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Writing for an Industrial and Construction Supplies Company

            Our next writer profile features a graduate of SRU’s public relations program who also minored in English Writing within the English department.  As we have seen, this sharing of students among programs in both the English and Communications department has been fairly common over the years, and I am thinking that the historical reasons explaining why the programs are in separate departments (and colleges) should be the subject of a future post.

            When I first began corresponding with the subject she listed her position as “Marketing/Brand Manager in Product Development” for an industrial and construction supplies company that has grown rapidly in recent years.  In fact, this company now has “over 2300 stores” and 13 distribution centers, doing business in all 50 states and several countries on three continents.  Despite the economic downturn, the firm opened 161 new stores in 2008 and had net earnings in the 4th quarter 11% higher than for the same quarter in 2007.  E-mails in November gave her job title as “Product Development Project Manager,” while those by the time she completed answers to the interview questions had added “Regional Promotions Advisor.”  An e-mail on January 28 informed me “I took over a new position which takes up 80% of my time, then my old job 20% of a time.  It has been trying to work on a schedule that makes everyone happy!  It has been a crazy couple of weeks.” 

During both a November phone call and in subsequent e-mails, the subject came across as happy about her career so far and enthusiastic about her employer, for which she had worked since her graduation in 2002.  She had begun in Pittsburgh but moved to the company’s headquarters, located in a small city in the southeast corner of Minnesota, in 2004.  “The company I work for … believes in doing all marketing/writing … internally.  That opened up a huge opportunity considering I majored in PR with a minor in Professional Writing.  [The minor is just in Writing, although students can obviously focus more on courses in either the professional or the creative area, dependent on their preferences.]  I felt and still feel very confident in my background knowledge and education from SRU.”

            Although the subject had checked on the survey that she did “write on concerns you have or issues you confront as a citizen of your locality, state, or nation,” there was no mention of writing outside of the job in our subsequent correspondence.  Again, the need to simply have some distant subjects respond to the interview questions via e-mail made it difficult to follow up on omissions in their answers before the time for data-gathering ran out.  The subject was, on the other hand, most generous in supplying a variety of written materials.  These included a trade magazine aimed at “End Users” such as a manufacturer or construction company, for which she served as “Editor in Chief.”  “This is a publication that I headed up and wrote most [of] the articles.  I also worked with vendors and other internal people to gather information, photos, etc.  It was a fun project.” (E-mail of January 29, 2009)  Sample articles from the Spring 2008 issue included an editorial on the benefits for customers of her company’s in-house training courses for employees, and a discussion of new Department of Transportation standards for high-visibility apparel and equipment.  The article’s intent is summed up in this sentence:  “A 2002 American Economics Group report concluded that if the public and private sectors spent at least $3 billion annually for a range of 32 safety improvements (including outfitting all roadway workers with high-visibility safety apparel), we could avoid 66 roadside fatalities and nearly 5,000 roadside accidents per year.”  The “Hi Vis” piece was bylined by the CEO of an apparent vendor and a contributing editor, which suggests the subject both assigned and edited articles for the magazine. The software she used was Adobe In Design.  “First we started with Quark which soon became outdated. … Our graphics team is wonderful.”

            Other samples included a “line card” for safety gear, aimed at “targeted end user[s] as well as our sales force” and a company “exclusive brands booklet” for internal use.  “I am currently working on a smaller version that will target our end users.”  Other materials were the company’s 2007 safety equipment catalog, a newsletter for employees concerning a “target market initiative,” dated May, 2005, two recently produced product description sheets for safety gear, a redemption form for product promotion, and advertising posters for several equipment products. 

Her two primary audiences are internal sales people and “end users,” which appeared to influence her style choices to some extent.  The subject consciously avoids “slang terms” except in the magazine, which is “supposed to more laid back.”  She also mentions an attempt by her and her group to break away from what the context suggests are linguistic conventions inherent to the culture of the company for which she works.  “I just hate overusing the same words, incomplete sentences, run-on sentences. … I hate inconsistencies—for example, certain words being capitalized then other[s] are not, etc.  That drives me nuts!”  When preparing material she seeks “good layout and clear graphics” and avoids “talking in circles or redundant messages. … I always remember who our audience is and sometimes saying to [sic] much is confusing.”




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This notion of providing diamond rings before marriage has been around at under a, however, as it was popularised completely by Hollywood, apparently because worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers paid down filmmakers to make a romantic image around diamonds, utilising the slogan a diamond is forever.

The reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth very much at all, with many people who sell their diamonds being shocked to discover that they can only get back a fraction of what they originally paid for them. Worse, many diamonds originate from areas of the planet where the natives have now been oppressed and local officials bribed just therefore the company might put up a diamond mine, particularly in Africa.

