>Virginia May Jablonski<br>Brooke Alexandra Jackman<br>Aaron Jeremy Jacobs<br>Ariel Louis Jacobs<br>Jason Kyle Jacobs<br>Michael Grady Jacobs<br>Steven A. Jacobson<br>Ricknauth Jaggernauth<br>Jake Denis Jagoda<br>Yudh Vir Singh Jain<br>Maria Jakubiak<br>Ernest James<br>Gricelda E. James<br>Priscilla James<br>Mark Steven Jardim<br>Muhammadou Jawara<br>Francois Jean-Pierre<br>Maxima Jean-Pierre<br>Paul Edward Jeffers<br>Alva Cynthia Jeffries Sanchez<br>Joseph Jenkins, Jr.<br>Alan Keith Jensen<br>Prem N. Jerath<br>Farah Jeudy<br>Hweidar Jian<br>Eliezer Jimenez, Jr.<br>Luis Jimenez, Jr.<br>Fernando Jimenez-Molina <br>Charles Gregory John<br>Nicholas John<br>LaShawna Johnson<br>Scott Michael Johnson<br>William R. Johnston<br>Allison Horstmann Jones<br>Arthur Joseph Jones<br>Brian Leander Jones<br>Christopher D. Jones<br>Donald T. Jones<br>Donald W. Jones <br>Linda Jones<br>Mary S. Jones<br>Andrew Jordan<br>Robert Thomas Jordan<br>Albert Gunnia Joseph<br>Guylene Joseph<br>Ingeborg Joseph<br>Karl Henry Joseph<br>Stephen Joseph<br>Jane Eileen Josiah<br>Anthony Jovic<br>Angel L. Juarbe, Jr.<br>Karen Sue Juday <br>Mychal F. Judge<br>Paul William Jurgens<br>Thomas Edward Jurgens<br>Kacinga Kabeya<br>Shashikiran Lakshmikantha Kadaba<br>Gavkharoy Kamardinova<br>Shari Kandell<br>Howard Lee Kane<br>Jennifer Lynn Kane<br>Vincent D. Kane<br>Joon Koo Kang<br>Sheldon Robert Kanter<br>Deborah H. Kaplan<br>Alvin Peter Kappelmann, Jr.<br>Charles Karczewski<br>William A. Karnes<br>Douglas Gene Karpiloff<br>Charles L. Kasper<br>Andrew K. Kates <br>John Katsimatides<br>Robert Michael Kaulfers<br>Don Jerome Kauth, Jr.<br>Hideya Kawauchi<br>Edward T. Keane<br>Richard M. Keane<br>Lisa Yvonne Kearney-Griffin<br>Karol Ann Keasler<br>Paul Hanlon Keating<br>Leo Russell Keene III<br>Joseph John Keller<br>Peter R. Kellerman<br>Joseph P. Kellett <br>Frederick H. Kelley, Jr.<br>James Joseph Kelly<br>Joseph A. Kelly<br>Maurice P. Kelly<br>Richard John Kelly, Jr.<br>Thomas Michael Kelly<br>Thomas Richard Kelly<br>Thomas W. Kelly<br>Timothy Colin Kelly<br>William Hill Kelly, Jr.<br>Robert Clinton Kennedy<br>Thomas J. Kennedy<br>John R. Keohane <br>Ronald T. Kerwin <br>Howard L. Kestenbaum<br>Douglas D. Ketcham<br>Ruth Ellen Ketler<br>Boris Khalif<br>Sarah Khan<br>Taimour Firaz Khan<br>Rajesh Khandelwal<br>Oliva Khemrat<br>SeiLai Khoo<br>Michael Kiefer<br>Satoshi Kikuchihara<br>Andrew Jay-Hoon Kim<br>Lawrence D. Kim <br>Mary Jo Kimelman<br>Andrew M. King<br>Lucille Teresa King<br>Robert King, Jr.<br>Lisa King-Johnson<br>Takashi Kinoshita<br>Chris Michael Kirby<br>Howard Barry Kirschbaum<br>Glenn Davis Kirwin<br>Helen Crossin Kittle<br>Richard Joseph Klares<br>Peter Anton Klein<br>Alan David Kleinberg<br>Karen Joyce Klitzman<br>Ronald Philip Kloepfer<br>Evgueni Kniazev<br>Andrew Knox<br>Thomas Patrick Knox<br>Rebecca Lee Koborie<br>Deborah A. Kobus<br>Gary Edward Koecheler<br>Frank J. Koestner<br>Ryan Kohart<br>Vanessa Kolpak<br>Irina Kolpakova<br>Suzanne Kondratenko<br>Abdoulaye Kone<br>Bon-Seok Koo<br>Dorota Kopiczko <br>Scott Kopytko<br>Bojan Kostic<br>Danielle Kousoulis<br>John J. Kren<br>William E. Krukowski<br>Lyudmila Ksido<br>Shekhar Kumar<br>Kenneth Kumpel<br>Frederick Kuo, Jr.<br>Patricia Kuras<br>Nauka Kushitani<br>Thomas Kuveikis <br>Victor Kwarkye<br>Kui Fai Kwok<br>Angela Reed Kyte<br>Andrew La Corte <br>Amarnauth Lachhman<br>James Patrick Ladley<br>Joseph A. LaFalce<br>Jeanette Louise Lafond-Menichino <br>David Laforge<br>Michael Laforte<br>Alan Charles LaFrance<br>Juan Lafuente<br>Neil Kwong-Wah Lai<br>Vincent Anthony Laieta<br>William David Lake<br>Franco Lalama<br>Chow Kwan Lam <br>Stephen LaMantia<br>Amy Hope Lamonsoff<br>Nickola Lampley<br>Robert Lane<br>Brendan Mark Lang<br>Rosanne P. Lang <br>Vanessa Langer<br>Mary Louise Langley<br>Peter J. Langone <br>Thomas Michael Langone <br>Michele Bernadette Lanza <br>Ruth Sheila Lapin<br>Carol Ann LaPlante<br>Ingeborg Lariby<br>Robin Blair Larkey<br>Christopher Randall Larrabee<br>Hamidou S. Larry<br>Scott Larsen<br>John Adam Larson<br>Gary Edward Lasko<br>Nicholas Craig Lassman<br>Paul Laszczynski <br>Jeffrey G. LaTouche<br>Charles Laurencin<br>Stephen James Lauria<br>Maria LaVache<br>Denis Francis Lavelle<br>Jeannine Mary LaVerde<br>Anna A. Laverty<br>Steven Lawn<br>Robert Lawrence <br>Nathaniel Lawson<br>Eugen Gabriel Lazar<br>James Patrick Leahy<br>Joseph Gerard Leavey<br>Neil Joseph Leavy<br>Leon Lebor<br>Kenneth Charles Ledee<br>Alan J. Lederman<br>Elena F. Ledesma<br>Alexis Leduc<br>David S. Lee<br>Gary H. Lee<br>Hyun Joon Lee<br>Juanita Lee<br>Kathryn Blair Lee <br>Linda C. Lee<br>Lorraine Mary Lee<br>Myoung Woo Lee<br>Richard Y. Lee<br>Stuart Soo-Jin Lee<br>Yang Der Lee<br>Stephen Paul Lefkowitz<br>Adriana Legro<br>Edward Joseph Lehman<br>Eric Andrew Lehrfeld<br>David Leistman<br>David Prudencio Lemagne<br>Joseph Anthony Lenihan<br>John Joseph Lennon, Jr.<br>John Robinson Lenoir<br>Jorge Luis Leon<br>Matthew Gerard Leonard<br>Michael Lepore<br>Charles A. Lesperance<br>Jeff Leveen<br>John Dennis Levi <br>Alisha Caren Levin<br>Neil David Levin<br>Robert Levine<br>Robert Michael Levine<br>Shai Levinhar<br>Adam Jay Lewis<br>Margaret Susan Lewis<br>Ye Wei Liang<br>Orasri Liangthanasarn<br>Daniel F. Libretti<br>Ralph Licciardi<br>Edward Lichtschein<br>Steven Barry Lillianthal<br>Carlos R. Lillo<br>Craig Damian Lilore<br>Arnold A. Lim<br>Darya Lin<br>Wei Rong Lin<br>Nickie L. Lindo<br>Thomas V. Linehan, Jr.<br>Robert Thomas Linnane<br>Alan P. Linton, Jr.<br>Diane Theresa Lipari<br>Kenneth Lira<br>Francisco Alberto Liriano<br>Lorraine Lisi<br>Paul Lisson<br>Vincent M. Litto<br>Ming-Hao Liu<br>Nancy Liz<br>Harold Lizcano<br>Martin Lizzul<br>George A. Llanes<br>Elizabeth C. Logler<br>Catherine Lisa Loguidice<br>Jerome Robert Lohez<br>Michael William Lomax<br>Laura Maria Longing<br>Salvatore Lopes<br>Daniel Lopez<br>George Lopez<br>Luis Manuel Lopez<br>Manuel L. Lopez<br>Joseph Lostrangio<br>Chet Dek Louie<br>Stuart Seid Louis <br>Joseph Lovero<br>Jenny Seu Kueng Low Wong<br>Michael W. Lowe <br>Garry W. Lozier<br>John Peter Lozowsky<br>Charles Peter Lucania<br>Edward Hobbs Luckett<br>Mark Gavin Ludvigsen<br>Lee Charles Ludwig<br>Sean Thomas Lugano<br>Daniel Lugo<br>Marie Lukas<br>William Lum, Jr.<br>Michael P. Lunden<br>Christopher Lunder<br>Anthony Luparello<br>Gary Frederick Lutnick<br>William Lutz<br>Linda Anne Luzzicone<br>Alexander Lygin<br>Farrell Peter Lynch<br>James Francis Lynch<br>Louise A. Lynch<br>Michael Cameron Lynch<br>Michael F. Lynch<br>Michael Francis Lynch<br>Richard D. Lynch, Jr.<br>Robert Henry Lynch, Jr.<br>Sean P. Lynch<br>Sean Patrick Lynch<br>Michael J. Lyons<br>Monica Anne Lyons<br>Patrick Lyons<br>Robert Francis Mace<br>Jan Maciejewski<br>Catherine Fairfax Macrae<br>Richard Blaine Madden<br>Simon Maddison Noell Maerz<br>Jennieann Maffeo<br>Joseph Maffeo<br>Jay Robert Magazine<br>Brian Magee<br>Charles Wilson Magee<br>Joseph V. Maggitti<br>Ronald Magnuson<br>Daniel L. Maher<br>Thomas Anthony Mahon<br>William J. Mahoney<br>Joseph Daniel Maio<br>Takashi Makimoto<br>Abdu Ali Malahi<br>Debora I. Maldonado<br>Myrna T. Maldonado-Agosto<br>Alfred Russell Maler<br>Gregory James Malone<br>Edward Francis Maloney III<br>Joseph Maloney<br>Gene Edward Maloy<br>Christian Maltby<br>Francisco Miguel Mancini<br>Joseph Mangano <br>Sara Elizabeth Manley<br>Debra Mannetta<br>Marion Victoria Manning<br>Terence John Manning<br>James Maounis<br>Joseph Ross Marchbanks, Jr.<br>Peter Edward Mardikian<br>Edward Joseph Mardovich<br>Charles Joseph Margiotta <br>Kenneth Joseph Marino<br>Lester V. Marino<br>Vita Marino<br>Kevin Marlo<br>Jose Marrero<br>John Marshall<br>James Martello<br>Michael A. Marti<br>Peter C. Martin<br>William J. Martin, Jr.<br>Brian E. Martineau<br>Betsy Martinez<br>Edward Martinez <br>Jose Angel Martinez, Jr.<br>Robert Gabriel Martinez<br>Victor Martinez Pastrana<br>Lizie D. Martinez-Calderon<br>Paul Richard Martini<br>Joseph A. Mascali<br>Bernard Mascarenhas<br>Stephen Frank Masi<br>Nicholas George Massa<br>Patricia Ann Massari<br>Michael Massaroli<br>Philip William Mastrandrea, Jr.<br>Rudolph Mastrocinque<br>Joseph Mathai<br>Charles Mathers<br>William A. Mathesen<br>Marcello Matricciano<br>Margaret Elaine Mattic<br>Robert D. Mattson<br>Walter Matuza<br>Charles A. Mauro, Jr.<br>Charles J. Mauro <br>Dorothy Mauro<br>Nancy T. Mauro<br>Tyrone May<br>Keithroy Marcellus Maynard<br>Robert J. Mayo<br>Kathy Nancy Mazza<br>Edward Mazzella, Jr.<br>Jennifer Lynn Mazzotta<br>Kaaria Mbaya<br>James Joseph McAlary<br>Brian McAleese<br>Patricia Ann McAneney<br>Colin Robert McArthur<br>John Kevin McAvoy<br>Kenneth M. McBrayer<br>Brendan McCabe<br>Micheal McCabe <br>Thomas McCann <br>Justin McCarthy<br>Kevin M. McCarthy<br>Michael McCarthy<br>Robert McCarthy <br>Stanley McCaskill<br>Katie Marie McCloskey<br>Joan McConnell-Cullinan<br>Charles Austin McCrann<br>Tonyell F. McDay <br>Matthew T. McDermott<br>Joseph P. McDonald<br>Brian Grady McDonnell<br>Michael P. McDonnell<br>John McDowell, Jr.<br>Eamon J. McEneaney<br>John Thomas McErlean, Jr.<br>Daniel Francis McGinley<br>Mark Ryan McGinly<br>William E. McGinn<br>Thomas Henry MCGinnis<br>Michael Gregory McGinty<br>Ann McGovern<br>Scott Martin McGovern<br>William McGovern<br>Stacey Sennas McGowan <br>Francis Noel McGuinn<br>Patrick McGuire<br>Thomas M. McHale<br>Keith McHeffey<br>Ann M. McHugh<br>Denis J. McHugh III<br>Dennis McHugh<br>Michael E. McHugh<br>Robert G. McIlvaine<br>Donald James McIntyre<br>Stephanie Marie McKenna<br>Barry J. McKeon<br>Evelyn C. McKinnedy<br>Darryl Leron McKinney<br>George Patrick McLaughlin, Jr.<br>Robert C. McLaughlin, Jr.<br>Gavin McMahon<br>Robert D. McMahon<br>Edmund McNally<br>Daniel W. McNeal<br>Walter Arthur McNeil<br>Jisley McNish<br>Christine Sheila McNulty<br>Sean Peter McNulty<br>Robert McPadden<br>Terence A. McShane<br>Timothy Patrick McSweeney<br>Martin E. McWilliams<br>Rocco A. Medaglia<br>Abigail Cales Medina<br>Ana Iris Medina<br>Deborah Louise Medwig<br>Damian Meehan<br>William J. Meehan<br>Alok Mehta<br>Raymond Meisenheimer<br>Manuel Emilio Mejia<br>Eskedar Melaku<br>Antonio Melendez<br>Mary Melendez<br>Yelena Melnichenko<br>Stuart Todd Meltzer<br>Diarelia Jovanah Mena<br>Charles Mendez<br>Lizette Mendoza<br>Shevonne Olicia Mentis<br>Steven Mercado<br>Westly Mercer<br>Ralph Joseph Mercurio<br>Alan Harvey Merdinger<br>George L. Merino<br>Yamel Merino<br>George Merkouris<br>Deborah Merrick <br>Raymond Joseph Metz III<br>Jill Ann Metzler<br>David Robert Meyer<br>Nurul H. Miah<br>William Edward Micciulli<br>Martin Paul Michelstein<br>Peter Teague Milano<br>Gregory Milanowycz<br>Lukasz Tomasz Milewski<br>Sharon Christina Millan<br>Corey Peter Miller<br>Craig James Miller<br>Douglas Charles Miller<br>Henry Alfred Miller, Jr.<br>Joel Miller<br>Michael Matthew Miller<br>Philip D. Miller<br>Robert Alan Miller<br>Robert Cromwell Miller, Jr.<br>Benjamin Millman<br>Charles Morris Mills<br>Ronald Keith Milstein<br>Robert Minara<br>William George Minardi<br>Diakite Minata<br>Louis Joseph Minervino<br>Thomas Mingione<br>Wilbert Miraille<br>Dominick N. Mircovich<br>Rajesh Arjan Mirpuri<br>Joseph Mistrulli<br>Susan J. Miszkowicz<br>Paul Thomas Mitchell<br>Richard P. Miuccio<br>Frank V. Moccia, Sr.<br>Louis Joseph Modafferi<br>Boyie Mohammed<br>Dennis Mojica<br>Manuel Mojica<br>Kleber Molina<br>Manuel De Jesus Molina<br>Carl Molinaro<br>Justin Molisani<br>Brian Monaghan<br>Franklin Monahan<br>John Monahan<br>Kristen Montanaro<br>Craig Montano<br>Michael Montesi<br>Jeffrey Montgomery<br>Peter Montoulieu <br>Cheryl Ann Monyak<br>Thomas Moody<br>Sharon Moore<br>Krishna Moorthy<br>Abner Morales<br>Carlos Manuel Morales<br>Luis Morales<br>Paula E. Morales John Moran<br>John Chrisopher Moran<br>Kathleen Moran<br>Lindsay Stapleton Morehouse<br>George Morell<br>Steven P. Morello<br>Vincent S. Morello<br>Yvette Nicole Moreno<br>Dorothy Morgan<br>Richard Morgan<br>Nancy Morgenstern<br>Sanae Mori<br>Blanca Robertina Morocho<br>Leonel Geronimo Morocho<br>Dennis Gerard Moroney<br>Lynne Irene Morris<br>Seth Allan Morris <br>Stephen Philip Morris<br>Christopher Martel Morrison<br>Jorge Luis Morron Garcia<br>Ferdinand V. Morrone<br>William David Moskal<br>Marco Motroni<br>Cynthia Motus-Wilson<br>Iouri A. Mouchinski <br>Jude Joseph Moussa<br>Peter Moutos<br>Damion O'Neil Mowatt<br>Christopher Mozzillo<br>Stephen Vincent Mulderry<br>Richard Muldowney Jr<br>Michael D. Mullan<br>Dennis Michael Mulligan<br>Peter James Mulligan<br>Michael Joseph Mullin<br>James Donald Munhall<br>Nancy Muniz<br>Carlos Munoz<br>Frank Munoz<br>Theresa Munson<br>Robert M. Murach<br>Cesar Augusto Murillo<br>Marc A. Murolo<br>Brian Joseph Murphy<br>Charles Anthony Murphy<br>Christopher W. Murphy<br>Edward Charles Murphy<br>James F. Murphy Iv<br>James Thomas Murphy<br>Kevin James Murphy<br>Patrick Sean Murphy<br>Raymond E. Murphy<br>Robert Eddie Murphy, Jr.<br>John Joseph Murray<br>John Joseph Murray, Jr.<br>Susan D. Murray<br>Valerie Victoria Murray<br>Richard Todd Myhre<br>Robert B. Nagel<br>Takuya Nakamura<br>Alexander Napier<br>Frank Joseph Naples III<br>John Napolitano<br>Catherine Ann Nardella<br>Mario Nardone, Jr.<br>Manika K. Narula <br>Mehmood Naseem<br>Narender Nath<br>Karen Susan Navarro<br>Joseph Micheal Navas<br>Francis Joseph Nazario<br>Glenroy I. Neblett <br>Rayman Marcus Neblett<br>Jerome O. Nedd<br>Laurence Nedell<br>Luke G. Nee<br>Pete Negron<br>Ann N. Nelson<br>David William Nelson<br>James Nelson<br>Michele Ann Nelson<br>Peter Allen Nelson<br>Oscar Francis Nesbitt<br>Gerard Terence Nevins<br>Christopher Newton-Carter<br>Kapinga Ngalula<br>Nancy Yuen Ngo<br>Jody Nichilo<br>Martin S. Niederer<br>Alfonse Joseph Niedermeyer<br>Frank John Niestadt, Jr.<br>Gloria Nieves<br>Juan Nieves, Jr.<br>Troy Edward Nilsen<br>Paul Nimbley<br>John B. Niven<br>Katherine Marie Noack<br>Curtis Terrance Noel<br>Daniel R. Nolan<br>Robert Noonan<br>Daniela R. Notaro<br>Brian Christopher Novotny <br>Soichi Numata<br>Brian Felix Nunez<br>Jose Nunez<br>Jeffrey Roger Nussbaum<br>Dennis O'Berg<br>James P. O'Brien, Jr.<br>Michael P. O'Brien<br>Scott J. O'Brien<br>Timothy Michael O'Brien<br>Daniel O'Callaghan<br>Dennis James O'Connor, Jr.<br>Diana J. O'Connor<br>Keith Kevin O'Connor<br>Richard J. O'Connor<br>Amy O'Doherty<br>Marni Pont O'Doherty<br>James Andrew O'Grady<br>Thomas O'Hagan<br>Patrick J. O'Keefe<br>William O'Keefe<br>Gerald O'leary<br>Matthew Timothy O'Mahony<br>Peter J. O'Neill, Jr.<br>Sean Gordon O'Neill<br>Kevin O'Rourke<br>Patrick J. O'Shea<br>Robert William O'Shea<br>Timothy F. O'Sullivan<br>James A. Oakley <br>Douglas E. Oelschlager<br>Takashi Ogawa<br>Albert Ogletree<br>Philip Paul Ognibene<br>Joseph J. Ogren<br>Samuel Oitice<br>Gerald Michael Olcott<br>Christine Anne Olender<br>Linda Mary Oliva<br>Edward Kraft Oliver<br>Leah E. Oliver<br>Eric T. Olsen<br>Jeffrey James Olsen<br>Maureen Lyons Olson<br>Steven John Olson<br>Toshihiro Onda<br>Seamus L. O'Neal <br>John P. Oneill<br>Frank Oni<br>Michael C. Opperman<br>Christopher Orgielewicz<br>Margaret Orloske<br>Virginia Anne Ormiston<br>Ronald Orsini<br>Peter Ortale<br>Juan Ortega-Campos<br>Alexander Ortiz<br>David Ortiz<br>Emilio Ortiz, Jr.<br>Pablo Ortiz<br>Paul Ortiz, Jr.<br>Sonia Ortiz<br>Masaru Ose<br>Elsy C. Osorio<br>James R. Ostrowski<br>Jason Douglas Oswald<br>Michael Otten<br>Isidro D. Ottenwalder<br>Michael Chung Ou<br>Todd Joseph Ouida<br>Jesus Ovalles<br>Peter J. Owens, Jr.<br>Adianes Oyola<br>Angel M. Pabon<br>Israel Pabon, Jr.<br>Roland Pacheco<br>Michael Benjamin Packer<br>Rene Padilla-Chavarria<br>Deepa Pakkala<br>Jeffrey Matthew Palazzo<br>Thomas Palazzo<br>Richard Palazzolo<br>Orio J. Palmer<br>Frank Anthony Palombo<br>Alan N. Palumbo<br>Christopher Matthew Panatier<br>Dominique Lisa Pandolfo<br>Paul J. Pansini<br>John M. Paolillo<br>Edward Joseph Papa<br>Salvatore T. Papasso<br>James Nicholas Pappageorge<br>Vinod Kumar Parakat<br>Vijayashanker Paramsothy<br>Nitin Parandkar<br>Hardai Parbhu<br>James Wendell Parham<br>Debra Marie Paris<br>George Paris<br>Gye Hyong Park<br>Philip Lacey Parker<br>Michael Alaine Parkes<br>Robert E. Parks, Jr.<br>Hashmukhrai C. Parmar<br>Robert Parro<br>Diane Marie Parsons<br>Leobardo Lopez Pascual<br>Michael Pascuma<br>Jerrold Paskins<br>Horace Robert Passananti<br>Suzanne H. Passaro<br>Avnish Ramanbhai Patel<br>Dipti Patel<br>Manish Patel<br>Steven Bennett Paterson<br>James Matthew Patrick<br>Manuel D. Patrocino<br>Bernard E. Patterson<br>Cira Marie Patti<br>Robert E. Pattison<br>James Robert Paul<br>Patrice Paz<br>Victor Paz-Gutierrez<br>Stacey Lynn Peak<br>Richard Allen Pearlman<br>Durrell V. Pearsall<br>Thomas Pedicini <br>Todd Douglas Pelino<br>Michel Adrian Pelletier<br>Anthony G. Peluso<br>Angel Ramon Pena<br>Richard Al Penny <br>Salvatore F. Pepe<br>Carl Peralta<br>Robert David Peraza<br>Jon A. Perconti<br>Alejo Perez<br>Angel Perez, Jr.<br>Angela Susan Perez<br>Anthony Perez<br>Ivan Perez<br>Nancy E. Perez<br>Joseph John Perroncino<br>Edward J. Perrotta<br>Emelda H. Perry<br>Glenn C. Perry<br>John William Perry<br>Franklin Allan Pershep<br>Danny Pesce<br>Michael John Pescherine<br>Davin Peterson<br>William Russell Peterson<br>Mark Petrocelli<br>Philip Scott Petti<br>Glen Kerrin Pettit<br>Dominick Pezzulo<br>Kaleen Elizabeth Pezzuti<br>Kevin Pfeifer<br>Tu-Anh Pham<br>Kenneth Phelan<br>Sneha Ann Philips<br>Gerard Phillips <br>Suzette Eugenia Piantieri<br>Ludwig John Picarro<br>Matthew M. Picerno<br>Joseph Oswald Pick<br>Christopher Pickford<br>Dennis J. Pierce<br>Bernard Pietronico<br>Nicholas P. Pietrunti<br>Theodoros Pigis<br>Susan Elizabeth Pinto<br>Joseph Piskadlo<br>Christopher Todd Pitman<br>Joshua Piver<br>Joseph Plumitallo<br>John Pocher<br>William Howard Pohlmann<br>Laurence Polatsch<br>Thomas H. Polhemus<br>Steve Pollicino<br>Susan M. Pollio<br>Joshua Iousa Poptean<br>Giovanna Porras <br>Anthony Portillo<br>James Edward Potorti<br>Daphne Pouletsos<br>Richard N. Poulos<br>Stephen Emanual Poulos<br>Brandon Jerome Powell<br>Shawn Edward Powell<br>Antonio Pratt<br>Gregory M. Preziose<br>Wanda Ivelisse Prince<br>Vincent Princiotta<br>Kevin Prior<br>Everett Martin Proctor III<br>Carrie Beth Progen<br>Sarah Prothero-Redheffer <br>David Lee Pruim <br>Richard Prunty<br>John Foster Puckett<br>Robert David Pugliese<br>Edward F. Pullis<br>Patricia Ann Puma<br>Hemanth Kumar Puttur<br>Edward R. Pykon <br>Christopher Quackenbush <br>Lars Peter Qualben<br>Lincoln Quappe<br>Beth Ann Quigley <br>Michael Quilty<br>James Francis Quinn<br>Ricardo J. Quinn<br>Carlos Quishpe-Cuaman<br>Carol Millicent Rabalais<br>Christopher Peter A. Racaniello<br>Leonard J. Ragaglia<br>Eugene Raggio<br>Laura Marie Ragonese-Snik<br>Michael Ragusa<br>Peter Frank Raimondi<br>Harry A. Raines<br>Ehtesham Raja<br>Valsa Raju<br>Edward Rall<br>Lukas Rambousek<br>Maria Ramirez<br>Harry Ramos<br>Vishnoo Ramsaroop<br>Lorenzo E. Ramzey<br>Alfred Todd Rancke<br>Adam David Rand<br>Jonathan C. Randall<br>Srinivasa Shreyas Ranganath<br>Anne T. Ransom<br>Faina Aronovna Rapoport <br>Robert A. Rasmussen<br>Amenia Rasool<br>Roger Mark Rasweiler<br>David Alan Rathkey<br>William Ralph Raub<br>Gerard P. Rauzi<br>Alexey Razuvaev <br>Gregory Reda<br>Michele Reed<br>Judith Ann Reese<br>Donald J. Regan<br>Robert M. Regan <br>Thomas Michael Regan<br>Christian Michael Otto Regenhard<br>Howard Reich<br>Gregg Reidy<br>James Brian Reilly<br>Kevin O. Reilly<br>Timothy E. Reilly<br>Joseph Reina, Jr.<br>Thomas Barnes Reinig<br>Frank Bennett Reisman<br>Joshua Scott Reiss<br>Karen Renda<br>John Armand Reo<br>Richard Cyril Rescorla<br>John Thomas Resta<br>Luis Clodoaldo Revilla<br>Eduvigis Reyes, Jr.<br>Bruce Albert Reynolds<br>John Frederick Rhodes<br>Francis Saverio Riccardelli<br>Rudolph N. Riccio<br>Ann Marie Riccoboni<br>David H. Rice<br>Eileen Mary Rice <br>Kenneth Frederick Rice III<br>Vernon Allan Richard<br>Claude Daniel Richards<br>Gregory David Richards<br>Michael Richards <br>Venesha Orintia Richards <br>James C. Riches <br>Alan Jay Richman<br>John M. Rigo<br>Theresa Risco<br>Rose Mary Riso<br>Moises N. Rivas<br>Joseph Rivelli<br>Carmen Alicia Rivera<br>Isaias Rivera<br>Juan William Rivera<br>Linda Ivelisse Rivera<br>David E. Rivers<br>Joseph R. Riverso<br>Paul V. Rizza<br>John Frank Rizzo <br>Stephen Louis Roach<br>Joseph Roberto<br>Leo Arthur Roberts<br>Michael Roberts<br>Michael Edward Roberts<br>Donald Walter Robertson, Jr.<br>Catherina Robinson<br>Jeffery Robinson<br>Michell Lee Jean Robotham<br>Donald A. Robson<br>Antonio A. Rocha<br>Raymond James Rocha<br>Laura Rockefeller<br>John Rodak<br>Antonio J. Rodrigues<br>Anthony Rodriguez<br>Carmen Milagros Rodriguez<br>Gregory Ernesto Rodriguez<br>Marsha A. Rodriguez<br>Mayra Valdes Rodriguez<br>Richard Rodriguez<br>David Bartolo Rodriguez-Vargas<br>Matthew Rogan<br>Karlie Barbara Rogers<br>Scott Williams Rohner<br>Keith Roma<br>Joseph M. Romagnolo<br>Efrain Romero, Sr.<br>Elvin Romero<br>Juan Romero <br>Orozco James A. Romito <br>Sean Paul Rooney<br>Eric Thomas Ropiteau<br>Aida Rosario<br>Angela Rosario<br>Wendy Alice Rosario Wakeford<br>Mark Rosen<br>Brooke David Rosenbaum<br>Linda Rosenbaum<br>Sheryl Lynn Rosenbaum<br>Lloyd Daniel Rosenberg<br>Mark Louis Rosenberg<br>Andrew Ira Rosenblum<br>Joshua M. Rosenblum<br>Joshua Alan Rosenthal<br>Richard David Rosenthal<br>Daniel Rosetti<br>Norman S. Rossinow<br>Nicholas P. Rossomando<br>Michael Craig Rothberg<br>Donna Marie Rothenberg<br>Nicholas Rowe<br>Timothy Alan Roy, Sr.<br>Paul G. Ruback<br>Ronald J. Ruben<br>Joanne Rubino<br>David M. Ruddle<br>Bart Joseph Ruggiere<br>Susan A. Ruggiero<br>Adam Keith Ruhalter<br>Gilbert Ruiz<br>Obdulio Ruiz Diaz<br>Stephen P. Russell<br>Steven Harris Russin<br>Michael Thomas Russo, Sr.<br>Wayne Alan Russo<br>Edward Ryan<br>John Joseph Ryan, Jr.<br>Jonathan Stephan Ryan<br>Matthew Lancelot Ryan<br>Tatiana Ryjova<br>Christina Sunga Ryook<br>Thierry Saada<br>Jason Elazar Sabbag<br>Thomas E. Sabella<br>Scott Saber<br>Joseph Francis Sacerdote<br>Neeraha Sadaranghgani <br>Mohammad Ali Sadeque<br>Francis John Sadocha<br>Jude Safi<br>Brock Joel Safronoff<br>Edward Saiya<br>John Patrick Salamone<br>Hernando Salas<br>Juan G. Salas<br>Esmerlin Antonio Salcedo <br>John Salvatore Salerno, Jr.<br>Richard L. Salinardi, Jr.<br>Wayne John Saloman<br>Nolbert Salomon<br>Catherine Patricia Salter<br>Frank Salvaterra<br>Paul Richard Salvio<br>Samuel Robert Salvo, Jr.<br>Rena Sam-Dinnoo<br>Carlos Alberto Samaniego<br>James Kenneth Samuel, Jr.<br>Michael San Phillip<br>Sylvia San Pio<br>Hugo M. Sanay<br>Erick Sanchez<br>Jacquelyn Patrice Sanchez<br>Eric M. Sand<br>Stacey Leigh Sanders<br>Herman S. Sandler<br>James Sands, Jr.<br>Ayleen J. Santiago<br>Kirsten Santiago<br>Maria Theresa Santillan<br>Susan Gayle Santo<br>Christopher Santora<br>John A. Santore<br>Mario L. Santoro<br>Rafael Humberto Santos<br>Rufino Conrado Flores Santos Iii<br>Jorge Octavio Santos Anaya<br>Kalyan Sarkar<br>Chapelle R. Sarker<br>Paul F. Sarle<br>Deepika Kumar Sattaluri<br>Gregory Thomas Saucedo<br>Susan M. Sauer<br>Anthony Savas<br>Vladimir Savinkin<br>Jackie Sayegh<br>John Michael Sbarbaro<br>Robert L. Scandole, Jr.<br>Michelle Scarpitta<br>Dennis Scauso<br>John Albert Schardt<br>John G. Scharf<br>Frederick Claude Scheffold, Jr.<br>Angela Susan Scheinberg <br>Scott Mitchell Schertzer<br>Sean Schielke<br>Steven Francis Schlag<br>Jon Schlissel<br>Karen Helene Schmidt<br>Ian Schneider<br>Thomas G. Schoales<br>Frank G. Schott, Jr.<br>Gerard Patrick Schrang<br>Jeffrey H. Schreier<br>John T. Schroeder<br>Susan Lee Schuler<br>Edward William Schunk<br>Mark E. Schurmeier<br>Clarin Shellie Schwartz<br>John Burkhart Schwartz<br>Mark Schwartz<br>Adriane Victoria Scibetta<br>Raphael Scorca<br>Randolph Scott<br>Sheila Scott <br>Christopher Jay Scudder<br>Arthur Warren Scullin<br>Michael Herman Seaman<br>Margaret M. Seeliger<br>Anthony Segarra<br>Carlos Segarra<br>Jason Sekzer<br>Matthew Carmen Sellitto<br>Howard Selwyn<br>Larry John Senko<br>Arturo Angelo Sereno<br>Frankie Serrano<br>Alena Sesinova<br>Adele Christine Sessa<br>Sita Nermalla Sewnarine<br>Karen Lynn Seymour<br>Davis Sezna<br>Thomas Joseph Sgroi<br>Jayesh S. Shah<br>Khalid M. Shahid <br>Mohammed Shajahan<br>Gary Shamay<br>Earl Richard Shanahan<br>Neil Shastri<br>Kathryn Anne Shatzoff<br>Barbara A. Shaw <br>Jeffrey James Shaw<br>Robert John Shay, Jr.<br>Daniel James Shea<br>Joseph Patrick Shea<br>Linda Sheehan<br>Hagay Shefi<br>John Anthony Sherry<br>Atsushi Shiratori<br>Thomas Joseph Shubert<br>Mark Shulman<br>See Wong Shum <br>Allan Abraham Shwartzstein<br>Johanna Sigmund<br>Dianne T. Signer <br>Gregory Sikorsky <br>Stephen Gerard Siller<br>David Silver<br>Craig A. Silverstein<br>Nasima Hameed Simjee<br>Bruce Edward Simmons<br>Arthur Simon<br>Kenneth Alan Simon<br>Michael J. Simon <br>Paul Joseph Simon<br>Marianne Teresa Simone<br>Barry Simowitz<br>Jeff Lyal Simpson<br>Khamladai Singh <br>Kulwant Singh<br>Roshan Ramesh Singh<br>Thomas E. Sinton III<br>Peter A. Siracuse<br>Muriel Fay Siskopoulos<br>Joseph Michael Sisolak<br>John P. Skala<br>Francis Joseph Skidmore, Jr.