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Blogs and the Market for Writers

If you have been following the comments inspired by my last two postings, you will observe two of our recent creative writing graduates reflecting on how blogging and other forms of social networking may influence their ability to get published (in various forms of print) and to attach some commercial value to their work.  One obvious conclusion is that, despite the expanded opportunities for self-publishing, it is as difficult as it always has been for free-lance writers to make money from their writing.  The one new wrinkle is that print publishers are now hoping new writers will come to them with something of a waiting public in hand, a public developed through blogging and the use of other social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  A publisher told one of our graduates that he’s not really an “active” blogger, nor one who might be considered “successful,” unless he’s posting three or four times a week.  (And I think I am doing pretty well when I post two to three times a week.)

It isn’t clear just where that publisher got his criterion for a successful blog.  Is he thinking frequent postings are indicative of an audience demanding at least three to four postings a week?  (One can imagine a scenario in which a bloggers posts seven or more times a week, and yet there isn’t any evidence that the posts are being read by any one.)  When I mention that I am blogging to people who are not, and who may not spend much time reading blogs either, the most common example of a successful blog they can think of is that of Julie Powell, whose fame was compounded by the recent film Julie and Julia.  The appeal of her blog seems to have derived from the challenge she set for herself—to cook all of the recipes found in Julia Child’s Art of French Cooking within a year’s time.  Her blog’s large following was built, I’d guess, mostly through the suspense her effort created.  Will she make it?  And how did that recipe for duck she attempted last Tuesday turn out?   

The second of our creative writing graduates wondered out loud about just what made a blog “good” or “bad.”  And that got me to wondering whether an aesthetic about blogs is emerging.  Clearly it can’t be as simplistic as the aforementioned publisher’s metric.  Because blogs are meant to invite a communal response, they have to be about something that matters to others, like gardening or creative writing or French cookingIn addition, it seems to me a reader has to be convinced the writer knows the subject matter to an extent that readers interested in the same subject matter will find informative.  There has been much commentary concerning the exponential growth of the political “blogosphere.”  I would, in this instance, differentiate between readers who visit someone’s political blog simply because the writer reflects her or his own biases (the “echo chamber” effect) and those readers who visit because the blogger is knowledgeable and entertaining.  Because I am an English professor, I guess I would insist on one more standard for a “good” blog.  Writing style still must carry some weight.  There has to be some pleasure taken from the language itself.

Last week, while I was attending the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Louisville, I sat through a session entitled “Taming Time: Writing in the Blogosphere.”  During this session, a doctoral student from Penn State named Matt Weiss talked about two main ways someone might come to read a blog.  One was to be a habitual reader, someone who the blogger held onto through fairly regular postings.  A blog with a substantial set of habitual readers would be considered successful in the eyes of the publisher with whom our one graduate was communicating.  The second way was to follow a link or search engine to a blog.  This kind of reader, Weiss noted, lacked a context for what he first examined, and would have to set about creating one, perhaps by examining a whole set of postings from different periods in the blog’s existence.  For this reader, the frequency of postings would seem less important than how well the blog fit in with the interests that prompted the visit in the first place.  This kind of reader, Weiss further considered, might come upon blog posts that were five years old, but their age would matter less than the context the reader imposed upon the material.

That thought might be the right moment to end this posting, wondering if a blog is really any more ephemeral than a worthy book of poems resting forlornly on a remainders table in a book store, undiscovered by all but a few because it had not garnered a prominent review, or was otherwise lost in the heavy traffic on the literary highway.


Re: Blogs and the Market for Writers

I'm not sure Weiss is right. Trackbacking and aggregator sites have been functional so long that it's hard to find a blog - particularly politics, tech, corporate news, and porn blogs - that isn't contextualized by the link you follow and the content that surrounds it. And nobody really digs into the blog's archives - why would you do that for "context"? If a blog isn't making a proposition on the face of it, the blogger's half-assing.

One issue, then, is the apparent determination of content by outside sources. Right now - oh Neil I just saw you leave your office, you won't even get this soon - I think that the role of a blog for substantiation of freelance work is diminished by the monetary success of blogs themselves. If differentiation between "successful" blogs and amateur blogs is based on the simple formula the publisher mentioned, sure, ok, that's confusing - but the publisher isn't wrong. I don't care how good your analytics are, if you're going to print media with your blog stats in hand, you've already lost the bid. Successful blogs are successful because they're monetized effectively, blogging duties are spread out among several front-page posters, and they're backed by funds. They're media companies. Why, if you were a "successful" blogger, would you need to go to print?

What I think is happening is that amateur blogging is being reclaimed by the lifestreaming software many of us use, and professional bloggers are using them (Twitter, particularly) as distribution channels. Weiss's discussion, in fact, is what gets me as one of the inherent limitations of our disciplinary approach to these matters - there's no differentiation between "blogging" based on the technological basis of the activity. But blogging under a pure RSS technological model is so much different than it is now, and approaches to content and intellectual property have followed.

at 3/29/2010 5:16 PM

For the Love of Blogging

Thanks, Jason, for yet another distinction, between professional and amateur bloggers.  (Why not sign your name since, as the Prefect of Discipline at my old high school use to menacingly state, "WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!")  We do obviously have paid bloggers who are writing for a variety of on-line entities, like the regularly posted blogs embedded into the Daily Kos or or Salon and Slate.  And then there are the bloggers like Julia Powell who gain such a large audience that they can sell advertising, or get paid to endorse products related to their subject matter, or get invited by a publisher to transform their material into a book.

And I think that's where our poet bloggers come in, because they obviously still yearn for print, even if they know that, whether blog or print, the odds are against them making a living off their writing.  They are, as all serious writers are, in search of readers, and the more they can find the better.  But they would probably keep writing even if they just had a few readers, as long as those readers were appreciative enough of what they were writing.

I would love to hear more about the change from a "pure RSS technological model" and how it is changing approaches to content and intellectual property.  (One of the reasons I opted to have the university as the site for my blog is I wasn't sure I wanted Google or some other large Internet company to own my material, and that of any one who submitted a comment.)  As a graduate of Slippery Rock yourself, how would you like to submit a guest posting on the subject some time soon?  Just asking.

at 3/30/2010 8:05 PM

Quality control

"I think that the role of a blog for substantiation of freelance work is diminished by the monetary success of blogs themselves."

If every blog were generating income, the above statement would hold much more weight. The publisher I spoke with seemed much more interested in knowing whether or not I had a substantial readership.

How do you measure success? I suppose a publisher looking to take on a new author might use the new author's blog comment count. Okay, but what does that have to do with the content of the new author's book? Are words of so little value in this "new normal" that quantity is more important than quality? 
at 4/1/2010 11:14 PM

Quality versus Commerce

The last paragraph of the last comment raises an issue that is not new when it comes to publishing I am afraid.  Writers who care about their craft have always wondered about the preferences of book buyers, whether it came to fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.  I remember a poet in the 1960s, Rod McEwan I think his name was, who sold books by the truckload but whose work was considered by many other poets to be cringe-worthy.  And the history of literature is full of writers who couldn't sell much in their lifetime but made it into Penguin Classics posthumously.

What does seem to be new is the attention of poetry publishers to a blog comment count as an indicator of a proposed book's potential audience.  I don't know much about the poetry market, admittedly, but I wonder if the frequency of a poet's readings, and attendance at those same readings, ever served the same function.

at 4/2/2010 7:45 PM


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