For moral problems and these reasons unjustified cost many individuals now would rather use other jewels in rings <a href="">IAMSport</a> instead of diamonds. Fake diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

But, for the actual traditional feel, plenty of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to be worried mainly about how precisely many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that's, the way it has been cut out of the initial mined substance) could be much more significant in giving the diamond a nice appearance.

Also, though this is entirely subjective, you will dsicover it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are used to nice result, in place of one big diamond putting out of the top, and you should also consider getting a promise that the diamond is not a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has endured to get it to you.
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 For many individuals, theres only 1 method to suggest and get engaged: with a diamond ring. It's considered to be a symbol of your suffering love that he'll spend a amount on a large diamond that the person can then show off to her friends and family it reveals that he can and will support her for the remainder of her life.

This idea of providing diamond rings before marriage has been around for less than a, however, as it was popularised completely by Hollywood, apparently because worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers repaid filmmakers to produce a romantic picture around diamonds, utilizing the slogan a diamond is forever.

The truth is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth quite definitely at all, with many individuals who try to sell their diamonds being surprised to find out that they can just only return a fraction of what they formerly covered them. Worse, many diamonds come from parts of the world where the natives have now been oppressed and local officials bribed just therefore the company might create a diamond mine, especially in Africa.

For moral concerns and these reasons unjustified cost many individuals now would rather use other jewels in rings instead of diamonds. Phony diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

However, for the actual traditional feel, <a href="">thumbnail</a> a lot of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to be worried mostly about how many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that's, the way it's been cut out of the original mined substance) could be much more important in giving the diamond a nice look.

Also, though this is completely subjective, you might find it worth investing in a ring where several small diamonds are used to nice effect, in the place of one large diamond putting from the top, and you must also consider getting a guarantee that the diamond is not a De Beers struggle diamond, so that no-one has suffered to
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 For many individuals, theres only one solution to propose and get engaged: with a band. It is regarded as symbolic of a mans suffering love that he will spend a amount on a large stone that the person can then showcase to her friends and family it shows that he can and will help her for the remainder of her life.

This concept of giving diamond rings before marriage has been around for under a, however, as it was popularised entirely by Hollywood, allegedly since global diamond monopoly De Beers reduced filmmakers to produce a romantic image around diamonds, using the slogan a diamond is forever.

The reality is that diamonds are not intrinsically worth very much at all, with many people who try to sell their diamonds being surprised to discover that they can only just get back a portion of what they formerly paid for them. Worse, many diamonds result from areas of the world where the locals have now been oppressed and regional officials bribed just so the company can create a diamond mine, specially in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and moral concerns many people now prefer to use other jewels in rings as opposed to diamonds. Fake diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

But, for the actual old-fashioned feel, plenty of people still feel you cant beat a <a href="">open in a new browser</a> stone. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to worry mostly about how exactly many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that is, the way it has been cut out of the original excavated content) may be much more important in giving the diamond a pleasing appearance.

Also, although this really is completely subjective, you will dsicover it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are used to pleasant result, in place of one big diamond poking out of the top, and you should also consider finding a assurance that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has suffered to get it to you.
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 For most people, theres only 1 method to suggest and get engaged: with a band. It's regarded as emblematic of your enduring love that he will spend a volume on a large diamond that the woman can then showcase to her friends and family it reveals that he can and will support her for the rest of her life.

This notion of giving diamond rings before marriage has been around for under a, however, as it was popularised fully by Hollywood, apparently because worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers reduced filmmakers to produce a romantic image around diamonds, using the slogan a diamond is forever.

The truth is that diamonds are not intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many individuals who try to sell their diamonds being surprised to discover that they can just only <a href="">Yi - Test Wiki</a> return a portion of what they actually paid for them. Worse, many diamonds result from elements of the world where the locals have been oppressed and regional officials bribed just so the company might create a diamond mine, particularly in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and moral problems many people now choose to use other jewels in rings in the place of diamonds. Phony diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

Nevertheless, for the actual conventional feel, a lot of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to be worried mainly about how precisely many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that's, the way it's been cut out of the original excavated material) could be much more important in giving the diamond a pleasant look.

Also, although this is completely subjective, you might find it worth investing in a ring where several small diamonds are employed to satisfying effect, rather than one big diamond putting out of the top, and you must also consider getting a assurance that the diamond is not a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has suffered to get it to you.
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 For most people, theres just one method to suggest and get engaged: with a diamond ring. <a href="">sponsor</a> It's regarded as a symbol of a mans putting up with love that he will spend a volume on a large diamond that the person can then showcase to her friends and family it shows that he can and will support her for the rest of her life.

This concept of giving diamond bands before marriage has been around for under a, however, since it was popularised totally by Hollywood, allegedly since worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers paid filmmakers to produce a romantic picture around diamonds, utilising the slogan a diamond is forever.

