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Do Not Ask For Whom the Bell Tolls

            It has been three weeks since our last blog posting and for that I apologize.  The school term has begun and all manner of obligations have gotten in the way.  We will resume the profiles of speech writers later this week.  But today I would like to address an issue pressing upon our English department that may sound familiar to some readers.

            Ever since I came to Slippery Rock, more than 23 years ago, the English department has taught three courses required of every undergraduate—two first-year composition courses and an introductory literature course.  The first semester composition course has been dedicated to helping students become more fluent in their writing, more used to drafting and revising their work, and more aware of the necessity of adjusting to different audiences and writing situations.  The second semester course focuses on researched argument.  Even though we have exempted, via the evaluation of writing samples, an increasing number of incoming students from the first-semester course in recent years, the great majority of our students still take both courses before they move on to upper division courses. 

            During the past decade, our university’s budget has become increasing strained, primarily because of waning state support.  Class sizes for the introductory literature course have stood at 49 students a section for quite some time, virtually eliminating the possibility of giving students extensive writing practice within that course.  Still, our department has held onto the two composition course approach while other universities have given up on it, and I believe that at present we are the only member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to feature such a requirement.

            At this moment, however, things are about to change.  This summer the system’s Board of Governors decided that general studies programs should contain a minimum of 40 hours (one-third of the required 120 hours needed for graduation), presumably in response to pressure for increased course work in student majors.  Our general studies program, known as Liberal Studies, currently requires students to complete 48-49 credits.  So now the discussion within the university is on about how Liberal Studies might be revised, which most faculty members seem to accept as meaning a cut in the number of required hours.  And dropping one of our required first-year composition courses is becoming a likely prospect.

            Our provost has suggested that perhaps developing a “competency” in researched writing could be taken over by major programs developing a writing component within a course or courses that addressed that learning goal.  Under this proposal, major programs could still allow our College Writing II to address the competency, or they could develop their own writing component.  Other universities, we know, have taken a similar approach, and scholars of writing-in-the-disciplines may look with favor on placing such an emphasis on major programs.

            The difficulty for English faculty is that we are wary of the funding considerations which seem to be driving this movement towards WID.  It may be educationally valuable if a Writing Across the Curriculum program is created to support the development of a discipline-based writing curriculum, but not if such a curriculum is seen as primarily a cost-saving move that will receive no funding in return.  The English faculty, of course, also worries that the elimination of one composition course will be followed by the further loss of tenure-track positions, a process that has already begun.  Instead of having faculty who could be employed to strengthen our undergraduate programs in literature, and creative and professional writing, we would be left with just enough to again meet the demands of teaching two required Liberal Studies courses instead of three.

            English faculty members have already bandied about some other ideas for adjusting to a shift in the Liberal Studies.  They include:

·         Creation of a single-semester composition course that would combine the learning goals of the two existing ones in some way.

·         Revision of the current Interpreting Literature course so it could feature researched writing.  Such a revision would require a fairly drastic cut in the enrollments, from 49 to something like 25.

The English department at Slippery Rock is well aware that its concerns about the role of writing in the undergraduate curriculum, and the trend of diminishing the role of the liberal arts in that same curriculum, are hardly unique.  And some in other institutions may even be envious of how we have hung on to our requirements as long as we have.  Your comments are welcome, from the Slippery Rock community, from students, from alumni, from folks with different affiliations but similar concerns.


Re: Do Not Ask For Whom the Bell Tolls

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The reality is that diamonds aren't intrinsically worth very much at all, with many individuals who try to sell their diamonds being shocked to find out that they can only just get back a portion of what they originally covered them. Worse, many diamonds originate from areas of the planet where the residents have been oppressed and regional officials bribed just therefore the company might setup a diamond mine, specially in Africa.

For these reasons unjustified <a href="">Bird Feeder Believed To Attract A Lot More Than Birds | Blogs | LAGbook</a> cost and ethical concerns lots of people now would rather use other gems in rings in the place of diamonds. Artificial diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

However, for the real traditional feel, lots of people still feel you cant beat a stone. When youre looking for a ring, its common to be worried mainly about how many carats the diamond is, but remember that its cut (that is, the way it's been cut out of the original excavated material) may be much more significant in giving the diamond a nice look.

Also, although this really is completely subjective, you might find it worth buying a ring where several small diamonds are employed to pleasant effect, instead of one big diamond poking out of the top, and you must also consider finding a assurance that the diamond is not a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has endured
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 For most people, theres only one method to offer and <a href="">open in a new browser</a> get engaged: with an engagement ring. It is regarded as symbolic of a mans suffering love that he'll spend a amount on a large diamond that the girl can then show off to her friends and family it shows that he can and will support her for the others of her life.

This concept of giving diamond bands before marriage has been around for less than a, however, since it was popularised completely by Hollywood, apparently since worldwide diamond monopoly De Beers paid off filmmakers to make a romantic picture around diamonds, using the slogan a diamond is forever.

The truth is that diamonds are not intrinsically worth greatly at all, with many individuals who sell their diamonds being shocked to find out that they can only get back a portion of what they actually paid for them. Worse, many diamonds result from elements of the entire world where the natives have now been oppressed and local officials bribed just therefore the company might create a diamond mine, specially in Africa.

For ethical concerns and these reasons unjustified cost many individuals now would rather use other gems in rings rather than diamonds. Phony diamonds with names like diamonique and diamonte are common, as stones like emeralds and rubies.

Nevertheless, for the true traditional feel, lots of people still feel you cant beat a diamond. When youre trying to find a ring, its common to be concerned mostly about how precisely many carats the diamond is, but recall that its cut (that is, the way it's been cut out of the initial excavated content) may be even more significant in giving the diamond a pleasing look.

Also, although this really is completely subjective, you may find it worth buying a ring where many small diamonds are employed to nice result, in place of one large diamond putting out from the top, and you must also consider getting a guarantee that the diamond isn't a De Beers conflict diamond, so that no-one has suffered to get
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