<br>Toyena Skinner<br>Paul A. Skrzypek <br>Christopher Paul Slattery<br>Vincent Robert Slavin<br>Robert F. Sliwak<br>Paul K. Sloan<br>Stanley S. Smagala, Jr.<br>Wendy L. Small<br>Catherine Smith<br>Daniel Laurence Smith<br>George Eric Smith<br>James Gregory Smith<br>Jeffrey R. Smith<br>Joyce Patricia Smith<br>Karl T. Smith<br>Keisha Smith<br>Kevin Joseph Smith<br>Leon Smith, Jr.<br>Moira Ann Smith<br>Rosemary A. Smith<br>Bonnie Jeanne Smithwick <br>Rochelle Monique Snell<br>Leonard J. Snyder, Jr.<br>Astrid Elizabeth Sohan<br>Sushil S. Solanki <br>Ruben Solares<br>Naomi Leah Solomon<br>Daniel W. Song<br>Michael Charles Sorresse <br>Fabian Soto<br>Timothy Patrick Soulas<br>Gregory Spagnoletti<br>Donald F. Spampinato, Jr.<br>Thomas Sparacio<br>John Anthony Spataro<br>Robert W. Spear, Jr.<br>Maynard S. Spence, Jr.<br>George Edward Spencer III<br>Robert Andrew Spencer<br>Mary Rubina Sperando<br>Tina Spicer<br>Frank Spinelli<br>William E. Spitz<br>Joseph Spor, Jr.<br>Klaus Johannes Sprockamp<br>Saranya Srinuan<br>Fitzroy St. Rose<br>Michael F. Stabile<br>Lawrence T. Stack<br>Timothy M. Stackpole<br>Richard James Stadelberger<br>Eric Stahlman<br>Gregory Stajk<br>Alexandru Liviu Stan<br>Corina Stan<br>Mary Domenica Stanley<br>Anthony Starita<br>Jeffrey Stark<br>Derek James Statkevicus <br>Craig William Staub<br>William V. Steckman<br>Eric Thomas Steen<br>William R. Steiner<br>Alexander Steinman<br>Andrew Stergiopoulos<br>Andrew Stern<br>Martha Stevens<br>Michael James Stewart<br>Richard H. Stewart, Jr.<br>Sanford M. Stoller<br>Lonny Jay Stone<br>Jimmy Nevill Storey<br>Timothy Stout<br>Thomas Strada<br>James J. Straine, Jr.<br>Edward W. Straub<br>George J. Strauch, Jr.<br>Edward T. Strauss<br>Steven R. Strauss<br>Steven F. Strobert<br>Walwyn W. Stuart, Jr.<br>Benjamin Suarez <br>David Scott Suarez<br>Ramon Suarez<br>Yoichi Sugiyama<br>William Christopher Sugra<br>Daniel Suhr<br>David Marc Sullins<br>Christopher P. Sullivan<br>Patrick Sullivan<br>Thomas Sullivan<br>Hilario Soriano Sumaya, Jr.<br>James Joseph Suozzo<br>Colleen Supinski <br>Robert Sutcliffe<br>Seline Sutter<br>Claudia Suzette Sutton<br>John Francis Swaine<br>Kristine M. Swearson<br>Brian Edward Sweeney<br>Kenneth J. Swenson<br>Thomas Swift<br>Derek Ogilvie Sword<br>Kevin Thomas Szocik<br>Gina Sztejnberg<br>Norbert P. Szurkowski<br>Harry Taback<br>Joann Tabeek<br>Norma C. Taddei <br>Michael Taddonio<br>Keiichiro Takahashi<br>Keiji Takahashi<br>Phyllis Gail Talbot<br>Robert Talhami<br>Sean Patrick Tallon<br>Paul Talty<br>Maurita Tam<br>Rachel Tamares<br>Hector Tamayo<br>Michael Andrew Tamuccio<br>Kenichiro Tanaka<br>Rhondelle Cheri Tankard<br>Michael Anthony Tanner<br>Dennis Gerard Taormina, Jr.<br>Kenneth Joseph Tarantino <br>Allan Tarasiewicz<br>Ronald Tartaro<br>Darryl Anthony Taylor<br>Donnie Brooks Taylor<br>Lorisa Ceylon Taylor<br>Michael Morgan Taylor<br>Paul A. Tegtmeier<br>Yeshauant Tembe<br>Anthony Tempesta<br>Dorothy Pearl Temple<br>Stanley Temple<br>David Tengelin<br>Brian John Terrenzi<br>Lisa M. Terry<br>Shell Tester <br>Goumatie T. Thackurdeen <br>Sumati Thakur<br>Harshad Sham Thatte<br>Thomas F. Theurkauf, Jr.<br>Lesley Anne Thomas<br>Brian Thomas Thompson<br>Clive Thompson<br>Glenn Thompson <br>Nigel Bruce Thompson<br>Perry A. Thompson<br>Vanavah Alexei Thompson<br>William H. Thompson<br>Eric Raymond Thorpe<br>Nichola Angela Thorpe<br>Sal Edward Tieri, Jr.<br>John p Tierney<br>Mary Ellen Tiesi<br>William R. Tieste <br>Kenneth Francis Tietjen<br>Stephen Edward Tighe<br>Scott Charles Timmes<br>Michael E. Tinley <br>Jennifer M. Tino<br>Robert Frank Tipaldi<br>John James Tipping II<br>David Tirado<br>Hector Luis Tirado, Jr.<br>Michelle Lee Titolo<br>John J. Tobin<br>Richard Todisco<br>Vladimir Tomasevic<br>Stephen Kevin Tompsett<br>Thomas Tong<br>Doris Torres<br>Luis Eduardo Torres<br>Amy Elizabeth Toyen<br>Christopher Michael Traina<br>Daniel Patrick Trant<br>Abdoul Karim Traore<br>Glenn J. Travers<br>Walter Philip Travers<br>Felicia Y. Traylor-Bass<br>Lisa L. Trerotola<br>Karamo Trerra<br>Michael Angel Trinidad<br>Francis Joseph Trombino<br>Gregory James Trost<br>William P. Tselepis<br>Zhanetta Valentinovna Tsoy<br>Michael Tucker<br>Lance Richard Tumulty<br>Ching Ping Tung<br>Simon James Turner<br>Donald Joseph Tuzio<br>Robert T. Twomey<br>Jennifer Tzemis<br>John G. Ueltzhoeffer<br>Tyler V. Ugolyn<br>Michael A. Uliano<br>Jonathan J. Uman<br>Anil Shivhari Umarkar<br>Allen V. Upton<br>Diane Marie Urban<br>John Damien Vaccacio<br>Bradley Hodges Vadas<br>Renuta Vaidea <br>William Valcarcel <br>Felix Antonio Vale<br>Ivan Vale<br>Benito Valentin<br>Santos Valentin, Jr.<br>Carlton Francis Valvo II<br>Erica H. Van Acker<br>Kenneth W. Van Auken<br>Richard B. Van Hine<br>Daniel M. Van Laere<br>Edward Raymond Vanacore<br>Jon C. Vandevander<br>Barrett Vanvelzer, 4 <br>Edward Vanvelzer <br>Paul Herman Vanvelzer<br>Frederick Thomas Varacchi<br>Gopalakrishnan Varadhan <br>David Vargas<br>Scott C. Vasel<br>Azael Ismael Vasquez<br>Arcangel Vazquez<br>Santos Vazquez<br>Peter Anthony Vega<br>Sankara S. Velamuri<br>Jorge Velazquez<br>Lawrence G. Veling<br>Anthony Mark Ventura<br>David Vera<br>Loretta Ann Vero <br>Christopher James Vialonga<br>Matthew Gilbert Vianna<br>Robert Anthony Vicario<br>Celeste Torres Victoria<br>Joanna Vidal<br>John T. Vigiano II <br>Joseph Vincent Vigiano<br>Frank J. Vignola, Jr.<br>Joseph Barry Vilardo<br>Sergio Villanueva<br>Chantal Vincelli<br>Melissa Vincent<br>Francine Ann Virgilio<br>Lawrence Virgilio<br>Joseph Gerard Visciano<br>Joshua S. Vitale<br>Maria Percoco Vola<br>Lynette D. Vosges<br>Garo H. Voskerijian<br>Alfred Vukosa<br>Gregory Kamal Bruno Wachtler<br>Gabriela Waisman<br>Courtney Wainsworth Walcott<br>Victor Wald<br>Benjamin James Walker<br>Glen Wall<br>Mitchel Scott Wallace<br>Peter Guyder Wallace<br>Robert Francis Wallace<br>Roy Michael Wallace<br>Jeanmarie Wallendorf<br>Matthew Blake Wallens<br>John Wallice, Jr.<br>Barbara P. Walsh<br>James Henry Walsh<br>Jeffrey P. Walz<br>Ching Wang<br>Weibin Wang<br>Michael Warchola<br>Stephen Gordon Ward<br>James Arthur Waring<br>Brian G. Warner<br>Derrick Washington<br>Charles Waters<br>James Thomas Waters, Jr.<br>Patrick J. Waters <br>Kenneth Thomas Watson<br>Michael Henry Waye<br>Todd Christopher Weaver <br>Walter Edward Weaver<br>Nathaniel Webb<br>Dinah Webster<br>Joanne Flora Weil<br>Michael T. Weinberg<br>Steven Weinberg <br>Scott Jeffrey Weingard<br>Steven George Weinstein <br>Simon Weiser<br>David M. 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Wisniewski<br>Frank Thomas Wisniewski<br>David Wiswall<br>Sigrid Wiswe<br>Michael Wittenstein<br>Christopher W. Wodenshek<br>Martin P. Wohlforth<br>Katherine Susan Wolf<br>Jennifer Yen Wong<br>Siu Cheung Wong<br>Yin Ping Wong<br>Yuk Ping Wong<br>Brent James Woodall<br>James John Woods<br>Patrick J. Woods <br>Richard Herron Woodwell<br>David Terence Wooley<br>John Bentley Works<br>Martin Michael Wortley<br>Rodney James Wotton<br>William Wren<br>John Wayne Wright<br>Neil Robin Wright<br>Sandra Lee Wright<br>Jupiter Yambem<br>Suresh Yanamadala<br>Matthew David Yarnell<br>Myrna Yaskulka<br>Shakila Yasmin<br>Olabisi Shadie Layeni Yee<br>William Yemele<br>Edward P. York<br>Kevin Patrick York<br>Raymond R. York <br>Suzanne Youmans<br>Barrington Young <br>Jacqueline Young<br>Elkin Yuen<br>Joseph C. Zaccoli<br>Adel Agayby Zakhary<br>Arkady Zaltsman<br>Edwin J. Zambrana, Jr.<br>Robert Alan Zampieri<br>Mark Zangrilli<br>Ira Zaslow<br>Kenneth Albert Zelman<br>Abraham J. 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Amundson, USA<br>YN3 Melissa Rose Barnes, USN<br>MSG Max J. Beilke, Retired<br>IT2 Kris Romeo Bishundat, USN<br>Carrie R. Blagburn<br>COL Canfield D. Boone, ARNG<br>Donna M. Bowen<br>Allen P. Boyle<br>ET3 Christopher L. Burford, USN<br>ET3 Daniel M. Caballero, USN<br>SFC Jose O. Calderon-Olmedo, USA<br>Angelene C. Carter<br>Sharon A. Carver<br>SFC John J. Chada, USA, Retired<br>Rosa Maria Chapa<br>Julian T. Cooper<br>LCDR Eric A. Cranford, USN<br>Ada M. Davis<br>CAPT Gerald F. DeConto, USN<br>LTC Jerry D. Dickerson, USA<br>IT1 Johnnie Doctor, Jr., USN<br>CAPT Robert E. Dolan, Jr., USN<br>CDR William H. Donovan, USN<br>CDR Patrick Dunn, USN<br>AG1 Edward T. Earhart, USN<br>LCDR Robert R. Elseth, USNR<br>SK3 Jamie L. Fallon, USN<br>Amelia V. Fields<br>Gerald P. Fisher<br>AG2 Matthew M. Flocco, USN<br>Sandra N. Foster<br>CAPT Lawrence D. Getzfred, USN<br>Cortez Ghee<br>Brenda C. Gibson<br>COL Ronald F. Golinski, USA, Retired<br>Diane Hale-McKinzy<br>Carolyn B. Halmon<br>Sheila M.S. Hein<br>ET1 Ronald J. Hemenway, USN<br>MAJ Wallace Cole Hogan, Jr., USA<br>SSG Jimmie I. Holley, USA, Retired<br>Angela M. Houtz<br>Brady Kay Howell<br>Peggie M. Hurt<br>LTC Stephen N. Hyland, Jr., USA<br>Lt Col Robert J. Hymel, USAF, Retired<br>SGM Lacey B. Ivory, USA<br>LTC Dennis M. Johnson, USA<br>Judith L. Jones<br>Brenda Kegler<br>LT Michael S. Lamana, USN<br>David W. Laychak<br>Samantha L. Lightbourn-Allen<br>MAJ Stephen V. Long, USA<br>James T. Lynch, Jr.<br>Terence M. Lynch<br>OS2 Nehamon Lyons IV, USN<br>Shelley A. Marshall<br>Teresa M. Martin<br>Ada L. Mason-Acker<br>LTC Dean E. Mattson, USA<br>LTG Timothy J. Maude, USA<br>Robert J. Maxwell<br>Molly L. McKenzie<br>Patricia E. Mickley<br>MAJ Ronald D. Milam, USA<br>Gerard P. Moran, Jr.<br>Odessa V. Morris<br>ET1 Brian A. Moss, USN<br>Teddington H. Moy<br>LCDR Patrick J. Murphy, USNR<br>Khang Ngoc Nguyen<br>DM2 Michael A. Noeth, USN<br>Ruben S. Ornedo<br>Diana B. Padro<br>LT Jonas M. Panik, USNR<br>MAJ Clifford L. Patterson, Jr., USA<br>LT Darin H. Pontell, USNR<br>Scott Powell<br>CAPT Jack D. Punches, USN, Retired<br>AW1 Joseph J. Pycior, Jr., USN<br>Deborah A. Ramsaur<br>Rhonda Sue Rasmussen <br>IT1 Marsha D. Ratchford, USN<br>Martha M. Reszke<br>Cecelia E. (Lawson) Richard<br>Edward V. Rowenhorst<br>Judy Rowlett<br>SGM Robert E. Russell, USA, Retired<br>CW4 William R. Ruth, ARNG<br>Charles E. Sabin, Sr.<br>Marjorie C. Salamone<br>COL David M. Scales, USA<br>CDR Robert A. Schlegel, USN<br>Janice M. Scott<br>LTC Michael L. Selves, USA, Retired<br>Marian H. Serva<br>CDR Dan F. Shanower, USN<br>Antionette M. Sherman<br>Diane M. Simmons<br>Cheryle D. Sincock<br>ITC Gregg H. Smallwood, USN<br>LTC Gary F. Smith, USA, Retired<br>Patricia J. Statz<br>Edna L. Stephens<br>SGM Larry L. Strickland, USA<br>LTC Kip P. Taylor, USA<br>Sandra C. Taylor<br>LTC Karl W. Teepe, USA, Retired<br>SGT Tamara C. Thurman, USA<br>LCDR Otis V. Tolbert, USN<br>SSG Willie Q. Troy, USA, Retired<br>LCDR Ronald J. 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Heidenberger<br>Bryan C. Jack<br>Steven D. Jacoby<br>Ann C. Judge<br>Chandler R. Keller<br>Yvonne E. Kennedy<br>Norma Cruz Khan<br>Karen Ann Kincaid<br>Dong Chul Lee<br>Jennifer Lewis<br>Kenneth E. Lewis<br>Renee A. May<br>Dora Marie Menchaca<br>Christopher C. Newton<br>Barbara K. Olson<br>Ruben S. Ornedo<br>Robert Penninger<br>Robert R. Ploger III<br>Zandra F. Ploger <br>Lisa J. Raines<br>Todd H. Reuben<br>John P. Sammartino<br>George W. Simmons<br>Donald D. Simmons<br>Mari-Rae Sopper<br>Robert Speisman<br>Norma Lang Steuerle<br>Hilda E. Taylor<br>Leonard E. Taylor<br>Sandra D. Teague<br>Leslie A. Whittington<br>CAPT John D. Yamnicky, Sr., USN, Retired<br>Vicki Yancey<br>Shuyin Yang<br>Yuguag Zheng</p><p>United Airlines Flight 93</p><p>Christian Adams<br>Lorraine G. Bay<br>Todd Beamer<br>Alan Beaven<br>Mark K. Bingham<br>Deora Frances Bodley<br>Sandra W. Bradshaw<br>Marion Britton<br>Thomas E. Burnett Jr.<br>William Cashman<br>Georgine Rose Corrigan<br>Patricia Cushing<br>Jason Dahl<br>Joseph Deluca<br>Patrick Driscoll<br>Edward Porter Felt<br>Jane C. Folger<br>Colleen Fraser<br>Andrew Garcia<br>Jeremy Glick<br>Lauren Grandcolas<br>Wanda A. Green<br>Donald F. Greene<br>Linda Gronlund<br>Richard Guadagno<br>Leroy Homer, Jr.<br>Toshiya Kuge<br>CeeCee Lyles<br>Hilda Marcin<br>Waleska Martinez <br>Nicole Miller<br>Louis J. Nacke, II<br>Donald Arthur Peterson<br>Jean Hoadley Peterson<br>Mark Rothenberg<br>Christine Snyder<br>John Talignani<br>Honor Elizabeth Wainio<br>Deborah Ann Jacobs Welsh<br>Kristin Gould White</p><p>(Names )</p><p>Jennifer Bryan has been working in TV and Film for over 20 years, beginning as a wardrobe assistant and supervisor on films such as Manhunter, Married to the Mob, Goodfellas and Jungle Fever. She then moved on to costume designer, working on films such as Barbershop II and TV shows, including Dark Angel, Las Vegas, Knight Rider, and currently, Vampire Diaries.</p><p>Jennifer was kind enough to do a Q&#038;A with The Pursuitist, talking about her background and the role of the costume designer on a Hollywood set.</p><p>Q. Tell us about yourself.<br>J.B. I am currently the head costume designer for “Vampire Diaries” on the CW. I studied fashion design at Pratt Institute, and a few years after I stumbled into the entertainment side of fashion and began working on Broadway shows, commercials and TV shows. When I was younger I never really gave much thought into working with celebrities. I just thought they had an unending closet!</p><p>Q. Describe the role of the costume designer on a TV show or film.<br>J.B. After the scripts are written, I have to study them and dissect them for wardrobe changes and stunts that need to be taken into consideration when designing costumes. Next I begin finding the clothes I need for that episode. I&#8217;ll go wherever I need to get the right things, from malls to thrift stores, to the big costume rental houses in Los Angeles. In addition I have a lot of meetings with the creative departments in order to ensure that everything looks seamless and collaborative when the show airs.</p><p>Q. Where do you draw your inspiration as a designer?<br>J.B. My inspiration as a designer comes from the ideas behind the writers vision. I&#8217;ll do research for thematic episodes, and I pay attention to what young people are wearing. I love to people watch. Sometimes I see outfits on the street and I think to myself, &#8220;How did she figure to put that together?&#8221;</p><p>Q. Who are some of your favorite designers?<br>J.B. Two of my favorite designers are Alexander Wang and Vivienne Westwood. They both push the envelope and take street fashion to a design level. I love Vivienne Westwood&#8217;s unexpected construction and Alexander Wang&#8217;s mastery in draping modern knits.</p><p>Q. How did you become a costume designer?<br>J.B. After graduating from college I was working as a buyer for a major department store on Seventh Ave. A friend told me about an internship on a movie that was filming in the city. I was intrigued. They hired me as the wardrobe department intern. My friends thought I was crazy to leave a secure job to work as an intern for next to nothing. But I had to take a gamble and it paid off. I was never one for sitting behind a desk all day and staring at numbers on a computer anyway. I really worked my way up from the bottom, polishing a pile of shoes, to doing mountains of laundry for Broadway shows, you name it, I did it!</p><p>Q. If someone is interested in getting into the industry, what advice would you offer?<br>J.B. If you get an opportunity to intern or assist it could be a good way to enter styling or design. It is important to be open to learning and be patient. The world will conspire to get it for you, if you want it bad enough.</p><p>Q. What are some your favorite designs that we can see the TV shows and films you&#8217;ve worked on?<br>J.B. I have designed for different types of TV shows, movies and Commercials. I had fashion fun on &#8220;Las Vegas,” hip hop fun on &#8220;Barbershop 2&#8243; and futuristic fun on &#8220;Dark Angel.&#8221; Now I am having vampire fun on “Vampire Diaries”!</p><p>Q. What are your future plans &#8211; in Hollywood and outside of Hollywood?<br>J.B. For now, “Vampire Diaries” keeps me very busy! I&#8217;m working on developing a line of sexy sandals and accessories that I hope to launch next year. It looks like I will come full circle and have my line on Seventh Ave again!</p><p>Below are some exclusive photos showcasing Jennifer&#8217;s work on CW&#8217;s Vampire Diaries.</p><p>Photos courtesy and copyright of Warner Bros. Television Entertainment.</p><p>Read more posts on </p><p>Ever opened a fashion magazine likeorGQ, and wonder, "who can afford to buy this stuff?" For example, here's a shot ofabout linen suits. </p><p>And here's aVoguepiece about&mdash;like a black Victor &amp; Rolf dress for $970, or a $495 leather bag by Alexander Wang.<br><br>Most people use these spreads as inspiration, then turn to affordable stores likefor items that can pass for being straight off the runway. Others find designer items at outlets or discount stores like.<br><br>"I think there are a lot of fast fashion brands like,and Forever 21 that are so quick to copy what's on the runway and into their stores," says Nikki Martinez, an assistant buyer for the cosmetics chain. "As soon as I see a magazine spread, I can buy an iteration of that trend at Zara for a tenth of the price."<br><br>And then there are people who walk straight into a designer's store and buy garments with jaw-dropping price tags at full price. They are the ones who can afford "this stuff", and shop at the most expensive shops in America with famous names: Chanel, Dolce &amp; Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta &mdash; the latter of which just so happens to be the most expensive clothing shop in the U.S.</p><p></p><p>To come up with our list of the most expensive shops in America, we looked at proprietary data from 20 million and Mastercard holders, and looked at average receipt amounts based on millions of transactions done in clothing stores across the U.S from April 2010 to May 2011. We filtered out places like wholesalers, manufacturers and big department stores, and then ranked the most expensive shops by average receipt sizes.<br><br>De la Renta's eponymous store on New York City's Madison Avenue had well-to-do shoppers spending $3,217 on average during each shopping trip to the high end store. This isn't atypical consideringhave price tags from $1,890 to $4,790 (his cocktail dresses can go as high as $10,690).<br><br>The other stores in the top 5 most expensive shops:, located just half a block from Oscar de la Renta, ranked second with an average receipt of $2,881;in Boston ranked third with $2,818, the very high end womenswear shopalso found on Madison Ave ranked fourth with $2,818; West Hollywood's, which sells clothing from designers like Chanel and Balmain, rounded the top 5 with an average receipt of $2,258.<br><br>About half of the shops on our list are from New York City, with Los Angeles coming in a distant second and cities like Naples, Fla., Chevy Chase, Md. and Chicago making appearances. Though most stores were from well known designers like(ranked 10th),(ranked 11th) and(ranked 16th), prominent bridal shops like the, and the famed, the setting for the TLC show "Say Yes to the Dress" made the list and ranked 22nd and 19th respectively.<br><br>"A very small population of the community &mdash; even fashion community &mdash; are able to wear head to toe designer on a regular basis," Martinez says. "Fashion spreads are meant to be aspirational, fantasy, even escapist if they're done well."<br><br>But some pieces of clothing can be worth the cost.<br><br>"I personally shop less frequently than I used to because I'd rather invest in better quality, longer lasting pieces," Martinez says. "The older I've gotten, the more I value things like fabric, well constructed pieces, and investing in designers. These clothes just look and feel better."</p><p>This originally appeared on.</p><p><p>AP</p>The talk of the tents yesterday was of , the 30-something, Nepalese-born next big thing.</p><p>He only launched his eponymous line at last February's Fashion Week, but what a difference a year makes. Anna Wintour sat front row, and we saw piles of her underling editors and Bergdorf buyer Linda Fargo take the carpeted steps to Garung's Saturday evening show.</p><p>But while Hollywood and 7th Avenue already love him, we bet you would be the first one to barely beat your midnight e-filing deadline wearing Garung.</p><p>Our pick of the day: , paired with .</p><p>Wintour is pictured at the Alexander Wang show, which featured some trousers that would be work-wearable but was mostly just a little too rock-n-roll for the corporate world. That said, looks like it would be really comfortable on a more casual Friday.</p><p><p>Leigh Vogel/Getty Images</p></p><p>Ken Downing was at the airport late Friday, waiting for his flight to London to depart.Downing, the head of womenswear at Neiman Marcus, had only just completed the first leg of a month of fashion shows that span New York, London, Milan and Paris.</p><p>For him, the week that had just ended meant a series of conversations with buyers who will ultimately pick through the more than 300 collections shown, including big names like Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg, and smaller ones like Peter Som and Joseph Altuzarra.</p><p>But for some traders, economists, and pundits, the month now proves one more thing beyond fashion: an indicator of how the economy will perform over the coming year.</p><p>"Like the stock markets, hemlines are going up and down daily and seasonally," Mr. Downing says.</p><p>The Hemline Indicator</p><p>The was reportedly first introduced by School professor George Taylor, an idea that women's hemlines fluctuate and can even indicate macroeconomic performance. The higher the hemline, the better the economy looks.</p><p>From afar, bloggers and editors have offered .</p><p>But for the first time, conducted a full analysis of hemlines at New York fashion week, measuring some 2,092 images from 25 designers, comparing year-on-year changes in the length of skirts and dresses.</p><p>The findings were pretty clear: hemlines are getting shorter.</p><p>The Results</p><p>The BI Hemline Index is calculated by measuring hem length as a percentage of the length from floor to waistline. The shorter the hemline, the higher the index.</p><p>Overall, average hemlines in 2012 registered a 44.38 on the index, up from 35.04 for the Fall/Winter 2011 collections.</p><p>Complete looks from each designer were measured, however skirts and dresses were the only data points fed into the data set. Measurements were taken from images provided post-show.</p><p>On first glance, hemlines appeared to fall, with designers like Marc Jacobs showing little skin.However, when deconstructing outfits and measuring the skirts shown over pants, hemlines jumped. At Mr. Jacobs show for instance, the Hemline Index read at 45.6, compared to 41.1 last year.</p><p>Eighty percent of the designers included in the analysis registered shorter skirts and dresses. Rodarte, the quirky womenswear label designed byKate and LauraMulleavy, eschewed the floor grazing gowns of 2011, showing half as many. Rodarte jumped 17 points on the Index, to 37.0.</p><p>Amanda Brooks, fashion director at Barney's, said hemlines had moved both higher and lower on the runway this season.</p><p>"I would say in terms of the dress or skirt silhouette, it's kind of anything goes right now," Ms. Brooks says. "I wouldn't say we're seeing super short, to me what's looking the most fresh personally is this mid-calf with a big slit up the front or an open vent. We've seen that on a lot of runways the last few seasons, and I think it's addressing the same moment as the idea of the gaucho."</p><p>Assembling the List</p><p>Business Insider chose 25 of the most influential designers that show at New York fashion week, clothes that will end up on hangers during the second half of 2012.</p><p>Beyond Marc Jacobs and DVF, the list includes 3.1PhilipLim,Alexander Wang, Bill Blass,Calvin Klein,Carolina Herrera,Christian Siriano,Donna Karan Collection,,Jason Wu,Jill Stuart,L.A.M.B.,Michael Kors,Nanette Lepore,Oscar de la Renta,Prabal Gurung,Proenza Schouler,Ralph Lauren,Rodarte,Thakoon,Theysken's Theory,Tommy Hilfiger Women's andVera Wang.</p><p>The names were chosen based on two key factors. The first, the designer have strong artistic relevance. Marc Jacobs collection, which will sell vastly fewer pieces than the offshoot Marc by Marc Jacobs brand, was used for the official index because the impact from his mainline will be far greater.</p><p>, Nicole Phelps, Executive Editor of, noted that one retailer remarked that,"We have to come [to Marc Jacobs] in order to find out what we'll be seeing next season."