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What Advisory Boards Talk About When They Talk About Writing Programs

                As I mentioned in the posting for April 14th, our Writing Programs Advisory Board met recently with our faculty and discussed a series of questions directly related to our curriculum.  The discussion was lively and extended (nearly two hours worth) and this posting will discuss some of the highlights.

            Readers of this blog may recall from posts at the beginning of March that when we split our undergraduate writing program into professional and creative tracks back in the nineties, we decided to make sure that creative students were exposed to professional writing and that professional students would have to do some creative work.  Our Board endorsed that approach and the one member who had never attended SRU remarked that even though her degrees featured “straight literature” she has had to do a lot of professional writing, including grant applications, conference proposals, and applications for residencies.  It is as much about writing about your writing as it is about the writing itself.  For students in the professional track, the program gave them practice being “out of their element,” and to understand communication among co-workers with different technical backgrounds.  Students who minor in English Writing, or who come into the professional track, often have non-“English” backgrounds and can feel challenged by courses in literature and literary writing.  However, they also discover in those courses techniques for responding to others’ writing, and the realization that they should take concepts like “audience” and “readability” seriously, especially in scenarios where there are multiple stakeholders.

            Learning critical theory can be a struggle for the professional writing majors (it’s probably a struggle for the creative writing students as well) but does contribute to the ability to engage in critical thinking in a variety of instances.  There doesn’t seem a consensus about its direct applicability, although that is often the case with such humanistic study.  Both professional and creative writing graduates also see a need for the exploration of writing and editing practices not covered as extensively as would be ideal because of curricular limitations.  Creative writing students and faculty would like a second capstone course, a companion to our Advanced Research Writing, a course that would focus on development of a single long piece, such as a novel.  Professional writing graduates would like still more work with publishing, editing, collaboration, and grant writing.  All of these remarks echo statements we have heard from interviewees in the writer profiles posts, and from comments posted by blog readers.  They also illustrate a common tension between all there is to learn and the amount of credit hours and courses that degree program can reasonably be expected to require.  This tension will clearly never dissipate, but its chronic nature also doesn’t let faculty off the hook when it comes to striving for the best balance, and the most effective inclusions of study and practice.

            Another difficult problem to resolve is how to reconcile the need to learn ever changing software packages with the need to take more theoretical and encompassing approaches to document and page design, and to internal and external organizational communication.  Faculty struggle to learn these software packages themselves, and to acquire their updated versions so they are accessible to our students.  English is not often seen as in great a need for the latest software as other departments.  Creating projects that allow for practice with software without having the course overwhelmed by practical technical instruction will continue to be a challenge.  We welcome readers who have struggled with this curricular and instructional problem, and with others mentioned earlier in this post, to jump in with comments, suggestions, and reflections.  Everyone on the board agreed that having experience with such packages was beneficial.

            One final note: another colleague in Slippery Rock’s English department has initiated a professionally related blog, this one featuring a scholarly interest in late medieval and early modern English literature.  (He teaches courses in Chaucer, Shakespeare, and the historical development of our language.)  Unlike the extended posts and comments featured in our blog, this newer one has considerably briefer posts but ones that contain lots of interesting links and research tools.  Check it out.



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The stark reality is <a href="">Free of charge Affiliate Tracking Computer software: Is There Such a Issue? « Mon Syn</a> that diamonds are not intrinsically worth quite definitely at all, with many individuals who sell their diamonds being surprised to discover that they can just only get back a portion of what they actually covered them. Worse, many diamonds originate from elements of the world where the residents have now been oppressed and regional officials bribed just so the company might create a diamond mine, specially in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and ethical problems lots of people now would rather use other gems in rings in the place of diamonds. Phony diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

But, for the true old-fashioned feel, plenty of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to be worried mostly about how exactly many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that's, the way it's been cut out of the original excavated product) could be even more important in giving the diamond a pleasing appearance.