The reality is that diamonds are not intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many individuals who try to sell their diamonds being surprised to find out that they can only just return a portion of what they originally paid for them. Worse, many diamonds originate from areas of the entire world where the locals have been oppressed and local officials bribed just therefore the company can setup a diamond mine, especially in Africa.

For moral concerns and these reasons unjustified cost many individuals now would rather use other jewels in rings as opposed to diamonds. Fake diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

Nevertheless, for the actual conventional feel, a lot of people still feel you cant beat a stone. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to be worried mostly about how exactly many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that's, the way it has been cut out of the original mined content) could be even more important in giving the diamond a pleasant look.

Also, although this is entirely subjective, you will dsicover it worth buying a ring where several small diamonds are utilized to pleasant effect, instead of one big diamond poking out from the top, and you must also consider obtaining a assurance that the diamond is not a De Beers struggle diamond, so that no-one has suffere
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 For many people, theres only 1 method to offer and get engaged: with an engagement ring. It's regarded as emblematic of your putting up with love that he will spend a amount on a large stone that the person can then show off to her friends and family it shows that he can and will support her for the rest of her life.

This notion of giving diamond bands before marriage has been around for less than a, however, since it was popularised totally by Hollywood, allegedly because global diamond monopoly De Beers reduced filmmakers to produce a romantic picture around diamonds, utilizing the slogan a diamond is forever.

The stark reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many individuals who sell their diamonds being surprised to discover that they can only just get back a fraction of what they actually paid for them. Worse, many diamonds result from parts of the world where the locals have already been <a href="">here</a> oppressed and regional officials bribed just so the company could set up a diamond mine, specially in Africa.

For ethical concerns and these reasons unjustified cost many people now choose to use other gems in rings in the place of diamonds. Artificial diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

Nevertheless, for the actual old-fashioned feel, plenty of people still feel you cant beat a stone. When youre searching for a ring, its common to be concerned mainly about how precisely many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that's, the way it's been cut out of the initial mined product) may be even more important in giving the diamond a pleasing appearance.

Also, though this really is entirely subjective, you may find it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are used to nice result, in place of one large diamond poking out from the top, and you should also consider obtaining a guarantee that the diamond isn't a De Beers struggle diamond, so that no-one has endured
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 For many individuals, theres only one solution to propose and get engaged: with an engagement ring. It's regarded as symbolic of your suffering love that he will spend a amount on a large stone that the woman can then show off to her friends and family it shows that he can and will help her for the others of her life.

This idea of giving diamond bands before marriage has been around for under a, however, since it was popularised fully by Hollywood, allegedly since worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers repaid filmmakers to create a romantic image around diamonds, utilizing the slogan a diamond is forever.

The truth is that diamonds are not intrinsically worth quite definitely at all, with many <a href="">IAMSport</a> individuals who try to sell their diamonds being shocked to discover that they can only just reunite a portion of what they formerly paid for them. Worse, many diamonds result from parts of the entire world where the natives have been oppressed and local officials bribed just so the company might put up a diamond mine, particularly in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and ethical problems many individuals now would rather use other gems in rings in place of diamonds. Fake diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

But, for the real conventional feel, plenty of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre looking for a ring, its common to be worried mainly about how exactly many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that's, the way it has been cut out of the initial mined content) can be even more significant in giving the diamond a pleasing look.

Also, although this is entirely subjective, you may find it worth investing in a ring where several small diamonds are used to satisfying effect, in the place of one large diamond poking out from the top, and you must also consider getting a promise that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has endured to get it to you
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 For most people, theres only 1 solution to suggest and get engaged: with a diamond ring. It's considered to be symbolic of a mans enduring love that he'll spend a volume on a large diamond that the woman can then flaunt to her friends and family it reveals that he can and will support her for the others of her life.

This idea of providing diamond bands before marriage has been around for under a, however, since it was popularised entirely by Hollywood, allegedly since global diamond monopoly De Beers paid off filmmakers to make a romantic image around diamonds, utilizing the slogan a diamond is forever.

The reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth very much at all, with many people who sell their diamonds being shocked to discover that they can only return a portion of what they actually paid <a href="">IAMSport</a> for them. Worse, many diamonds result from areas of the entire world where the residents have already been oppressed and local officials bribed just so the company could put up a diamond mine, particularly in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and ethical concerns many individuals now choose to use other gems in rings in place of diamonds. Phony diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

Nevertheless, for the true old-fashioned feel, lots of people still feel you cant beat a stone. When youre searching for a ring, its common to worry mostly about how exactly many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that is, the way it's been cut out of the initial excavated content) could be even more significant in giving the diamond a pleasant appearance.

Also, though this is entirely subjective, you might find it worth purchasing a ring where many small diamonds are employed to satisfying result, in place of one large diamond putting from the top, and you must also consider finding a promise that the diamond is not a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has endured to get it to you.
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