</p><p>The second component: the brand be commercially viable, weather through wholesale, partnerships with broadline retailers like , or through their own sales channels.</p><p>Jason Wu, Rodarte and Proenza Schoulerhave all had surprising success with capsule collections at mass retailers, while Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren have an ever expanding retail network.</p><p>A Contrarian View</p><p>Not everyone is convinced that hemlines hold much weight when predicting economic performance.</p><p>"It's interesting, as a fashion director I no longer believe hemlines are a conversation on trend because its so particular to a designer and their point of view," Mr. Downing says. "We are seeing hemlines below the knee, at the knee, and some that are still quite short."</p><p>I caught up with JeffreyMonteiro, the creative director of Bill Blass, after his show on Thursday evening, the last collection at New York fashion week.</p><p>"For me it's just proportion," he says. "Let's make it longer, let's make it shorter, and once we find a proportion we like we just keep going with it."</p><p>Most designers mirror that viewpoint, that the economy has little effect on what they present. But that is hard to argue, when designers almost unanimously moved to a black and neutral color palette as failed.</p><p>"The customer is definitely looking for something that will give her fashion credit in her wardrobe. This whole idea of when the economy went upside down that all that she would buy would be basics and there would be the return of the black turtleneck, was not what we saw in the luxury market," Mr. Downing says."She didn't stop shopping, she just was not shopping as robust as she was before."</p><p>Hemline Index aside, one of the best predictors of economic growth is consumer spending, and so far Mr. Downing is happy with what he sees.</p><p>"We feel very positive about the spring trends in stores now and customers are responding very favorably."</p><p><p></p>Just in case you weren&rsquo;t jealous enough of supermodels for their perfect figures, endless supply of couture and equally hot boyfriends, we bring you another reason: the . Every year, Forbes reports on the world&rsquo;s most wealthy residents, and while tends to be a barrage of tech nerds and ugly investment bankers, we can assure you this list is not.</p><p>For the past few years, Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen has held court at the top spot, raking in well over $40 million thanks to a ton of endorsement deals and campaigns. Oh, and every once in awhile, she actually walks on a runway. This past year, she closed out shows for Alexander Wang and Givenchy.</p><p>While it&rsquo;s no surprise that Gisele leads this glamorous pack, there are some shockers on this year&rsquo;s list. Click through the gallery above to find out who made the cut &mdash; and more importantly, how much they made.</p><p>This story was originally published by.</p><p><p></p>MEET THE MAN REPELLER</p><p>Three different boys were taking Upper East Sider Leandra Medine out on dates. They all seemed to like her, and enjoyed spending time with her -- but none wanted to be her boyfriend.</p><p>When Medine complained to a friend about her predicament, her friend responded, "maybe it's because you dress funny boys don't want to take you around."</p><p>What?! Medine, who is typically draped in Alexander Wang and Philip Lim, was floored.</p><p>"If I have to give up good fashion for a relationship, I don't want a relationship," she declared.</p><p>In response to her relationship troubles, Medine created the blog in April 2010.</p><p>Man-repelling is a style choice, Medine says. And to her, it's always more important to have good style than to be fashionable.</p><p>Medine, who graduated from The New School in May with a degree in journalism, defines "man-repelling" as "outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls, shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs."</p><p>"My blog is not about repelling men, it's about good fashion," Medine said. "Being a man repeller becomes a process of elimination. If a guy is only really into your outfit and won't date you because of what you're wearing, they are too driven by the female exterior and don't care about your intellect."</p><p>Within days, The Man Repeller became an internet hit., Gawker, The Cut, and Fashionista all covered Leandra's innovative approach.</p><p>"The name definitely drew people to my blog originally, but the content kept them coming back," Medine says. "I knew I wanted to be a fashion writer, but didn't want to contribute to the over-saturated market unless I could contribute in a meaningful way."</p><p>Before she knew it, Medine was front-row at fashion week, being photographed and interviewed.</p><p>"Designers want me in the front-row because of the real time updates I provide," Medine said. "I'm , , from that seat photos of what I'm seeing. And it's all going to my 40,000 twitter followers and my 10,000 followers. The instant access is what it's all about."</p><p>THE CLOTHES</p><p>Her father thought it was an addiction.</p><p>Three closets and a garment rack fill Leandra Medine's room on the Upper East Side. One closet holds 102 pairs of shoes. Another has long dresses, and the third has blouses and pants. The garment rack holds all her coats.</p><p>While she has plenty of options, Medine's favorite piece of clothing is a Philip Lim leopard coat with black leather sleeves. Something she says adds "instant cool" to any outfit.</p><p>Medine lives at home, but supports herself through ads on the blog and promotional appearances.</p><p>"I use to only be a sales shopper before I started the blog," Medine said. "But I definitely feel a little more pressure now to wear clothes that are new and current. I want girls to come to my blog for inspiration and for it to be new and contemporary."</p><p>FASHION WEEK</p><p>Medine has interned at Valentino, and has partnered with brands such as Griffin to design a trench coat.</p><p>She knew designer Rebecca Minkoff --or as Medine calls her "Becky" -- because Minkoff has always supported young entrepreneurs trying to make a name for themselves.</p><p>A few months ago, Medine was out for drinks with Minkoff's public relations woman and Medine, who admits she was a little buzzed, blurted out "Becky should have me walk in her show."</p><p>"That's a great idea, show me your walk."</p><p>Medine strutted her stuff there at Tiny's in TriBeca and the deal was set. The public relations woman texted Minkoff on the spot and she agreed instantly.</p><p>Flabbergasted this drunken-idea worked, Medine tried on a few outfits, was fitted and chose leather shorts and a green trench shirt.</p><p>"I know my place I'm a writer, not a model," Medine said. "But I didn't want people to think I thought I was a model. I guess I'm a little self-conscious in that respect."</p><p>As Medine cat-walked Sept. 12 in Minkoff's show, she pulled out her phone to record the event. As the public realized it was The Man Repeller on the runway, cheers and applause erupted.</p><p>"One Tree Hill" Star Sophia Bush () even tweeted, "When @ManRepeller walked in the @RebeccaMinkoff show I screamed my head off. #DieOnTheFloor #GirlCrush #LOVE #nyfw"</p><p>WHAT'S NEXT?</p><p>The Man Repeller is now its own brand. Some don't even know Medine's real name, yet can recognize her on the street. She's more than happy to stop and say hello to anyone.</p><p>It's still very weird to her she is recognizable and if you say hello she'll probably ask you what you're up to later, because she's free and would love to hang out.</p><p>In addition to aligning herself with brands, and jetting off to Paris for Fashion Week, Medine is currently writing a book of short, fun essays that she describes as "not unlike her blog, but not her blog."</p><p>"Over the next year, the big goal is definitely to stay grounded," Medine said. "Yes, to stay grounded and realize how lucky I am."</p><p>This year, the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards is being held on June 4 at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. The event seeks to ""</p><p>Past winners have includedAlexander Wang, Eddie Borgo, and Prabal Gurung.</p><p>In anticipation for next week's event, the CFDA partnered with Polyvore&ndash;""&ndash;to host a judged by the CEO of CFDA, Steven Kolb.</p><p>The two categories up for debate were "Women's Designer of the Year" and "Accessory Designer of the Year."</p><p>In the running for "Designer of the Year" were Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for the Row, Jack McColloughand Lazaro Hernandez for Proenza Schouler, and Marc Jacobs, while Alexander Wang,Jack McCollough and Lazaro HernandezforProenza Schouler, and were the nominees for best "Accessory Designer." </p><p>After 1,525 votes, members awarded Marc Jacobs with the prestigious "Designer of the Year" award, while Proenza Schouler won "Accessory Designer of the Year."</p><p>The fans have spoken! </p>SEE ALSO:<p><p></p><p>Screen shot of the Louis Vuitton condom from the original article on Huffington Post </p> Today everyone was .</p><p>If you're willing to spend $68 for a twelve pack, you might be disappointed, as they are not actually associated with the company but have been designed by , according to a piece by.</p><p>This is not the only brand name condom rumor to make it online.A year ago,.</p><p>Those wanting to "keep it classy," as the Coco Chanel wrapping advised, still can do so with condoms from . According to , Proper Attire condoms have been designed by the likes of Alexander Wang and Charlotte Ronson. And probably the most affordable brand name condoms are those by , which only cost $1.50 a pop.</p><p>Steve Blank is the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a guru.</p><p>The has a big theory: entrepreneurship is a skill that can be taught.</p><p>At Stanford and Berkeley, Blank teaches scientists to get out of their labs and find real customers for their ideas -- without getting bogged down in the traditional MBA weeds of spreadsheets and revenue models.</p><p>Blank and a few other like minds traveled a lonesome road earlier this decade, but now their ideas are broadly admired, and they help inspire the current crop of startups coming out of the Valley -- and the angel investors and VCs who fund them.</p><p>We caught up with the outspoken professor to talk about the state of the tech business today.</p><p>Highlights from our conversation:</p><p>Here's a lightly edited transcript of the full interview.</p><p>Business Insider: Let's start with the big LinkedIn IPO this week. Do you think we're at the beginning of another big tech boom like the 90s?</p><p>Steve Blank. Absolutely. Tech boom and bubble. Away we go. I think it's going to be great.</p><p>BI: So you'd call it a bubble?</p><p>SB: Oh absolutely. There's no rational basis for the valuations. It doesn't mean it's a bad company, it just means that we're now into buying things because we think the sector's going to be hot and there's going to be more to follow.</p><p>I also think we're much smarter this time. Last bubble, we didn't say it was a bubble. We said it was the new normal. Now at least journalists and financial analysts are being smart and asking "what does this mean and when does it end?" I think it's not March 2000, I think it's August 1995 -- Netscape's IPO. It'll bring a lot of cash and innovation into technology clusters.</p><p>BI: Other than the fact that people recognize it as a bubble, do you see any other differences between what's happening today and what was happening in the late '90s?</p><p>SB: It may be instructive to remember what happened before the late '90s. VCs tutored their companies on how to grow revenues and how to get customers. Up to August '95, you couldn't take a company public through any of the boutique technology players, the Hambrechts, the Robertsons, the Montgomerys, without having five quarters of increasing profitability and revenue.</p><p>August '95 through March 2000, the rules changed because there was an unending appetite in the financial markets -- VCs didn't have anything to do with it, it was the investment banks and the public. So venture capitalists -- because they're smart and organized to optimize profits for their limited partners -- stopped being company builders and started becoming financial engineers. Startups and Silicon Valley companies were no longer building revenue or profits, they were building slideware and concept and hype. If it had the letter "e" or "Internet" it was a concept IPO.</p><p>Post-crash, VCs picked through the rubble and spent the last decade building companies. This bubble is beginning not with hype, but built on the rubble on the last one. These first 10, 20, 50 companies coming out that have filed have real revenue, real profits, real customers. I think that's dramatically different between this bubble and the last. I'm not concerned about the first wave of companies.</p><p>We also know now, which we didn't 10 years ago, how to eliminate the egregious infant mortality risks. It used to be war stories. Now I can probably say "talk to me about your customers" after 6 months. If you can't do that, I can't guarantee you're going to fail but you're sure not on a high probability trajectory.</p><p>"Tell me what you found outside the building." "Oh, we're still working on the spec." Not a good sign.</p><p>BI: So explain your concept of , what that is and why it works.</p><p>SB: Venture capital and technology entrepreneurship is at best 50 years old in its modern form. What we did for the first 50 years of startups was get it wrong. We treated startups as smaller versions of large companies. We said "everything you do for these large companies -- business plans, you need to write one. VPs of sales -- you need to have one. Revenue plans -- you need to execute that. Everything they do at IBM, you need to do in your startup, just a smaller version."</p><p>It took 50 years to realize why that's wrong. Large companies execute known business models, while startups search for a business model. The distinction between execution and search is huge. People who execute are incredibly uncomfortable in a chaotic environment, and people who are wonderfully comfortable in chaos go crazy in an execute environment. Business plans, which are great for your second and third product in a large company, are a joke in a startup when it's all a series of unknowns.</p><p>My work, , , and others are now creating the equivalent of a parallel stack -- what you learned in business school for execution, we're now teaching what you learn for search.</p><p>BI: I've heard some people criticize the angel model in that it encourages small ideas and small exits. Would you like to see more startups going for big, groundbreaking, home run ideas?</p><p>SB: I think that's people looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Those observations are wrong. Big ideas haven't gone away -- VCs writing $10 million checks haven't gone away. Even clean tech hasn't gone away. Adam Grosser raising $2 billion for a clean tech fund out of Silverlake. Elon Musk isn't putting rockets into space for 100 grand or doing Tesla [for cheap]. These are big money ideas.</p><p>We now have a methodology, we know how to time the money, so there's very few business cases where you should be taking tens of millions of dollars on day one, even for big ideas.</p><p>For example Facebook -- they could have raised a ton of money up front, but you don't need it up front, you need it in the back.</p><p>BI: What about big established companies like Google and Microsoft? How can they overcome the innovator's dilemma and recapture some of the energy of the startup world?</p><p>Next Page: </p><p>High-end designer Alexander Wang is fighting back against allegations he forced employees to work in less-than-admirable conditions.</p><p>In a motion filed Friday, the who filed a wide-ranging class action against the designer.</p><p>Wang claims ex-workers are trying to extort money from him and embarrass him in the process</p><p>He took particular issue with allegations that the space where employees worked was anything but a "bright" and "professional" studio space.</p><p>Those workers made baseless allegations, likening Wang's studio to "a windowless, third-world sweatshop," Wang claimed.</p><p>In reality, the workers were just trying to "embarrass these high-profile, highly successful defendants and tarnish their professional reputations, in a shameless bid to extort a substantial monetary settlement," according to the motion.</p><p>The former employees, who assembled sample garments, claimed they had to work 15 hours a day during Fashion Week and that managers abused and berated them, Wang's motion stated.</p>DON'T MISS:<p>Marc Jacobs & Diane Von Furstenberg</p> <p>Kate Bostock, head of design at M&amp;S, agreed. 'We could have gone safe and classic for next season, but that would have been a mistake,' she said. 'Women want a diversion; to feel good about something.'</p><p>Glenda Bailey, editor-in- chief of U.S. Harper's Bazaar, who, like many big cheeses of U.S. fashion, will not be attending London Fashion Week, is upbeat.</p> <p>'I think the good thing about the recession is that it has focused people. Am I doing what is right for my customer? It makes designers more creative.'</p> <p>Kate Betts of Time magazine agrees. She thinks designers have to be surprising, rather than safe, to keep us shopping.</p> <p>'The Marc Jacobs show was the perfect example of a designer responding [to the financial situation]. It was OTT, surprising, unique.</p> <p> If you wear MJ, you feel part of something bigger, you feel plugged in. We need fantasy to make us feel vital.'</p> <p>But do we? Aren't we smarter than that? The signs in the U.S. are that women are pulling in their patent belts. The sales of the all-powerful U.S. glossies, including American Vogue, are down.</p> <p>The Bill Blass ready-to-wear line, designed by Peter Som, is in danger of closing.</p> <p>'The top end of the luxury market has not been affected,' says Johann Rupert of Richemont, which owns Cartier and Chloe. But you wonder how long it will be before the high-end brands start feeling the pinch.</p> <p>It seemed designers were too dismissive last week of the 'real' women who might want to buy their clothes. While the Diane von Furstenberg show for 'power bohemians' was intricate and colourful, it made me wonder: 'Why has she abandoned what she does best: simple shirt dresses for the working woman?'</p> <p>Far from being more inclusive, the off-putting snootiness that shrouds the business like smog continued unabated. At Proenza Schouler and Narciso Rodriguez, this publication was not deemed edgy enough and I was deemed worthy of only half a seat (I got 83b and 28b respectively).</p> <p> </p> <p><br>I was expressly not invited to shows by British designers Matthew Williamson and Jonathan Saunders. Let's hope both brands' backers are happy with this strategy. It's as if the designers inhabit a gorgeous bubble they believe is impervious to being pricked.</p> <p>This is no more evident than in the refusal of most of those who work in fashion to lift a Swarovski-ringed finger to help the environment.</p> <p> Fashionistas in New York still insist on taking town cars to each and every show: platform shoes, surely, are as unenvironmentally friendly as an unlagged loft.</p> <p>We need designers to do more than just align themselves to a cause as a clever marketing wheeze, viz Calvin Klein's extravagant party in the environmentally cutting edge High Line, the garden in the sky created out of a disused railway line.</p> <p>No expense was spared: a walkway was constructed by none other than John Pawson, whose budgets, unlike his architecture, are far from minimalist.</p> <p>I thought the all-white Calvin collection on Thursday was dreamy, but has designer Francisco Costa never thought about the dry-cleaning bills?</p> <p>And while Marc Jacobs is, routinely, hailed as a genius (I don't know about you, but I have no desire to look like Mary Poppins), rather than list the names of the 300-plus people he wanted to thank in the programme, how about listing where his fabric came from and where his designs are manufactured instead?</p> <p>There were two (low-energy) lights at the end of this tunnel. First was the new, more feminine collection from Edun. I chatted to Ali Hewson, the founder of the Fair Trade, largely organic fashion label (and wife of Bono), at the launch.</p> <p>I asked if she ever feels like giving up, given the vacuous mwah-mwahing and the edicts to consume more and more.</p> <p>'I'm optimistic,' she said. 'I do think the high-end designers are changing. The customer is forcing these brands to be more careful.'</p> <p>With the Wildlife Conservation Society, she is working with farmers to help them in the transition to organic cotton. 'We want to go 100 per cent organic,' she said. 'We are a small company, but we have a big voice.'</p> <p>Plaudits, too, to a new label called, simply, Organic by John Patrick. Seventy per cent of his collection - inspired by the last great recession in the Thirties - is made in the U.S. from sustainable fabrics at a time when the famous Garment District is threatened with closure.</p> <p>I particularly loved Patrick's organic, Fair Trade sweaters knitted in villages in Peru.</p> <p>But these two designers are exceptions in a business not renowned for being responsible.</p> <p>Simon Doonan, window dresser-turned-fashion-commentator, said last week that the problem of not enough ethnic diversity on the catwalk is more important than that of too many skinny girls, but I think the issue is one and the same: normal women are being ignored.</p> <p>While the ethnic diversity on the catwalk has improved from the laughable 6 per cent of runway slots last season (French designer Sophie Theallet used all black models at her show), my bone of contention is that the black and Asian girls cast in the shows are not remotely representative.</p> <br> <p>Take new British star Jourdan Dunn, who is getting thinner by the second. Have you seen those limbs? Her head is way too big for her teeny tiny body.</p> <p>And after all the hoo-hah and the Press conferences held by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), let me point out that, flying in the face of a directive not to hire girls under 16, last season the 15-year-old Karlie (she turned 16 in August) did 30 runway shows in New York.</p> <p>So much, too, for the directive that any girl under 18 should not work over-long hours. Karlie also did shows last season at Alberta Ferretti, Jil Sander, Max Mara, Pringle et al in Milan; so much, too, for the Italian 16-and-over directive.</p> <p>But, I hear you wail, what of the clothes? Well, there was a smattering of brilliance to tempt even the most poverty stricken.</p> <p></p><p>At Marc by Marc Jacobs, I loved the bright, chunky necklaces worn as a belt or like a string of bullets across one shoulder. All the bags were intentionally cheap looking - like something a student might draw peace signs on with a Biro.</p> <p>The mainline Marc Jacobs show was the usual hysterical bun fight, the only shock being it started only 12 minutes late: times must be hard.<br> While I was underwhelmed, many in the business almost fainted at the spectacle. Rachel Zoe, the stylist credited with giving us size zero celebrities in tight white pants, sheer floaty tops and a tan, could only mutter, 'I'm sorry, I'm just so overwhelmed' after the show, which featured 53 looks.</p> <p>Phillip Lim and Carlos Miele produced wearable, sexy shows. Great, too, was Derek Lam, who sent out neutral, sporty clothes that were eminently wearable.</p> <p>Another lauded newcomer was Alexander Wang, but I thought his collection was too reminiscent of Eighties' Katharine Hamnett, as was the collection at Preen, which featured big, floaty shirts in parachute silk.</p> <p>I liked the DKNY parka dresses, denim jumpsuits and boyfriend jackets, but the overall effect reminded me a little of an MC Hammer video.</p> <p>But while few designers could come up with anything new, a handful took their designs up a notch.</p> <p></p> <p>Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, and Jennifer Lopez</p> <p>Vera Wang was exquisite: ultra-light, sheer gazar and taffeta confections that were feminine and dynamic. I loved the skinny bottle green satin trousers worn under floaty tops. Like most designers, she showed simply tons of jewels at waist and neck.</p> <p>Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti was very pretty, with beaded dresses cinched at the waist with Sam Brown belts - a sort of high-end hippie look for the incredibly young and the incredibly well-off.