Also, although this really is entirely subjective, you may find it worth purchasing a ring where many small diamonds are used to satisfying result, in the place of one large diamond poking out from the top, and you must also consider obtaining a guarantee that the diamond is not a De Beers struggle diamond,
at 3/23/2013 11:00 PM


 For many people, theres just one solution to propose and get engaged: with a diamond ring. It is considered to be emblematic of a mans putting up with love that he will spend a amount on a large diamond that the woman can then show off to her friends and family it reveals that he can and will support her for the rest of her life.

This notion of providing diamond bands before marriage has been around for less than a, however, since it was popularised fully by Hollywood, apparently because worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers reduced filmmakers to make a romantic image around diamonds, utilizing the slogan a diamond is forever.

The <a href="">here</a> reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many people who try to sell their diamonds being surprised to find out that they can only just return a fraction of what they actually paid for them. Worse, many diamonds result from areas of the planet where the natives have already been oppressed and regional officials bribed just therefore the company can set up a diamond mine, particularly in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and moral problems many individuals now would rather use other jewels in rings in the place of diamonds. Fake diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

But, for the real traditional feel, lots of people still feel you cant beat a stone. When youre looking for a ring, its common to worry mainly about how many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that is, the way it has been cut out of the initial excavated material) can be even more important in giving the diamond a nice look.

Also, though this really is completely subjective, you may find it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are utilized to satisfying result, in place of one big diamond putting out of the top, and you should also consider finding a assurance that the diamond isn't a De Beers struggle diamond, so that no-one has suffered to get it
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 For many people, theres only 1 way to offer and get engaged: with a band. It's considered <a href="">Caring For Anything Golden | Blogs | LAGbook</a> to be symbolic of your suffering love that he'll spend a volume on a large stone that the girl can then flaunt to her friends and family it shows that he can and will help her for the others of her life.

This idea of providing diamond rings before marriage has been around at under a, however, as it was popularised totally by Hollywood, apparently since worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers paid down filmmakers to create a romantic image around diamonds, using the slogan a diamond is forever.

The stark reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth very much at all, with many people who sell their diamonds being shocked to find that they can only reunite a portion of what they formerly paid for them. Worse, many diamonds originate from elements of the planet where the residents have been oppressed and local officials bribed just so the company can set up a diamond mine, specially in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and moral problems many people now prefer to use other gems in rings instead of diamonds. Artificial diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

But, for the true traditional feel, lots of people still feel you cant beat a stone. When youre searching for a ring, its common to be concerned mainly about how many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that's, the way it has been cut out of the original mined substance) may be much more significant in giving the diamond a nice appearance.

Also, although this really is entirely subjective, you might find it worth purchasing a ring where many small diamonds are utilized to pleasant result, in the place of one big diamond putting out from the top, and you must also consider finding a assurance that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has endured to get it to you.
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 For many individuals, theres only 1 way to offer and get engaged: with a diamond ring. It is regarded as being emblematic of your putting up with love that he'll spend a amount on a large stone that the girl can then show off to her friends and family it reveals that he can and will support her for the others of her life.

This notion of providing diamond bands before marriage has been around at under a, however, since it was popularised entirely by Hollywood, presumably because worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers paid filmmakers to create a romantic image around diamonds, using the slogan a diamond is forever.

The stark reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth very much at all, with many people who sell their diamonds being surprised to find that they can just only reunite a portion of what they formerly paid for them. Worse, many diamonds come from areas of the entire world where the locals have now been oppressed and regional officials bribed just so the company can set up a diamond mine, especially in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and moral problems many people now choose <a href=""></a> to use other jewels in rings as opposed to diamonds. Phony diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

But, for the real conventional feel, lots of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre searching for a ring, its common to be worried mainly about how many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that is, the way it's been cut out of the original mined content) may be much more significant in giving the diamond a pleasing appearance.

