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A Journalism Graduate in Radio

            Our writer’s profile for this week features a graduate of the journalism program who, shortly after receiving her degree, landed a job working at a local radio station.  This posting will be the first of two describing this subject’s writing and what may be most fascinating about this one is her invention of a form of writing meant to keep her safe while she navigated the first several months communicating in a mode with which she had no prior experience.

            The subject describes herself as an “on-air radio personality,” as she is one of two “hosts” for a morning program on a radio station located in a small city of around 14,000, the seat of a county with approximately 182,000 people.  She indicated that she does write on concerns and issues as a citizen “because I write to the newspaper sometimes” and produced a letter written about 11 months earlier as an example.  The subject also checked “no” for the question about spending a significant amount of time writing on the job.  During the interview her responses suggest she may have been in error with that response.  Although she claimed she usually just “winged” advertisements while broadcasting, she later stated that “the people who advertise with us want commercials made so we make them up.  We can either send them to a licensed agency to write them or we can write them ourselves. … Sometimes I write my own stuff, and sometimes not.”

 In addition, she has been assigned to report on city council meetings and on spot news, which can result in what she called “blurbs,” essentially three or four-sentence paragraphs that function much like the lead paragraph in a newspaper story and that is read on the air and placed on the station’s web site.  The subject has been placed in charge of that web site as well, which entails editing, the placement of news and contest items, and the creation of other material, such as staff listings, the top songs in the station’s music rotation, and the links to other sites.  The subject also described writing done by other staff members that she could end up doing eventually, if she stayed in the business.  These include e-mails written by the program director in the process of obtaining music from recording companies (The subject also writes e-mails in response to correspondence from listeners.), music logs kept by the same program director (for payment of royalties), and logs of when commercials were aired kept by the “traffic director.”

            As the interview progressed the subject revealed that she wrote “more than anybody else in the entire building.”  She had never worked in radio before receiving the job about a year ago, not even at the campus radio station, and to overcome her fear of saying the wrong thing or of stumbling, she got in the habit of writing out, while the music was playing, what she was going to say next.   “Whenever I talk between songs, I write everything out that I’m going to say …  Nobody else does that.  They make fun of me for that, but I will get nervous and I will slip up.  That’s just the way I want to do it.”  Another purpose was to eventually transform what she wrote to sound like the “spoken word” because “it can’t sound like it’s written.”  She includes the pauses in these brief scripts written on the fly and “even the ums and ahs.”  Although the subject believes she could do without the scripts now, given her experience, she keeps creating them because of the confidence they give her.  “Sometimes I don’t use it all, but … I need it there; I want it there.”  These scripts are written in a “weird,” idiosyncratic way, and they are shredded the same day they are written.  “Right to the trash.”

            As her comment about the “spoken word” suggests, the subject is very aware of her audience and uses her scripts to meet the stylistic requirements of her communication to “our demographic … women working desk jobs, ages 25 to 40ish.” Unlike the notorious “shock jocks” of morning radio, she and her co-host must take care not to say anything that would be offensive to either the sponsors or the listeners.  “There are lots of kids that listen with their parents on their way to school so we can’t talk about anything that wouldn’t be appropriate for some children who are listening.  We got to watch pretty much everything we say.”  The subject was also very conscious of style when writing her letters to the editor.  In her diction she seeks not to repeat words and “to use words that readers understand, but at the same time” make her “seem educated.”  The sample letter was written after a hit-and-run driver caused thousands of dollars to her parked car one night in February.  When the culprit didn’t come forward and the police failed to discover who had done it, “I was furious.  … My intent was for other people to relate with me, maybe find out other people who’ve had the same situation, possibly the person who did it to see it.  … Just to get some kind of outcome.  I was really mad and hurt about my car and it made me feel a little bit better to share that with people.”  A sharing of experiences does seem to be a function of her persona on the radio as well, where she will invite communal responses from listeners.  “Today I was like, ‘I’m going on a ski trip this weekend.  If anybody has any advice for a beginning skier, send me an e-mail.’”



Re: A Journalism Graduate in Radio

I think the type of writing she does as a radio personality is interesting, it's something I wouldn't think of as far as "writing." I think I'd do the same thing with the scripts she creates/created during songs. It's interesting to see how communication is different with her job, as in people emailing her tips for skiing, like she said.
at 3/3/2010 4:07 PM

What is Writing?

It is difficult to think of how we could prepare a student for the kind of impromptu writing our radio personality does during songs.  But we could prepare them for writing for the spoken word.  Anyway, what I like about your comment is the realization that we often need to stretch our definitions of what writing is, especially when we enter settings where our idea of writing has yet to go.  Many years ago, when I was doing research for my dissertation, I was interviewing a middle-aged woman, a secretary, who had indicated on a questionnaire I had given her that she never did "creative writing."  While we were talking it came out that she frequently wrote brief poems in cards she sent to friends.  But somehow it wasn't writing, because it didn't have the formal sanction of a teacher or editor.  It did, however, have clear purposes and a definite audience.

at 3/4/2010 3:50 PM


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Also, though this is entirely subjective, you may find it worth buying a ring where several small diamonds are utilized to satisfying result, instead of one large diamond poking out of the top, and you must also consider getting a promise that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has suffered to get it to you.
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 For many individuals, theres only one way to propose and get engaged: with a band. It's regarded as emblematic of a mans suffering love that he will spend a volume on a large stone that the woman can then flaunt to her friends and family it shows that he can and will support her for the remainder of her life.