</p> <p>Oscar de la Renta's show on Park Avenue was so classy and timeless - wide, Kate Hepburn trousers, lashings of costume jewellery, beautifully crafted day dresses and drop-dead gorgeous evening wear - that you could almost forget that the biggest seller in the U.S. is a pair of Sarah Palin spectacles.</p> <p>After all that money and effort, after so many flutes of champagne poured down scrawny throats, come next spring you will be wearing shoulder pads, all-in-ones, clown suits, shorts, racer-back T-shirts, clumpy shoes (still!), combat pants, leggings, one-shouldered jersey dresses, bucket-loads of gaudy costume jewellery and the tightest white jeans I have ever seen, courtesy of Rock &amp; Republic.</p> <p>Hollywood stars were out in force last week, shipped in to add moral support and boost column inches. There was Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder and Uma Thurman at almost every show I went to, but by far the most ubiquitous celebrity was Jennifer Lopez.</p> <p>Which prompted me to think: God, this woman has twins. Why is she not at home covered in pureed banana? But therein lies the essence of New York fashion week. These people are superhuman, not like you and me at all.</p> <p>Maybe at London Fashion Week, which continues all week and which has already seen Allegra Hicks cancel her show due to lack of sponsorship, we will be brought back down to earth with a bump.</p> <p> </p>She's red hot! Alessandra Ambrosio looks sensational in futuristic Fire and Ice shoot for Muse<br><p> By <br>UPDATED:07:57 GMT, 28 November 2011</p><p>Her legion of male fans are used to seeing Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio looking feminine.</p><p>But the gorgeous Brazilian still managed to look sensational in an androgynous shoot titled Fire and Ice for Muse magazine.</p><p>The 30-year-old looked stunning in the sci-fi themed pictures for the winter edition of the popular fashion periodical.</p><p>Fans of the supermodel will be shocked to see how different she looks in the two different covers produced from the spectacular collection of photographs.</p><p>She sported a sleek bob in two different colours for the Italian fashion publication's latest offering.<br></p><p>Top photographer Chad Pitman was behind the camera for the uniquely styled shoot, which featured plenty of interesting colour contrasts.</p><p> </p><p> <br></p><p></p>Those shoes were made for walking! Alex Gerrard explores her girly side as she steps out in matching pastel accessories<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:17:42 GMT, 28 August 2012 UPDATED:17:42 GMT, 28 August 2012</p><p>A well-rested Alex Gerrard might have swapped the sun soaked beaches of Portugal for the streets of Liverpool, but the 29-year-old WAG is clearly still in the holiday spirit.<br></p><p>Making the most of her holiday tan, after spending last week frolicking on the beach with her children and friends, the wife of England and Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard has returned to England to finish off the summer in her home town.<br></p><p>Despite the changing weather, the blonde mother of three clearly wanted to catch the last days of the season.</p><p> </p><p>And she ensured she did exactly that by matching a pastel pink Alexander Wang studded bag with a pair of co-ordinating studded pink trainers.</p><p>The look is a welcome change from her usual skyscraper heels.</p><p>The fashion enthusiast was certainly out to prove her style credentials by pairing her summery accessories with a snakeskin jacket and jeans, a far more casual look than her usual glam ensembles.<br></p><p>After showing off her amazing bikini body on holiday last week, spending all of her days in a number of skimpy bikinis, Alex seemed more than happy to cover herself up with a baggy white t-shirt covering her toned body today (Tuesday).</p><p>All smiles! Alex Gerrard hits the streets of her hometown of Liverpool after holidaying in sunny Portugal</p><p>Although the sun might have disappeared, she kept her favourite Aviators firmly over her eyes as she hit the streets, her long blonde hair complimenting her deep tan.</p><p>After spending the last few months partying hard with her husband and a host of famous friends at exotic locations around the world, including Las Vegas, the fashion columnist seemed happy to be back on home turf.</p><p>She couldn&#8217;t keep the smile off her face as she wandered through the city that she knows so well, probably ready to spend a little time at home as her husband buckles down to a busy football season.</p><p>After Liverpool&#8217;s disappointing defeat to West Brom last week, his mind will most definitely have to be on footballing, rather than partying in the sun.</p><p> </p>Tight enough for you? Amber Rose arrives at London Fashion Week in an eye-watering Lycra dress<p>By <br>UPDATED:12:52 GMT, 23 February 2011</p><p></p><p>Kanye West's ex-girlfriend Amber Rose made sure she was centre of attention at a London Fashion Week bash yesterday in a skintight dress that left little to the imagination. <br></p><p>The 27-year-old flamboyant fashionista was sporting the black outfit with a zip up the back and skyscraper white platforms to the Bodyamr catwalk show at The<br>Vauxhall Fashion Scout event in Freemasons Hall, London.<br></p><p>The shaven-headed star's outfit was certainly more extreme than the orange concoction she sported the previous day for the Love magazine party held in honour for Alexander Wang at Liberty.</p><p>Also at the bash were Louise Redknapp in a fluffy cream coat, skin tight black trousers and black stilettos, and Tamara Ecclestone, who was wearing a silver top with mushroom-coloured jeans.</p><p></p><p>The London-based label, which was created by Amr Ali, is clearly a celebrity favourite with its mix of rather rockstar-ish metallics, sky-scraper heels, furs and silks. <br></p><p>Amber meanwhile has taken up with another rap star, albeit a much less famous one. <br></p><p>The wannabe fashion designer and model is now stepping out with Pittsburg hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa, 23.<br></p><p>Better known to his mother as Cameron Thomaz, Wiz confirmed earlier this month that he had got together with Rose and that their relationship status was 'currently cool.'</p><p>Amber meanwhile Tweeted back: 'I need my baby, I'm so in LOVE I don't care what anyone says&#8230;my heart is with Cam.'<br></p><p>Meanwhile, Kanye appeared to be referring to his somewhat exhibitionist former girlfriend's choice of attire yesterday - or maybe her choice of new boyfriend - when he tweeted on Sunday night: 'Exes never change.'</p><p> <br></p>American model Ashley Smith makes a splash in Cannes in a stylish swimsuit<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:22:57 GMT, 19 May 2011</p><p>Rising model Ashley Smith found a way to get noticed amid the galaxy of stars holidaying in Cannes this week. <br></p><p>The 20-year-old, who was recently named the face of designer Alexander Wang's T collection, put her figure on show in a black one piece. <br></p><p>Her Norma Kamali swimsuit is a favourite among curvy women - Modern Family's Sofia Vergara wore a blue version for her recent Pepsi advertisement. <br></p><p>American actress Rosario Dawson, 32, also joined the model and friends on the high seas. </p><p> </p><p>Smith was first discovered as a young teen at the the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.</p><p>She has appeared in editorial campaigns for Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and has also starred in runway shows for Jen Kao and Prada. <br></p><p>The 5ft 8in gapped teeth, she has a similar look to British models Lara Stone and Georgia Jagger.</p><p> She recently said she is flattered by comparisons to Stone, who is married to comedian David Walliams. <br></p><p>'I think she has cleared an amazing path for me!' Smith says. 'But I am my own person and have many different things to bring to this industry.'</p><p>She also in a interview with last year that she had considered getting braces before her modelling career. </p><p>She said: 'Yeah I thought about it a lot when I was little, I even went to the dentist to get it fixed, but I&#8217;ve never actually had all the money in one place to be able to do it. Now it makes me money!'<br></p><p>She also says her buxom figure - she is a 32D - is both a blessing and a curse. <br></p><p>'I believe it&#8217;s a deciding factor for a lot of jobs, because it effects the clothes so much.</p><p>'But it&#8217;s part of me! So one day theywill just adjust all the clothes to my bust, rather than me having to adjust my breasts for their clothes.'</p><p>Smith also has aspirations beyond modelling. <br></p><p>'I&#8217;ve always wanted to be a Broadway actress,' she has said. 'You know Little Shop of Horrors? I&#8217;m gonna playAudrey one day! Just you wait.'</p><p> <br></p><p><br></p><p> </p>Who's that girl? Tyra Banks mocks her new model recruits in promo video<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:13:36 GMT, 24 February 2011</p><p>As an experienced supermodel who has reached the dizzying heights of catwalk and cover girl fame you would think she would be more sympathetic to aspiring wannabes.<br></p><p>But instead of welcoming her new recruits with open arms, Tyra Banks has mocked the models-in-the-making in a film clip for her new series of America&#8217;s Next Top Model.<br></p><p>Portraying three very different girls the 37-year-old model made fun of the young girls hoping to recreate her success.<br></p><p> In the video, broadcast just before the first show, Tyra interprets three very different girls, a sweet and innocent 19-year-old, a fierce and determined young lady , and an edgier rocker type.</p><p></p><p>Dressed in a long blonde wig as the clueless and overexcited caricature, Tyra proclaimed she really wanted to be America&#8217;s next big thing, her favourite designer was &#8216;Hello Kitty&#8217; - and she would do anything but &#8216;cut her hair&#8217;.<br></p><p>Next came the aggressive type who declared she wasn&#8217;t taking part &#8216;to make friends&#8217; as Tyra portrayed an ambitious and feisty recruit. <br></p><p>Finally Tyra donned a short jet black wig, dark make-up and a floor-length black gown for her final impression of the girl who just doesn&#8217;t care. <br></p><p>Gothic Tyra declared that she didn&#8217;t want to be there and said that she didn&#8217;t know the first thing about what she was doing.<br></p><p>The promo video came ahead of the first show of the series, which has enjoyed considerable success in the U.S. and around the globe in spin-off shows. <br></p><p> Tyra, who has enjoyed a lengthy and successful modelling career, has managed to cultivate a TV brand from her model series as well as her own self-titled show.<br></p><p>The video cameo was aired ahead of the introduction of her newest batch of rookies, with the first show in the series broadcast in America last night. <br></p><p>Tyra has taken to Twitter to promote her show and posted a photo of herself along with the caption: &#8216;You think we're PLAYIN'?! Watch Top Model's premiere TONIGHT!&#8217;<br></p><p> And the first show certainly didn&#8217;t disappoint with plenty of cringe-worthy moments to enjoy, including the girls having to walk in Alexander Wang on a water runway inside a plastic bubble.<br></p><p>But while Tyra&#8217;s professional life is going from strength to strength her personal life was troublesome towards the end of last year.<br></p><p>In October she was granted a temporary restraining order against her 'mentally unstable stalker' Marten Williams Jr.<br></p><p>In documents filed at LA County Superior Court by her attorney, Evan Spiegel, the supermodel-turned-talk show host states: 'I am in fear from Mr Williams for my personal safety, and that of those around me, including my family and employees.'<br></p><p>The model also claimed the man had a history of mental illness - and that he believes 'he killed George Bush Jr. and that Michael Jackson is alive and well and living in Long Beach'.<br></p><p>In addition, she claimed 39-year-old - who is 6'2" and 220lb - left several 'ominous frightening letters and items' at her home, including his prescription medication, L.A. County jail wristbands and a note referencing a wedding ceremony set for 1/08/11 - the day he believes he and Tyra are set to marry.<br></p><p>She alleged that Williams has 'targeted and harassed and stalked' her and her family for the past four years.<br></p><p>U.S. website TMZ reports that Williams had been arrested just earlier this month for trespassing on Tyra's Beverly Hills property. <br></p><p>At the time Williams told police he was bringing Tyra 'offerings.'<br></p><p>He was later placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, but Tyra's people believe he may have already been released. <br></p><p>In the documents Tyra requested that Williams stayed at least 100 yards away from her and her family.</p><p>Do you have a story about a celebrity? Call the Daily Mail showbusiness desk on 0207 938 6364 or 0207 938 6683. For U.S. stories, phone 310 642 2317.<br></p>Chic clique crib sheet: An insider's guide to London Fashion Week<p>By </p><p>UPDATED:11:30 GMT, 7 September 2009</p><p></p><p>Want to get with the London Fashion Week gang? Then learn who&#8217;s who and strut your stuff in six-inch heels, says Jo Blythe <br></p><p></p><p><br></p><p>KNOW THE UNIFORMS</p><p><br>Ooh, we do love a fashion tribe. The most contentious being the RSIs <br>(rich socialite interns), marked out for their precocious fashion sense (see Gossip Girl), powerful connections and limitless funds to splash on new designer garb &#8211; Alexander Wang and Luella are favourites. <br></p><p>&#8216;The RSIs are slowly but surely taking over,&#8217; says one fashion PR. &#8216;I remember when I was a teenage intern, being so envious of my boss&#8217;s designer clothes. Now it&#8217;s the other way round!&#8217; <br></p><p>Note: they are not necessarily the coolest girls on the block, but they are ambitious and therefore worth knowing &#8211; you never can tell whose shoes they&#8217;ll be slipping into in ten years&#8217; time. <br></p><p>Next come the FASHION BUYERS. &#8216;I call them the fashion witches,&#8217; jokes Brix Smith-Start, owner of Shoreditch&#8217;s Start boutique and star of Gok&#8217;s Fashion Fix, &#8216;because they always wear all black. It&#8217;s very severe and purposeful &#8211; they want to look like they mean business.&#8217; <br></p><p>The buyers can make or break a designer commercially by giving them their first sales outlet. After all, there&#8217;s no point being splashed across fashion pages if no one is stocking your clothes. You can&#8217;t live on PR.<br></p><p>Then there&#8217;s the MOD (model off duty) look &#8211; black tuxedo jacket, elegantly distressed Alexander Wang T-shirt (retail: £165) and tight ripped jeans. <br></p><p>You&#8217;ll know they&#8217;re important if they&#8217;re in a rush &#8211; only new girls have time to loiter at limitless castings. The top names have private fittings and wear the hottest bags and shoes &#8211; samples left over from shooting next season&#8217;s big-label campaigns.<br></p><p>Finally you have THE HANGERS-ON: friends of friends, fashion students and assistants who have managed to blag standing tickets. <br></p><p>Desperate to prove their fashion credentials, they make too much of an effort and look completely out of place for being so utterly bang on trend &#8211; either with head-to-toe current-season branded designer garb or (particularly if they&#8217;re students) wildly creative, <br>&#8216;ironic&#8217; concoctions of vintage and high street. <br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p>DON&#8217;T BE FOOLED &#8211; THE IT-BAG WAS NEVER OUT OF FASHION</p><p><br>The style press would have us believe that, in these penny-pinching times, the £800-plus It-bag phenomenon is over, but take a look at any fashion show front row and next to the designer-clad feet you&#8217;ll see a row of the very latest bags by Gucci, Mulberry and Yves Saint Laurent. Why? Because everyone loves a free bag. Leading brands regularly &#8216;gift&#8217; the latest design to an elite of editors prior to each season in the hope of currying favour, and, better still, the editors being photographed toting them. Editors frequently oblige. </p><p><br></p><p>THINK VINTAGE</p><p><br>You can&#8217;t beat the kudos of wearing a designer vintage original, a YSL tuxedo jacket or original Halston, particularly if the look is being reinvented in current collections. But savvy fashion lovers are taking it one step further by investing in pieces with the intention of wearing them as &#8216;vintage&#8217; five years from now. <br></p><p>&#8216;The most fashion-forward,&#8217; explains Kristian Laliberte, New York fashion publicist and consultant, &#8216;will buy pieces by an iconic designer rumoured to be leaving a particular fashion house, knowing they will be red-hot just a year or so down the line.&#8217; <br></p><p>For example, Tom Ford leaving Gucci in 2004, or Hedi Slimane leaving Dior in 2007. The equivalent today would be people buying Alber Elbaz, rumoured to be leaving Lanvin to take over from Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel (or for that matter, buying Lagerfeld, for the same reason). Galliano designs from his period at Givenchy are now traded like fine art. <br><br></p><p> </p><p> THE HIGHER THE HEEL, THE MORE POWERFUL THE FOOT</p><p><br>The uber-heel says: &#8216;I have not had to run for a bus, stand in a queue or walk in the rain to reach this show.&#8217; <br></p><p>Six-inchers are now de rigueur for those who lap up the latest designs. (This season the must-haves are YSL leopard Tribute sandals that measure 51&#8260;2 inches high and retail for a staggering £735.) At work, insiders may have flats under their desks, but for fashion weeks it&#8217;s stilettos at dawn&#8230; and dusk.<br><br></p><p>LOGOS ARE NO-GO</p><p></p><p><br>Except for the requisite (free) It-bag, don&#8217;t expect to see logos on display. The fashion crowd relish wearing pieces by subtle &#8216;stealth&#8217; brands that can only be identified by a knowledgeable few. Christian Louboutin, with his trademark red soles, used to be a great example of this before WAGs discovered him too. For many, the apex of stealth is Belgian label Maison Martin Margiela. Margiela pieces have no labels and are identified only by four tiny external white stitches. <br><br></p><p> SPEAK FASHIONESE</p><p><br></p><p>You&#8217;ll need to swot up on your vocab if you want to blend in. Blag it as an editor by referring to your next issue as the &#8216;book&#8217; (&#8216;I can soo see the Day-Glo shirt in our February book&#8217;); to parts of a show you particularly liked as &#8216;stories&#8217; (&#8216;I just loved the Christopher Kane knitwear &#8220;story&#8221;, didn&#8217;t you?&#8217;), and to good pieces as &#8216;strong&#8217; (&#8216;I thought his collection was very strong&#8217;). <br></p><p>Fashion has also fallen in love with odd-looking &#8211; or &#8216;interesting&#8217; &#8211; models in recent years. To sound really in the know, refer to them by their insider name of &#8216;jolies-laides&#8217;. Literal translation: pretty-ugly. Fashionese definition: unconventionally beautiful. Not pretty, then, but distinctive.<br><br></p><p>GET YOURSELF PAPPED</p><p><br>Nonchalant they may appear, but fashionistas are acutely aware of the need to be photographed, particularly for prolific style bloggers such as the Sartorialist, who snap the best outfits coming out of the shows&#8230; <br></p><p>&#8216;People will work their outfit, and time their departure from a show, with a view to getting stopped,&#8217; says Kristian Laliberte. Most likely to be photographed is a look that mixes high street and designer names, preferably with one hot item that no one else has been able to get their hands on. Aim for indefinable chic, but &#8211; crucially &#8211; not over-styled. It should look like you&#8217;ve just thrown it on. <br><br> </p>The Olsen twins join fashion's hottest names as they make list of top 30 designers and artists under 30<br><p> By <br>UPDATED:10:30 GMT, 22 December 2011</p><p>Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen have been included in a list of fashion's top 30 names under 30-years-old.</p><p>The former child stars, both 25, who shot to fame on Full House, made the list thanks to a multi-million-dollar clothing empire.</p><p>Their labels include the high-end The Row, which has been worn by Michelle Obama, mid-priced Elizabeth &amp; James, ant the cheaper teen line Olsenboye, which is sold exclusively at JC Penney.</p><p>They are also behind fashion website StyleMint, which recently collaborated with Rachel Bilson.<br></p><p>The high-achieving twins were joined in the round-up by rising industry stars such as Joseph Altuzarra, 28, tipped by the title to be the next Marc Jacobs.</p><p>Mr Altuzarra worked at Marc Jacobs and Givenchy before starting his own line Altuzarra in 2008.</p><p>The designer told the title that he aims to 'create clothes for women in their 40s and 50s and 60s who have careers and are sexy and don't want to looklike grandmothers&#8217;.</p><p>Another Marc Jacobs alumni, Chris Benz, also won a deserved position on the list.</p><p>The 29-year-old, who also designed for J Crew before starting his own line in 2007, is known for his trademark use of texture, as flamboyantas his signature pink hair colour.</p><p></p><p>Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, 27, the son offormer French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld was given a nod for his successful pop-up galleries in New York, Paris and London and private art dealer business.</p><p>And fashion industry favourite Alexander Wang was included for his label which has already become a 'full-blown lifestyle brand' despite the designer still being two years shy of his 30th birthday.</p><p>Other notable names that featured were accessories designer Pamela Love, 29, and Zana Bayne, 23, whose detailed leather harnesses are a favourite with Lady Gaga.</p><p>Conceptual artist JR, painter Jacob Kassay and artist Aaron Koblin were those chosen from the art world by an esteemed panel of judges including Chuck Close, Jeffery Deitch and Simon Doonan.<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>Battle of the supermodels! Bar Rafaeli is all legs in white lace... as buxom Kate Upton takes the plunge in a low-cut black gown<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:23:34 GMT, 9 September 2012 UPDATED:06:56 GMT, 10 September 2012</p><p></p><p>As cover girl for the much anticipated first issue of CR Fashion Book, Kate Upton appears clutching five fluffy chicks above her ample cleavage.</p><p>And at the launch of former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld's new magazine last night, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model again chose to highlight her buxom figure in a tight-fitting gown with plenty of cleavage.</p><p>The magazine's first cover girl looked sultry and glamorous at The Frick Collection museum in New York, with tousled hair, smokey eye make-up and an eye-catching silver and amber necklace.<br></p><p> </p><p>The 20-year-old beauty had plenty of competition at the supermodel-heavy event, however, not least of all from Bar Rafaeli.</p><p>The Israeli model defied the event's long gown-only dress code, turning up in a very short white lace number which showcased her fabulous pins.</p><p>Alessandra Ambrosio also dazzled in the leg department while managing to adhere to the dress code, wearing a long black gown with a daring split up the side.<br></p><p>Karlie Kloss also graced the event with her presence in a black evening gown. <br></p><p> </p><p> The 20-year-old American has been ranked 2nd on the Top 50 Models Women List by, and declared one of the top 30 models of the decade by Vogue Paris.</p><p>Other fashion luminaries in attendance included American fashion designer Alexander Wang, dressed head-to-toe in black, and Victoria's Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes.</p><p>The 27-year-old Dutch model also stuck to the international language of fashion, wearing a stunning black backless gown, her blonde hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. <br></p><p> Kate Upton was an interesting choicefor the first issue of CR Fashion Book, given that she straddles the worlds of high fashion and male fantasy.