Also, although this really is entirely subjective, you may find it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are utilized to nice effect, rather than one big diamond putting out of the top, and you should also consider getting a promise that the diamond is not a De Beers struggle diamond, so that no-one has suffered to get it to you.
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 For most people, theres only one solution to offer and get engaged: with a diamond ring. It's regarded as being symbolic of your putting up with love that he'll spend a volume on a large stone that the girl can then showcase to her friends and family it shows that he can and will help her for the remainder of her life.

This idea of providing diamond bands before marriage has been around for less than a, however, since it was popularised entirely by Hollywood, apparently because global diamond monopoly De <a href=""></a> Beers paid off filmmakers to make a romantic image around diamonds, utilising the slogan a diamond is forever.

The stark reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many individuals who try to sell their diamonds being surprised to find that they can only return a fraction of what they formerly paid for them. Worse, many diamonds originate from elements of the entire world where the natives have already been oppressed and local officials bribed just so the company could put up a diamond mine, especially in Africa.

For ethical problems and these reasons unjustified cost many individuals now would rather use other gems in rings in the place of diamonds. Fake diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

Nevertheless, for the true conventional feel, a lot of people still feel you cant beat a stone. When youre searching for a ring, its common to be concerned mainly about how many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that's, the way it has been cut out of the original excavated material) may be even more important in giving the diamond a pleasant appearance.

Also, although this really is entirely subjective, you will dsicover it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are employed to pleasant result, instead of one big diamond putting out of the top, and you must also consider getting a guarantee that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one h
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 For many individuals, theres just one way to suggest and get engaged: with an engagement ring. It's regarded as emblematic of your suffering love that he will spend a volume on a large diamond that the woman can then show off to her friends and family it shows that he can and will help her for the rest of her life.

This concept of providing diamond rings before marriage has been around for less than a, however, since it was popularised entirely by Hollywood, apparently because worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers repaid filmmakers to produce a romantic picture around diamonds, utilizing the slogan a diamond is forever.

The reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many people who try to sell their diamonds being surprised to find that they can only just reunite a fraction of what they formerly paid for them. Worse, many diamonds originate from parts of the world where the natives have been oppressed and regional officials bribed just <a href="">here</a> therefore the company could put up a diamond mine, specially in Africa.

For moral concerns and these reasons unjustified cost lots of people now prefer to use other jewels in rings as opposed to diamonds. Artificial diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

Nevertheless, for the true conventional feel, lots of people still feel you cant beat a stone. When youre looking for a ring, its common to be concerned mainly about how precisely many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that is, the way it's been cut out of the initial excavated material) may be even more significant in giving the diamond a pleasant appearance.

Also, though this is completely subjective, you will dsicover it worth buying a ring where several small diamonds are used to nice result, instead of one large diamond poking out of the top, and you should also consider getting a guarantee that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has suffered t
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 For many people, theres only 1 method to suggest and get engaged: with a diamond ring. It is considered to be emblematic of your enduring love that he'll spend a amount on a large diamond that the woman can then showcase to her friends and family it reveals that he can and will help her for the remainder of her life.

This notion of providing diamond bands before marriage has been around for less than a, however, as it was popularised completely by Hollywood, apparently because worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers paid off filmmakers to produce a romantic picture around diamonds, utilizing the slogan a diamond is forever.

The truth is that diamonds are not intrinsically worth very much at all, with many people who try to sell their diamonds being shocked to discover that they can only get back a portion of what they actually covered them. Worse, many diamonds come from areas of the planet where the residents have already been oppressed and regional officials bribed just therefore the company could put up a diamond mine, especially in Africa.

For moral concerns and these reasons unjustified cost lots of people now would rather use other jewels in rings in place of diamonds. Fake diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

However, for the true old-fashioned feel, a lot of people still feel you cant beat <a href="">tell us what you think</a> a diamond. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to be worried mainly about how precisely many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that's, the way it's been cut out of the initial mined product) could be much more significant in giving the diamond a nice look.

Also, although this really is completely subjective, you might find it worth purchasing a ring where many small diamonds are used to satisfying result, in place of one big diamond putting out of the top, and you should also consider getting a guarantee that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has endured
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