This idea of giving diamond rings before marriage has been around at under a, however, since it was popularised completely by Hollywood, presumably because worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers reduced filmmakers to create a romantic picture around diamonds, using the slogan a diamond is forever.

The stark reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many individuals who sell their diamonds being surprised to discover that they can just only return a portion of what they actually covered them. Worse, many diamonds result from parts of the world where the residents have now been oppressed and local officials bribed just so the company could setup a diamond mine, particularly in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified cost and ethical problems many individuals now choose to use other gems in rings instead of diamonds. Phony diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

But, for the <a href="">open in a new browser</a> actual traditional feel, plenty of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre looking for a ring, its common to be concerned mostly about how exactly many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that's, the way it has been cut out of the initial excavated product) may be much more important in giving the diamond a pleasing look.

Also, though this really is entirely subjective, you may find it worth investing in a ring where many small diamonds are employed to nice effect, in the place of one large diamond putting from the top, and you must also consider getting a promise that the diamond isn't a De Beers struggle diamond, so that no-one has endured to get it to you.
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 For many people, theres only 1 solution to offer and get engaged: with a band. It's regarded as being a symbol of a mans putting up with love that he will spend a amount on a large diamond that the person can then showcase to her friends and family it shows that he can and will help her for the rest of her life.

This idea of providing diamond rings before marriage has been around for less than a, however, since it was popularised totally by Hollywood, apparently because global diamond monopoly De Beers reduced filmmakers to create a romantic image around diamonds, using the slogan a diamond is forever.

The truth is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth very much at all, with many individuals who sell <a href="">sponsor</a> their diamonds being surprised to find out that they can only just reunite a portion of what they originally paid for them. Worse, many diamonds come from areas of the world where the residents have been oppressed and local officials bribed just so the company can set up a diamond mine, particularly in Africa.

For moral concerns and these reasons unjustified cost many people now would rather use other gems in rings as opposed to diamonds. Fake diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are popular, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

However, for the actual old-fashioned feel, a lot of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre looking for a ring, its common to worry mainly about how exactly many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that is, the way it has been cut out of the original mined material) could be even more important in giving the diamond a pleasant look.

Also, though this really is entirely subjective, you may find it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are used to pleasant effect, in place of one large diamond poking from the top, and you must also consider obtaining a guarantee that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has suffered to get it to you.
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 For many people, theres just one solution to propose and get engaged: with a band. It's regarded as emblematic of your enduring love that he'll spend a volume on a large diamond that the person can then flaunt to her friends and family it reveals that he can and will support her for the others of her life.

This notion of giving diamond bands before marriage has been around for under a, however, as it was popularised completely by Hollywood, presumably since worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers paid down filmmakers to create a romantic image around diamonds, utilizing the slogan a diamond is forever.

The truth is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth quite definitely at all, with many individuals who try to sell their diamonds being surprised to discover that they can just only get back a fraction of what they actually covered them. Worse, many diamonds originate from elements of <a href="">jump button</a> the world where the locals have been oppressed and regional officials bribed just so the company can setup a diamond mine, specially in Africa.

For ethical problems and these reasons unjustified cost many individuals now would rather use other gems in rings as opposed to diamonds. Artificial diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

But, for the real old-fashioned feel, plenty of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to be concerned mostly about how precisely many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that is, the way it's been cut out of the original excavated content) could be much more significant in giving the diamond a pleasing appearance.

Also, though this really is entirely subjective, you might find it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are used to pleasant result, in the place of one large diamond putting out from the top, and you should also consider getting a assurance that the diamond is not a De Beers struggle diamond, so that no-one has endu
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 For most people, theres only one solution to suggest and get engaged: with an engagement ring. It is regarded as symbolic of a mans putting up with love that he'll spend a volume on a large stone that the woman can then showcase to her friends and family it reveals that he can and will support her for the remainder of her life.

This idea of providing diamond bands before marriage has been around for less than a, however, as it was popularised fully by Hollywood, presumably since global diamond monopoly De Beers repaid filmmakers to <a href="">jump button</a> produce a romantic image around diamonds, utilising the slogan a diamond is forever.

The reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many people who sell their diamonds being shocked to find that they can only just get back a fraction of what they originally paid for them. Worse, many diamonds come from areas of the world where the residents have already been oppressed and local officials bribed just therefore the company can put up a diamond mine, particularly in Africa.

For ethical concerns and these reasons unjustified cost lots of people now prefer to use other gems in rings rather than diamonds. Artificial diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like rubies and emeralds.

But, for the true old-fashioned feel, plenty of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre searching for a ring, its common to worry mostly about how many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that's, the way it's been cut out of the initial excavated product) may be even more significant in giving the diamond a pleasing look.

Also, although this is completely subjective, you will dsicover it worth investing in a ring where several small diamonds are utilized to satisfying result, rather than one large diamond poking out of the top, and you must also consider finding a promise that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has endured to get it to you.
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