</p><p>She first shot to notice in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011, when she was named Rookie of the Year, and appeared again this year, when she was announced as the cover model.</p><p>Editor Carine Roitfeld, who edited French Vogue for a decade, became known for her controversial layouts populated by exposed breasts and cigarettes.</p><p>But the French native says her new magazine will head in a different direction.<br></p><p> <br></p><p> <br></p><p></p>Bare your sole: How to pull off 'flatforms' - the season's strangest footwear trend<p>By <br>UPDATED:13:26 GMT, 18 March 2011</p><p>Anyone who remembers wearing Buffalo shoes in the Nineties will understand the concept of 'flatforms'.</p><p>Marrying the comfort of flat shoes with the height of heels, the heavy-soled footwear was a hit with vertically-challenged teenagers - despite the fact that they looked vaguely geriatric.</p><p>Now the style is back, and it's been given a designer makeover. Chanel, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors all featured flatforms on their spring runways.</p><p> </p><p>Setting a trend: 'Flatform' wedge shoes appeared in several designers' spring collections, including Chanel (left) Derek Lam for eBay (centre) and Michael Kors (right)</p><p>Prada's $795 foam-soled Brothel Creeper has already sold out, and imitations are selling like hotcakes.</p><p></p><p>Holly Shoes' version is uncannily similar, and at just $92, costs a fraction of the price.</p><p>But as the days get hotter, open-toed sandal versions will also come into their own. Topshop and Tory Burch both have myriad options, while Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren both do a nice line in espadrille soles.</p><p>They aren't just for dressing down either - Lanvin's snake-print sole with slinky ribbon straps oozes glamour, and we love the punchy hue of Sergio Rossi's satin wedges.</p><p>In fact we rate them more than Prada's loafer style, which might prove difficult to wear - unless, of course, you are one of the label's catwalk models and have legs like pipe-cleaners.</p><p>We reckon flatform sandals will look fantastic in summer with boyish tailored shorts. But if you aren't confident about your legs, try using them to give height to wide-legged trousers or flares for an equally-on-trend Seventies look.<br></p><p>SIX OF THE BEST FLATFORMS FOR SUMMER<br></p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>Whoops! Former Disney princess Brenda Song is left red-faced after flashing a little too much flesh in a transparent dress<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:16:38 GMT, 25 March 2011</p><p>She's been on screen since the tender age of six, appearing in her first television series in 1994.</p><p>So you would think that actress Brenda Song, now 22, would know better.</p><p>But the former Disney princess and star of Oscar-nominated The Social Network made a rookie error yesterday when she visited a Beverly Hills hair salon wearing a tight black maxi dress which turned transparent under the harsh flash of paparazzi cameras.<br></p><p>The actress, who starred in children's television series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and spin-off The Suite Life On Deck from 2005 to 2010, seemed unaware of her slip-up as she smiled for the cameras.</p><p>Brenda was keen to keep her freshly styled hair away from the Los Angeles downpour with a large umbrella held by a friend.</p><p>But even that couldn't hide her exposed derrière and underwear as she climbed the steps outside the salon.</p><p> </p><p>Brenda wore her cotton dress which had a leotard-style top with a low-slung silver belt and leopard print ballet flats.</p><p>She added a studded satchel bag by designer Alexander Wang and large heart-sunglasses.</p><p>Miss Song, who also appeared in other television shows Hannah Montana and The Wizards of Waverly Place, recently graduated from Disney to more grown-up roles.</p><p>She played Mark Zuckerberg's sidekick Eduardo Saverin's girlfriend Christy in The Social Network.</p><p>She put in a comedic performance as the Facebook co-founder's (played by Andrew Garfield) unbalanced love interest.</p><p>She will next be seen in Boogie Town, a modern hip-hop version of classic musical West Side Story.<br></p><p>Do you have a story about a celebrity? Call the Daily Mail showbusiness desk on 0207 938 6364 or 0207 938 6683. For U.S. stories, phone 310 642 2317.<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>Celebrity dresser<p>by EMILY SHEFFIELD, Evening Standard</p><p>Vera Wang doesn't enjoy the Academy Awards. 'Oh God!' she moans,when I mention the impending ceremony, rolling her eyesheavenwards, exhausted at the thought. 'It's a nightmare - thefashion Olympics,' she groans.</p><p>'Every time it comes I'm like f**k, f**k! The pressure isenormous. At Christmas I'm breaking out in hives and by New Year'sEve, I'm saying, 'Here it comes, here it all comes.'</p><p>The American designer's reaction is surprising. After all, theerudite 53-year-old (she looks closer to 40) has fashioned a&pound;600 million empire out of dressing women for big events.</p><p>Her customers include Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and UmaThurman. You'd think she would be as cool as a cucumber. But thenormally upbeat designer has a right to feel apprehensive: "I had arotten time last year; I lost everyone,' she says.</p><p>'Eight dresses discarded at the last moment by eight stars. I'dbetter not lose the two I'm planning to dress this time - twounbelievable women,' she frets. And, no, she can't leton who they are.</p><p>With millions of television viewers worldwide, the Oscars are adesigner's dream. And the stars manipulate this to their advantage,forcing the likes of Emanuel Ungaro and Calvin Klein to run aroundthem like lackeys.</p><p>'Big stars always change their minds at the last minute. Youdon't know if they're wearing your design until you see them on thetelly.'</p><p>We meet at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge. Wang's loud NewYork drawl more than makes up for her diminutive frame and itcontinues to rise as she considers the countdown to 23 March.</p><p>This year she is taking no chances and is travelling to LA toattend personally to her flighty clients' needs.</p><p>'I try not to go because it's exhausting. In 1996, I took thered-eye from New York and landed at 8.30am the day of the Oscars,went straight to meet Alicia Silverstone for a lastminute fitting,then on to Barneys to dress Sharon Stone, then was back at theairport by 4.30pm for my flight</p><p>On the odd occasion, however, Wang has refused to enter theOscars race. 'A few years ago, there was this major star up for anOscar and everyone made dresses for her; I think Armani made sevenand Calvin Klein told me he was sending over a couple of gowns.'She shrugs.</p><p>'But I just refused to be in the sweepstakes, even though I gota personal call from that person.'</p><p>If celebrities get this much expert advice, how can they stillget it so wrong? Jennifer Connelly resembled a limp lettuce inbeige Balenciaga last year, while Gwyneth Paltrow was a disaster insee-through black Alexander McQueen. Wang nods in agreement.</p><p>'It goes wrong when they try to be too clever; the designer mustsuit the person's character. And hair and make-up are vital.Evening wear can easily step into the realm of the absurd, and lookoverwrought.'</p><p>Wang has that problem solved. She is great at creating fluid,sensual pieces, with intricate details and soft, flatteringsilhouettes. As she says: 'My clothes don't scream titsandass.'</p><p>Exactly what you want from a wedding dress, which is why shesells more than 10,000 a year, in London (from Liberty and TheWedding Shop) and in America. They start at &pound;3,000 foroff-the-peg, with sky-is-the-limit for couture. .</p><p>Naturally, Wang has netted her fair share of celebritybrides.</p><p>Sharon Stone chose body-hugging mauve chiffon; Uma Thurman waseight months pregnant, so had "a sort of Grecian-look', and KateHudson wore Wang as, 'I'm friends with all the family'.</p><p>Her best-known British client was Victoria Beckham, who paid&pound;45,000 for the cream-silk wedding gown she wore in 1999.'Victoria's was the most elaborate dress,' says Wang, proudly.</p><p>'We called it the Transatlantic because it kept being jettedfrom one country to another to have things added. But she was theperfect client, a true fashionista with an incredible body. Davidis the most romantic guy,' she gushes.</p><p>'He walked her up in the elevator to meet me. I don't know manymen who would do that. I wish I could have dressed him.'</p><p>Not surprisingly, wedding wear for the groom is her nextproject.</p><p>Victoria had first approached Wang in 1997. 'Then she rang a fewmonths later to say she was pregnant. I didn't know if I'd lost herbut she called a year later and said, 'Now, we're ready to go.'</p><p>Like many brides, Posh got thinner as the big day loomed. 'Ithink about 5lb in the last weeks,' recalls Wang. 'I don't normallykeep adjusting dresses up to the last minute but this was a labourof love.'</p><p>It was Wang's dissatisfaction with her own wedding dress thatcaused her to quit Ralph Lauren in 1990 to launch Bridal House, aone-stop wedding shop.</p><p>She married late - at 40 - to businessman Arthur Becker, andsaid searching for her own dress was 'horrifying'.</p><p>'I didn't know what I was looking for. I didn't want to wearwhite but Arthur insisted. In the end I designed my own lace bodiceand an A-line full skirt, but I took it off after the service.'</p><p>Bridal House has long been replaced by her increasinglyubiquitous label and she is currently in London to launch hersignature scent, already a best seller in the US.</p><p>I imagine that Wang is the type who doesn't drink, eats onlylettuce leaves, and is at her desk by 6am. 'Oh, no,' she laughs. 'Idrink a lot, don't exercise, I just play golf. I get into theoffice for 10 but I work late.'</p><p>Like many women, she has to balance career with family. She hastwo daughters: nine-year-old Josephine and Cecilia, 12. 'I domanage to spend time with them - we have wonderful holidays.'</p><p> Holidays are not an option for now. Wang won't be resting untilshe sees her dresses float up that Hollywood aisle later thismonth.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>CFDA Awards 2012: Kate Bosworth and Dakota Fanning join the models and moguls at 'fashion's Oscars'<p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:00:27 GMT, 5 June 2012 UPDATED:20:30 GMT, 5 June 2012</p><p>The style set turned out in force last night for the CFDA Awards in New York, and made sure to dress for the occasion.</p><p>Industry greats, including Anna Wintour, Diane Von Fursteberg and Michael Kors, rubbed shoulders with Victoria's Secret supermodels and A-list actresses, all present to pay tribute to their favourite labels.</p><p>Kate Bosworth, Zoe Saldana and Dakota Fanning were among those to attend. Mad Men's Jessica Pare looked striking in Jason Wu and The Help actress Jessica Chastain looked ethereal in Prabal Gurung.</p><p> </p><p>The Olsen twins, though, were unarguably the stars of the night. From their arrival at Lincoln Center on the arm of Lauren Hutton, debuting Mary-Kate's new dark locks, to their taking homethe Womenswear Designer of the Year title, they stole the show.</p><p></p><p>The glamorous attendees piled into the venue to witness America's greatest design talents receive awards in categories that ranged from Accessory Designer Of The Year (Reed Krakoff) to the Fashion Icon Award, which belonged to actor Johnny Depp, though he was unable to attend.</p><p>Ms Hutton, 68, stood out from the crowd in simplecream, opting for a suit designed by The Row, the Olsen twins' label, paired with a white T-shirt.</p><p> </p><p>Her designer friends made for a dramatic contrast as they posed beside her for photographs - Mary-Kate arrived in floor-length black while her sister popped in an equally-long magenta creation.</p><p>Miss Saldana also turned heads in a black floor-length Prabal Gurung gown that featured sheer panels at the waist and sleeves as well as a sheer skirt that trailed behind her.</p><p>Dakota Fanning also made a statement in a short Asian-inspired Proenza Schouler gown paired with black booties.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Pulling out all the stops: Heather Graham (left) wearing Nicole Miller, Sophia Bush in a David Meister gown (centre) and Mandy Moore (right) dressed in a Lela Rose gown<br></p><p> </p><p> Jessica Chastain, who served as one of the night's presenters, arrived in an ultra feminine, shimmering knee-length Prabal Gurung design.</p><p>And the other Jessica, Pare who plays Megan Draper in the AMC series Mad Men, also played presenter during the evening in an elegant black and bright pink Jason Wu design.<br></p><p>Of course, models dressed to impress at the CFDA Awards also. Candice Swanepoel's pale blue Valentino lace worn with a braided hairdo was a sure winner, as was Joan Smalls' white mullet-hem Michael Kors gown that she teamed with gold accessories and a pink lip.</p><br><p> </p><p>Dazzling designers: Cynthia Rowley (left), Tory Burch (middle) and Tabitha Simmons (right)<br></p><p> </p><p>Designs on life: Alice &amp; Olivia designer Stacey Bendet (left), CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg (centre) and hat designer Eugenia Kim in one of her own headpieces (right), also attended the event</p><p> </p><p>Karen Elson wore a Proenza Schouler two-piece that bared her slim midriff, </p><p>Devon Aoki wore a strapless peplum Alice + Olivia gown that fell to the ground and flared out into a trail.</p><p>Hilary Rhoda arrived in an all-blue Rebecca Minkoff cutout design that featured a split at one side.<br></p><p></p>CFDA Fashion Awards 2010: Super sleek Gwyneth Paltrow goes head to head with Sarah Jessica Parker<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:11:32 GMT, 8 June 2010</p><p><br></p><p>There was a lot of competition, but Gwyneth Paltrow stole the show as she arrived for the star-studded CFDA Fashion Awards last night.</p><p>The actress was dressed in a sleek fitted glimmering black Michael Kors gown, which clung to her toned figure. <br></p><p>With her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, her asymmetrical dress flattered her statuesque shape.</p><p>But the 37-year-old had plenty of challengers for the best-dressed crown at the Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday.</p><p> </p><p>Amongst the other guests were Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore a brightly patterned fairytale gown from late friend Alexander McQueen's pre-autumn 2010 collection and posed with designer Diane Von Furstenberg.</p><p>Paltrow and Parker couldn't have looked more different, but their stunning outfits were equally eye-catching.</p><p>The Sex And The City star, 45, paid tribute to McQueen, who committed suicide in February, before a string of models presented his final collection in a catwalk show.</p><p>She said it was 'with honour andgreat regret' that she was helping marking his contribution to thefashion world and passing, adding: 'I would have loved to see what he would do next.'</p><p>Joining Gwyneth in black was supermodel Iman, in a fishtailed strapless Giambattista Valli gown, and Canadian model Jessica Stam.</p><p>Somaliansupermodel Iman, who attended with her rock star husband David Bowie,received the Fashion Icon accolade from her friend, actress Isabella Rossellini.</p><p>During the 54-year-old's acceptance speech, Iman joked to her famous spouse: 'Move over, you're not the only icon in the house.'</p><p> </p><p>All white: (L-R) Teen actress Dakota Fanning in a Marchesa mini, American model Hilary Rhoda and American actress Dree Hemingway<br></p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Flesh tones: (L-R) Estonian model Carmen Kass, British TV presenter Alexa Chung in Marc Jacobs, and Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel <br></p><p></p>Should Jessica Alba REALLY be taking style tips from Cheryl Cole? Actress's take on singer's X Factor fashion disaster<br><p> By <br>UPDATED:10:16 GMT, 7 June 2011</p><br><p>It seems that Jessica Alba has taken a leaf out of Cheryl Cole's style book for her red-carpet appearance at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York, last night. <br></p><p>But perhaps she should have read the reviews first. <br></p><p>The 30-year-old pregnant actress stepped out in an orange and purple gown reminiscent of the outfit Cheryl wore for the very first US X Factor auditions last month.<br></p><p>Even though she looked pretty in the gown, the flowing Diane Von Furtstenberg frock featuring a coral top with lilac billowing skirt, evoked memories of Cheryl's now infamous colour-blocking faux pas.<br></p><p>And rather than offend with a back-combed bouffant, Jessica wore her hair slicked back in a simple chignon up-do exposing some oversized earrings. </p><p>She accessorised the look with some sparkly stilettos, bejewelled cuffs and a simple clutch. </p><p>Cheryl turned heads for the wrong reasons when she slipped into a pair of figure-hugging purple Diane Von Furstenburg flares, paired with an orange Oscar De La Renta top and pale blue Burberry belt. <br></p><p>Immediately there were mixed reviews over the bold outfit, and they weren't fabulous.<br></p><p>The ensemble was as bright as the one she wore to kick-start her US career, but it was met with some scathing criticism.<br></p><p>A source within the production team told The Mail on Sunday: &#8216;Obviously Cheryl is a gorgeous woman, but she turned up to the first day&#8217;s filming of The X Factor looking a bit weird in purple flares.<br></p><p> Everyone was talking about how she looked - but for all the wrong reasons.'<br></p><p>Cheryl has since been sacked from the talent show and replaced by Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger in one of the most controversial decisions in the history of the talent show to date. <br></p><p>The ongoing saga of the U.S. X Factor judging panel was confirmed last week as show bosses announced Nicole would indeed be replacing Cheryl.<br></p><p>It emerged over the weekend that Cheryl had been invited to return to her role after being fired a fortnight ago, but she snubbed the offer, leaving the Nicole free to take her place.<br></p><p>Fox, FremantleMedia North America and Syco TV released a statement this afternoon announcing the news.<br></p><p>It read: 'Nicole Scherzinger will be replacing Cheryl Cole on the judging panel of The X Factor.<br></p><p>'Nicole will join Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul on their search across America to find the next global superstar or group to win the life-changing $5million dollar recording deal.</p><p>'Nicole has previously joined Simon Cowell as a guest judge on The X Factor for the UK version of the show in 2010. Steve Jones will act as sole host of The X Factor.'<br></p><p>Show bosses did an unexpected U-turn when they offered Cheryl her job back on Saturday.</p><p> She was given 24 hours to decide, but after previously knocking back a consolation-style offer of returning to her old post on the UK version, Cheryl now appears to be severing ties with the franchise.<br></p><p>Show sources were quick to point out that an official comment had never been released confirming Mrs Cole&#8217;s axing &#8211; and that her picture and biography had been kept up on the Fox X Factor website.<br></p><p>But friends of the Girls Aloud star believe their silence is part of Fox executives' plan to wriggle out of paying Cheryl out - as they were banking on her not turning up to the next auditions on Wednesday, making her in breach of contract.<br></p><p>But the singer is thought to have threatened to make public emails and text messages that prove she was indeed fired, the Daily Mirror claim.</p><p> </p><p></p>Now we've really seen it ALL: Lady Gaga leaves nothing to the imagination as she hits the dancefloor in a sheer body suit<p> By <br>Created 3:20 AM on 7th June 2011</p><p><br></p><p>After accidentally exposing her nipples as she arrived at the CFDA Fashion Awards, Lady Gaga decided she may as well go the whole hog at the after-party.</p><p>The flamboyant singer ended up removing her custom-made Mugler gown to just the sheer bodysuit underneath, leaving nothing to the imagination.</p><p>The 25-year-old had just nipple covers and a G-string protecting what little modesty she had left as she danced at the bash at The Standard hotel in New York.<br></p><p>The singer was clearly in high spirits after being named Fashion Icon at the CFDA Fashion Awards hours earlier.<br></p><p>Her revealing after-party outfit came hours after Gaga's wardrobe malfunction on the purple carpet at the awards at the Lincoln Center.</p><p></p><p>Posing with her left arm clutching her turquoise wig, it was hardly surprising that the precarious outfit gave way.</p><p>Gaga was assisted by a minder as she arrived at Alice Tully Hall, staggering around in a staggering pair of 24in vertiginous platform heels.</p><p> </p><p>Designer Marc Jacobs received one of the biggest honours of the night from the Council of Fashion Designers of America - the Lifetime Achievement Award.</p><p>The 48-year-old said: 'This achievement is born of love, passion, creativity and a hell of a lot of hard work.<br></p><p>'I believe we all know and feel the greatest reward is the process itself.'</p><p></p>Let's hear it for the boys! Marc Jacobs is man of the moment as fashion's hottest young talents sweep the board at CFDAs<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:05:22 GMT, 7 June 2011</p><p>It's the fashion industry's answer to the Oscars, and the night, for once, when the glory goes to the designers and not the stars they dress.<br></p><p>And while there were plenty of celebrity friends present at the CFDAs in New York last night, Lifetime Achievement Award winner Marc Jacobs was undoubtedly the man of the moment.</p><p>The designer, 48, who was given his 'half-lifetime' gong by close friend Sofia Coppola said in his speech: 'This achievement is born of love, passion, creativity... and a hell of a lot of hard work. I believe we all know and feel the greatest reward is the process itself.'</p><p>But if he needed any reminding of the young talent snapping at his heels, it was the night's other honorees, which were in large part, new names.</p><p>Lifetime Achievements aside, the big award of the evening - Womenswear Designer of the Year - went to Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez for Proenza Schouler.</p><p></p><p>The pair, whose company name comes from their mothers' maiden names, only founded their business in 2002, but have since won an army of fans including Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny.</p><p>Naomi Watts presented the award in a metallic dress by Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein, joking about the long walk across the stage in teetering heels.</p><p> 'That was easy,' she said as she reached the podium. 'Fun doing it in a room full of supermodels.'</p><p> </p><p>Rising stars: Prabal Gurung (left), who won the Swarovski Womenswear Award for new talent; Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler who won the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award (centre) and Alexander Wang, who was given his Accessory Designer of the Year gong by Iris Apfel (right)<br></p><p>Alexander Wang, who is just 27, beat veteran designer Reed Krakoff to take home the Accessory Designer of theYear Award, while Michelle Obama favourite Prabal Gurung beat the Olsentwins to win the Swarovski Womenswear Award for up-and-coming talent.</p><p>And few could fail to notice a blue-haired Lady Gaga, who was present to collect her Fashion Icon Award - and true to form, she made an impression in a Thierry Mugler design by her friend and stylist Nicola Formichetti.</p><p>The singer was teary-eyed as she made her speech that paid tribute to her supporters in the fashion industry.</p><p>'All of you made me feel like a star before I was,' she said.</p><p> </p><p>Traditionalists would have been pleased to see that there were at least some well-established designers among the winners.</p><p>Michael Bastian was named Menswear Designer of the Year, and Céline's PhoebePhilo was given the International Award, while the CFDA Board of Directors&#8217; Special Tribute Award was given to photographer Arthur Elgort.</p><p>But not all will beimpressed with this year's roll-call of winners. When the CFDA nominations were first announced earlier this year, there was some controversy over the lack of well-established designer names.</p><p>There were no nominations for Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein&#8217;s Francisco Costa - despite consistent industry acclaim.</p><p>And while last year's Fashion Icon award was given to a 55-year-old Iman, this year's went to 24-year-old Gaga.</p><p>EvenMr Jacobs was startled when it was announced that he was worthy of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The designer himself joked that it should just be a 'half-lifetime achievement award'.</p><p>But Styleite writer Justin Fenner defended the organisation's choices: 'The CFDA&#8217;s mission isn&#8217;t to honour young designers, it&#8217;s to honour talented ones.<br></p><p>'Either the people who run it think these young bucks are more talented than the old masters, or they&#8217;re changing course.'<br></p><p>Nominations for each award category are submitted by the CFDA Fashion Awards Selection Committee, which is made up of around 300 members and over 500 fashion retailers, journalists, and stylists.<br></p><p></p>Now THAT'S how you wear black! Miranda Kerr outshines the colourful A-listers at CFDA gala<br> <p> By <br>UPDATED:14:18 GMT, 7 June 2011</p><p></p><p>There may have been a kaleidoscope of colours at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York last night, but all eyes were firmly fixed on Miranda Kerr. <br></p><p>The stunning 28-year-old model managed to outshine a slew of A-listers in a stunning black Michael Kors skirt and top, sexily slashed at the thigh. <br></p><p>She teamed the outfit, which came complete with cut out side panels, with a gold belt and gladiator-style gold cuffs, looking the epitome of high fashion.<br></p><p>The 25-year-old singer, who wore Thierry Mugler, channelled a punk rock prom queen with a spiked corset style upper half, complete with sheer material across her décolletage, proving that the colour black could be just as eye-catching as they stolethe limelight from the ladies in brighter colours. <br></p><p>The outfit, designed by her best friend and stylist, who works for the label, was unsurprisingly, short. The design flowed into a dramatic ruffled train, which the Born ThisWay singer teamed with a pair of 12inch platform heels.</p><p>With a turquoise wig, the fashion icon added a splash of colour to her otherwise monochrome look.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Standing out: Canadian actress and Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui, Australian actress Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein and British singer Estelle <br></p><p> </p><p>Classic black: (L-R) Designers Vera Wang and Nicole Miller and Real Housewives Of New York star Kelly Bensimon</p>Cheryl Cole flies by the seat of her pants... in zip-up leather trousers<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:08:53 GMT, 16 April 2009</p><p></p><p>She was voted Best Dressed Women of 2009 in a magazine poll earlier this month, and last night Cheryl Cole did her best to live up to the title.</p><p>The Girls Aloud singer stepped out in a stylish pair of skinny leather trousers with an unusual feature - a zip that travelled from the front to the back.</p><p>Cheryl, 25, looked as a chic as ever in the £1,200 uber-tight pants bydesigner Alexander Wang which she teamed with a £6 purple vest fromTopShop and a lilac coloured leather jacket from Doma.</p><p>Zipped up: Cheryl Cole donned a stylish pair of PVC trousers with a zip that travelled from the front to the back for a night at the Soho hotel<br></p><p>She jazzed up her ensemble with Jimmy Choo's Zebra Maia bag, which costs a rock-star-ish £1,561, a gold necklace and pair of Rupert Sanderson red stilettos.</p><p>Cheryl spent the evening with her bandmates after turning down the chance to share the Chelsea players lounge with the WAGs she claims to detest while husband Ashley played Liverpool F.C. atStamford Bridge just four miles away.</p><p>The group met up at the Soho hotel yesterday afternoon for aphotoshoot to promote their new single Untouchable, which is releasedon April 27.</p><p> </p><p>While Northern Irish bandmember Nadine Coyle swiftly left the hotelafter the shoot, the rest of the bandmates stayed behind to catch upand have dinner at the hotel's Refuel restaurant.</p><p>Cheryl has been rarely seen at Chelsea games since she first started dating her now-husband Ashley in 2004.</p><p>She has publicly denounced footballers' WAGS as 'bad as benefit scroungers, just a higher class of sponger'.</p><p>In an interview with Vogue this year, Cheryl said WAGs had heads 'like wooden blocks, I am telling you'.</p><p>Meanwhile, Cheryl's bandmate Sarah Harding was showing off her new tattoo in her sleeveless top.</p><p>Girls night: Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding leave the hotel after a band meeting before their tour later this month</p><p>In contrast to her glamorous bandmates, the feisty blonde wasdressed casually in an all-black outfit of cropped trousers, a t-shirtand a 'keffiyeh' Arabic scarf.</p><p>Two weeks ago Sarah got a new tattoo on the inside of her left arm. The black etching is a Tibetan symbol for 'inner strength'.</p><p>Kimberley opted for a hot pink dress with black opaque tights whileNicola teamed her pale complexion with a pink, orange, yellow and greenbandeau dress with gold strappy heels.<br></p><p>The group are currently hard at work rehearsing for their upcoming tour.<br></p><p>The Out of Control tour will kick off in Sarah's native Manchester on April 24.</p><p>The 32-date will travel all over the British Isles, including Ireland and will end in Cheryl's hometown of Newcastle on June 6.</p><p> </p>Michelle in McQueen: First Lady's daring British choice as she represents America at China state dinner (and that's not the only controversial item on the menu)<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:14:26 GMT, 20 January 2011</p><br><p>She was representing America at a state dinner hosting the man who is one of her husband's biggest rivals on the world stage - so you could be forgiven for expecting Michelle Obama to choose an American designer. <br></p><p>But the First Lady has once again made a daring fashion choice, appearing instead last night in a fiery red gown by British designer Alexander McQueen.</p><p>The Obamas were hosting Chinese president Hu Jintao at an elaborate state dinner in Washington last night- and Mrs Obama's fashion choice was not the only controversial thing on the menu.</p><p>See video below<br></p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Also on the star-studded list of the rich, powerful and glamourous attendees was Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth.</p><p></p><p>China's human rights records was thrown into the spotlight again yesterday after a tense press conference in which Mr Hu and Mr Obama revealed the two countries do have 'some disagreements' - over human rights in particular. <br></p><p> </p><p>Mr Roth looked grim as he arrived in a tuxedo, with fellow human rights advocate Dr Annie Sparrow, clad in green. <br></p><p>Hispresence was a reminder that even as Mr Obama pulled out all the stops to give Mr Hu the red carpet treatment on his trip - with billions of dollars in trade agreements at stake - China's human rights record will not go unnoticed. <br></p><p>With all the possible tensions that could spill over at the dinner, Mrs Obama needed to dazzle.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Her flame-coloured silk organza with an asymentrical neckline and black detail is 'very glamourous', said Kate Betts, author of the new book 'Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style'.<br></p><p>'Red is an obvious colour because in the Chinese color it means good luck, but you expect an American or an American-based designer for an occasion like this,' Ms Betts,who is also a contributing editor at Time magazine, said. <br></p><p>'But she's always surprising, and that's why we're all rivetedby her.'</p><p>The Alexander McQueen label is one of the most respected in style circles. <br></p><p> </p><p>The much-loved British designer committed suicide a year ago.</p><p>But the brand has continued under the stewardship of his former assistant Sarah Burton, who, like Mr McQueen, is a Londoner who shows her collections in Paris.</p><p>The choice of McQueen further adds to Mrs. Obama's fashion credibility, said Ms Betts. She's known as a champion of up-and-coming talent, but also mixes and matches top designers with mass retail brands.</p><p>Fashion was further represented at the evening's A-list event with designer Vera Wang and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour both on the guest list.</p><p> </p><p>And in a nod to the trade deals, America's most powerful businessman were there, turned out in their best: Goldman Sachs chairman Lloyd Blankfein, Microsoft's Steven Ballmer and JP Morgan Chase head Jamie Dimon among them. <br></p><p>Celebrity star power arrived in the form of singer Barbra Streisand, her husband actor James Brolin and action film star Jackie Chan.</p><p> Prominent Chinese-Americans such as artist Maya Lin and Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan attended. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer added some gravitas. Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter made the cut, too.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Vera Wang wore a floor-length, sleeveless design of her own. Anna Wintour opted for a white, patterned Chanel skirt suit.</p><p>The dinner's all-star jazz lineup included trumpeter Chris Botti, two-time Grammy Award-winning jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, jazz icon Herbie Hancock, rising pianist Lang Lang and four-time Grammy-winning vocalist Dianne Reeves.</p><p>Jazz pianist Peter Martin, part of the entertainment lineup, prepped for his appearance by springing for a tux.</p><p>'I'm finally a grown-up, graduated from renting to owning,' Mr Martin tweeted, adding that he was 'super-excited' about the White House gig.</p><p> </p><p>Regular folks who find themselves in alast-minute frenzy before guests arrive can take comfort in knowing that it's the same at the White House: Hours before the dinner, chair cushions were stacked in the front foyer and harried staff shuttled flower arrangements to and fro.</p><p>The 225 guests were spread out among three rooms: the State Dining Room, Blue Room and Red Room, then all shuttled to the East Room for the entertainment. </p><p>Big video monitors were set up in the Blue and Red rooms for the outcasts to catch the dinner toasts.</p><p>The two presidents' toasts featured the usual promises of better relations all around. Mr Obama used the moment to highlight an agreement that will ensure the beloved giant pandas from China remain at the Smithsonian National Zoo for another five years.</p><p> </p><p>Breaking with tradition, the Obamas opted against bringing in a high-profile guest chef. Instead they put White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford in charge of preparing an all-American themed dinner at the request of the Chinese delegation, theWhite House said.</p><p>On the menu: d'anjou pear salad with farmstead goat cheese, poached Maine lobster, orange glazed carrots and black trumpet mushrooms, dry aged rib eye with buttermilk crisp onions, double-stuffed potatoes and creamed spinach. <br></p><p>Dessert was to be old-fashioned applepie with vanilla ice cream. Mr Obama is known to be an avid eater of pastry chef Bill Yosses' pies.</p><p>Barbara Streisand, who also made the guest list for an afternoon luncheon at the State Department, said she was making her first appearance at a state dinner since the Clinton years. <br></p><p>The singer, who helped raise money for Obama during the presidential campaign, said she had 'a lot of friends here'.</p><p> </p><p> <br></p><p>Asked for a thought on why she was invited, she quipped: 'I worked in a Chinese restaurant.'</p><p>Miss Wintour said she hoped to talk to Mr Hu about - what else? - fashion, specifically investing in Chinese fashion.</p><p>There were some high-profile no-shows, including three of the top four leaders of Congress: House Speaker John Boehner, who declined Mr Obama's past state dinner invitations; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader.</p><p>With the Senate out of session, Mr Reid was home in Nevada and Mr McConnell just wrapped up a congressionaltrip to Afghanistan and Pakistan and had not planned to be in Washington this week, aides said.</p><p>House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi was the only top congressional leader to accept an invitation. <br></p><p>Many in Congress see China as an economic threat to the U.S. Mrs Pelosi also has been a longtime and outspoken critic of China's human rights record.</p><p>At a White House news conference with Mr Obama, Mr Hu punted when asked to comment on the congressional leaders' absence.</p><p>'I think President Obama is certainlyin a better position to answer that question,' he said, drawing laughter from journalists and the U.S. and China officials seated in theEast Room.<br></p><p>Mr Obama punted, too.</p><p>Earlier, Mrs Obama wore a fairly dressy look for her daytime schedule, which included the official welcome to President Hu to Washington.</p><p>Her navy ensemble, which included a wool coat and wool-and-duchesse-satin dress, were embellished with silver beads. The outfit also had a British edge: it was designed by London-based designer Roksanda Ilincic.</p><p>'She likes glamour on these very public days,' says Ms Betts. 'That's a strong, optimistic message, and she helps set the tone. <br></p><p>'We don't want her to show up in a dowdy, old dress.'</p><p><br></p>The long and shorts of festival fashion: How YOU kept up with the A-list at Coachella <br><p>By and <br>UPDATED:10:00 GMT, 20 April 2011</p><p>It may be a music festival, but Coachella, for many, is all about the fashion. And that appeared to be more true than ever for the stylish crowd at this year's event.</p><p>The California Desert was the perfect location to showcase new season trends, and headline acts and their famous fans had some serious competition in the style stakes.</p><p>If keeping cool in the searing heat was a fashion challenge, there was little evidence, with floaty maxidresses and denim shorts the order of the day.</p><p> </p><p>Taking it to the maxi: Festival-goers kept their cool in the heat in long dresses at Coachella this year<br></p><p> </p><p>Retro-inspired looks like floppy Seventies-style sunhats and Sixties-inspired mini shifts referenced Woodstock, while bleached denim and dungaree-style skirts and dresses played on Eighties trends.</p><p></p><p>Carryingaround all those festival essentials was a breeze this year, as satchel-style bags are all the rage, and that cross-body strap could be seen slung across tees and frocks throughout.<br></p><p>And while Hunter wellies may reign supreme at Glastonbury, ankle boots and embellished sandals were de rigueur at Coachella.</p><p> </p><p>Retro revival: People could be seen working trends from every decade, including Forties-style red lips, Eighties-inspired dungaree dresses and lace Sixties shifts<br></p><p> reporter Hayley Phelan said that the Seventies look is key this year, while clashing prints and crochet were the biggest emerging trends.</p><p>She told MailOnline: 'I definitely see a Seventies influence at the festival - a lot of crochet (and I mean LOTS), floppy hats, peasant tops and flowy dresses. <br></p><p>'I also see that people are opting for ankle booties in lieu of sandals - I call it the Isabel Marant effect.</p><p>'Cutoff shorts are still big, as are oversized shades, though this year they're rounderor cat-eyed. <br></p><p>'People are also experimenting with prints, mixing tie-dye with florals and a bold tribal-printed purse with stripes.'<br></p><p> </p><p>Shorts story: Denim cutoffs of every variety were a popular choice this weekend, while others played on the theme with super-tight white shorts and tailored rompers<br></p><p> </p><p>Bright ideas: Shorts may have been a uniform trend, but festival-goers set themselves apart with bold prints, from tribal-style cross-body bags and zebra stripes to ditzy florals<br></p><p>Mulberry's creative director Emma Hill, who hosted a star-studded party at Coachella for the likes of Nicole Richie, Camilla Belle and Alexa Chung, also had her eye on the different looks festival-goers were channelling.</p><p>She told MailOnline how trends included 'little booties with shorts or a little dress and cross body bags', chambray, platform shoes and Converse trainers.<br></p><p>One of the main themes she noticed among the girls was the Pocahontas look, while men, she added, were going for 'metallic all-in-one suits and rocking dungarees'.</p><p>She added that few had let their grooming standards slip though, with many sporting spray tans and immaculate glossy blow-dried hair.</p><p> </p><p>Frock tactics: The lightest sundresses, worn with leather accessories (note the Alexander Wang bag, left) and bare feet (centre and right) were a fashion favourite<br></p><p>She admitted she had spotted plenty of her own designs at the event too, proving the British label is as popular in the U.S. as its native UK.</p><p>'[There were] lots of Mulberry Lilys, Taylors, Anthonys, and Carters and also Bayswater twist lock bags,' she revealed.</p><p>Approximately 50,000 people attended the Coachella festival, this weekend, which is in its 11th year. The line-up included Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon and The Strokes. </p><p>It is a magnet for celebrities, with Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Diane Kruger and Kelly Osbourne among the stars spotted in the VIP section on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.<br></p><p>It is held at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California in the Coachella Valley.</p>Computer tycoon Sir Clive Sinclair, 69, weds his 33-year-old lap dancer <br><p>By <br>UPDATED:13:17 GMT, 27 April 2010</p><p>It was the unlikely relationship that many thought could never last. </p><p>But the Daily Mail can reveal that computer tycoon Sir Clive Sinclair, 69, has secretly married his lap dancer fiancee Angie Bowness, who is 36 years his junior. </p><p>They have been engaged a year but have been seeing each other, on and off, for more than a decade.<br></p><p>The pair wed at the Civil Court in Las Vegas on April 16. The single witness is believed to have been a passer-by. </p><p>The inventor and Miss Bowness, 33, a former Miss England, had flown to the U.S. two days before and were staying at the luxurious Bellagio Hotel. </p><p>Before heading for the U.S., Sir Clive had bought a platinum wedding ring from jeweller Asprey. </p><p>Last night, Miss Bowness told the Mail: 'We're over the moon. We're very happy.' </p><p>Sir Clive said: 'I suggested on the plane that we get married. It was a spur of the moment thing.' </p><p>When asked what qualities attracted him to his future bride he replied: 'Well she is a former Miss England, isn't she.' </p><p>He added: 'We don't know where we will honeymoon yet - it's all been rather quick.' <br></p><p>On marrying at the age of 69, he said: 'I hadn't thought I'd get married at this stage'. </p><p>And, asked about the age gap between the pair, he replied: 'It's just an age gap. Our relationship works extremely well.' </p><p>According to sources, the vows were kept very simple because 'they just wanted to legally formalise their relationship'. </p><p>Last night, a friend of Miss Bowness said: 'Angie is absolutely over the moon to have married Sir Clive. And he's thrilled - he can't stop calling her My Lady.' </p><p>Indeed, Miss Bowness now takes the title of Lady Sinclair. <br></p><p>She apparently wore a 'cute' short blue Alexander Wang dress for the ceremony and Christian Louboutin shoes. Sinclair, meanwhile, chose a suit. <br></p><p>Miss Bowness was working as a stripper in Stringfellows' club in Central London when Sir Clive, inventor of the pocket calculator and the ill-fated C5 electric car, first got to know her in 1996. <br></p><p>However, shortly after that first encounter privately-educated Miss Bowness fell in love with businessman Mark Thornton. Miss Bowness and Mr Thornton's son Marcus was born in April 1998. <br></p><p>But they broke up two months after the child's birth and Sir Clive and Miss Bowness started dating again. In October 1998, Miss Bowness again left Sir Clive. Even so, she and the inventor remained friends. <br></p><p>In 2003, he proposed, despite the fact that they were not even dating at the time. She turned him down, saying that she was too young. But in February last year, Miss Bowness finally agreed to marry the former Mensa chairman. </p><p>She owns two homes but moved into Sir Clive's £5million flat overlooking Trafalgar Square following their engagement. </p><p>He is said to be close to her son Marcus, now 12. </p><p></p>Cruise control: Invest in mid-season collections for fashion statements with staying power<br> <p>By <br> UPDATED:09:34 GMT, 26 January 2009</p> <p>It's too early for spring, but we're beyond bored of winter. The answer? Cruise collections. <br></p><p>Slotting neatly between seasons, these transitional pieces make for the perfect wardrobe foundations. Dropping into store ahead of the main designer lines, these mid-season pieces are a nod to spring trends without taking them wholesale.</p><p>This makes them wearable, versatile, and designer investments that will see you through 2009 and beyond.</p><p>From Yves Saint Laurent's jersey jumpsuit to D&amp;G's leopard-print dress, step ahead of the fashion pack with our pick of the pre-season lines.</p> <p> </p><p>Coral jacket, £485, and denim flares, £180, both Marc by Marc Jacobs at Harvey Nichols, 020 7259 6638. White trainer shoe, £375, Puma for Sergio Rossi, 020 7811 5950; Ochre trench coat £1,195, skirt £795, black laquer print top, £595, shoes, £350, chain necklace, £250, and rivet bracelet, £395, all Burberry, 07000 785 676; Patterned dress, £332, Matthew Williamson, 020 7629 6200. Turquoise necklace, £300, Pebble London, 020 7262 1775. Blue shoes, £560, Gina, 020 7409 7090</p><br> <p> </p><p>Print ruffle top, £265, and black riding trousers, £220, both Phillip Lim 3.1 at Club, 01372 46262. Purple patent shoes, £275 and purple clutch bag, £295, both Mulberry, 020 7491 3900. Brass coil arm cuff, £220, Pebble London 020 7262 1775; Leopard print dress, £785, D&amp;G at Harvey Nichols, 020 7259 6638. Black shoes, £295, Jonathan Kelsey for Mulberry, 020 7491 3900; Yellow and white coat, £1,054, and black and yellow dress, £276, both Diane Von Furstenberg, 020 7499 0886. Black shoes, £420, Gina, 020 7409 7090.</p><br> <p> </p><p>Jumpsuit, £905, link metal necklace £480, gold bracelet, £245, all Yves Saint Laurent, 020 7493 1800. Silver shoes, £725, Jimmy Choo, 020 7493 5858; Coral coat, £1,714, brown shoes, £385, brown patent bag, £763, all Alberta Ferretti, 020 7235 2349; Keyhole dress, £495, Alexander Wang at Club, as before. Pale grey shoes, £450, Sergio Rossi, 020 7811 5950. Beetle necklace, £165, Pebble London, as before.</p><p><br></p><br><p><br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p> </p>Atten-tion! Sarah Jessica Parker and Portia de Rossi go for military chic in New York in celebrity favourite denim label Current/Elliot<br> <p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:11:42 GMT, 27 September 2012 UPDATED:11:43 GMT, 27 September 2012</p><br><p>From leopard-print to fishnet, the creative brains behind ultra-hip New York denim label Current/Elliot aren't shy of using a statement print or two.</p><p>And with the military trend hitting the headlines this season, it's no surprise the brand's latest offering features a chic camouflage print.<br></p><p>Long time Current/Elliott fan Sarah Jessica Parker has already been spotted out and about in the grey and khaki print jeans, while actress Portia de Rossi also has a pair.</p><p>Military madams: Actress Portia de Rossi, left, and singer Rihanna, right, both love Current/Elliot's camouflage prints.<br></p><p>Parker, seen wearing hers on a relaxing September stroll in New York with her son James Wilkie Broderick, 10, teamed the jeans with a casual pale green striped T-shirt, comfy ballet flats and a large leather satchel. <br></p><p>De Rossi chose to wear hers with a simple black vest, black flip-flops and dark glasses.</p><p></p><p>Other celebrities spotted getting to grips with the camouflage trend include singers Rihanna - regularly seen in her beloved khaki camo shirt - Rita Ora, Mary J Blige and Miley Cyrus, all of whom have been snapped in camouflage jackets.<br></p><p>Splatter chic: Olivia Palermo, left, and Pink, right with baby Willow, have proved themselves fans of colourful splatter-print and patterned denim.<br></p><p>But camouflage isn't the only print to adorn this season's jeans. While summer saw floral prints and coloured denim take centre stage, this autumn it's all about animal, graphic and digital prints.</p><p>Never one to be left behind, the ever-stylish Miranda Kerr was seen out in subtle dark blue cheetah print.</p><p>Fashionista Olivia Palermo teamed a pair of bright pink and purple splatter print jeans with a pair of chic silver flats.</p><p>Even singer Pink has been getting in on the act and was seen out playing with her daughter Willow while sporting a pair of garish Balmain baroque print jeans.</p><p>One of autumn's hottest trends, camouflage print and military influences were seen all over the catwalks. <br></p><p>The look reigned at Burberry and Jason Wu, and popped up at Belstaff, Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham among others. <br></p><p>On the high street, Michelle Obama's favourite J Crew has a pared-down khaki watch for £150 (, while Topshop has an entire collection dedicated to the trend.</p><p>Elsewhere, online retailer ASOS has a brilliant belted military coat in khaki for £110 (, which would work beautifully with River Island's practical black leather boots, £75 (</p><p>Easier still, go vintage and head toa military surplus store, where you can snap up the look for a fractionof the designer price.</p><p>Also worth checking out is East London vintage emporium Rokit (, which boasts rail after rail crammed with military pieces sourced from army outfitters. <br></p><p>Current/Elliott Multi Zip Stiletto Skinny jeans, £220, are available from .<br></p><p></p>'I had meltdowns': Daisy Lowe says it's taken years to accept she'll never be 'beanpole' thin and embrace her curvy figure <br><p> By <br>UPDATED:12:58 GMT, 8 June 2011</p><p>Daisy Lowe has revealed it has taken her years to come to terms with the fact that she'll never be as a tiny as some of her fellow models.<br></p><p>The curvy brunette beauty says she now accepts her shape, but used to suffer 'meltdowns' because she wasn't skinny.<br></p><p>Talking in the July issue of InStyle, the 22-year-old Agent Provocateur model confesses: 'It&#8217;s taken me seven years to get to the point where I can be comfortable with not being as thin as the rest of them.'</p><p>Scroll down to watch Daisy behind the scenes on the shoot...<br></p><p>She continued: 'The public can say, "It&#8217;s really cool that you&#8217;re not conforming to this anorexic ideal", but then I still have to go and stand next to all of the other girls. <br></p><p></p><p>'I&#8217;m not saying that I am big, but when you stand next to a beanpole, you&#8217;re going to look like a massive tree trunk. <br></p><p>'Literally, it&#8217;s only in the past six months that I&#8217;ve come to terms with it. Before then&#8230;it was hard. I used to have private meltdowns all the time.'</p><p>The star, who's previously modelled for the likes of Chanel, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood, has also revealed that when not in couture, she likes dressing up in her actor boyfriend Matt Smith's clothes when he's off battling the likes of The Silence as Dr Who.<br></p><p>The daughter of fashion designer Pearl Lowe and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdalesaid she's never happier than wearing her 28-year-old beau's T-shirts when he's away to make her feel closer to him. <br></p><p>She gushes: 'He dresses really well. I love his style.'</p><p>Daisy also recently admitted she felt so guilty for buying a Gareth Pugh dress for £2,200, she wore it every day for six months.<br></p><p>Daisy wore a number of killer outfits in the shoot to go with the interview, which was taken in the Victoria And Albert Museum.<br></p><p>The star sported a series of figure-hugging frocks by the likes of Alexander Wang and Versace while simultaneously crafting a playlist for the party she was DJing later that evening as she posed against the gilded mirrors of the London institution. <br></p><p>The full interview with Daisy in the July edition of In Style magazine, out on Thursday.<br></p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p>Dannii Minogue's bump-friendly trousers and new shades of vintage at Alexander Wang<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:08:59 GMT, 15 February 2010</p><p>SHADES OF VINTAGE</p><p>U.S. designer Alexander Wang, who created last year's It bag, thestudded 'Coco', has turned his hand to sunglasses, in collaborationwith the legendary Seventies sunglasses label Linda Farrow Vintage. Theglasses are adorned with zips and Fifties-style wings as well astraditional varieties.</p><p>From £180, <br></p><p>STYLISH BUMPS <br></p><p>A pregnancy pandemic has swept the world of showbiz, with everyone fromDannii Minogue to Denise Van Outen sporting baby bumps in thecelebrity's favourite maternity range, Slacks &amp; Co. The ethosbehind the brand is that baby bump aside you can look as stylish asever, with a tailored collection of basics to flatter your shape. Thetrousers in particular are worth a look.</p><p>From £139, available at Harrods, 020 7730 1234.</p><p>HOLLYWOOD BOHO <br></p><p>Following the success of her jewellery range House of Harlow, NicoleRichie has created a ready-to-wear collection, Winter Kate. The rangefeatures plenty of Nicole's signature bohemian style, from femininemaxi-dresses to tunic tops with ethnic-style prints.</p><p>From £135, at <br></p><p></p><p>GRAFFITI FEET </p><p>TOMS Shoes - the ethical company that gives a pair of new shoes to achild in need in developing countries, for every pair they sell(400,000 pairs and counting so far) - has teamed up with supermodelErin Wasson for a visit to London for the first UK Style Your Soleworkshop in Topshop Oxford Street on February 21 and 22. Customers can ask an all-female team of graffiti artists, TOMSfounder Blake Mykosie or Erin to customise their shoes for them.</p><p>From £29.99. </p><p>CHANNEL CHANEL <br></p><p>When Chanel launched its latest nail polish collection last month, fansqueued around the corner of Harvey Nichols to get their hands on it.But if you missed the boat, or don't want to spend £16 on a bottle,fret not. Orly has two shades Prince Charming and Ballerina, which aresimilar to Chanel's Particuliere and Tendresse at a snip of the price.</p><p>Priced £8,</p><br><p><br><br><br><br></p><p> </p>Why the low-profile? David and Victoria Beckham sneak out of Liberty after private tour<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:10:27 GMT, 23 February 2011</p><p>In their stylish outfits, David and Victoria Beckham looked more than suitable for the paparazzi.</p><p>But the couple were unusually shy on Monday night when they attempted to sneak out of a fashion party from a side entrance.</p><p>The couple, who are expecting their fourth child together, were in no mood to be photographed as they attended the Love and Alexander Wang party at the Liberty store.</p><p>Prior to the bash - which was attended by the likes of Daisy Lowe and Jaime Winstone - the couple enjoyed a private tour of the historic Regent Street department store.</p><p>After checking out the latest products on sale, the pair headed upstairs to greet host Katie Grand.</p><p>But perhaps feeling a bit tired due to her pregnancy, the couple only spent 45 minutes at the party before making a swift exit into a waiting car, with David explaining to the crowd outside they were on a 'private visit'.<br></p><p>Although announcing she was pregnant seven weeks ago, there was no apparent sign of Posh's baby bump in her little black dress.</p><p>Her husband, who looked dapper in a blue pinstripe suit, was incredibly protective of his wife as they were surrounded by photographers outside the store.</p><p></p><p>The couple's spokeswoman confirmed the couple 'perused the store on the way to the Love party'.</p><p>The Beckhams arrived in London last week after Victoria showcased her latest collection at New York Fashion Week.</p><p>During promotional interviews, she insisted she didn't know the sex of her unborn child, which is due in July.</p><p>She told CNN last week: ''If I don't have a girl this time, then maybe I'll be lucky enough and have a girl the next time.'</p><p>When presenter Alina Cho questioned the possibility of having a fifth child, Mrs Beckham responded: 'We'd like to have a big family. There could be. Who knows?'</p><p>But when Miss Cho suggested having six children, Beckham laughed: 'Well, I'm not Angelina. I don't know. I mean, come on.'<br></p><p></p>Dawn Steele: I like to give any new look my personal twist<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:10:05 GMT, 10 February 2011</p><br><p>Glaswegian Dawn, 35, is best known for two TV roles: as Lexie in Monarch Of The Glen and now as Alice in Wild At Heart. She's currently touring the UK in a new production of the Agatha Christie play Verdict. When not filming in South Africa for Wild At Heart, Dawn lives in West London with her actor boyfriend Paul Blair.</p><p>I&#8217;ve always been interested in fashion and keen to follow the latest trend. But from an early age, I liked to give any new look my personal twist.</p><p>As a teenager, I was into rave culture &#8212; rather a manly look, with Nike trainers, shorts, waistcoats and caps on backwards that I&#8217;d wear to clubs. </p><p>At drama school, I lived in trackie bottoms and vests because we always seemed to be in movement classes.</p><p> I had next to no money, so I&#8217;d shop for clothes in the High Street; always Topshop. <br></p><p></p><p>For my 21st birthday, I asked Mum and Dad for a beautiful, floor-length, cream dress-coat from Karen Millen. <br></p><p>I&#8217;ve still got it, although it got ruined at my party because the hem got ­permanently stained from all the alcohol on the carpet. </p><p>Now, I spend the majority of my money on clothes. As I always say, I&#8217;m very good to myself! </p><p>When I open my wardrobe, it&#8217;s like a rainbow of colours. <br></p><p>I love blue because it matches my eyes. And now I&#8217;ve discovered green after wearing green scrubs, which is my uniform as a vet in Wild At Heart. <br></p><p>DAWN'S WARDROBE FAVOURITES</p><p>TIFFANY JEWELLERY</p><p>When I finally left Monarch Of The Glen, the cast clubbed together and bought me a Tiffany bracelet and pen. Susan Hampshire [Dawn&#8217;s co-star] said to me if I didn&#8217;t like them, I could swap them for something else. So when back in London, we went to the shop and I fell in love with a silver bracelet. The dragonfly on it reminds me of all the midges in Scotland! </p><p>My pride and joy is my gold Tiffany necklace. I bought the larger key on it; Mum and Dad bought me the smaller one for Christmas. <br></p><p>MIU MIU BAG</p><p>Every time I get a new job, I buy a big new bag to ­celebrate. <br></p><p>This Miu Miu one is my set bag. I carry it around with me when filming because it&#8217;s got my whole life in it. It&#8217;s so heavy, it&#8217;s a wonder I haven&#8217;t put my back out. <br></p><p>But I&#8217;m muchtoo casual with it &#8212; Hayley Mills [Dawn&#8217;s co-star in Wild At Heart] is always chastising me for leaving it lying around in the dust. <br></p><p>The smaller clutch bag I use in the evening is from Mulberry. I bought it when Wild At Heart was recommissioned for a fifth series.</p><p>JERSEY DRESS </p><p>Ibought this Alexander Wang drapey dress via the online designer outlet net-a-porter, that meant it could be sent to me in South Africa. <br></p><p>I was looking for something to wear for the wrap party at the end of the sixthseries of Wild At Heart. It&#8217;s quite lush-looking and I like the way it hangs on my body. It&#8217;s easy to wear, but it&#8217;s stylish and sophisticated,too. I always get compliments when I wear it. I don&#8217;t resent paying more for something classy. As Mum is fond of saying: buy cheap, buy twice.</p><p>DESIGNER SHOES</p><p>My black stilettos are the only pair of Christian Louboutins I own and were expensive. But they&#8217;re comfortable. I&#8217;ve had so much wear out of them that the red soles are practically worn out. The lace-up brogues are from a gorgeous shoe shop called Folk, in London, run by my friend Maggie McAteer and her designer brother, Cathal.</p><p>I have some gold Come Dancing shoes also by Folk. Mum fell in love with them when she came out to South Africa, so I bought her an identical pair for Christmas. </p><p>Then there&#8217;s my grey leather ankle boots are from Mulberry. I saw them in a magazine and asked Maggie to buy them for me in my absence.</p><p>BELSTAFF JACKET</p><p>Iwear this leather jacket more than any other item because I put it on every time I take my Welsh terrier Murphy for a walk. I bought it three years ago, just before I joined Wild At Heart. I team it with jeans and apair of Belstaff boots. Again, they&#8217;re expensive, but I get a lot of use out of them. The whole biker jacket look seems to be coming back.</p><p>From left: Leather look trousers, Trish Wescoat-Pound dress and Belstaff jacket <br></p><p>SPARKLY OUTFITS</p><p>Ilove a bit of sparkle. This blue sparkly dress (right) is by U.S. designer Trish Wescoat-Pound who launched the clothing line Haute Hippiein 2008. It was a gift to myself &#8212; again from net-a-porter &#8212; to wear onNew Year&#8217;s Eve. I also have a black sparkly jacket from a shopping centre in Johannesburg called Hyde Park. I dress it downwith a crop top, jeans and heels.</p><p>LEATHER-LOOK TROUSERS</p><p>Ijust love these (right). They are by Sass &amp; Bide, a label that began as a stall on Portobello Market, West London, near where I live. They fit like a glove and I love the webbing down the sides and the ruched effect at the bottom of each leg. They&#8217;re basically fancy leggings so I wear quite a long top for modesty&#8217;s sake!<br></p><p>Wild At Heart is on ITV1 on Sundays at 8.30pm. Details on the Verdict theatre tour are at </p><p></p>Debenhams shows its cutting edge: Department store to launch collection designed by fashion graduate<br><p> By <br>UPDATED:15:45 GMT, 6 July 2011</p><br><p>Debenhams has always been the sort of store you return to for wardrobe staples rather than high end fashion.<br></p><p>But it is now carving its way as a place to buy cutting edge clothes too.</p><p>The department store will be launching a capsule collection by one of the UK's most promising young designers this autumn.</p><p> </p><p>Fashion forward: Designs by Maria Hawkins who beat 29 other Manchester Metropolitan University hopefuls to win Debenhams' competition to find the next big name in fashion</p><p>Maria Hawkins, 22, beat 29 other Manchester Metropolitan University hopefuls to win Debenhams' competition to find the next big name in fashion.</p><p>Three finalists were chosen, and shoppers were invited to vote for their favourite clothes. <br></p><p></p><p>Maria came out on top, but she also impressed judges including Ben de Lisi, Deborah Linton and Debenhams' design director Karen Peacock with her bright colours and simple, elegant designs.</p><p>As part of her prize, Maria will be trained with industry experts for a month while she develops her collection.</p><p>It will then go on sale in Debenhams' Manchester city centre store.</p><p>Judge's favourite: Fellow designer, Ben de Lisi, loved Maria's sense of colour</p><p>Fellow designer, Ben de Lisi, loved the winner's sense of colour.</p><p>He told Manchester Evening News: 'Maria&#8217;s collection was pure effortless and lux. The collection is commercial without being boring. It is considered, chic and ready for sale now.</p><p>'This is a designer who knows her customer and market and is not frightened to create for it. <br></p><p>'Look at Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Bende Lisi &#8211; they&#8217;re not groundbreaking designers but they&#8217;re good businesses and respected brands and she has that in front of her.'</p><p>Maria's inspiration comes from Alexander Wang, Celine and Alexander McQueen's designs and she was told she had won the competition within hours of graduating with a 2.1 in BA Hons Fashion. <br></p><p>She said: 'I&#8217;m over the moon. I didn&#8217;t expect it because we all really deserved it. I&#8217;m really excited about the whole thing. I just think it&#8217;s an amazing opportunity for me and I want to make the most of it.</p><p>'Winning has given me the confidence to put myself out there. It&#8217;s going to give me access to people I would never have met at such an early stage in my career.'</p><p>Debenhams design director, Karen Peacock, added: 'Maria showed great confidence in producing such a simple collection. Simple, but well considered, wearable and flattering shapes with colours that were striking yet soft at the same time. </p><p>'She ensured that special attention was paid to the quality and that is incredibly important for simple clothes. I think there&#8217;s been a lot of very strong work in the competition &#8211; it took me a lot longer than anticipated to go through them. <br></p><p>'It was very diverse &#8211; no student was the same or similar.'</p><p>The clothes will go on sale in Debenhams, Manchester, in the autumn.</p>Department chains are old hat...try shopping in a concept store<p>By JO BLYTHE</p><p>Last updated at 15:53 17 March 2008</p><br><p>Forget sprawling department stores packed with endless brands,concept stores - ruthlessly focused on one key style - arewhat&#39;s hot, says JO BLYTHE...</p><p>POTRERO HILL</p><p>Dublin got its own concept boutique in September, in the form ofPotrero Hill, just off the shopping hub of Grafton Street. Thestore was founded by Canadian architect Robynn Clarke.</p><p>&quot;We tried to create a welcoming, edgy space that aspires toa creative but sophisticated look, as though you got to shop in avery cool girl&#39;s apartment,&quot; says Clarke.</p><p>&quot;It&#39;s not only great products, but the ideology: wenaturally gravitate to things we are inspired by, or enjoy.It&#39;s about the experience of shopping.&quot;</p><p>THE VIBE: Girly, but with cutting-edge cool.</p><p>THE PRODUCTS: International stationary, clothing, furniture andaccessories brands. &quot;We source design-inspired items fromSweden, Italy, Japan, France, New York, Brussels and Sydney,&quot;says Clarke. &quot;Beautiful, modern, classic items that you canhave in your closet or on your shelf for ever.&quot;</p><p></p><p>MUST BUYS: Les Prairies de Paris, Travota, Ba&amp;sh, AlexanderWang, American Vintage.</p><p>HOT ITEM: &quot;We just started selling Danish carpets from acompany called hay. They are the most amazing colours and textures- heavenly.&quot;</p><p>Potrero Hill, Royal Hibernian Way, Dawson Street, Dublin,</p><p>THE SHOP AT BLUEBIRD</p><p></p><p>The Shop at Bluebird is nestled in an unlikely Chelsea enclave.Stumble along Kings Road, past Cath Kidston and the Designers Guildflagship, and you are treated to a destination store packed withnew, edgy British designers, accessories by Luella and AnyaHindmarch and jewellery by Tom Binns, as well as the newly openedspa.</p><p>The store was launched by Jigsaw owners Belle and John Robinsonin 2005 and is housed in the former racing garage of DonaldCampbell.</p><p>&quot;Department stores are exhausting and intimidating,&quot;says Robinson. &quot;If you find the right concept store, all theediting is done for you.&quot;</p><p>VIBE: Art-house hip meets wearble style.</p><p>THE CLOTHES: Like the vibe, the clothing includes accessiblewearable pieces, interspersed with key directional items by hipBritish designers.</p><p>Jasmine di Milo, Erdem and Rupert Sanderson are flanked by amagazine lounge and the spa.</p><p>WHAT&#39;S HOT: The Shop At Bluebird is the exclusive UKstockist for a range of luxury beauty ranges. It also hosted anexhibition of Alistair Morrison photographs, curated by KateMiddleton.</p><p>MUST BUYS: &quot;Erdem dresses for spring. Plus, we have somegorgeous Aquascutum pieces and lots of great Luella shiftdresses,&quot; says Robinson.</p><p>The Shop At Bluebird, 350 Kings Road, London SW3;</p><p>MICROZINE</p><p></p><p>Microzine started life five years ago as the brainchild offounder Chris Lee. The former creative director at Reebok wanted tocreate a store which had everything from the best designer chair tothe hottest limited edition trainers, denim and even toys.</p><p>&quot;I loved lads&#39; magazines in the 1990s. They introducedmen to the hottest products, from fashion to gadgets and music. Iwanted to create a store which did the same thing,&quot; saysLee.</p><p>Two years later, he moved to Liverpool and created Microzine, an8,000 sq ft store in a stunning Art Deco building. In April itgained a London sister store off Carnaby Street.</p><p>VIBE: Streetwise cool with a great cafe.</p><p>THE CLOTHES: Hard-to-find streetwear, limited editionsportswear.</p><p>WHAT&#39;S HOT: Stella McCartney for Adidas, Hudson Jeans.</p><p>MUST BUYS: Canada Goose parkas.</p><p>Microzine, 65-67 Bold St, Liverpool, 0151 709 7282; 2 KinglyCourt, Carnaby Street, London W1,</p><p>PETIT AIM&Eacute;</p><p></p><p>Ten years ago, sisters Val and Vanda Heng-Vong (half-French,half-Cambodian) found themselves in London with none of theirfavourite French labels available.</p><p>Their solution? Cult Notting Hill concept store Aim&eacute;, aParisian-style West London destination boutique packed withhard-to-find French labels, furniture and homewares.</p><p>A decade later the store is still going strong, but the sisters- now parents - found it difficult to track down the children&#39;swear they liked. Step forward Petit Aim&eacute;, which launchedlast week.</p><p>The boutique is set over two floors selling children&#39;s toys,furnishings, fashion and accessories. It caters to children up toten years old and is drawing a huge fan base, including NottingHill local Claudia Schiffer.</p><p>VIBE: Parisian chic, in an easy-going hip way. &quot;It&#39;ssmart, but relaxed. We wanted to create somewhere children feltcomfortable,&quot; says Val Heng-Vong of the store which has greywood floors and vintage furniture.</p><p>THE CLOTHES: Bon-Ton, Oona l&#39;Ourse, Luco, Isabel Marant andNoro among many others. The store also stocks a complete lifestylerange from toys to furniture.</p><p>WHAT&#39;S HOT: Accessories and dolls by artist Apolline.</p><p>MUST BUYS: Left-bank inspired hippy chic from French label Luco,and exclusive pieces by Isabel Marant.</p><p>Petit Aim&eacute;, 34 Ledbury Road, London W11, 020 72217070.</p><p>DOVER STREET</p><p></p><p>The Dover Street Market in London was launched in 2004 by ReiKawakubo (of Japanese fashion label Comme des Garcons) and herhusband Adrian Joffe. The market, a five-storey centre for art,jewellery, fashion and design, has become a destination for hipfashion lovers, and is a rugged loft-style fixture amidMayfair&#39;s fusty galleries.</p><p>&quot;I wanted to come up with a kind of market where creatorsfrom various fields gather together and encounter each other in anongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos,&quot; says Kawakubo, who isalso creative director.</p><p>VIBE: Car park chic, literally. Unfinished sparse concreteinteriors, blinding industrial lighting, angular chipboard benchesand stainless steel lifts.</p><p>THE CLOTHES: Pared down, quirky. Independent designers, mixedwith major labels.</p><p>WHAT&#39;S HOT: Comme des Garcons along with exclusive pieces byRaf Simons, Jan de Cock, Judy Blame, Hiroshi Fujiwara andUndercover.</p><p>The store is home to LA vintage concession Decades, selling keyarchive pieces by Herve Leger, Chanel and Ossie Clark. (ReneeZellweger is a fan of Decades&#39; LA flagship.)</p><p>MUST BUYS: Jewellery by Judy Blame.</p><p>Dover Street Market, 17-18 Dover Street, London W1,</p><p>AUGUSTINA</p><p></p><p>Canadian-born Cristina Burgess has an international vision forher cult concept boutique Augustina.</p><p>London&#39;s Knightsbridge store opened a year ago, as thesister to the Augustina flagship in Toronto.</p><p>It houses up-and-coming designers, hip accessories brands,small-run perfumes and jewellery boxes, with an emphasis onU.S.-based labels not available in Britain.</p><p>Augustina Toronto was launched in 2002, and today the storecounts Kate Hudson, the Olsen twins and Liv Tyler among itsfans.</p><p>&quot;It&#39;s for women who know their own style, have aknowledge of trends and luxury, but don&#39;t need to have awell-known label. The design and quality speaks for itself,&quot;says Burgess, who ensures Augustina is an It-bag-free zone.</p><p>THE VIBE: Polished A-list style from up-and-coming labels.</p><p>THE CLOTHES: Accessories by Gryson (former Marc Jacobsaccessories designer Joy Gryson), B. Romanek (Demi Moore andCourteney Cox are fans) and hotly tipped Devi Kroell.</p><p>Jewellery ranges include Me&amp; Ro and Becky Kelso. Burgess hasalso created a line of jewellery boxes, scents and candles.&quot;It&#39;s much more fun to shop in concept stores,&quot; shesays. &quot;You have a certain freedom buying for a concept store,too. I found these awesome over-sized towels which I bought becausethey totally spoke to our consumer.&quot;</p><p>WHAT&#39;S HOT: Soon-to-land Devi Kroell python bags.</p><p>MUST BUYS: Augustina is expanding its fragrance range to bodyoil, shower gel and perfume oil rollers.</p><p>Augustina, 11 West Halkin Street, London SW1,</p>Share this article: <p> </p>Did you put that dress on back to front, Amanda Seyfried? <br><p>By <br>UPDATED:11:20 GMT, 21 April 2010</p><p>At first glance, it looked like Amanda Seyfried had accidentally committed a rather regrettable fashion blunder.<br></p><p>But as the actress sashayed down a Hollywood red carpet in a dress featured a forward-facing zip, it became clear that her back-to-front look was a very deliberate style statement. <br></p><p>The 24-year-old looked rather pleased with her choice of confection as she posed for photographers at the premiere of Mother and Child at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre.</p><p>The actress wore the unusual number by BodyAmr back-to-front, with the purple satin trimmed back and exposed seam on one side.</p><p>She wore the photo-print design front on the wrong side.<br></p><p>Of course, in the sometimes topsy-turvy world of high fashion, frontfacing zips are a popular design feature among the likes ofAlexander Wang, Narciso Rodriguez and Victoria Beckham.</p><p>But if Amanda had just decided to experiment by putting the dress on backwards she wouldn't be the first celebrity to do so. <br></p><p>Angelina Jolie purposefully turned around her Max Azria dress forthe Screen Actors Guild Awards last year to expose her tattooed back rather than herchest with its plunging neckline.</p><p>Whatever the case last night, Amanda certainly seemed pleased with the results.</p><p>The Mamma Mia star was at the Mother and Child screening to supportthe film's writer Rodrigo Garcia, whom she describes as 'just amazing'.</p><p>They worked together on the pilot of her U.S. TV show Big Love andwill team up again when he directs her next movie, Albert Nobbs, whichis about a woman who spends 20 years disguised as a man in order tomake a living.</p><p>Samuel L. Jackson and Annette Bening, who both star in the adoption drama, were also at last night's premiere.</p><p> <br></p><p> </p>Drew Barrymore shimmies into a wet-look dress as she makes her directorial debut<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:15:05 GMT, 30 September 2009</p><p>For her directorial debut, Drew Barrymore clearly wanted to make an impact.<br></p><p>And if the movie doesn't do it - this skin-tight, wet-look dress should do the trick.</p><p>Her slinky black number looked rather more suited to a lapdancing club than a premiere Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles last night.</p><p>Skin tight: Drew Barrymore brings a lapdancing leather-look to the red carpet at the premiere of her new film Whip It in Los Angeles last night<br></p><p>The 34-year-old chose for the occasion a L&#8217;Wren Scott lacquered tweed dress from the Autumn 2009 collection, which looks similar to the wet-look leggings that have been adopted by so many women on the High Street.</p><p>She teamed it with red satin heels and statement earrings for the Whip It launch.<br></p><p>But gone was the long-bob with the ends dip-dyed black, which she sported at the Toronto Film Festival two weeks ago. Instead, her shorter style was all blonde, wavy and slicked back.<br></p><p>The comedy is based on the novel Derby Girl, about an indie-rock-lovingmisfit living in Texas who joins a roller derby team. It stars Juno'sEllen Page and Juliette Lewis, who wore an eccentric outfit to theevent.</p><p>Wearing tights patterned with circles, red gloves and a shapless,shiny tunic, the Natural Born Killers star was almost overshadowed byco-star Landon Pigg.</p><p>The American actor and singer wore amismatch outfit of pink satin bow tie, a spotty shirt, pinstripetrousers and orangey-brown suede shoes.</p><p>Ellen Page played it safe in black, wearing an Alexander Wang Slim Grommet dress and boots by Rachel Comey.</p><p>Actress and singer Eve, who is also in Whip It, broke up the very black red carpet, by wearing a burgundy Dolce&amp; Gabbana Autumn 2009 bustier fitted dress with black peep-toes.</p><p> The film, about a young woman defying her mother&#8217;s wish ofbeauty pageant stardom for the rough-and-tumble sport of roller derby, has already won good reviews.</p><p> </p><p>It was hailed as 'remarkable debut' by show business newspaper TheHollywood Reporter.</p><p>Juliette Lewis, who plays hard-charging skater on the Holy Rollers team, said: 'I was so impressed with her as a director because she knew whatshe wanted to see. She really had a strong visual sense of the movie.'</p><p>Barrymore has said: 'What was so exciting was to finally get to make a film that I could make an ultimate mixtape for and put the two together.'</p><p> </p><p> <br></p>Actress Emma Roberts on stepping out of her famous aunt Julia's shadow<br><p> By </p><p>UPDATED:18:40 GMT, 2 September 2011</p><p></p><p>Yes, she totally understands the fascination with her famous aunt, but actress Emma Roberts, 20, is fast becoming a star in her own right &#8211; and has the looks, talent and tenacity to back it up </p><p>Having a famous surname isn&#8217;t always a blessing. Of course, being a Redgrave, a Fonda or a Fox probably helps in securing that first foot in the showbiz door. But well-connected ingénues are also destined to spend at least the early years of their career constantly referred to in relation to their renowned father, mother, sibling &#8211; or aunt. <br></p><p>And sure enough, as I perch in the plush anteroom of a hotel suite in New York&#8217;s SoHo, awaiting my appointment with Emma Roberts, I can&#8217;t help but recall a scene from Notting Hill (one of her favourite films, she later tells me), starring her Oscar-winning aunt Julia. Hugh Grant hovers in a London hotel, masquerading as a journalist from Horse &amp; Hound in order to secure a brief audience with Julia, who plays mega-star actress Anna Scott. <br></p><p>Unlike Grant, I have a legitimate reason for meeting the younger Roberts today. Her new film, The Art of Getting By, in which she stars alongside 19-year-old British actor Freddie Highmore (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), will be out in the UK later this week.<br></p><p>At 20, Emma (daughter of Julia&#8217;s brother Eric) could easily swing a half-fare on the bus, if Hollywood starlets could use public transport without being mobbed. <br></p><p>She is petite, &#8216;Five feet two, on a good day,&#8217; she tells me, and pretty, with huge bushbaby brown eyes, honey-blonde hair and slender legs. Don&#8217;t think she&#8217;s one of those actresses who doesn&#8217;t eat, though. Disappointed with the hotel&#8217;s biscuit selection, she sends out for a chocolate croissant (her favourite food) from the nearby French restaurant Balthazar, and endearingly ends up with chocolate smeared across her cheek as we chat.</p><p>Curledup in a large armchair, she is crackling with excitement about this evening&#8217;s US premiere, which her family will be attending with her, and to which she will be wearing Temperley. &#8216;It&#8217;s going to be a total princess moment,&#8217; she enthuses.</p><p>Thefilm, set on New York&#8217;s Upper East Side, is a coming-of-age tale about Sally (Roberts) and George (Highmore), high-school seniors and, it turnsout, kindred spirits. Sally is pretty, popular and bright, given a longleash by her hedonistic mother; George is a talented artist, but also disenchanted, fatalistic and a loner. The two 18-year-olds, both of whomhave erratic home lives, become friends and, eventually, more.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Emma sees a lot of her own cusp-of-adulthood experience mirrored in the film. &#8216;The way Sally and George are, I think it&#8217;s how young people &#8211; at least my friends and I &#8211; are,&#8217; she nods. &#8216;Sometimes we are mature, and sometimes we act childishly. Sometimes we need some parenting, and sometimes we end up acting like the parent ourselves. Some days I wake up and I feel 12; <br>other days I wake up and feel, like, 37!&#8217;</p><p>Freddie, she adds, is lovely. &#8216;We had a really good time working together, hanging out in New York and enjoying the city. He&#8217;s adorable, and so cute! My friends are all, like, &#8220;Emma, Emma, where&#8217;s Freddie Highmore?&#8221; I&#8217;m, like, &#8220;You guys, calm down! He&#8217;s still about nine years old.&#8221; Seriously, my friends are 25 and they are all in love with him.&#8217;<br></p><p>Los Angeles-based Emma&#8217;s conversation is littered with the &#8216;kind-ofs&#8217; and &#8216;likes&#8217; of most <br>20-year-olds, and she is constantly checking messages on her mobile phone. But unlike most 20-year-olds, she already has more than a decade of acting experience. Emma made her film debut, aged just nine, playing the daughter of Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz in Blow. <br></p><p>After parts in family films including Grand Champion and Spymate, at 13 she won the lead role of Addie Singer, a teen who writes songs about adolescence, in the Nickelodeon children&#8217;s series Unfabulous. The show, which ran for three years, made Emma a teen star Stateside. She has since racked up an impressive list of film credits including Nancy Drew, Valentine&#8217;s Day and The Winning Season, and earlier this year &#8211; almost unrecognisable with black hair &#8211; she starred alongside Neve Campbell in Wes Craven&#8217;s slasher flick Scream 4.</p><p>Ironically, given the high-school setting of her new film, Emma herself opted out of mainstream education at 13 to concentrate on acting. She was home-schooled, but insists that she doesn&#8217;t feel she missed out. <br></p><p>&#8216;I just think there are two different roads, and I chose the less conventional one,&#8217; she says.</p><p> &#8216;All my friendswent to school, so I would go to their football games, proms and parties. I missed the day-to-day classroom stuff, but I learned a lot that I would never have learnt in school. I travelled and worked in different places. I learned how to behave in meetings and interviews.&#8217;<br></p><p>Shealso learned to conduct herself as befits a young star, and admits there was an obligation to be a role model to other teens. <br></p><p>&#8216;Definitely,&#8217;she says, through pastry crumbs. &#8216;My friends would make mistakes or do something stupid, and they would get grounded for it. If I made a mistake, everyone would know.&#8217; <br></p><p>But she says it without self-pity, adding, &#8216;But I think I did a good job of staying on the right path.&#8217;</p><p>Infact, she has managed to avoid the tabloid car crashes of many of her peers. <br></p><p>&#8216;I&#8217;m not a big party animal &#8211; I like to hang out with my friends and have fun, but we do it in a way that&#8217;s not public or dangerous,&#8217; shesays, with her eyes firmly on the prize. &#8216;Besides, my mum would kill me!</p><p>&#8216;I don&#8217;t think Hollywood makes young people behave in a certain way &#8211; it depends on the sort of person you are anyway,&#8217; she continues.</p><p> &#8216;You could get into trouble wherever you live.&#8217; Still, being young and recognisable in Tinseltown has not always been a breeze.</p><p> &#8216;I love living in LA, but it gets overwhelming &#8211; it is a goldfish bowl,&#8217; she admits. &#8216;In London and New York, you get more privacy.&#8217;<br></p><p>While she may look younger than her 20 years, Emma&#8217;s observations can often sound like the words of someone much older.</p><p> &#8216;Because I was working, I do think I matured a lot faster,&#8217; she says. <br></p><p>&#8216;I could keep conversation with adults at a young age and I developed a thick skin very quickly. I have a ten-year-old sister, and I see the difference with her. She&#8217;s had a normal childhood and she&#8217;s such a kid. When I was her age, I was a little adult.<br></p><p>&#8216;I was also a determined child,&#8217; Emma recalls. <br></p><p>&#8216;From the age of four, I told my mum I wanted to act. She always said no, but I just kept asking. Then, when I was nine, I told her she needed to be supportive of what I wanted to do, and she finally agreed to let me go to an audition &#8211; it was for Blow. When I got the part, no one quite knew what to say.&#8217;<br></p><p>Her preciousness is perhaps not surprising given her background. Her father Eric Roberts, whose early career included films such as King of the Gypsies and Runaway Train, separated from Emma&#8217;s mother Kelly when she was seven months old. Emma says she and Kelly, who raised her alone, are &#8216;pretty much best friends&#8217;, but she is not close to her father, who struggled with cocaine addiction in the 1990s, before getting clean and going on to star in the television series Heroes.</p><p> Her mother remarried Kelly Nickels, former bassist with the band LA Guns, and their daughter Grace is Emma&#8217;s half-sister.</p><p> She calls her stepfather &#8216;awesome&#8217;, and describes Grace as &#8216;way cooler&#8217; than her.</p><p> &#8216;My friends come over just to hang out with her,&#8217; she says, mock exasperated.</p><p>If anyone was to blame for Emma&#8217;s early ambition, it was Aunt Julia, with whom she spent weeks on set as a child&#8211; Emma even has Polaroid pictures from the Erin Brockovich era of herself trying on Julia&#8217;s padded bras &#8211; and to whom she is still close. To her credit, she doesn&#8217;t even slightly roll her eyes when the subject of her famous relative comes up. <br></p><p>&#8216;I totally see the fascination, becauseI wonder the same things about celebrities who are related to other celebrities,&#8217; she admits. &#8216;I&#8217;m a huge Kate Hudson fan and I think it&#8217;s totally cool that Goldie Hawn is her mum!</p><p>&#8216;I feel lame because I don&#8217;t have any interesting stories,&#8217; she continues. <br></p><p>&#8216;I don&#8217;t talk to her about the business. I was at her house a few weeks ago hanging out with her and the twins (Julia&#8217;s six-year-olds, Hazel and Phinnaeus). To me, she&#8217;s just Aunt Julia.&#8217; Emma doesn&#8217;t even believe they look alike. <br></p><p>&#8216;I really don&#8217;t,&#8217; she insists.</p><p> &#8216;Do you?&#8217; I point out the famous, mobile Roberts mouth. &#8216;Well, yeah, I guess my mouth is similar,&#8217; she concedes. &#8216;And I have huge teeth and too many of them. When I was younger, I wanted to get them filed down.&#8217; Her teeth, for the record, are fantastic. <br></p><p>The Art of Getting By is likely to make anyone over the age of 18 nostalgic for their own teenage trysts and the heart-wrenching crushes impossible (thankfully) to replicate in adulthood. In the film, Sally is the more worldly character, not unromantic but more realistic, while George is a dreamer, infatuated with her but unable to express it.</p><p> &#8216;I am more of a Sally than a George,&#8217; Emma reveals.</p><p> &#8216;But I&#8217;m not a cynic; I&#8217;m a romantic. I&#8217;m, like, &#8220;Where&#8217;s the grand gesture? Open the door for me!&#8221;&#8217;<br></p><p>She expects boys to be chivalrous, then?</p><p>&#8216;It&#8217;s hard to come by these days,&#8217; she says, sounding more 40 than 20. I confess that, in my own experience, American boys are generally better at putting in the effort than British ones (sorry, boys). <br></p><p>&#8216;Do you?&#8217; she asks, bushbaby eyes widening. &#8216;I don&#8217;t!&#8217; She ruminates for a moment. &#8216;Well, maybe they are a little more old-fashioned in the US, at least at first. Less crass.&#8217;<br></p><p>Emma is qualified to make such comparisons, as she has first-hand experience of British boys. She dated actor Alex Pettyfer after they co-starred in the film Wild Child three years ago. He was clearly smitten and had her initials tattooed on his wrist, but she won&#8217;t discuss him. She will, however, happily give her opinion on the general conduct of boys on both sides of the Atlantic. &#8216;I think all boys need to start stepping up to the plate. I have so many friends who have been asked out via text message &#8211; and it&#8217;s happened to me too.&#8217; She looks horrified. &#8216;You have to call someone to ask them on a date.&#8217;<br></p><p>Emma evades defining her current relationship status, other than to say, &#8216;I am totally happy right now. Like, totally happy.&#8217;</p><p> Little wonder since, a few weeks after we meet, she is photographed at the Harry Potter premiere in London with the 22-year-old (now former) Glee star Chord Overstreet, who she apparently met at the Coachella music festival in the US in April. They have not confirmed they are a couple, but the paparazzi shots of them sharing fairground rides, ice creams and adoring looks in the Hamptons last month would strongly suggest so. <br></p><p>She bemoans only the lack of routine in her busy life. &#8216;I don&#8217;t get time to go to the gym,&#8217; she says, and has had to abandon the pole-dancing classes she attended. She does manage, however, to do yoga, which is practically compulsory in California.<br></p><p>Her next film project will be Celeste and Jesse Forever, a romcom with Rashida Jones and Elijah Wood, in which Emma plays a pop star. &#8216;I get to be totally ridiculous in it &#8211; it&#8217;s great fun,&#8217; she fizzes. <br></p><p>However, her own music career &#8211; she released an album called Unfabulous and More in 2005 when she was just 14, which reached number 46 in the U.S. charts &#8211; is not something she&#8217;s keen to revisit soon.</p><p> &#8216;I don&#8217;t think anyone can be 100 per cent both an actor and a singer, and I want to focus on acting,&#8217; she says. She&#8217;s not against exploring some literary sidelines, though.</p><p> &#8216;I&#8217;m a huge reader and I write a lot, and would love to put together a collection of short stories,&#8217; she says. A fashion fan &#8211; she is hotly tipped to appear in a Sex and the City prequel &#8211; she also fancies trying her hand at designing.</p><p> &#8216;I adore Alexander Wang and Rodarte, and I&#8217;m obsessed with Barneys, Topshop and Selfridges. I&#8217;d love to do some sort of collaboration with a brand.&#8217; <br></p><p>In fact, with or without the famous surname, the multiskilled and level-headed Emma is rapidly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with, leaving a trail of grand gestures and chocolate croissant crumbs in her wake.</p><p>The Art of Getting By will be released on Friday</p><p><br></p><p>EMMA'S ESSENTIALS</p><p>Favourite book Breakfast at Tiffany&#8217;s by Truman Capote. It&#8217;s so different to the movie, and really sad. <br></p><p>Listening Foster the People &#8212; I saw them at Coachella. Bon Iver&#8217;s new album is breathtaking. <br></p><p>Most like to be stuck in a lift with Sienna Miller. I think she&#8217;s really funny, and I&#8217;m sure she&#8217;d give great advice.</p><p>Saving up for I&#8217;m always coveting bags. My current love is Balenciaga.<br></p><p>Splurging on Vintage and costume jewellery. I like wearing lots of diamanté bracelets and layering them.<br></p><p>Style icon Kate Moss always looks rad, whether she&#8217;s in couture or a T-shirt.<br></p><p>Where I&#8217;d most like to live London. I&#8217;ve made movies there and I&#8217;d love to live there. </p><p><br></p><br>Fashion extra: The top 10 new models to look out for in 2012<p> By </p><p>UPDATED:11:34 GMT, 11 January 2012</p><p></p><p>Always keen to boost your fashion knowledge, the YOU fashion team&#8217;s bookings editor Megan McCluskie has created a who's who of the new faces for 2012. The old guard may have made a strong showing in SS12 with seasoned pros Carmen Kass, Jessica Stam and even Kate Moss walking the runways. But ask any casting director or model agent, and they'll tell you it was the fresh faces who stole the spotlight this season. With so many new girls, it was a challenge narrowing down the list. Here are the 10 to watch ...<br></p><p></p><p>LARA MULLEN<br>Hails from Northamptonshire, England<br>Age: 17<br>Agency: Premier Model Management<br><br>Only a month after being scouted by Premier Model Management, Lara Mullen went straight from the street to the runway with her catwalk debut at Alexander Wang in New York. Mullen then went on to secure the holy grail of catwalk bookings: the Prada exclusive. Her final leg in Paris cemented her status as this season's model of the moment when she walked for top fashion houses Givenchy, Chloé, Céline and Dries Van Noten. With her elegant, aristocratic features and statuesque figure, this British newcomer beams a kind of beauty that spells longevity.<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p>CORA KEEGAN<br>Hails from Las Vegas, United States<br>Age: 20<br>Agency: Next Model Management<br><br>With her full lips, wide-set eyes and golden locks, baby-faced Cora Keegan reminds us of successful models Arizona Muse and Gemma Ward. Seen on the runways at Jason Wu, Narciso Rodriguez, Mulberry and Peter Jensen, the Las Vegas native&#8217;s a guaranteed-fashion-week staple in seasons to come. With a Gap campaign already in the bag and upcoming shoots for V Magazine, ELLE US, Interview and i-D lined up, it&#8217;s unlikely we&#8217;ll be forgetting this face any time soon.<br><br><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>ERJONA ALA<br>Hails from Kristiansand, Norway<br>Age: 16<br>Agency: Ford Models <br><br>This Norwegian newcomer has built up an impressive catwalk portfolio (fashion power houses Balenciaga, Missoni, Chanel and Michael Kors all looked to the Norwegian's dark, haunting features for their SS12 shows). Walking a total of 64 shows across the fashion capitals, the former Elite Model Look contest runner-up has certainly secured her status as one of this season&#8217;s breakout stars. And with shoots for W Magazine and V Magazine in her portfolio, major campaigns are sure to follow.<br><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p>JASMINE TOOKES<br>Hails from California, United States<br>Age: 20<br>Agency: IMG<br><br>Stunning Jasmine Tookes proved herself to be a supermodel-in-the-making on the SS12 runways. The California native walked an impressive 23 shows and has shot with iconic photographers Ellen von Unwerth, Bruce Weber and Giampaolo Sgura for the likes of French Vogue. With the perfect 34-24-34 model figure and Angel aspirations (Jasmine is rumoured to be shooting Victoria&#8217;s Secret), this newcomer looks set for a promising commercial and editorial career. <br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>JULIA FRAUCHE<br>Hails from Cannes, France<br>Age: 23<br>Agency: Next Model Management<br><br>With her resemblance to supermodel Raquel Zimmermann, this French native has every editor, stylist and designer standing to attention. Julia walked a total of 40 stellar shows this season (for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Chanel and Stella McCartney to name but a few) and solidified her position as one of the top new faces to watch. With spreads for Numero, French Vogue, and American Vogue already in the bag, this newcomer is a chameleon with staying power. <br><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p>KATE KING<br>Hails from Mississauga, Canada<br>Age: 17<br>Agency: Models 1<br><br>This Toronto teen has been taking over the runways: Kate was a must-have for every big designer, including Prada, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, and Versace during the SS12 season. She has simultaneously built a stellar editorial track record, including spreads in Russsh, Wonderland, i-D Magazine and LOVE. From her heavy rotation in international style magazines to her runway traction and her Topshop and Dolce &amp; Gabbana campaign spots, Kate is emerging as one of the most exciting new girls to look out for.<br><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p>KELLY MITTENDORF<br>Hails from Arizona, United States<br>Age: 17<br>Agenc